Reviews for Lost Time
Incognito Princess chapter 104 . 5/27
I've always thought that this (being seen as a traitor by Irish patriots) is the only thing that would keep Tom at Downton.
Guest chapter 104 . 5/27
Cracking ending- I was NOT expecting that from Liam! I hope Tom doesn't find out. Please update soon!
Guest chapter 104 . 5/27
New chapter! Loved sybil telling tom abt her pregnancy and their first xmas together.
'Last words they said to each other' - like ever? Liam is totally going to die isnt he. As I dont think syb is dying in childbirth this time lol
Glad moira is happier, she def deserves a better life
Guest chapter 104 . 5/27
Brilliant, absolutely brilliant though Liam at the end was a bit of a surprise! Bless you for going to finish this. It is such a wonderful story. Lovely way Sybil told Tom about the baby.
ronandhermy chapter 104 . 5/27
So glad to see this story continue. It's always a treat. I know we're in high angst chapters but it's just so good. I especially love when Sybil slips her Lady mask on in order to get things done or to circumvent the very authorities that are hunting her and her husband.
tammyteresa64 chapter 104 . 5/27
Great update. I might have a clue what Liam said in the letter now. I like your perspective of Tom's thoughts after his return to Downton. Sybil's on her way :). Loved it all - I feel it flowing wonderfully to a certain point.
Guest chapter 103 . 5/4
So happy to see an update. I enjoy this story so much. Also getting quite an Irish history lesson from it. Hope all goes well with you.
tammyteresa64 chapter 103 . 5/4
Those were some scary days in Ireland. So now Liam is an assassin. That must have been how he found out the general was going to be assassinated. Can't wait until it all falls into place. All very interesting. Poor Tom and Sybil - their first fight. Glad it was better in the end. Very good perspective of Sybil at Dr flannery's house - glad she went. I like Tom tricking and getting even with the newspaper for using him. Thanks for updating and seeing this to the end. I am sorry you have so much going on right now.
shana.rose chapter 103 . 5/1
Oh man it's coming! The castle burning is coming! I loved Sybil at the doc's just being herself and awesome. Gaining the students respect :)
Guest chapter 103 . 5/1
Super to have you writing again. Hope you managed to sort out whatever was preventing you from updating more frequently. Life can be difficult - real life does get in the way of projects such as this. So welcome back! Loved this chapter! So the secrets are beginning and all the various threads are coming together. All very exciting and gripping. Can't wait to see how you conclude our beloved couple's story!
JessieBess chapter 103 . 4/30
So happy to see an update! Love this story and glad you didn't abandon it - especially since we're just getting to some of the "mysteries" that you've covered in previous chapters. Really liked Sybil in this chapter.
Guest chapter 103 . 4/30
Love your story so happy that you update!
Guest chapter 103 . 4/30
Bliss that you are back. Have truly missed this - the best fanfic ever - and you didn't disappoint! You capture the naivity and fear of both Branson boys so well. One can see how things unfolded as they did. Loved Sybil's visit to Dr Flannery's. Looking forward to how things go with her and the Brigadier and the events leading up to his assassination. This fic is so good - magnificent prose and it just flows like a dream. Bless you for deciding to continue. So many talented S&T fanfic writers have abandoned their stories which is hard on us fans!
Guest chapter 103 . 4/30
I am DELIGHTED you updated. My god
slaaneshissexxy chapter 103 . 4/30
This got dark.
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