Reviews for Performance in a Leading Role
Johnlocked chapter 21 . 7/18
It's so beautifully written, it's really the best fanfiction I've ever seen. I can't express my love in words, thank you for your efforts to bring us such a wonderful reading experience!
Guest chapter 21 . 11/25/2022
This was wonderful. A great setting, truly unique. I love how you built up their relationship, not just focussing on the one movie shot but going so far beyond, the only way to make it realistic and lasting and absolutely wonderful. The drama, the press, their honesty wirh each other and dry humor and the wonderful support from everyone in the team - just perfect.
It was great to see Sherlock get along so well with Donovan, although I wish Greg Lestrade could have featured a bit more. Irene Adler was brilliant. About that tech support guy: would have loved if you'd named him Wiggins, like one of the Baker Street Irregulars, although I guess he's not named in the series. So happy for Molly winning an Oskar, although she could also have gotten a few more lines of dialogue. Anyways, I feel like I learned a ton about Hollywood from reading this, your level of detail was fantastic. This really felt believable, no first kiss happily ever after, but a great well-rounded wonderful story.
Thanks for writing and sharing!
rikoonee chapter 21 . 7/23/2021
I always re-read this story so many times! So, so good.
Bookwormkat1 chapter 1 . 1/15/2021
ooh the flinch when Alan Rickman was read. five years ago yesterday.
Guest chapter 6 . 12/27/2020
Unicorn Pastizzi chapter 21 . 10/12/2020
Best story I’ve read in ages! Well written!
SassySapphire chapter 1 . 3/25/2020
this already sounds like it's gonna be one of the best fics I've ever read and you have no idea how sad I am that the last update was 2014 lol (the perks of joining a dead fandom)
touslesnoms chapter 20 . 3/10/2020
It was super fun, thank you!
touslesnoms chapter 4 . 3/8/2020
It’s brilliant and very interesting to read.
I like the dialogue a lot.
Also Sarah :)
Rochlet chapter 4 . 2/28/2020
When John started talking about the un-sexiness of rom coms I couldn’t picture anything other than Martin Freeman’s part in Love Actually.
Miss A.S.M chapter 21 . 5/25/2019
Wow! I've been keeping this open in my browser for like 2 weeks wanting to read it but never really got around to it..
Now I've read it and I regret not reading it sooner!
Damn! It bloody well deserves an Oscar of its own!
It's really a brilliant story and a lovely read - good humor and well written and it has an important morale.
Take care and keep writing
laughingpotato chapter 21 . 5/23/2019
LOVED IT! One of the best fics I have ever read!
Millie072 chapter 16 . 4/27/2019
Peter O'Toole & Richard Burton were both best actor nominees for Beckett, so it does happen.
Isis Artemis Feniks chapter 13 . 4/27/2019
indeed quat erad demostrandum
Guest chapter 1 . 4/25/2019
Benjamin for Benedict Cumberbatch and Mark for Martin Freeman? Just a small theory.
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