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CB chapter 7 . 4/5/2012
“What if I'd said it was true, Mike? What if I'd said that we'd had a steamy affair and had spent every hour that we weren't filming having mad crazy sex? What then? Would you dump me as a client? Would my scripts dry up? Would I have to write off my whole career? Would I be the butt of late-night talk show jokes for eternity?” LOVED this. It shows his inner turmoil so well!

“It'll be a month for these three 'Mentalist' episodes” Are we referring to the same Mentalist that I know and love, containing the ever epic Simon Baker? Based on your writings with Criminal Minds, I'm assuming so.

I feel like the previous sexual tension I mentioned would have added a lot more heartbreak(possibly angst?) to much of this, this whole deal with them denying themselves each other. But then again, that's my favorite kind of story right there. Heartbreak, angst, and of course, sexual tension.

It would be all the more heart wrenching if we had that other 'sex' scene, like right after “But you're walking rather close and you've both got these big smiles on and even I have to agree that you look quite smitten with each other." If right after this, a flash (not even a flashBACK, mind you, just a snip, a line or two, in italics) of John remembering the scene they filmed.

I had more thoughts about sexual tension, but you know my stance on that. I mostly spent the last half of chapter seven relaxing, not using my reviewer skillz,simply because I should have been in bed hours ago, and I wasn't. A certain story was distracting me.

One thing I did catch was during their reunion, its was so fluffy that the air in my imagination had a rosy tint to it, and I felt like there would be more angst, more dire confession, and agreements, and such. I love the touch with the plane ticket though.

Love, Anon

P.S. I'm hitting the hay for the night (morning?) and I'll come back for the rest of the chapters tomorrow. Ipicked a good stopping point. #Willhavegooddreams
CB chapter 6 . 4/5/2012
“And then they'd wrap this film and go on about their lives. John was trying not to think about that too much. He'd stay in touch with Sherlock, of course he would. They'd become – well, friends hardly described it anymore. And he'd probably see him at ADR, and when publicity started the nature of the film all but guaranteed that they'd be doing all their interviews together.”

The wording of the last sentence in that paragraph threw me off a bit. It might be that I'm just tired, (I've made a hundred mistakes already typing this review) but I feel like the wording is unnatural, or mixed up in a small way. It took me a few times reading it, to understand what he meant. Maybe a comma? Such as : “And he'd probably see him at ADR, and when publicity started, the nature of the film all but guaranteed that they'd be doing all their interviews together.”

A comma right after 'publicity started' and 'the nature of the film' works better, for me at least. It's just a point where there is a natural pause in the intonation that is hard to come by in typing.

Sometimes the perspective, or who said the line, gets a little difficult to distinguish. Maybe some more 'said John'/'said Sherlock' 's and such are in order.

Also, I think that the sex scene they film should be a scene in the fic from one of their perspectives. It would heighten the sense of their reluctance to fall for each like that, and provide more material for later sexual tension, and one or the other remembering how they felt during an inappropriate time. And I know it's a pain to write sex scenes that rock, and especially one's where they aren't even having sex, but if you agree, I think you are more than capable of putting that in. Though, don't trust me on sexual tension most of the time, it's one of my favorite things in a fic, and I'm always up for more.

"He's transcendental. He's transforming. He's so consuming that I honestly can't remember ever having worked with another actor, ever. They all become him in my memories. He's every character in every novel and every script and every imagining. He's my entire goddamned world and it's ending in eight days." This little section reminded me terribly of your other Sherlock work, meaning Alone on the Water. I like it.

That last little scene between them BROKE my HEART, and I loved it. It was PERFECT.

Love, Anon
A.X.S.Y chapter 20 . 4/5/2012
Okay so when you have some free time or maybe going through a writers block, consider the idea of going on a quest to achieve immortality so you can write Sherlock fanfics for the rest of eternity.

That is all.
CB chapter 5 . 4/5/2012
I feel like this chapter happens a touch too fast. Either that, or I shouldn't be awake any longer so I've turned to skimming, or both. Considering this is a completed fic, many people would stop taking suggestions. If you ARE considering improvements (though that's not really a word I feel fits) then in this chapter we could add more character development. Relationship development and such. Possibly ever increasing sexual tension, unless my gut is wrong and that's NOT the direction you're going with this.

Love, Anon
CB chapter 4 . 4/5/2012
I'm kind of falling in love with this story.

Love, Anon
CB chapter 3 . 4/5/2012
I'm not entirely sure if it was a typo, or simply a word I'm unfamiliar with, but in this passage:

One hour later, John rode in the back of a studio-hired car with Harry, watching the still-dark streets of Toronto flow by. Everything about this film would be a departure from his usual jobs, and not just his part in it. The director had made the somewhat unusual decision to film entirely in practical locations around Toronto. No soundstages. It made logistics more difficult, but it lent a sense of VERITY to the scenes that couldn't be replicated. Ang had sat him and Sherlock down after the read-through and explained his vision for the film's look and mood.

I've capitalized the word in question, verity. I feel like it should be variety, but if it so happens to be a word I do not know, then so be it.

Love, Anon
CB chapter 2 . 4/5/2012
(There is a typo in the last line of the chapter. Says 'water' instead of waiter') Love, Anon
FantasySci5 chapter 21 . 4/5/2012
Wow. After reading your other gorgeous Sherlock fic, easily the best Sherlock fic I've read in a long long time, I wanted some happy-Sherlock/John. This story was so lovely. All of the little nudges to real life actors was hilarious. The Oscar night? I felt like I was really watching it, you wrote it so beautifully. 4 You don't get the regular 3, because you're a *4*. Any plans on writing some more Sherlock/John?
Sillybookwarm chapter 21 . 4/5/2012
God, this is one of the best, most amazing Sherlock fics I have read so far (and I've read quite a lot) because of how realistic, simple, and poignant it was. In some ways, it's quite a parallel to the movie they're shooting together, because it's not a fic about Sherlock & John, THE gay couple, but Sherlock, and John, as two people in a relationship that comes with some repercussions, but certainly no less than other celebrities'. It's amazing how detailed, and true to life you kept the story. It definitely felt like I was reading a published novel, even, not ridiculous in the details into the 'movie star life' that fanfics tend to stray towards due to lack of research and care.

Oh God, I can feel that this is going to be one of my long, rambling reviews posted at 3:00 am (I've pulled an all nighter to read the whole thing in one sitting and don't regret it one bit!), and all the important stuff was said in the above paragraph, so feel free to ignore the rest of my fangirl gushiness. I feel like asking if you're a published author, honestly, and if you are, I'm so immediately going to read your original work. Something about your writing just pulled me in and kept me in that world. Towards the end, I honest to God thought, "Oh my god, I want to watch To a Stranger so badly right now," and then realized with crushing disappointment that it wasn't a real movie. It's just - you made it so completely real, your AU dug so deeply in my head that I really cannot stop thinking of Sherlock and John as real, breathing actors right now.

Maybe that's the sleep deprivation talking. I don't know. There are so, so many points of brilliance that I want to expound upon. For one, I thought it was a really wonderful thing you did at the beginning, finding ways to integrate real-life celebrity gossip to enforce the idea in the reader's head that yes, duh, these are real people in this world, and sprinkled a bit more of that throughout the rest of the story. Also, the transcriptions of the shows - Ellen, David Letterman, 60 Minutes, you utterly and completely captured their tone and the way the conversations developed.

What else did I love? (Everything, really. 3) But most of all, I adored how, just to cinch the point in your realism and amazing writting/plotting skills, none of their problems just magically disappeared once the film succeeded. So many times I find myself liking a book but then being disappointed with the ending because it just brushed off the issues set up in the beginning with a sickeningly sweet Disney ending and trying to hide the fact that it's a Disney ending with some minor tragedy to the side. You did not do this - you did the very opposite of this, and it was just, guuuuh.

I'm loosing my coherence at this point, and all ability to leave a readable review (I'm not sure I had that to begin with, actually, I'm still in the post fangasm stage of reading THE PERFECT fanfiction, so, he) and I'm desperately hoping I haven't sounded too silly, but I'll just leave you some regular ol' keyboard smashes here, just to underscore how much this story blew my mind, knocked me off my feet, and then proceeded to engrave itself into my brain.

Thank you so much for writing and sharing this brilliant, brilliant piece of work.

inactiveuser11111 chapter 21 . 4/4/2012
aaaaahhh! I read this in the space of three days, and it's pretty much the best sherlock/john I've ever read. I kept waiting for the bomb to drop in earlier chapters, and I'm so glad that there wasn't actually a bomb to drop! Great job :) and also, my friend "found" john's washing machine ad... tumblr_ brilliant read!
Saix-Vii-puppy chapter 21 . 4/3/2012
Oh wow I love this story so much!
ScarlettWatson chapter 21 . 4/3/2012
I created an account just to tell you how much I loved this story. It is extremely well written, and the characterizations are excellent. I came across this particular story while I was looking for a distraction from the pain of my contractions during labor, and it was exactly what I needed. I found it engaging and sweet, and I wound up reading it through the entire labor (until it got too distracting to read anymore). The emotional tone was perfect for my emotional state at the time. I've gone back and reread it twice since then, and it's still perfect. Thank you so much for posting this. I can't wait to read more of your Sherlock stories.
CowMow chapter 21 . 4/3/2012
Holy Crap. Forgive me. But this was so very good! You had me crying, smiling, cheering (literally when John won the Oscar :$ ) and aawww-ing all the time.

Seriously, can you give me some tips of how to become a better writer?

I mean, all characters were so vivid and the story developped so naturally, and i loved the interview-chapters inbetween.

Great, great job (but then, you always do), and I'm looking forward to more Actor!Sherlock.

Thanks for sharing this.

Over and out. :)
CaughtInMy'Imagination chapter 21 . 4/3/2012
Just finished, and I am literally in awe. This fic deserves an award! So beautiful; you characterise so well. I really believed every moment in this. I'm not even a big fan of AU fics but I made an exception for this one - and I'm so glad that I did! Thank you so much for writing this. I'm looking forward to hearing from you again!
phoenixandtiger chapter 21 . 4/2/2012
I must congratulate you - this was an amazing job, one of the best Sherlock fanfics I have ever read. I loved how you kept their relationships the same as canon (despite that it is going to be different, given the new scenario and all), and how Irene isn't a complete overbearing flirting-with-Sherlock dominatrix, and Sherlock's somewhat rational irrationality.

And especially how you put them in an envirement where Sherlock is NOT a detective or anything of the sort - instead, he's an actor who acts by mimicking. I have never read anything like this, and I can only hope that you will continue to write.
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