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nico420 chapter 1 . 3/24
I forgot to mention, I love the relationship between Tweek and his mother, and every moment in which they're interacting with each other. 3
nico420 chapter 20 . 3/23
I love this so much! Tweek's character is so interesting. It's refreshing not to have him written the same way as in practically everything else I've read. It was also nice to give Tweek some dominance for once. Plus, I like submissive Craig. :p Anyway, I was intrigued all the way through this. I couldn't stop reading it. The fact that Tweek's schizophrenic makes it especially interesting. My favorite part is when Craig awakes from his coma and Tweek barges in, having escaped from the psychiatric ward, and the nurses try to refrain him from kissing Craig. It's romantic to me, in a weird way. I love Kenny and Bebe's relationship. It's so precious. And I love fanfiction wherein Ike hangs out with older characters and parties and shiz.
MelodiousMusic chapter 1 . 1/13
BanterHasLanded chapter 20 . 1/7
This is one of the greatest fanfics ever PLEASE write a sequal
meh chapter 20 . 11/17/2014
Hands down the best South Park fanfic I've ever read, if not best fanfic in general. As well written as a novel. At many points I kept forgetting I was reading a fanfic, and yet at the same time still felt the familiarity of the characters I know and love, if that makes sense. I love how unique their personalities all are, in a way that truly makes them real and believable people, and yet they have those characteristics that make them true to their little canon elementary-aged selves. Can't get over it. Especially since it was my favorites of the "minor" characters, and not the main boys. You really did an amazing job fleshing them out.

I love the different perspectives as well. You did a really good job of depicting the minds of someone who is mentally disturbed and someone who has a history of abuse/trauma, which I really appreciate as someone who holds both things. I'm not big on fanfic in general at all for many reasons, one of those being that people tend to use stuff like that as cliches/tropes, but you really seemed to understand how it works. It didn't feel overdone or dramatized as plot devices at any point. I feel the same way about how you portrayed the pregnancy/abortion. There was just the right amount of detail and emotion without going overboard.

And, just how their mindsets are both portrayed in the final chapters, the whole fight and the triggered episode and such, and yet neither of them are the bad guy/crazy person. It was just sad and heartbreaking for them both, and I could sympathize with both. That's really rare in writing those kinds of situations, since typically it comes out with one person being the jerk and the other the victim.

I'm sad to have finally reached the end, though at the same time I'm glad I discovered this when it was entirely finished, because I don't know if I could have survived the wait between chapters lol. I'm gonna have to read your other stuff now. I think it'd be awesome if you wrote more set in this "universe", like I'd really like to know the story behind the sudden ménage-a-trois with Butters. That was pretty random, but a cute mental image. And I loved the Kenny/Bebe stuff. This was all awesome, truly. I hope your other writing projects are going well, you definitely have amazing talent.
lilykinz200 chapter 20 . 7/27/2014
(have to do this on anon since you can only have one review per chapter, whoops)
Wow. So, It's been over 2 years since I first read this fic, and the other day I decided it was time to give it a re-read. I almost forgot that there was a little thank you to the reviewers at the end of each chapter, and seeing my username there made me smile a whole lot. This fic always meant a lot to me and even now it still really does. This story was just as good as I remembered it to be, and some things in my life that've happened more recently made me connect with this story even more than I had initially. I know nobody's probably gonna read what I'm saying here, but I just really wanted to say something. This story helped me through some really hard stuff a few years ago and now it's reminding me how I got through so many other things. This fic will always mean a lot to me, it's managed to for over two years so I don't see why it won't for a few more. I guess what i'm really trying to say is, thank you for this story.
MidnightLuve chapter 20 . 4/11/2014
omg that was so god dam cute
MidnightLuve chapter 19 . 4/11/2014
ok the ending of this chapter had me in tears not in a sad way but a happy way that was a heart warming realization there
MidnightLuve chapter 17 . 4/11/2014
lmao omg that walk in on them had me rolling for like 10 mins xD
MidnightLuve chapter 13 . 4/11/2014
i love straight foward tweek XD
MidnightLuve chapter 11 . 4/11/2014
woah is all i can say woah
MidnightLuve chapter 9 . 4/11/2014
wow i just can't stop reading this i love it to much
MidnightLuve chapter 8 . 4/11/2014
omg the ending of this chapter had me awwwing the while time i can relate
MidnightLuve chapter 7 . 4/11/2014
kenny seems to get the women prego in ur fanfic's XD just saying
MidnightLuve chapter 6 . 4/10/2014
dam idk it sounds like craig like clyde more then a friend should but thats just me and tweek is just something else
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