Ripetide2 chapter 1 . 1/16/2016
Lukas O'Neill #
February 14th#
Pompana (roman goddess of plenty)#
Short brown hair brown skin light blue eyes 6'5 broad shouldered, typical Outfit of cargo pants an Ohio state tee and soccer
cleats #
small town Ohio#
Lover of plants people and good times level headed hates steriotypes unwaveringly loyal too his frends#
meat and potato meals as well as harvest time sunsets
country girl's #
Big city's pollution bullies jocks an anyone who thinks there better than him and his frends#
Discovered his mothers identity at age 9 and proceeded to journey across country to camp Jupiter when during a war game the wind god Auster appeared with a quest
to find the scroll of Athena which contained all the knowledge of the god's so he was sent on the quest with his new trends Robin Anderson(daughter of Bellona) and Morgan Gonzalez (daughter of Mars)
together they travel to Mexico city to find it had been stolen by the blackmailing Titan Prometheus Lukas bested him in a battle of wit's they where then forced to flee and planned to return the scroll to Olympus but it was stolen on the way back a mysterious (and strangely scrawny) attacker they returned empty handed but relieved by the fact they stopped the Titan #
fire #
Robin Anderson/Morgan Gonzalez #
Custom golden scythe #
immune to poisoned food#
has crush on Morgan Gonzalez #
Full legion member 1 stripe#
Guest chapter 1 . 1/15/2016
This is a list of demigods names and u may expand on them
Generation 1
Bryce nickelson ;asclipius#
Katherine spets;pan#
Jeremy Barnes; artimes#(British)
Samantha (Sam) Tyler;Apollo #(British)
Silas Tyler;Apollo #(British)
Bree coffers;hermes#(British)
Marvin Lee ;clear sighted mortal
Rebecca Bishop; Victoria #
Joseph bishop; victoria#
Josh Baxter ;Neptune#
Charlotte (Charlie) Spencer ;kihone#
Collie ;Apollo #
Riley Cooley;Athena #
Taylor Cooley; Athena #
Soyer walker ;vulcan#
Chandler Gregg; Thanatos#
Generation 2
Pearl bomont; Matthew bomont/Abigail Turner#
Toby glen ;lupa#
Jasper Cooley ;Taylor Cooley/soyer walker#
Aaron read ;ares#
Bliss day ; hemera (catch the pun)(Canadian)
Conner Barnes; Jeremy Barnes/Samantha Tyler #
Bobbi Bishop;Rebecca bishop/Josh baxter#
Clover nickelson ;Bryce nickelson /Katherine spets#
Natasha black ;venus#
Riptide2 chapter 1 . 1/13/2016
Abigail elizebith Turner#
December 12#
Demeter #
long brown hair (usually braided)5'9 tan skin green eyes flecked with blue (like the sky through the tree's)
pink lips lean and agile amazing abs (hence nickname) #
Mansion just outside of Pittsburgh pa#
a loving caring person great at getting people to open up about there problems #
Plants and animals her trends her Father#
monsters unicorns (don't ask) drew Tanaka #
Sent her early life as a pampered little princess found out she was a half-blood at age 13 a Greek but she went to camp Jupiter where she met Matthew Bomont after he saved her from an unicorn stampede would go on to fight against the spartus army #
going through life alone #
Matthew bomont /Katherine spets /Linda/collie#
. aaaaahhhhhh#
Matthew bomont 3#
Ripetide2 chapter 1 . 1/13/2016
Matthew bomont#
June 28#
Hyperion (but blessed with extra powers by ipatus)#
5'11 tan lean silvery hair with gold eyes and silver pupils#
deserted college in Napa California#
Swords his trends the colors black and gold his gryfan thrush #
His dad dark and cold sencless blood shed #
Spent early life on the run from his parents and the Olympians met a daughter of Apollo named collie spent a year traveling across country before collie was killed by a Hydra then met reyne who took him to camp Jupiter where he his future girlfriend Abigail turner daughter of Demeter (love at first sight)he would later go to camp half-blood and fight against an undead Octavian and an entire legion of spartus warriors #
His own powers and parentage#
Jeremy Barns/Rebecca bishop/Samantha Tyler/Riley fox /Conner Stoll #
Sword containing the spirit of Helios lost god of the sun #blasts of light energy warrior avatar healing monster telepathy (to get Abigail to kiss him a lot) #
Abigail Reyne (ex) Collie (ex)
Leader of a team of loners
Heartlover1 chapter 1 . 12/21/2013
Full name: Marissa Johnson

Nickname (optional): Mari, Issa

Birthday: 21 June 1996


Titan Parent: Kronos

Looks: She has black straight hair, dark gold/ amber eyes(gold when mad) she's about 5.6 and is usually dressed really casual

Hometown: New York

Personality: An really hyper girl, who likes to help others by looking into their futur. She isn't evil like her father. But she can be a bit sadistic.

Likes: clocks, helping people, chocolate, sword fighting, her scythe she got from her father

Dislikes: being slowed down on a quest, getting seen as and enemy because of her father

Back Story: Marissa comes from New York, well she used to live there for most of her life.
Officially she is from Europe but she and her mother moved to New York for her mother new job and husband. The only person Marissa really hates is her step-father, because he used to abuse her when her mother was ar work.
She ran away from home and wandered around for a few years. In those years she learnt of her parentage and her powers. Then she was found and bought to camp.

Fear (optional): her step-father, losing her friends

Friends: Percy( because he sees that she isn't evil), Thalia, the Stolls( prank partners), Annabeth, Nico, Leo and Clarisse.

Weapon: her scythe which can change into a necklace and her sword the transforms into a ring.

Skills: she's very skilled with her scythe, almosy as good as Kronos and her time
Powers are also strong. She is also a good sword fighter and really fast.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend (Can't be be Jason or Percy obviously) : Nico di Angelo

Status (camper, cabin counselor, etc.) : Hermes Cabin, cause there isn't a cabin for demi-titans
Guest chapter 1 . 11/5/2013
Full name: Anthony Millers

Nick name: None

Birthday: August 8th

Age: 13

Godly parent: Neptune

Looks: Green eyes, black hair, medium height

Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii

Personality: He is shy and timid and most of the time stays clear from other people. But people who are his friends he acts more sociable.

Likes: Surfing, swimming, basketball, hanging with friends

Dislikes: Mars children, pranksters, Lupa

Backstory: Anthony lived with his mother in Honolulu until he was 9. He was then brought to the wolf house were he trained with Lupa. He then let into camp Jupiter but he had to stay there because he was the son of Neptune and had no control over his powers. During his years at camp Jupiter, many people stayed away from him out of fear because of who his father is.

Friends: Any character oc

Weapon: Magical copy of Neptune's trident, water

Skills: Hydrokinesis, Geokinesis (limited), Aerokinesis (limited), Cryokinesis (limited), Toxikinesis (limited)

Girlfriend: none

Love interest: Daughter of Venus

Status: Camper, Alive
Guest chapter 1 . 11/5/2013
Can the character be a roman demigod?
Icy Icee chapter 1 . 10/6/2013
Full name: Alexandra Skye Parker

Nickname (optional): Alex(uses it a lot)

Birthday: June 15

Age: 13

Godly parent: Hecate

Looks: Auburn hair, emerald eyes, and red lips. lots of freckles and really pale.

Hometown: Savannah, GA

Personality: sarcastic to mean people and her friends, nice to most, hides her feelings of sadness and pain,

Likes: CHOCOLATE! reading, swimming, and singing

Dislikes: people who can do something but pretend not to, popular girls, arrogant boys, seafood, complete and utter idiots.

Back story (what were you doing before camp halfblood): ran away after step-mom told her she was worthless and pointless and just kept picking on her.

Fear (optional): pain, physical and emotional

Friends: Leo Valdez, Annabeth Chase, Travis and Connor Stoll, Percy Jackson, Katie Gardner, Thalia Grace, Courtney Hopkins(spunky Aphrodite girl who's not too fashion obsessed and uses bow and arrow, Lacy and Mitchell(from Aphrodite)

Weapon: sword

Skills: did gymnastics all her life, so all that stuff like backhandsprings, tucks, fulls, layouts, back walkovers

Boyfriend/Girlfriend (Can't be be Jason or Percy obviously) : Nico di Angelo

Status (camper, cabin counselor, etc.) : cabin counselor(sorry Lou Ellen)
everydayimshippingthem chapter 1 . 8/9/2013
Jennifer Annie Chase/Jenny/10-07-97/16/Athena/Straight waist length blonde hair and grey eyes/New Milford, Connecticut/Smart Caring/Owls School/War Detention/I was running on the streets/Spiders!/Annabeth Percy Leo Piper Jason Hazel/Dagger/Flexible Smart/Leo!/camper
GMW chapter 1 . 7/23/2013
(Please use mine. Thanks. Here's one for you!)
Name: Timaeus Valentine
Nickname: Wizard
Birthday: 12/27 (He's immortal; See Back Story for info.)
Age: He looks 18 ish. (Again he's immortal.)
Godly Parent: Hecate
Looks: He looks exactly like Gale/Wizard from Harvest Moon:Animal Parade. (For the pic, go to Google, Internet Explorer, whatever; I used Google. Type "wizard ap the harvest moon wiki", Enter, click on the first link, and here it is).
Home Town: London, England, UK (He doesn't have a British accent though)
Personality: Timaeus is kind and sometimes a bit shy. If he's upset, he's a little mad, but not too mad (like the "Leave me alone" kind of thing). Rarely snaps.
Likes: Watching the stars at night, Music by Cascada and Evanescence, Chocolate, kind people, "It's Terror Time Again" by Skycycle (It's his most favorite song; he loves to sing that all the time), sun flower seeds (He loves eating them)
Dislikes: Morons, mean people
Back Story: He and his dad, Zane Valentine (he's not dead) were wizards and immortal. A large group of furies attacked the two, mostly going after Timaeus. The wizards fought for a LONG time. Suddenly, Timaeus (somehow) summoned a skeleton giant and it destroyed all the monsters. After the battle, Timaeus fainted and Zane took him to Camp Half-Blood.
Fear: His enemies hurting the people he loves.
Friends: Everyone at the Athena Cabin
Weapons: His magic spells, his singing sometimes (He can sing without activating his powers and spells; Also, he has all of the abilities from Hecate.)
Skills: Fortune telling, reading minds, LOTS of magic spells, reading ancient text from any ancient civilization
Love Interest: Maybe someone who's a lot or a bit like him. You can use who. I don't mind.
Status: Camper
Dilshaan Ravendran chapter 1 . 1/26/2013
Full name: Luciian Wolf

Nickname (optional): Lucy (used to be called like that by his school bullies) , Bane of the Drakons

Birthday: 13/6/1993

Age: 16

Titan parent: Iapetus

Looks: . ?R119291&month1&pg1&styl1Wella

Hometown: Plymouth, Minnesota

Personality: Unlike the rest of Iapetus's children, he is the complete opposite. Smart, talkative, playboy, helpful, friendly, and is extremely loyal to him comrades. When it comes to battle, he is a born warrior. Technically he improvises after playing his video games (God Of War mostly). And when it comes to friends, he jokes around a lot and does his best to set things right.

Likes: Mexican food, Keira Knightley, practicing new moves with his weapons, hanging out with his friends, learning from his mistakes and then he does his best to set things right, and most of all, sweet memories

Dislikes: Salad, People who keep 'bugging' him, certain children of Ares.

Back story: Used to live with his mom (who was basically the only one who ever cared about him) until he turned 16. One day before his birthday, a Drakon nearly destroyed Madison Square Garden when he and his mom were spectating Wrestlemania 27, the cause of it was because an unknown enemy commanded the beast to find him and kill him on the spot. However, Lucifer managed to kill the drakon by tearing one of fangs out and stabbed the thing through the mouth. Unfortunately, his mother died trying to protect Lucian and that left him in a state of grief so terrible that he unleashed his powers on the same day, killing thousands of people. Later, he wandered around aimlessly, lost and wounded(physically and mentally), until Nico found him lying on the turnpike just across Brooklyn. After a severe amount of convincing, he agreed to follow him back to Camp Half-Blood. The rest of his life will told in your story, if you don't mind.

Fear (optional): Chaos, the creator of the universe, and his dad

Friends: Percy Jackson, Nico Di Angelo, etc (Most of the campers in Camp Half-Blood). Except Mr. D

Weapon: . /search?qimagesofblackswords&hlen&tbou&tbmisch&sourceuniv&saX&eiDacDUb-8H4vJrAeS9oHoBA&ved0CC0QsAQ&biw1366&bih677#imgrcNQzKGktPDvm7oM%3A%3BzmxTgHJVG3H1yM%3Bhttp%253A%252F% .com%252Finheritance%252Fimages%252Fe%252Fea%252FBlack_ %3Bhttp%253A%252F% .com%252Fwiki%252FFile%253ABlack_ %3B1378%3B1038 (Made out of Stygian Iron)

Skills: Geokinesis, Lesser control over the undead , Umbrakinesis, Dark Pyrokinesis, Death Sense(works on all beings), Necromancy, A master with sword that only Percy Jackson can rival. All the godlike abilities he has are four times stronger than Nico Di Angelo.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend : Lena Monte Jacques Colette, daughter of Apollo


Love interest: His Girlfriend

Status (camper, cabin counselor, etc.) : Camper

Other: Always thinks of his mom whenever he is alone in his cabin.
HunterofArtemis chapter 1 . 1/12/2013
Silvia Hartman Silver 5/25/1998 15 years old Apollo Midnight black hair,side braid,mixture of brown and silver eye color,heart shaped face,tall and athletic New York Friendly and outgoing likes:archery knife throwing Dislikes :know-it-alls Back story:lived with stepmother since 8 ran away at age 8 Friends:Katie Gardner,Annabeth,Percy,exct. Weapon:bow and arrows,small knives to throw Skills:shoots with dead accuracy, runs quickly Boyfriend:Malcolm {son of Athena} Status: Cabin Counselor for Apollo cabin
hippiechic13 chapter 1 . 12/26/2012
Full name: Turner Green

Nickname (optional): none

Birthday: July 4th

Age: 14

Godly parent: Nike

Looks: brown hair that always looks like its been whipped around in the wind, bright brown eyes, tall, skinny, and lanky, doesn't have much muscle

Hometown: doesn't matter, you can make it up

Personality: funny, sarcastic but very energetic, very good at fast talking his way out of situations and a very fast runner, faster than the Druids. He has good luck gambling and playing cards, mr.d never plays pinochle with him because he knows turner can beat him. He can also solve a rubix cube in 30 seconds, he's almost a genius, although he doesn't act like it. But he doesn't have good luck with fighting or talking to those areas he's a big klutz. He constantly tries to make nico diangelo a more cheerful person.

Likes: rubix cubes, running, coffee, doing everything faster than he needs to, being hyperactive

Dislikes: laziness, people who don't try

Back story (what were you doing before camp halfblood): he lived with his buisness man of a dad who he called sir. His dad stopped paying attention to him ever since he found out the woman he fell in love with was a Greek goddess. Turner's dad still doesn't pay him much attention.

Fear (optional): not being able to run one day, most of the ares cabin

Friends: the stoll brothers, most of the Athena cabin even though he annoys them sometimes

Weapon: a sword even though he's better at running away or fast talking his way out of a fight than actually fighting

Skills: running, solving rubix cubes in record time, gambling,

Love interest: this hippie girl from the iris cabin named Ivy, with clear sky blue eyes and long straggly blonde hair with different colored feathers in it. He's too nervous to ever talk to her though.

Status (camper, cabin counselor, etc.) : camper
li'l fat necrosis chapter 1 . 10/25/2012
Full name: Alexandra

Nickname (optional): Alex Al Lexy Lex

Birthday: June 21

Age: 21

Titan parent: Cronus

Skin: Olive
Hair: Mid-length, curly, dark brown
Eyes: Dark brown, somewhat small
Height: Very short (5'4)
Weight: Average weight
Build: Narrow.

Hometown: Juneau, Alaska

Personality: Alexandra makes her a capable leader and organizer. She finds it difficult to be in positions of subservience or where she is taking advice from others. She desires the best and want to be successful and financially prosperous and are willing to give practical help where it is deserved. Fairness is important to her. Personal relationships suffer sometimes because she are inclined to overlook the little things, such as thoughtful and appreciative gestures. This Alex makes her too forceful at times, limiting the natural feminine qualities of tenderness and tact.

Likes: Kids, happiness, and time.

Dislikes: Wasting time, dishonestly,

Back story: She was always playing through diffrent times, and trying to make everyone think of her as a adventurer.

Fear (optional): Humiliation

Friends: Tries to be with everyone.

Weapon: Scythe

Skills: Super navigation skill, manulaping time, and learning the complete history of an object.

Love interest: You can match her up with anyone.

Status (camper, cabin counselor, etc.) : Cabin Counselor
Dramione2000 chapter 1 . 10/19/2012
Full name: Kayleigh Margaret Frieder

Nickname (optional): (to close friends) Kay or Kay-Kay

Birthday: 5/30

Age: 14

Godly parent: Aphrodite

Looks: brownish redish hair, hazel eyes that often change between mixuters of browns blues and greens, 5' 5" curves

Hometown: Bethany, CT

Personality: lots of energy, outgoing, friendly, likes to have a good time, is more like piper than the other Aphrodite kids

Likes: hanging with friends, an occasional makeover, training, finding out more a out herself and others

Dislikes: people thinking she is no good because she is a daughter of Aphrodite

Back story (what were you doing before camp halfblood): she had been at camp half blood since before she can remember. Her dad died before she was born.

Fear (optional): rejection

Friends: piper, Percy, Jason, Connor, Everyone

Love interest: Connor Blike

Status (camper, cabin counselor, etc.) : camper

Full name: Connor Aiden Blike

Birthday: 6/23

Age: 15

Godly parent: Ares

Looks: shaggy light brown hair, blue eyes, 5' 7"
some muscle

Hometown: Bethany CT

Personality: fun, outgoing. Jokes around a lot, will do anything for his friends, he likes to have fun and believes that every moment counts

Likes: winning, having fun, spending time with friends, training

Dislikes: fear

Back story (what were you doing before camp halfblood): been at camp for 4 years. He came when his mom said that it was forbid in she stay with him any longer

Friends: his cabin, Athena cabin, Kayleigh, Percy, Jason, Leo

Love interest: Kayleigh Frieder

Status (camper, cabin counselor, etc.) : camper
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