Reviews for Accidental Blood Bond
AmayaBlack chapter 27 . 9/26
This kids are great! :)
sonyabrady1971 chapter 27 . 9/24
Glad to hear from you Darling! Love the update...HaHaHa Yes, biscuits can get you in trouble. Hope to see you soon.
Apples chapter 27 . 9/21
It's all fun and sexy till pregnancy shows up. Le sigh. I liked it otherwise.
wiccawoman chapter 27 . 9/20
I am SO glad you updated this! This is a great story, please update again soon! :)
Venetiangrl92 chapter 27 . 9/21
So is this the end or will there be more? Great chapter! Hope that there is more! Xoxo
divergentlover0904 chapter 5 . 9/20
mshccs chapter 27 . 9/19
Biscuits... Hehe... Tnx for the update.. :)
pianomouse chapter 27 . 9/19
I will never give up hope, that being said, thank you for the lovely chapter!
SereniteRose chapter 27 . 9/19
I'm so glad that you added another chapter to this story, thanks ever so much.
rileypotter17 chapter 27 . 9/19
SO glad to see this updated. I needed a little bit of happiness in my life right now and this did the trick. The whole biscuit convo was priceless beyond words! I bow down to you and your ability to make these characters so alive and honestly better than the original canon.
roon0 chapter 27 . 9/19
So lovely to have an update to this. I really enjoy domesticated Hermione. ;D
Brightki chapter 27 . 9/19
SO HAPPY YOU UPDATED! And I love it, so so much! I'm going to have to re-read all of your stories especially once you finish them but UGH. So so good. :D
furface294 chapter 27 . 9/19
Welcome back hehehehee
DrusillaDoll3 chapter 27 . 9/19
Very sweet chapter, and grateful for the reassurance of not abandoning the story! Thanks so much for the update, I love this story!
kimionecake chapter 27 . 9/19
OMG I can't believe this... ANOTHER CHAPTER. I'm so freaking excited... Thank you for coming back with this. I can't wait to read it
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