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Callisti chapter 1 . 6/26/2017
I'm not a MinervErus shipper... but I did love this!
TheNotSoTalentedPoet chapter 1 . 11/29/2015
Honestly, the pairing kind of baffled me at first. I mean, I'm sure every conceivable pairing is represented in the "Harry Potter" fandom, but this is one that I had never even thought of. So, though I hate to enter stories with any kind of bias, the odd nature of this made me wary. Rest assured that it was all for naught. Considering the length of this piece, you did a good job of convincing me that that there was a connection between the two. The fact that he forgot and offered to make it up was a good touch, as it avoids the trap of the surpriser acting like an aloof tosser by not acknowledging the person they have the surprise planned for. It made Severus seems a lot more human that way.

Also, stylistically, I think you have a good thing going, and I'd like to see how you've improved in the years since. In particular, the description of the night sky as Minerva looks on is particularly evocative and vivid, and you portray Minerva's thoughts and insecurities with a good degree of relatability.

Grammar-wise, I did notice a few mistakes, but it was nothing overpowering. A couple of comma misuses and some missing semicolons, but nothing that detracted from the story. I'm just pedantic enough to notice things like that.

Good job; I'm glad I read this.
SpencerHastings2011 chapter 1 . 1/4/2014
Warmed my heart.
The Bitter Kitten chapter 1 . 3/21/2013

Ahem. First, I love Minerva, and the more stories I read about her the more I love her. I think you have her perfectly here. She's strict, but there's a big lovely heart underneath it all. I sort of like that the students have no idea when the teachers' birthdays are, because I can just imagine the madness and mayhem that would result. Albus is also in fine form here. At his best, he's like a little gremlin of goodness and cheer and he is just the best. I love that he can pull off the puppy dog face, enough to make Minerva forget that there are always surprise birthday parties.

I was a little mad at Severus for forgetting her birthday after making such a grand proclamation, and then HE SAVES EVERYTHING WITH A HAIL MARY and omg I'm getting shouty, to nick phrases from Edhla. :3 That was so adorable that he cares enough to kiss her in front of god and everyone. Also. Just the phrase “I had such grand plans for you”. SO CURIOUS. He should do it on her half-birthday ;)

This is really a lovely little piece, and it was a massively enjoyable read.

Cheers, love!
ReadingBlueWolf chapter 1 . 3/10/2013
I liked how you opened up with Minerva feeling down and out. Oh to be a teacher and have grading to do. I really liked how you mentioned the first years could go another day without knowing their grades. That was cute! I really loved the description of the stars and how they twinkled softly and reflected off the lake. That was such a great visual! Oh! I love how you slip in that it’s Harry’s second year with the heir of Slytherin comment! That was awesome! I could totally see Dumbledore throwing “surprise” parties for his staff. That’s really funny! I wasn’t sure what to think of the handmade card at first. It seemed so odd, but I really like that you went there with her character and showed a deeper side. I also liked the fact you deepened Severus’s character a bit also with the reaction he had. I think I know how Severus is going to repay her. I love Albus asking her for company. That whole thing is just awesome and made me laugh. Oh surprise parties! And he makes it obvious. Oh. That’s not what I thought. I thought he was giving her a quiet day of not mentioning her birthday because that’s what she wanted. Well, I liked the surprise ending never the less. It was a really nice ending! It’s a bit weird to think about the little bit of AU going on, but I think I rather enjoy it. It’s well written and a breeze to read. I like the character exploration and I do like the relationship between Severus and Minerva.
ribby77 chapter 1 . 12/19/2012
I really liked your description of the night sky, as well as your characterisation, particularly of Minerva. The idea of her disliking birthdays is one I can believe. The cheery card sent by Dumbledore was another good way to show his character.

I didn't really like the dialogue, it seemed sort of odd in places (the idea of Dumbledore giving puppy dog eyes is certainly a strange one). However since this is fanfiction, you can interprate the characters however you choose. I know this, so I'm not sure what it is about the dialogue that bothers me so much, I'll have to think it through at some point.

SPAG was fairly good, a couple of errors that I spotted:

"Of course, Albus." She said shortly, not really in the mood to discuss how she felt with Albus. (It would be better to replace the second Albus with 'him'. Or even just leave it at 'how she felt')

Resembling a surprise party because everyone now knew enough about Albus to expect one (This didn't make sense, it seems as though you've copied the phrase from the line above...

All in all, not a bad little one-shot, the summary made me smile, so you must be doing something right! :P
Ursinomancer chapter 1 . 11/1/2012
Snape and McGonagall? I've never imagined those two together, but you definitely make it work. They seem to have a very deep bond, despite poor Snape forgetting her birthday. They are very sweet together and don't need to vocalize everything they are thinking in order to convey their emotions to each other. I thought it was nice to see McGonagall, a normally confident and strong woman, get bothered by her birthday and receiving Snape's note. It gives her more depth and makes her more relatable to me. Professors need to be loved too sometimes, and Snape and McGonagall are no exceptions. It was nice for them to get that treatment for once. I also liked the Albus/Minerva friendship. I forget if that's canon or not, but that's what's stuck in my head-canon.

So, great job on this story. I enjoyed it a lot. Everyone was in character, even the normally stoic Snape.
Ckorkows chapter 1 . 9/26/2012
I really liked the start of this fic. Her loneliness and pining for a friend and perhaps more was pretty obvious even though you didn't spell it out for us. Thank you for that. Also, I thought her day was very McGonagall-like in tone. However the ending seemed a little off. I don't know if it's the fact that they kissed or simply how rushed and unexpected it was...but it just didn't flow as well as the rest of the story and it definitely was out of character for both professors.
Perhaps looking back at it and flushing it out a bit more - maybe Severus planned to express his feelings for her the whole time and didn't forget her present, perhaps it happened in a quite corner during the party... just something to make it more in character.
Enjoy the Ride,
MadHatterBellatrix10 chapter 1 . 4/29/2012
You know, that did not seem at all OoC :) I really liked the way you described everything that happened and Dumbledore being way too cheery. The ending line was brilliant the whole just thank-you thing, it showed Minerva's more human side as we all kind of thing she is too strict to feel. I like also how you didn't make it all lovey dovey romantic, that'd be out of character, it was excellent :) So glad I asked what your OTP was :)
XSomeGuyX chapter 1 . 4/25/2012
Once again nice set up there for a dramatic kiss. A little cliche with the stern conversation leading to a kiss but effective nonetheless. It also really cool how you were describing her feelings throughout the day, shows that you know how to step into a character's shoes. Very good, hope all your stories are this good!
Rosawyn chapter 1 . 4/3/2012
I sort of can't really get behind this pairing, but you do a pretty good job of "selling" it here. XD Especially at the end. It was really sweet, but at the same time I was thinking, "Ew...pairing!" lol I'm sure to anyone who ships this, this fic would have been 100% enjoyable. lol

It seems so in character for poor Snape to forget the promise he made. I wonder how Albus ever guessed? Maybe he could just tell from the way Snape was acting that he was feeling guilty and Albus never really knew the details.

I was going to say that Minerva seems a bit ooc at times, but then I realized that *everyone* has some crazy, selfish, angsty thoughts from time to time that they never actually say out loud, so I have revised my opinion, because it seems to me that she is indeed in character. Especially when she decides to grade papers when she really doesn't feel like it. :)
Kieran-Prince chapter 1 . 3/18/2012
This was a really sweet yet emotional story. I've got to admit, Severus and McGonagall isn't my cup of tea, but I pushed that fact down as I read the story.

I've never read a story in McGonagall's point of view before (cause I don't really hang around in Harry Potter fanfiction anymore) so it was interesting to read. You really captured the characters perfectly. Severus really does seem like the kind of person who would always strive to fulfill a promise, no matter what.

Great job with this. I loved the emotions of the characters. :D
Shuna chapter 1 . 3/7/2012
First off, sorry about the late review.

Your description is so vivid, I can almost hear Minerva sigh and the quill making noises as it makes contact with the scroll. Everyone is very in character as well, I can so see Albus doing something like this, trying to make the teacher congratulate the teacher's birthdays, and them wanting to remember it.

But what I love most is that Severus did forget her birthday. Because, you know it can happen.

A really lovely story.

Love Shuna
Someone aka Me chapter 1 . 2/29/2012
First off, plot wise, this is really good. It's interesting and not super predictable and it just feels very original, which is nice.

Pairing wise, I think we'll agree to disagree :D

As for structure and execution – the writing is pretty good, and there are only a couple of grammar errors, but I struggled to really get into it because of your sentence structure. Nearly every sentence is lengthy – you should try to break up the long sentences with shorter ones to keep the reader's attention and for emphasis.

That's really my only criticism though – overall, this is a nice story. Good job.

McJunker chapter 1 . 2/29/2012

Now here's a side to Severus Snape I've never seen before. There's the surly and tragic misanthrope from canon, there's the kickass Alan Rickman from the movies, there's the deadpan snarker from countless fanfics.

And then there's this one. I don't even know how to categorize him. Clearly, there's a spark of romance between him and McGonagall, but just like with Lily he's woefully incompetent at following through. I admit, when reading through I was half-expecting (with a sense of weary dread) that Dumbledore's surprise party would have been Snape's idea. The line where he awkwardly reveals that he had forgotten all about his resolution was a breathe of fresh air.

I always like it when an author is willing to have their characters make genuine mistakes.

Anyways, the prose was clear and engaging, the characterization of the characters was consistent, and I'll be adding this one to my favorites. All that stands between this fic and perfection is the complete lack of violence. I'll have to give it an 8.5 out of 10 because of the extremely low body count. :)
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