Reviews for The Number 1 Hyperactive, Knucklehead Master
Set it off22 chapter 6 . 4h
Great story
StardustPetals chapter 1 . 10/12
I'd figure that they are too far away from the mountain the toads are from to summon them
Guest chapter 27 . 10/6
please oh please update soon, i love this story!
jamal douglas chapter 25 . 9/24
So Jiraiya is dead right? And is only currently back because of a Pokemon version of Edo Tensei. I know there is probz gonna be some HAX and he comes out normal. But it would be interesting if when this conflict ends and Naruto defeats him, he stays dead and doesn't come back. Thus stranding Naruto since I doubt he knows how to get back to the Elemental Nations.
I think the Akatsuki having to come to the Pokemon World, is a more interesting then Naruto just bringing he Pokemon back with him.
Like all of the stories I've read from you so far I'm loving this story.
hellraiseryash chapter 25 . 9/5
dude when are u gonna update this
Aeroshadowclone chapter 27 . 9/2
noooooo, we need more story! great freaking story man. you always please
kj4c0ry chapter 16 . 8/18
Really, Really good writing. This was not how I expected the story to turn out, but then I never read pokemon adventures, so I never thought of you using that storyline instead of Ash's. I must say you've really captured Naruto's off the wall thinking with his pokemon's moves. Much better than Ash, but then he was never a ninja of the Leaf. I'm not seeing a whole lot that I dislike, and can't think of a whole lot that would make this better, so: Good Job! But Seriously, keep upt the good work.
Exiled Soul Nomad chapter 27 . 8/18
You were under-leveled? I tended to over-level my teams. Hell, I managed to go from the beginning of one game to levels 67-89 within three days of starting a new game. All because someone challenged me the day after I choose to restart Emerald in '06.

Come to think of it, that was the playthrough where I managed to catch Rayquaza on the first turn with a regular Pok├ęball. It may have been a fluke, but it was a glorious fluke at the time considering it happened the day before the challenge.
dispair17 chapter 27 . 8/16
I'm actually in shock. You've taken Pokemon and made it a legitimate story. I can't believe you actually pulled it off. The shit is real, the villains are serious, and the battles actually acquire some believability. I'm actually invested in this now. Damn, you are good.
Fullmetal11791 chapter 27 . 8/5
Naruto feels pretty uninspired for a lot of the fights here. I like the expansion of the Pokemon world, and the more mature feel to everything, but again, Naruto himself feels super lackluster.

And I don't mean underpowered. Take that fight against the gyrados. He does one Oodama Rasengan, it fails, and he just gives up? Sure it's tough as hell, but come on. Narauto would have come up with something, found a weak point at its eyes or mouth, used a bunch of clones and henged them into Pokemon and sent em after Silver, just something. And it's been that way through the whole story.
Umi no Suiro chapter 27 . 8/5
Great hope to see it update soon
Guest chapter 24 . 8/3
Doubt Red would have to accept any and all challenges from anyone. Could just accept challenges from those with six or more badges or something.
Masterx01 chapter 5 . 8/3
Im beginning to think that the more time Naruto spend in Kanto the more idiot he became that without say weak...

Can he even think about use shadow clones to put an ambush?

The bubbles are in the way? can you just jump back a little, make some shadow clones and throw a pack of shurikens agains the bubbles to pop them? come on, you can do better.

Naruto in the mission to wave was able to blitz some thugs, now he can even do that to a girl with much less training that those thugs? What Naruto gonna do when the time of fight with Akatsuki members came? Bore them out of their minds until leave them K.O due waiting Naruto perfom his slow as turtle attacks?

Man, this Naruto is lame weak, so much that annoy me, im not saying that he has to be overpower but at least he should do more than the things that has do it until now.
Masterx01 chapter 4 . 8/3
Naruto didnt use rasengan because the rocks will crush him... Seriously? for a guy whose signature tecnique is the shadow clone he surely forgot about it when he need it... so im going to say it, he isnt a survivor he is an idiot, why waste expendable things when you can use something else that can be re-used after eat and sleep? That without say that the most nearer shinobi tool supply shop is like... how was it? ah yes, like around two plus months of travel away! first thing about survivors: They arent wasteful, unless they have a death wish.

btw, that katon rasengan what rank is it? all others canon rasen-something were S-rank but i doubt that rasengan is that strong or else that pokemon would have been blow into oblivion with that thing...
Masterx01 chapter 3 . 8/3
uhmm You are putting the ninja skills from Naruto way too weak...First off i think that even a fresh genin is able to jump down from a height of 4 floors without problem if they use chakra to soften the fall.

Also Minato is pretty much able to clean up entire battlefields filled with angry shinobis for himself, because that he wasnt well liked in Iwa, not after that he put a big dent in their numbers by practicaly killing every enemy in their army in one battle. And if he can kill so many shinobis without problems then he can cause the extinction of every beedril in the forest just as easily.
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