Reviews for The Number 1 Hyperactive, Knucklehead Master
StrongHarbour394 chapter 27 . 6/19
Excellent chapter. I almost wish that naruto would capture all three of the legendaries, bit I suppose that's wishful thinking
sirsneeze211 chapter 27 . 6/19
Awesome story just like everything else he writes please continue this sorry
Guest chapter 27 . 4/30
I hope you finish this because I think this the only logical paired Pokemon story with Naruto out there. Plus I enjoy it and it makes me laugh.
ericitouch2010 chapter 1 . 4/13
I kinda want to put the pervy sage though what Sanji did during his 2 year training.
Keiser chapter 1 . 4/12
at the fourth great ninja war right after madra gets blown off by the first hokage koga; minato you asshole keep your son away from my daughter. minato; what is he doing here?
Lord second; ah what's konoha without a little blood feud.
Sarutobi; seriously lord second.
Mernom chapter 27 . 4/10
So he doesn't want to earn his keep. Oh well, it will come around eventually. In a potentially epic fashion. Also, I like how you take you're time with the romantic aspect, instead of just going 'I luv U' and on to the lemon. I can't stand thee latter type, but what you have here is great.
Mernom chapter 26 . 4/9
Wow. That should make some waves.
Mernom chapter 25 . 4/9
How likely it is for Naruto to freak out ala Pain attack level when he finds out that Jiraya was taken over? And how would the others even respond to that? Would they think that he's some kind of legendary Pokémon hybrid?
Mernom chapter 24 . 4/9
Guess that answers my question about Red. And was Jiraya brainwashed, or will he reveal that he just pretended to be brainwashed to backstab the Elite Four later? And when will Naruto and Janine wrap it up?! Find out on the next exciting episode of Dra- ok I'll shut up now. Honestly, the only thing missing in the relationship between Naruto and Janine at that point is her knowing more stuff about where HE came from. It doesn't have to be actual exposition, even just mentioning that he told her some stuff would work in my book. You can even add it retroactively.
Mernom chapter 23 . 4/8
I noticed that both he Kanto elite four and the 2nd group are all out and about. And from what I've seen so far, did Yellow chapter happened here? Because the way it turned out, I'm guessing that it actually revolving around right now, with the twist of Lance going to Johto to get Oh-oh and Lugia before starting his attack. Is Red still around, or was he captured like in the Yellow chapter? Will Yellow make an appearance at all? Did she actually meet Red?
Mernom chapter 22 . 4/8
I like the scene between Naruto and Janine here. Not all girls go screaming and smashing stuff from a simple panty shot, especially if it's basically their fault. Janine is keeping it real, and I love it. I'd still expect her to gouge his eyes out with a blunt kunai if he actually peeked on her showering or something. Which is fine, if he did that it'd be his fault. And the scene with Green later was also great. She's quite funny.
Mernom chapter 21 . 4/8
Hmm. I suspected that might me it, and now I have an outright confirmation. Normally I don't like romance in stories, because normally it's not even half of the level it is here. Well done. Also, now that you mentioned your other stories, I noticed that this one is not praising The Log. It would probably be amusing for Naruto to introduce a new religion to the Pokémon world...
Mernom chapter 1 . 4/7
Hmm. I didn't read past around the middle of the Silver/Gold adventure manga since around that part the quality of the chapters I could find fell all the way to hell. So I think that you actually spoiled an important detail for me... Oh well. My fault. Also, a Pokémon being stones off it's own weeds... Good one.
Mernom chapter 19 . 4/7
Sometimes I just have to try and guess what would happened when Naruto is finally back at Konoha with his Pokémon... He would probably taunt the hell out of Kiba by having the better dog partner!
Mernom chapter 18 . 4/7
I was kinda expecting a crowning battle of Janine vs Naruto to celebrate the reopening of the gym (since Koga clearly didn't take any challengers... How can anyone even get a full set to challenge the E4 if two gym leaders don't accept challengers?)... But the earth gym fight was a nice consolation prize.
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