Reviews for Touhou Doujin: Dawitsu's Recompense
Timeskipper chapter 17 . 8/18/2012
Yeah, I'm here too. I'll NEVER leave you alone, huahahahaha!
Anyway, I guess I'll have to correct your French here too...
Let's start: "Celui que je ne t'aime por toujours... cette Agape a été perde por moi...". Now, i didn't exactly understand what you meant with the first part of the sentece, but if you meant "she who will love you forever" it should be "Celle qui t'aimera toujours". That, and the next part should be "cette Agape est désormais perdue pour moi". Le "désormais" isn't necessary, but it conveys the idea that love is lost for Jean now.
Then, there is "Et maintenant je suis coincé dans un monde que je ne sais meme pas, tout cela grace á cette vielle...". I gotta hand it to you, you got most of the sentence right, with just a few typing (?) errors. But since I gotta be Grammar Nazi, I'll be it: "un monde que je ne connais même pas, et tout cela grâce à cette vieille..." is the correct version.
Then, this: "Oh... toute comme l'histoire ce garcon fou dit le journal locale...". It's actually "Oh... tout comme l'histoire de ce serveur fou racontée par le journal locale...". I wouldn't trust too much Google Translate, hehe.
Well, if I didn't skip anything, this should be all for this chapter. Anyway, I'll let you know that Jean is so far your best OC in my opinion. It might be that he's French, it might be that he's got healthy views on life, it might be the fact that there's some of me in him, in the form of my corrections (ok, scratch that one off, hehe) or maybe because I feel very sorry for him for losing his wife, but he's, in my eyes, your most sympathetic and likeable character. Not that the others aren't, but I think he's the best one.
Captain Vulcan chapter 3 . 4/18/2012
Hmm... Why am I sudden afraid of Yutaka while at the same time more curious about here than before? Must be my imagination. Or Dawitsu, maybe. Still, what Yutaka did in this episode relates to me very well because I've actually experienced a platonic friend doing the very same thing before (minus the whip and disturbing smile). Knowing that, Yutaka definitely has some sort of power over Dawitsu. The same can be said about women over men in general.

It's a little scary.

And who spiked Suika's drink?
Captain Vulcan chapter 2 . 4/18/2012
Hey, Majora's Mask. Dawitsu has VERY good tastes in videogames, man. And it looks like Ran is going to be hooked on it. I don't blame her. It's actually one of the best Zelda games made (in my opinion).

I definitely like the way you depict Alice here. Thanks to this episode, I'm kinda seeing her in a new light. She may not exactly be a dere (saying that for my well-being, mind you) but she does have flaws - many of them. But I guess that's what makes Alice so appealing as a character. Hey, she's only human... err, once upon a time.

Koishi... deserves a hug. That was a nice reference.

Speaking of the conscious, I was actually rooting for Sakuya to be in the Agape section. Even though Dawitsu rationally explained that they couldn't be together as lovers, I can't help but to hope for him to reconsider. Heh. Dawitsu's an autruistic man: he looks at the 'big picture' and considered things in the long run. That makes him cooler. And I'm sure that is a vital quality in a man that many women looks for.

Again... Nue as Sex Drive. So it would seem that Dawi's into those types of women, huh? Good tastes, my man.
Neko Shen chapter 26 . 3/8/2012

I am happy (The catching up part), yay, but enough about me and lets talk about Chen's success at winning against Yutaka! Feels heart warming until Ran broke it haha. Then there's Alice being crazy, Hatate trying to beat Aya and Marisa being more helpful than Reimu which felt ridiculous if you think about it, in a funny way that is. Yada yada yada, Yukari being Yukari and then final notes haha.

Tis a nice fic, Dawitsu manages to fix up his mind (in a way xD). Great work and continue to do your best!
Sweebation chapter 1 . 3/5/2012
Ah, and so endth the final chapter.

To tell you the truth, I was a bit skeptical about the directions you were taking the story at times, but it turned out great! I can't wait until the next entry of the series!
MUS3 chapter 26 . 3/5/2012
Sorry, I've really busy recently. But I feel like I've been using that excuse too often. But anyways, Hatate seems to have taken over the role of the annoying tengu away from Aya. I expect payback in the next installment. I didn't take for every girl in Gensokyo to be that desperate though. I guess Alice just has that charm though. And poor Reimu; Just when she has something going with Jean, Marisa snatches it away.

Now if I had to choose a pairing, I choose FLANDRITSU! LAWL but that's just because FLAN IS DA BEST. ugh...but seriously, I'd probably go with Alice and Dawi just because Alice needs moar luvs.

Can't wait for the next sequel!
SorrowfulReincarnation chapter 26 . 3/5/2012
Woah, final chapter. And a nice one at that.

Well, not all ends happy, but in my opinion, a happy ending isn't exactly necessary for a story to be good.

Anyways... the events of this chapter were quite enjoyable. Chen won in chess (didn't see that coming!) against Yutaka. while Ran played Majoras Mask... You know, I'm really starting to think she is addicted to it. But yeah, that final boss... Majora's Mask scared the hell out of me when he transformed like that... and walked backwards. Scary stuff, I tell you.

Furthermore, I think Yutaka is right... While Dawitsu's brownies may not have tasted that well, it's the thought that counts.

The scene with Dawitsu and his brother Matt was actually quite touching... Dawitsu calling his brother was something I actually found quite nice. And the conversation was quite fun to read, ya know? And then, the newspaper I had been waiting for! Ha! Take that Yukari!

...sadly, poor Keine got pulled into this as well.

Now, Alice's quest for love took a quite... unexpected turn. Who'd have guessed that Kogasa would be after her? Hehehe. Oh well, if I were Alice, I'd try it with Byakuren. Who knows? Alice and Byakuren actually would make a nice pairing...

And I'd buy Hatate's vacuum cleaner! I mean, it can give death treats!

Oh well, that aside... the next book would focus on Jean Franc, it seems? He's still just at the beginning of his magic career. But until that, take your time. I myself will possibly take a break after Negative Bullet (though there's still a lot of chapters 'til that...). In my opinion, after a successfully finished book, an author should take a short break to recover and maybe plot a little.

Anyways, this was another amazing story of yours and I'll definetly stay tuned for any stories that follow. Thanks for writing this awesome story.

Until the next one!

So long!
The Kindly Hater chapter 26 . 3/3/2012
Don't worry about your author's notes, mine usually go way longer than that. I just never upload because what I've been writing is more of a way to vent the stress of life, rather than writing for fun, which is what I want the things I upload to be; stories I wrote for fun.

Have a nice, relaxing hiatus. I'll be patiently looking forward to your next book. Until then, Take it Easy!
Metroid Life chapter 26 . 3/3/2012
The end of a amazing story, alas... But it was fun while it lasted, and the next one, as always, sounds very promising! Not that there's any rush, of course... and everyone seems to be happy: Dawi's a teacher, Alice has at least a dozen girls chasing after her, Jean's learning magic, and Yukari's a laughing stock. Wait, that's not good! Oh well, she can fix it, I'm sure. Anyway, see you next story...
Metroid Life chapter 25 . 2/29/2012
So what Alice was useing Hatate for was a dating service? Eh, makes sense. Medicine was hilariously evil, and Marisa teaching Jean... things are getting interesting, indeed...
SorrowfulReincarnation chapter 24 . 2/29/2012
Aw man, Alice teaming up with Hatate? Now this is interesting... the seven-colored puppeteer teaming up with the shut-in news reporter... the combo that will rock the world!

The thing with Keine got me off guard, you know? Didn't expect her to walk up to Dawitsu like that... I wonder how it will turn out if he really teaches the kids in Keine's school?

And again, Dawitsu is mistaked for being a tengu... geez, when Hatate said that, I almost thought she was about to make a move on him. Guessed wrong, but oh well... then again, she was trying to convince him to become Alice's boyfriend... the irony, huh?

The end of this chapter... oh Yukari, you just dug your own grave. The way you and Dawitsu took your farewells... it sounded soooo wrong! I definetly want to buy the next issue of the Kakashi Spirit News now, just to read that article... I wonder what the headline will be?

'Yukari Yakumo's "Special favours"!' or something like that...

Aw man, can't wait for the next chapter now.

Until that! So long!
The Kindly Hater chapter 24 . 2/27/2012
I remember when I read the Death Note manga. It's been almost a year I think... memories, and my sociopathic friend and I musing about who we would end with the Death Notes. Many americans are named, including political and pop culture figures both domestic and foreign.

Sorry for taking so long to review, but I...*sigh* I got lost on the road of life(kidding). But yeah, I didn't have time to read fanfics for a while, so yeah, sorry.

So Alice is on a hunt to get herself a significant other, and Dawitsu is most likely going to have some horrible fate befall him from Yukari... Allow me to assist.

Mateyuu Dawitsu

2:37, Anti Meridian


At 11:08 Post Meridian, Yutaka Hadekawa will profess that she is madly in love with Mateyuu Dawitsu. After this declaration, they begin to passionately procreate interrupted at 12:53 Anti Meridian by Alice Margatroid, Stating that Yutaka should keep Dawitsu for herself. After a short cat fight they agree to share him, and proceed to do so until 2:34 Anti Meridian when it starts raining lollipops and unicorns. As they reach the end of their night, Dawitsu's body can no longer take the strain and gives out on him, effectively killing him.

At least it'll be one heck of a story to tell Komachi while she ferries him down the river eh? I just wanted to make his last moments wonderful and-PLEASE DON'T KILL ME! Okay, I took it a bit too far. Sorry.

Another great chapter to add to the collection, and I'm sure that after this story ends you'll have another tale ready to grip the masses in your heaven of fantasies.
Metroid Life chapter 24 . 2/27/2012

Yup, another good chapter, and now we've met Hatake! Wait. Her name Hatake, and her newspaper is the Kakashi Spirit News... Kakashi Hatake! Gah, how did I miss a reference like that? And what's Alice up to? And where's Marisa taking Jean? So many questions! Anyway, until next reveiw...
SorrowfulReincarnation chapter 23 . 2/27/2012
Alright! So, Dawitsu is alright? Phew, you really had me worried about him, you know?

And just like I said... Marisa is always out there, trying to pick fights... and of course, Yukari has her hands in this one as well. I knew it!

Anyways... the fight Reimu vs. Marisa was quite good, I enjoyed it... But those poor, poor chibis! They were so... unique! Especially that brain-damaged one... and of course, the sacrifice of the other one. Epic.

But the best point of this chapter (which I somehow saw coming) was the interaction in between Alice and Dawitsu... and that kiss. You know, I was already guessing when that kiss would happen, expected it a lot earlier in the story, but oh well...

And oh Dawitsu, just what have you unleashed in Alice...?
MUS3 chapter 23 . 2/26/2012
BLARGGH I've been so caught up in busy work and watching Walking Dead that I've been somewhat ignoring this story. But my schedule should return to normal soon. Alice's first kiss was cute but the aftermath was hilarious. Hopefully Alice doesn't become a rapist.
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