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smelly poundcake chapter 5 . 8/13/2012
Very engaging story so far, excited to see what's next. Keep it up, you're a good writer.
Guest chapter 5 . 8/6/2012
Can someone tell me if he is still doing ocs if he is i would like to contribute
Giratina Zero chapter 5 . 7/12/2012
Nice story. Interesting to see a new take on Brawl as well as the human Pikachu.
Shadowfighter101 chapter 2 . 7/6/2012
Forgot to add, Kora's hair hangs down across her face, thus covering her red eye from others. She clips her hair up when in combat so that she can aim properly and freak the s**t out of the opponent!
Shadowfighter101 chapter 1 . 7/6/2012
Name: Kora

Age: 13

Hair Color/Eye Color: Emerald hair, one violet eye(right eye), and one pure red eye (left eye).

Torso: Skin tight sleeveless/strapless black top, black sport shorts, black leather jacket over top

Head: She always has black headphones on, despite this she still can hear very well.

Legs/Feet: she has two matching tatto designs stretching across the span of her legs, the designs are two slithering silver snakes. She has black leather boots with violet bowties at the front.

Hands: she has black leather biker gloves, and extremely long nails (not that long as they don't curl over)

Extra Clothes: She has a scarlet red choker on her neck, adorned with flecks of purple

Peculiar Appearance: She has a large scar from her left shoulder blade all the way down to her right hip.

Friends: She has a crush on Pit. She is extremely solitary and doesn't believe in friends.

Enemies: She hates Peach, Ganondorf (calling him Gorondork instead), and Fox.

Background: Kora was born into a planet where all they do everyday is fight, fight, and fight. Growing up watching this, Kora got tired of all the bloodshed and fled into the forest by her homeland, equipped with only her black bow, a dozen arrows, and her knowledge of magic. Using these skills, she survived for a few months before the government found her. Meanwhile, the scientists who worked back at a labatory in her homeland had made a machine. Only, they needed a human sacrifice to test it. The government willingly handed over Kora, who was at that time in Juvi for her actions of fleeing the planet. The government brought Kora to the scientist, where Kora was prepared for the experiment. The scientists wanted to find out how much damage the machine would do to a person, for they planned on using the machine for battle.

Kora, after a few months of combat training, was placed into a dark, glass room with the machine right beside her. The machine resembled some sort of a large, silver mechanic snake. The "Snake" had only one eye, and it was red, which to Kora signalled danger. Outside of the room, the scientists were all gathering in the control room, which was near the room that Kora was in. All the scientists nodded their heads together and began the activation countdown. All Kora could think of was to run over to the other side of the room to retrive some weapons, including bow and arrows, a knife, and a mace. Now armed, Kora turned around and watched as the "snake" activated. The two began to duel, but not before the "snake"s knife tail slashed through her, leaving behind a big cut. Kora, thinking better, decided to use her magic to fuse the "snake" into her body, thus eliminating it. She casted a spell, which she shot at the "snake". The "snake" glowed an eerie glow, shrunk, and dissolved into Kora's body. The scientists were shocked at this, but they all continued watching. Kora was dropping to the ground, flashing jet black. A few minutes later, unexpectedly, Kora pushed herself onto her knees, she looked up and the scientists all gasped. She was still in the form of a young girl, but now she was different. Her right eye glowed red, and her injury had healed, leaving only a brown scar, her legs had been imprinted with silver snake tattoos, and she looked deadly, ready to kill.

Using her improved skills, Kora began to attack the scientists out of pure hate for doing this to her. She unleashed two silver snakes, which crawled out of the two tattoos and began slithering towards the control room, and began firing magic at the control room. She continued for a little bit, until she spotted the mace which was lying a few feet she stalked over and picked up the mace. Using a little magic, she lit the head of the mace on fire and threw it with all her might towards the control room. The glass shattered. One of the younger scientists jumped off and dashed towards Kora. "Kora, I'm sorry, I tried to get them to not use you, but they said it was FINAL." sobbed Kora's old friend. "You and your petty little group betrayed me. I'm going to be soiltary from now on! Bye." Hissed Kora. Kora then turned around and blasted a hole through the wall, and scampered off.

Ever since then, Kora has honed her skills in magic and sharpshooting, she decides to go solitary, and doesn't believe in friends. She fights to protect herself, for she is a survivor, and she despises loosing to an opponent. Kora joins SSBB to improve her skills in fighting more.

Kora likes to stay away from people when she fights, due to her long-range magic attacks and sharpshooting skills. However, Kora likes to taunt her enemies, and slowly, sadistically torture them to death. Kora can be extremely sarcastic when she comments on things. Kora, however, doesn't like to talk much. She only talks when asked to. Unless she is provoked. Kora likes to settle things with a fight, hence many scars, but her main scar is the one stretching across her body, which was caused by her other self, the mechanical "snake".
The Moonlight Sonata chapter 5 . 7/5/2012
I should really check up on this story when I can. I thought you abandoned it, actually. But, I have to say that I like your story so far. And, the emotion- how well the characters are built- is excellent. Pikachu's struggling, etc. What I couldn't help laughing at was the fact that Shadow has a fiancee, and he just kept talking about her during the whole chapter.

Good job, Night. It was interesting, and I've already voted on the poll.
Leonlink chapter 4 . 6/25/2012
Sorry shit I should've check up on this story earlier. Well this was a fun chapter wasn't it. We got more of a feel on how these characters will act throughout the story. Friendships are shown to become more in depth and closer. I like the idea of the smashers going to different worlds in order combat their new enemy. I like how you depict the characters and new outfits during these missions; I love the taunting on Samus to Pikachu. I found it surprising Pikachu was a girl and this form was human I thought it would some kind of dog or rat lol. Score one for the smashers Samus took down one of the baddies simply on a hunch a round of applause for her everyone. I really enjoyed that moment with Shade can't wait till we get more history on him so far he's shown to be pretty mysterious. I checked the preview for the next chapter on your bio I wonder who the unexpected arrivals are I can only assume it's the OC's ,since the new chapter's name and the last chapter information given it connects to the next chapter's title. Once again sorry for the late review I'll review the new chapter of The Mark soon. Peace out man and good luck.

Sincerely- Leonlink
Lord Lucious chapter 4 . 6/13/2012
Still as fun as ever, glad to see Eon get some lines, but its always fun watching everyones escapades, especially Samus!
Leonlink chapter 3 . 6/5/2012
Awesome chapter the plot thickens even more with a new organization revealed. Maxwell we got our villain who from the sound of it can just about murder everyone in the mansion. I'm happy were starting to see some hints of romance between Zelda and Ike. Next chapter well get to see how everyone begins to fit in the mansion a bit more. For Wanderer my guess for his form of madness is confusion since he remembers nothing of his past and how he grew up. I only know that Alanis probably inherited anger from her sick and twisted past. Those are my guesses I wonder how this affect them i'll wait for the answer. As for the file issue it's alright man everyone forgets things from time to time. Well have a nice day Night old pal and good luck writing the next chapter.


ninjabuuu chapter 2 . 3/9/2012
dun dun DUUNNN.

yay! update~
Lola G chapter 2 . 3/4/2012
I usually don't review, because of my bad English, but I really like this fic, so I'm giving a try

Well, this is awesome, that's all I can say, I'm waiting more chapters...
epic pwn chapter 2 . 2/15/2012
Nice fanfic update soon 0_0 and i hope ike can get even more badass despite how he got beat by a princess (not being sexist) and how most of the newcomers basically lost _ which isnt surprising _
Lord Lucious chapter 2 . 1/26/2012
I was reading along, and then i saw my characters name and the best description of my facial expression is :D I honestly did not know if Eon would make it into the story but i cannot wait to see him in action!
The Moonlight Sonata chapter 2 . 1/25/2012
I say it's all good for your second chapter. Samus is even scarier the way you portray her. In fact, she is a bit hostile and sounds. . .senile.

Anyways, good job. Thank you for accepting my characters. When I first looked at the others, I thought for sure, "I have no chance of surviving with these epic OCs submitted!"
Leonlink chapter 2 . 1/25/2012
Great chapter Night this really good considering that this is your SSB story. The interactions between the characters were great. As far as I can tell the characters are in character. I only spotted one spelling mistake. You absolutely nailed Wanderer. The only problem is small but a tiger stripe camo jacket looks different I left a link to picture if you want to see how it looks. If you prefer orange and black one just use it I don't mind.I will happily await the next chapter. Thanks for accepting Wanderer.


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