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butterpie chapter 37 . 12h
This was awesome! The boys made me chuckle when 'Evan' decided the sex they were offering was more important than killing the headmaster. LMAO, oh yeah! So what's next? Maybe Draco's questions about 'Evan's' so-called assignment from Voldemort perhaps. Anyhow please continue.
RRW chapter 37 . 16h
Well it looks like it will be a very active pregnancy. Will they make it back to class since the babies will need to be constantly fed?
YenGirl chapter 37 . 4/17
Aww, you're most welcome, Kisara!

This chapter was... hotter than the weather here nowadays (and believe me, it's been sweltering!) It was nice just reading about the 3 boys for a change without meddlesome Headmasters, knowledgeable Supreme Medi-Witches and nasty Premier Medi-Wizards. I know your story has lots more plot to cover and lots more chapters to go, but we, your readers and the 3 boys (particularly Evan) really needed this sexy break, whether it's for maintaining his risky pregnancy or just to... blow off steam *chuckles*

Draco really surprised Harry and Evan (and me!) with his dirty talk and his aggressive love-making. Judging from Evan's passionate responses, I'm sure his pregnancy didn't suffer from that at all.

Harry, in contrast, was his usual sweet self - he was taken aback by Draco's almost rough love making, and I loved how determined he was to stop midway (and we know how difficult that is) if that was what Evan truly wanted. Lucky thing Draco distracted Evan!

And as for Evan... *squeals and chuckles madly* Who's a sweet and wanton Dark Lord then, hmm? Like I said in my earlier reviews (and more than once), just give up on being evil and just focus on being sweet and needy already! But of course it won't be realistic if he undergoes a 180 degree personality switch immediately. Still, I'm sure Evan will have forgotten all about his plans to kill Dumbledore once he awakes with his 2 lovers on either side of him. Who knows, he might even feel the urge to maintain his pregnancy again...! :)

Keep writing, Kisara, and don't make us wait too long!
TamiLove chapter 37 . 4/17
I hadnt realized how utterly ridiculous this situation was until Draco told Evan that if he hadn't already been pregnant he'd fuck another baby in him abd Voldemorts inner monolouge about murdering Dumbles. Lmao! I love it though! Thanks for the smut! :D
PercyJacksonROCKS4ever chapter 37 . 4/16
Wow a fantastic chapter again and I really liked how Evan remembers in the middle of doing it that he has to kill dumbledore. Looking forward to the next chapter.
Smithback chapter 37 . 4/16
musme chapter 37 . 4/16
I love it
mizzrazz72 chapter 37 . 4/16
Hope the nurse keep Dumbledore under for a while.
RambleSchapalon chapter 37 . 4/16
AHAHAHA! Gosh, don't you know that you can't think straight when you having hot sex between two of the hottest guys in Hogwarts Voldie? ;)
TigerInTheMoonlight chapter 37 . 4/16
I will never not find this funny! Even in his own head when he's being all Dark-Lordy Volde-morty he somehow sounds like a young, confused and horny teenager hahaha. He's more Evan than Voldemort these days!
Pri-Chan 1410 chapter 37 . 4/16
loved it!

cant wait to know more about the babies... and to see what will happen with Dumbledore...

please update soon!
bloodshound chapter 37 . 4/16
Fuck dumbles? *turns green. I'd really rather not. Besides, it's not like that wrinkled old fossil deserves the pleasure.

He want's LV beat right? an Up the Duff Voldi isn't going to be up for much, though I'm sure the mood swings will be legendary.

Still, all har, draco or both need to do is pleasure him a bit and he'll be to blissed out to plot.
Jela36 chapter 34 . 4/12
It would be cool if the babies are a boy and a girl
Schattengestalt chapter 36 . 4/7
Sorry, that Im so late with my review, but Im glad that I was finally able to read this chapter, since it was very good.*smiles*

Mhm, I would really like to become angry at Dumbledore for his behavior, but I cant.*shakes her head* I mean, he knows who Evan is and there is no reason for him to not believe the worst of Voldemort.*nods* Voldemort hasnt given him any reason to believe that he would want the children, because he loves them. Its far more realistic for Dumbledore to believe that he wants to use them for some dark ritual and its obvious that he thinks Voldemort very clever, since he doesnt even entertain the thought that Voldemort hadnt intended to become pregnant.*laughs*
I wonder what he is going to think of Severus confession. Dumbledore didnt have the time to form any thoughts about it, since Gertrude hit him with the sleeping spell before Dumbledores mind could process these new information. It will be interesting to see what Dumbledore is going to do when he wakes up.*glances at him*

Ah and I liked how Harry and Draco handled learning that Evan is Voldemorts "son". Harry doesnt hold his parentage against him and although Draco is aware that Evan must have lied about not being on speaking terms with his "father" he didnt call him on it in front of Harry. Considering that Draco knew from the beginning that Evan was there to kill Harry and was ready to help him, before the three of them became intimate, its not surprising that Draco kept his mouth shut.*winks at him*

Im looking forward to the next chapter and I guess that we will get to read a hot sex scene or a few of them.*grins*

By the way, I wonder if it will help with the pregnancy that Harry is a horcrux and that a part of Voldemorts soul is attached to his and therefore probably to Harrys magic as well. Is that going to stabilize the pregnancy farther?

So long! :)

samira vangola chapter 36 . 4/5
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