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Princess Sammi chapter 18 . 1/6/2013
Sorry for the delay.
Oooh now that was gooooood! I had a feeling she was going to the visit the grave as soon as I read the 'don't ask me why line'.

Now just who is watching? Is Broomhead really dead? Is it Blackstein? is it something to do with the presence Zelda felt in the room many moons ago?

Love the bond between Constance and Amelia - so touching!

Now, final piece of the tale please.


*dangles vodka and wine in front of DP*


Princess S
typicalRAinbow chapter 18 . 1/2/2013
*Gets the band to strike up the ending themetune as the evil laugh fades out* well we've picked up the shattered pieces and you've tied up all the loose threads..only to use them to dangle us over a cliff!
Congratulations for completing another picec of your brilliant puzzle. Lead on!
Chrissiemusa chapter 18 . 1/1/2013
*Chrissiemusa with mouth agape and no idea what to think sees note at the bottom of the chapter and laughs* You got me good ;) fantastic job and excellent way to link to the finale which I cannot wait for.

The relationship that Amelia and Constance have developed throughout this story has been great and this final touching but bitter sweet moment at the very end was beautifully told. I wonder what the new term will bring, nothing good by the looks of things but will just have to wait and see how this amazing series will conclude.

Thanks for the kind words before smacking me in the face with that cliffie! XD lol, always glad to help. Great work on this latest instalment, I cannot wait for the grand finale!

NCDcan'tsignin chapter 18 . 1/1/2013
Well, well, well, Sister dear ... What HAVE you done, hmm? Firstly, thank you for the thank you. I would bow but I might pass out again and my bruises from last week's swoon have yet to disappear completely :D; however, you are very welcome, though I've still no idea what it was I said ... Anyhoo, no matter, as this chapter was superb. As all your chapters have been. But despite not much happening physically within it, the wording was raised a bar, and the emotionally charged descriptiveness was excellently done. I also loved the used of 'leeching'. (What? I happen to love certain words, okay, dearie? ;) ) I also like how you've taken things a step further with Amelia's mentality and had her make the leap from a mother-figure to seeing and naming Constance as her 'daughter' through and through. Nice touch. :) Of course, the ending doesn't surprise me one little bit, as you knew already it wouldn't. I AM, though, very intrigued to see what precisely you are going to do next, being as above any other writer you really are the Queen of the Unexpected when it comes to fics ... As you know, writing and WW is far, far from my mind right now, but I feel it my duty to continue to read my friends' marvellous works, and I'm glad I did. Because yours was and is entirely worth it. You're nearly there - and it must feel incredible and a personal triumph. Keep going, not far to go now ... :) NCD xXx
SweetlyMagnifique chapter 17 . 12/16/2012
Keeping it short and sweet today. Really well done and I can't wait to see what happens next!
Chrissiemusa chapter 17 . 12/12/2012
*thwacks self on head for only just realising that I had read but not reviewed chapters 16*

So sorry, but it was incredible and so is this chapter. I told you that you didn't have anything to worry about.

The flashback was very well written and retold, I could truly empathise with Hecketty Broomhead, which is definitely NOT an easy thing to do! But you have managed to make her almost human which is quite a feat in itself.

Zelda's departure had to come at some point and I think it was done well and with grace, the cleansing having an effect on her intrigues me... not sure if there is more there or not regarding that but its obvious that she has her own tortured and difficult past. I look forward to seeing what is in-store.

And the Amelia and Constance moment, beautiful and caring, kind and loving, embodying a mother-daughter style relationship of understanding and trust. Loved it and I cannot wait to see how this fic will end and how the finale will begin! Bravo :) xx
GloriaNewt chapter 17 . 12/12/2012
What an interesting little chapter, I don't know what you were worried about with this one hun! It's your trademark descriptive writing that makes this such a pleasure to read, the scene with Hecketty in particular was carefully thought-through and added a few extra dimensions to her character. I'm intrigued by Zelda though, I wonder what is going on with her...
Can't wait for the last chapter- I'm sure there are going to be surprises in store! Great work xx
NCD Via Mob chapter 17 . 12/12/2012
Well, you kept your advancements on this quiet, missy, lol. I'd quite forgotten our conversation (what? I'n foggy!) but now I remember! ;) Thanking-you-muchly for the mention, and hating-you-muchy for leaving us on another cliffee. And, yes, it IS a cliffee. All is not over with Hecketty (yes, technically her, me thinks) Constance or Zelda ... But WHAT, I wonder ...? I especially liked the explanational language in this one, a kind of 'sizing up' of the resulting situation from the Evil Proff, and Zelda's obvious issues are clearly indicative of her past - trials and tribulations similar to HB, perhaps? If it's nearly the grand finale, me thinks I need to have earplugs ready for the fireworks, as I'm pretty certain, given your title, we're in for a BIG bang! Marvellous stuff, as always, and when I began reading, for a moment I thought it was Constance. Fooled again! - You're very good at that. ;) Brava, Sis. Brava. NCD xXxXx
FlutterBerry chapter 16 . 11/16/2012
Princess Sammi chapter 16 . 10/29/2012
{She could not allow this to remain within the walls of the school, its presences still held a possessive influence despite being on the road to recovery. Some demons could be easily conquered while the persistent demons simply remained dormant, providing a false sense of security and the possibility of reassurance and relapse into old habits were high especially placed under the right circumstances and pressure.

The temptation would never completely die}

Love that part!

Absolutely amazing chapter! In fact all the ones I've just played catch up with reading have been, and each one has grown in its amazingness and its mystery. Speaking of mystery, just what did Zelda hint at? Is it something to do with the possibility of another presence in the room way back a few chapters ago after the cleansing had been done?

You've created such a beautiful and realistic relationship between Constance and Amelia, the mother-daughter relationship they share has really come into its own. And poor Constance still gripped by the flashbacks. Poor thing, she's been through so much. Hope she is now on the road to recovery and I look forward to the next chapter.

Princess S

NextChristineDaae chapter 16 . 10/29/2012
You realise, of course, *I* have reread my review several times and still haven't twigged what it was I said, lol. (But thanking-you-very-much for the thank you, Sis. :) )

Now then ... *cracks knuckles*

I think first, you should be credited with creating a realistic and wholly inspired take on the WAP and its effects. While generally I don't mention the last lines first in a review, I have to in this one, because in a way it has epitomised the entire saga thus far. This section in particular was the best within the entire context:

[She could not allow this to remain within the walls of the school, its presences still held a possessive influence despite being on the road to recovery. Some demons could be easily conquered while the persistent demons simply remained dormant, providing a false sense of security and the possibility of reassurance and relapse into old habits were high especially placed under the right circumstances and pressure.]

(Oh, and hiding things under floorboards - great idea, eh? ;D)

The overall structuring of this chapter was beautifully done; the detail and emotive pull of the back stories therein was concisely and effectively written and I can feel the build-up of suspense about Zelda's position - and consequence - as well as Constance's climbing higher and higher to what, I'm sure, will be an exhilarating conclusion.

The temptation to read this saga will never completely die, either. ;)

Well done. Keep going, you're nearly there now!

Chrissiemusa chapter 15 . 8/30/2012
Finally made it and thank you for the thanks :) always glad to be of service.

Another fantastic update from you! Loved the detailed descriptions of the court case especially and the emotions that Constance had through out and the dreaded moments before the final verdict was announced. Interesting that Hecketty didn't decide to take over the school after but I'm glad she didn't. All those girls and women had been through enough! The tragic remains of the scar on her wrist were incredibly sad but worked very, very well.

I can't tell you how excited I get when I see that this fabulous story has been updated! Bravo and I will be waiting patiently for chapter 16 :)
NextChristineDaae chapter 15 . 8/29/2012
In the words of John 'I'm fabulous and know it' Barrowman: OUTSTANDING! OUTSTANDING! OUTSTANDING!

That. Was. AMAZING! The detail and use of language really showed off your writing skills; I particularly enjoyed the trial description and the harrowing procedures before it; very accurate and true-to-life and I applaud you for it. I also loved the 'condemned haunting playground' description. Very eerie-sounding. Also interesting turn with the double-effect of the cleansing, and also love Amelia's protectiveness shining through with even more aplomb than before. While you may now find your time limited, the quality of this piece is such that it will neither be forgotten in a hurry, nor will people leave due to lack of an update; I, amongst many others, I'm sure, will be patiently waiting for your return. It's too good to miss!

GloriaNewt chapter 15 . 8/28/2012
I honestly thought that the amazing quality of writing and description in this fic couldn't get any better, but yet again you have proven me wrong! The description of the court scene in particular was beautifully done- Hector got what he deserved *cheers loudly*, but poor, poor Constance, I really felt for her in that- the panic and the doubt that she faced in being brave enough to come forwards and testify against Hector was really well portrayed.
And the little glimpse into Constance's obsessive nature, such a powerful scene that really came to life with such vivid realism! I'm so glad that you got this written despite the curse of the re-writes- can't wait for the next chapter!
*scoffs cupcake and raises glass of wine in a toast to your wonderful fics*
GloriaNewt chapter 14 . 8/1/2012
Eek, Hector really does make my skin crawl! Congratulations hun, really well written chapter that is truly chilling in its descriptions. I'd hate to be sat between those two! And the heartbreaking scene in the kitchen that only adds to her already fragile state of mind- I can't wait to see where you take this next.
Thanks for the mention- glad to have been of help :)
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