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An amazing story and a great end to it!
Thank you.
Please consider a follow up story to this
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please update
Nightwingstress chapter 33 . 3/22
Speechless. Couldn’t put my phone down - I just loved this story! The relationship of Diana & Kal-El is just amazingly written, their hardships and challenges as well as their love. The world building you did and the fights and action are superb... please don’t leave us hanging! Take your time, take care and I hope you & your family are well! Don’t give up on this story and meanwhile we will patiently wait for the return of Supes and some good lovin’ with WW
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Hell of a good start.

Will you bring in Superboy and Wonder Girl iin?
Jillian chapter 33 . 2/16
please continue to do great writing. smww for ever!
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What an awful chapter
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This is the BEST of all. We are um love with her. Don't forget us.
From Brazil.
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keyserDrden chapter 1 . 6/9/2020
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PLEASE NOTE chapter 1 . 6/2/2020
(June 2020) I can't access the SMWW Fan Archive. Has something happened to it? Is it gone? Or, is it just my computer? I tried the other suggested sites but they also came up blank except for the YouTube site.***** In this time of unrest (Corona virus & riots) we very greatly need for you and your friends to regale us with more SMWW stories. More stories could contribute to a sense of calm, at least among the SMWW fans. My guess is that movie theaters have, or at least will (Oh, heck...WW1984 ls/was suppose/d to be released soon!) shut down. Have the various studios done the same? Yes, a lot of stuff has been archived but we're going to need a lot of new stories also to tide us over.
D. Oddaside chapter 2 . 5/30/2020
The plump hairy dude image was great. And the obnoxious guy had taste in women.
Ahh, here comes the fleshing out—difficult in a story with so many characters. Hal Jordon is the showoff ladies’ man. Victor Stone is the sometimes quizzical little brother type. Good choices.
William Mouton is her press Secretary? I got a good laugh, but why not? He was the character’s creator and cheerleader. I laughed at Clark’s blog avatar. Another good choice… reminiscent of Action Comics #485
Not familiar with Lobo, but you made him out to be change to the duo. Battle scene was edge-of-your-seat good. Diana inspecting Supes and comparing him with Steve was a good. The beginning of appreciation beyond a fellow leaguer.
Okay, that meeting with Wondy and Supes didin’t go well, I see that you have opened a small channel of potentially opening this stand-ffish Supes to Diana. He does have to learn about developing fighting skills as a secondary defense.
I’d classify this as “Hello, I’m mot glad to meet ya.” Let’s see what comes next.
D. Oddaside chapter 1 . 5/26/2020
Good contrast and stand out points from the beginning. Supes was used to damsels in distress and here Diana was capable of covering Supe’s back in a battle. A dispute over JL leadership arose, while Diana muttered her pleasure and Clark shun such talk. This set the two Juggernauts apart from the others. The fact that Clark could decipher Diana’s mutter was great foreshadowing of their one-of-a kind relationship.

I like the sharing of the public perspectives of Golem and demon eyes. Another layer of isolation from others and commonality between them.
General Lane lumping Diana and Clark together before including the others in a damage assessment rant…. Great. By the way, good job having the General mirror Secretary Ross in Marvel’s Civil War movie. I could just imagine his glare towards the heroes.
So many characters to cover, but I get the playboy-turned-goodboy Steve Treavor. Enjoyed “Mad Dog Lois, too.
You got the cemetery scene and it’s underlying cry of duty and isolation jumping off the page.
Great Lantern jab, “Aquafresh” tag for Arthur. Funny. That would be Jordan’s style. Again too many characters to truly stand out besides our primary duo, but I’d be interested in if you would venture in tiny character exploration in later scenes,
I would have loved to hear an “overgrown rodent” joke, but that’s okay. Comedian One: Do you communicate with Bats.
Batman-attired comedian: The closest I’ve gotten was the high pitched shrill when I rose my zipper too fast and it caught my bat-wang.
Too bad you started this story long ago. Considering the recent theory that the CODVID-19 came from bat soup ….
So Diana steps in it in a funny way. Clark is there for the emotional rescue, and… he chicken out like Action Comics #600. Anyhow good stuff.
Hey what happened? I signed in as Hanks-s-lot and I get Id as D. Oddaside? That was an old name. Oh well.
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