Sammiyoungi chapter 33 . 3/23
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Bro I need you to make a few superman pairing fanfictions please use the new 52 films versions of the characters do a What if superman landed on apokolips fanfiction What if superman landed on new genesis fanfiction What if superman landed on thanagar fanfiction What if superman landed Tameran fanfiction What if superman landed in Atlantis fanfiction Also do 5 superman x big barda fanfictions 5 superman x hawkgirl fanfictions 5 superman x maxima fanfictions 5 superman x wonder women fanfictions 5 superman x starfire fanfictions (aye before you complain starfire is a fucking adult she is old enough and superman is not old in the new 52)also in each of these fanfictions I suggested superman has a normal form that is as powerful as superboy prime and a doomsday form which makes him as powerful as cosmic armor superman now let me explain the doomsday form makes him look a humanoid doomsday not as buff and big but similar the teeth are the same the skin are the same the fist are the same and the spikes also the eyes all of this the same as doomsday also slsuperman has a little battle hungry he enjoys a fight no matter what like kenpachi zaraki from bleach now the reason he has a doomsday form which makes him as powerful as cosmic armor superman is because jor-el wanted to make sure superman would survive where ever he went so infected baby superman with the doomsday virus but with differences which you obviously can tell so in each of these fanfictions I suggested superman has a normal form that is as powerful as superboy prime and a doomsday form which makes him as powerful as cosmic armor superman as for trigon and darkseid buff them up to any comic book version that is stronger than superman one million for wonder women and shazam martian manhunter etrigan John Constantine starfire zatanna big barda raven dr fate superboy(Connor) buff them up to any comic book version that is as powerful as superboy prime and if they don't buff them up to their strongest comic version
Kakashisenfu chapter 33 . 3/13
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thank you for this, mr./miss author. i hope you are having a wonderful day! :) :) :)
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Thank you.
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