Reviews for Xmen Supreme: Ashes of Hope
xavier.fincher chapter 6 . 10/5/2013
Very nice arc. As always Sinister is a giant prick, Vulcan is power hungry, and Madelyn is psychotic...what a wonderful family lol. It gives us many answers but leaves even more questions than before which I like. And I like how things from the second volume do still leave an impact like with Warren and his problems. The action was cool but I would've liked to see more personality from the Marauders. Not that there was none just not as much as I expected. One question though...Is there a reason why you introduced Gabriel before Alex or was it just an accident?
xavier.fincher chapter 3 . 10/3/2013
Whoa...just whoa. I obviously should've guessed the Shi'ar were going to eventually show up especially after last issue but it still caught me off guard. I personally don't know much about the Shi'ar but I know they are major players in the galactic empire so this will be very interesting down the line. Plus that last line was EPIC! we get to see Vulcan this is gonna be awesome can't wait to read the next issue. Also I do like what you're doing with Storm and Wolverine I've always liked those two together for some reason.
xavier.fincher chapter 2 . 10/2/2013
I really liked this chapter not just for the action but for the questions that were brought up to Senator Kelly. Showing just how flawed politics can be when people are only out for themselves and not the people, human and mutant alike. Making Random a human actor was damn ingenious a very nice twist. I also almost fell out my seat when you introduced Lilandra Neramani. Finally the Professor gets a love interest lol. I'm guessing she's more based on the Ultimate comics version as opposed to the regular comics version where she's an alien. Nice chapter.
xavier.fincher chapter 1 . 9/29/2013
Well this was a status quo change if I ever seen one. Now the people just outright hate mutants instead of fearing them. I'm also glad to see a mention of Scott's brother Alex, even though they don't get along usually I like the dynamic between the two of them. Plus I might just be imagining this but it has seemed like for a while that Kitty has a thing for Bobby but maybe that's just me. Very nice beginning
RECKLESS SOLDIER-MS chapter 28 . 9/5/2013
Sorry this took me so long to review, I just spent a whole day catching up on everything that I missed. I had a feeling this would be the volume you would bring the Phoenix into and you didn't disappoint, giving some nods to the old comics like the Proteus event happening before hand, the involvement of the inner circle down to the climatic final confrontation outside of Jean's childhood home you also put in some originality as well and at the same time gave a sense of nostalgia ( or I at least felt nostalgic, I've got the volume of the Dark Phoenix Saga, classic storyline I reread more often than the current ones :).
Plus the twist with the fate of Senator Kelly's family, i cant wait to get started on reading your fourth volume, as well as seeing what you do with the seeds of all the other potential storylines and possible character introductions (one character in particular :) you've set up in the final chapter.
Plus I see you do have the Shiar empire in this story, I cant wait to see how you introduce Lilandra's brother if that's the route we're going. Are you likely going to introduce Corsair?
Great job as always, loving the unique twists you've put on the X-men universe whilst still remaining true to the characters and the overall moral issues highlighted in the comics, keep up the good work.
Captain Lycan chapter 28 . 7/16/2013
Freaking epic! The Phoenix Saga may be the magnum opus of this endevour so far. You really feel for your version of Jean in this, likewise for Emma, and Scott. Even the Phoenix which acts, however destructively, out of survival is not without sympathy.

In sharp contrast is the Inner Circle who are a cabal of amoral sociopaths coming across as some of the few truly evil characters in this story. Really excellent stuff their man, and that final battle against the Phoenix was powerful stuff.

Of course I have to mention the idea of being interrogated by both Emma Frost and Mystique would either be an unmitigated nightmare or someone's kinkiest fantasy come true depending on the circumstance. I'm guessing it's the former in the case of the Hellfire club guys.

I gotta say though really disappointed by Lorna's actions, she really has to have been bent to Magneto's twisted POV to have gone along with his plan like that.

Lastly I think Warren has made the right decision about being more active in his father's company. On a related subject this fic is also the first time I've seen an X-Men take a more pragmatic view of the mutant cure. Having a stockpile of that in the comics would have given a more humane solution to out of control omega level mutants like Proteus, Legion , and the Scarlet Witch.

Also wouldn't have shed a tear to seeing it used against Mags and few other villains, awesome job as always and peace out!
Captain Lycan chapter 19 . 7/16/2013
Man I truly envy your talent for balancing the many elements present in these chapters. From Proteus's tragic arc and the political fallout of his actions juxtaposed by Deadpool and the awesome hilarity that follows him everywhere.

I also really enjoyed seeing him with a sense of honor and his friendship with Logan as well. Well one more review for this story then it's on the latest chapter of Politics of Fear.
Captain Lycan chapter 14 . 7/6/2013
The District X arc was all around awesome man, the Supreme version of bastion may the most interesting reimagining I've seen thus far. Gotta say I feel sorry fo the guy, he struck me as being a decent but misguided man who lost himself to the machine.

Also of special note is Alex Summers, considering his 616 counterpart is leading the Avengers Unity Squad this Havok is at the opposite end of the mutant ideological divide. Would be interesting to see his reaction to learning about Gabriel in this story.

Well that's it for now, will finish reviewing this volume ASAP, peace out!
Captain Lycan chapter 6 . 7/6/2013
I know I've said it before I'll say it again: I love your version of Maddie Pryor. You've not only gave a more grounded (and more interesting imo) background you even made her sympathetic character despite being a villain.

Your version of Lilandra is also an interesting take on a classic character. Feels like something the ultimate universe might have done with her character. Though chapter 3 implied she might have a few things in common with her 616 counterpart beyond carrying a torch for chuck.

The same could be said for Vulcan, can't wait to see where you take his character.

The interaction between Logan and Sinister is pretty interesting. Loved the background you've given him and I've loved all the clashes between the X-Men and the Marauders, epic stuff man.

I have to say though the first chapter was one of my favorites; it shows that at the end of the day human nature is their worst enemy...expect for the d-bag who gave us X-Men 3:The Last Stand
warfolomei chapter 28 . 4/20/2013
Can't recall if X-men ever been shown voting in presidential elections.
That is one mean spirited couple, at least they didn't seem to be afraid.
Madrox could have done some serious number damage for ones.
Genosha doesn't look to be such a fun place, even with all that tech buried in the back yard. I guess all those powers are all the entertainment they need.
Magsi apparently lives in a dreamland, maybe people just hate him and that spills onto the whole mutant population. He should take that helmet off ones in a while, it obviously restricts the blood flow to the brain. Trying to eradicate everyone shouldn't have given him that many followers. It's funny how his circle of allies skips over those facts.
Lorna's indoctrination going as planned.
Apparently you can find Logan's number in the yellow pages.
O.O What a twist. I wasn't paying that much attention to it, but he is truly a bag full of surprises. With an uncanny ability to dig himself into a hole.
So, Kelly was never tolled how people become mutants. On the other hand he really comes out as a stand-up fella, even if someone had to "break his balls" for that to happen. He didn't care this much about his mutant daughter in the first movie (DVD special). Stryker does not agree.
X-men having a more optimistic expectations for the future, for ones.
As I said before, Angels transition was very well handled and not just a spur of the moment kind of thing.
O.O Whuuuaaat's happening to Xavier ? Uuh, you bread crumb dropping deviant.
That Emma & Warpath's Excellent show stealing Adventure.
You already mindblown me with Legacy and growth hormone prototypes, that X-23 and Cuckoos (called it) reveal, Frost with a plan... but noooo it wasn't enough !
O.O This last part. Mere words can't describe it. You better be going somewhere EPIC with this, any less would be devastating.
Have to agree with Remy on that "hell of a day" remark.
Whuh, it's always hard to end a volume. Even harder to write anything useful. Good thing this was an exceptional work. Just hear me clapping at the screen. Except that one thing I couldn't get over with and some cartoonish moments, there is hardly anything to complain about. Real progress from previous ones and stakes just keep on getting higher. There are always things that could be polished ... confrontations, some outside activities and variations for characters to do. AFF related works couldn't hurt either. Nothing else really comes to mind.
Can't wait to read what happens next... on X-men Supreme !
warfolomei chapter 27 . 4/20/2013
Media's new approach to not causing a panic, is apparently spreading the news covertly. Is JJJ behind this ?
Those team banters. They do seem to be a bit too overconfident.
Well done character development in Angel. You made the time to tell us why and how he came to that conclusion, without it been forced or drawn out.
O.O That is one cunning plan. So many mixed emotions from the group. It's hard to feel sorry for Mags after everything that he has done.
So it was the mutagen info that Emma gave Hank. Is the "visitor" behind mutant creation ?
If removing mutation is called cure, is this a virus ?
Go team X-men, there are actual steps to this rescue and a cavalry.
I see what you did there. Doesn't seem like such a bad power to have, could have been a lot worse. That's some fast acting serum they had there.
Phoenix stretching some muscles.
Mags going a bit crazy, while Polaris is out.
Wait, they let him go... how does that work ?
Kelly at a crossroad. An interesting ark, with Magneto actually succeeding to some extent.
warfolomei chapter 26 . 4/20/2013
Magneto, humble to the core. Almost dropping the meteor on the planet is just his way of showing how much he cares. Keeping track of his adversaries is a good strategy though.
Alex finally getting recognition from one and affection from a certain another.
That out of nowhere Kid Omega.
I love when people talk to Scott about color schemes. Even cosmic instaheal couldn't fix that problem.
So, they're reaction to an impalement is to make the uniform more revealing and less durable.
Nice place for a tattoo, but wasn't it on her chest before ?
Not really a threesome, but good enough for now.
Ah, I missed moments like those. Tender, playful and loving. They even moved a bit further in the relationship department.
Xavier changed the minds of a large? group of people, to hide the fight with Phoenix. I think the insurance company will be able to prove it wasn't mother nature or meteors. Election could have been decided right then, if the info got out. The only thing going for him, is that it was the lesser of two evils. He also acts surprisingly calm after almost loosing some of his students, missing one crystal and leaving a dangerous magical individual behind... but it could be the after effect of his medication. So some of this is forgivable. Still, he is quite a survivor.
Cerebra is broken, good. I hate it when they rebuild things instantly behind the scenes.
Alright, Frost is back. Stealing the show as usual. I sustain my suspiciousness of what or who the leverage is.
That sleeperagent reveal.
Holy jebedus, I just got a serious Murtaugh and Riggs vide from Kelly and Stryker. One is only "a few days away from retirement" and the other lives by his own set of rules.
With all the big players having power suppressors, wouldn't it made more sense to train without powers ?
I didn't even consider the religious aspect of meeting with Phoenix, after the "visitor" on Genosha... it just felt like "space - final frontier" kind of mystery.
Great job on Robert during the reunion. Extra layer to his character and motivation. That doubleplayblock, he was so close. Would be really ironic if one of his kids is a future X positive.
Chrome head seems to have other plans for… Mr. President.
warfolomei chapter 25 . 4/17/2013
For ones I am not sure where to start, because right now I want to go and punch a beehive.
I seriously though this was it. The moment everything would come together. Some of Sinister's babble, Vulcans resurrection, mystical aspect of this world, Forge's techwisardry, Scott's fears, desire to take that next step in they're relationship and all the adventures they had until now.
All the bread crumbs you left for us and it all came down to the power of love ! Are you kidding me ?!
I am going to be brutally honest here, because I know you can do better, I have seen you do better. This resolve is beyond confusing for me. It's not even bad, just painfully average in the end.
Let's start from the beginning, or at least what I though you were leading into.
Scott heard the story behind the crystal and what it's powers entail. Professor proved that it can work the same for mutants in the right circumstances, but it's after effect is draining on the user.
Phoenix made a remark that Selene and her predecessors managed to taint the source.
It was established that Jean and Phoenix are pretty connected, so hurting one without hurting the other is almost impossible. Sad memories brought her back to earth and made the situation worse.
Cyclopes knew he could reach her and bring Jean out to some extent, but relying on the power of love wouldn't be enough.
So they do Plan A, confrontation in the house and you do it perfectly well. Until Scott enters the picture, after Jean defeats Selene.
This is what I though would happen. Scott knowing that confronting Phoenix in his current state was suicidal. Considering everything that is known about the entity, he comes up with a plan most would disagree with. So while everyone is distracted he grabs Forge and moves to the crystal. Explaining that he just need enough juice to get closer to Jean and shock her unto the surface. Because unlike others he actually understands what Phoenix is driving at, he can almost relate to those feelings and knows that fighting it this way is pointless. While not a psychic or a magic user, the crystal must be in touch with him to work. That's where Forge comes in and connects it to Cyclopes. Giving him big enough chance to block Phoenix attacks and come closer to her. This is where he reminds of all the good things that happened to her and has a meaningful conversation with entity for ones. In final moments as his blast is drained and Phoenix asks for some form of proof, he takes off his glasses.. making that next step in they're relationship. There is more, but it feels so pointless now. Just like in comics death holds no meaning now and going against a god like power with FF game approach. So much potential.
warfolomei chapter 24 . 4/17/2013
Too many kick-ass moment for Wolverine.
Emma and Mystique, with the right motivation is quite a combination.
That is one sturdy Jet, just saying.
Inner Circle is still in the game. Expressing concern of what they unleashed on the world. Using X-men's predictability against them.
Logan and Scott having a bonding experience. Such a bizarre scene now that I think about it. Otherwise one of the better representations of how it could happen.
Weird conversation to have so close to his current gf though.
Using one word so many times to describe affection, slowly looses it's impact and starts sounding a bit corny.
I keep forgetting that younger Cyclopes is always a lot more emotional, good work not driving him too deep into angst territory.
Hank made a valid argument about the stone and what rushing with it could bring. Cerebra paid the price.
Oh, been a sentient cosmic power can probably get boring after a while. So it makes sense to look for a mortal host. Good timing with the message.
That Shi'ar cruiser. When it rains it pours. Just too awesome of a moment for words.
Phoenix is going home.
warfolomei chapter 23 . 4/17/2013
Tension spikes up !
Logan and Angel, look at them go.
Exposition. It would have made more sense if it was Wyngarde (out of some semblance of respect) sharing the tale with X-men, otherwise this comes out as a bit bondish. Things falling from the sky are apparently always a bad thing. Azazel, can anyone even confirm his demise ?
Why did it take so long to find a vessel ?
Emma still cares.
That image of Wolverine falling from the sky, claws drawn and screaming his guts out. Pretty much an answer to every dilemma he faces this days. Terrifying, yet hilarious.
Something that always seemed weird, even in comics. For a short range fighter, why not just pick a weapon from one of the fallen minions ? I know he is the only weapon he needs, but some common sense should be applied.
What a twist ! Another unexpected save. Just what is the story behind that. They do make a workable team. Irene did give her some clues, so it's not unexpected she is here.
NASA, as always were napping on the job.
Describing what one of the X-man is wearing. You don't usually do that.
Never expected to write this, but Jetblocked. The biggest one yet. So much time, preparation and finally getting so close. All wasted.
Not a hand-to-hand scuffle per'se, but it'll do. Maybe they will finally learn to carry gadgets with them. What happened to those marble projectiles Rogue used on the cube ? Has it really been that long since they helped Kitty... kids have grown up.
Phoenix chilling back, enjoying the spectacle played by silly humans.
Have to agree with Frost. Way to go, Selene ! Don't you know written prophesies are overrated. Just look at mayan calendar. I am NEVER going to let that go !
That cliff hanger !
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