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warfolomei chapter 17 . 4/12/2013
Have to do what Wade demands.
I get what Kelly is driving at and without knowing all the facts about Kevin it's understandable. It's good to see that someone else remembers the asteroid incident and sees all future potential risks, if only he was less douchey about it. Stryker at least appears to be feeling some sympathy for the lost.
The institute got off easily, for keeping that sort of power a secret and doing illegal experiments on a teen, of legal age, without his consent.
Touching ceremony. Forge going trough a development and Xavier doing some hard thinking. How one boy can be connected to so many things is astonishing. Lilandra really came trough in lifting some spirits on this one.
Finally, someone else on the team got visibly hurt. Logan just doesn't provide that effect of dread anymore.
That Kitty and Bobby moment.
Alright, I went a little overboard with my comments about Angel before.
Was Kelly running unopposed ? Did Xavier do all that "work" just to keep the current President in his seat ? That's a bold move ... for a bald man. I couldn't resist.
ENTER Deadpool, oldShaw? Industries and Colossus.
Omega should change his name to Overkill Killer.
Guest chapter 16 . 4/11/2013
They are rare and far between, but I love those dark moments.
I checked and this is the first time you ever mentioned them been part of the team. Came a little bit out of the left field actually. Character Bios spoiler the story, so I don't really read them anymore. But it does make sense, X-men couldn't have run with such a small group of people in the beginning. Still, not as climactic of a team-up as it could have been.
Kelly just got his Christmas present early. Someone's tragedy is another's miracle.
In a way the test was a success, just not in the way they expected.
First confrontation with Kevin. Kitty testing her limits. Team doing what they are told and humans acting more civil.
You weren't kidding about Scott's commitment on keeping his eyes covered.
Proteus easily swatting everyone aside, as he should.
Where is the military in all of this ?
Another intense situation, when the plan failed and everything seemed lost.
O.O Pretty much pointless to write any other observation, that ending takes the cake. Bravo.
warfolomei chapter 15 . 4/11/2013
Kind of surprising it's the first time anyone mentioned Muir Island's facility.
Oh, Banshee finally got to "retire". I shall always remember him by his outfit.
Space, final fron... *Phoenix smashing trough. That attention queen.
Obligatory thumbs up for Scott and Jean moment.
Yes, MORE friendly bonding scenes !
Keeping contact with DistriX, good good. Proudstar and Forge (the voice of reason) are also back.
If someone toke a flashlight and stepped into Kitty, would they be able to see the inner workings ? Got to say, you handling this Bobby/Kitty thing pretty well. It doesn't feel like just a repeat of some other relationship and actually makes me wonder were it will go.
Xavier keeps saying "We", while usually it's just him that makes all the important decisions.
Kevin is one scary fella. Good work and nice mix with Rahne.
Introducing the "theory" of Omega level. There are still things about mutants they don't know.
Intense moments with powering of the device.
Talk about bad timing.
warfolomei chapter 14 . 4/9/2013
O.O The maturity of some conversations here still blows my mind. Really shows how poisoned I became with drama of modern media.
Logan and Jean actually act like friends, without any weird vibe that usually presented with those two. Bravo !
I know you wrote this a while back, but damn you are good at answering my previous questions.
Xavier is skillfully avoiding straight answers. Why didn't the reporter mention his powers ?
Brotherhood is in da house. I missed those rascals. Havok's entry really seems to add that extra spark to the equation.
So, the military is trying to piss off the guy who almost "hacked" the planet. Seems counter productive, especially dealing with a place containing so many unknown powers. At least they had an almost workable plan. CSI really went Hydra on their people.
Great things, have small beginnings. It been the MacTaggart kid is quite surprising though. Self realization and not some random comment from a future student. No, I will never let that one go !
There is more to the Supreme X-men origins, intriguing. Can they be considered as independent military force ?
Finally some hand to hand action. Havok the residential badass, Lorna finally producing some guts against humans and everything seemingly going their way. Have to say, X-men came out like real douches in the first half.
That bonding moment between brothers.
The only thing missing is the cinematography from the tv-series 24 and Jack Bauer screaming at the barista for no reason.
warfolomei chapter 13 . 4/8/2013
Oh, snap. I did not see this one coming.
Irene, one of the most annoying characters in the whole series... in any universe. A fortune cookie has a better scope of the future.
"I'm taking that dairy!" O.O That must be one awesome milkshake. Ok, this is the last one.
Raven is back, with a personal mission. Not as stealthy as you would expect her to be.
Pajamas, our brave heroes everyone. Why would Kurt even need one. At least I have an excuse, it's cold here.
Cerebra, apparently runs on Windows ME. Not all that useful piece of technology.
Seriously, the jet. I know it's a minor thing in the grand plan, but they can't just fly it anywhere they want. If Xaviers father build it, who is maintaining it and how do they refuel it ?
Uuuh, Ororo has a secret. Things seem to be going into a different direction with her, into a more darker past.
Azazel, even Raven couldn't resist that. Can you blame him for any misgivings, even for putting something of that importance into an object that fragile ? Dude is THE Lord of Limbo after all.
Smaller team for a bigger mission, I like those.
Logan, forever cursed with his yellow jumpsuit. Unless mentioned separately, it's what I automatically "see" him in.
You really should show more of those "proficient fighting" skills. They hardly ever use them.
Just out of curiosity, is it (Many Kings of Shadow), (Kings that belong to Shadow) or a (Shadow that belongs to it's King) ?
Holy Jebedus, Amahl ... seriously ? I guess he was a lot skinnier here. I know they are not the same, but still quite a revelation.
Some may think (Why are they so surprised, what did they expect would happen ? You walked into it knowing most of the facts.). We must remember that they were relying on a mind whammy, put by Prof. X's himself. Really good moment, in showing how overconfident he is with those powers.
Wolvy's actions towards Darkholm, interesting.
Did Farouk somehow knew about Irene ? Because it's the only reason, that I can come up with, for not erasing the artifact until that moment.
Shapeshifter not expecting a trap, with lack of security and easy break in, was believable. Her outburst made sence, adding this bleak finish to the family meeting. Much of what we know about her, comes neatly together. If not for her personality and distrust of X-men, everything could have gone much better.
That Inner Circle ending.
Good, solid chapter. With minor personal pet-peeve, Mystique been able to turn into a bird.
warfolomei chapter 12 . 4/6/2013
Reverend has that Danny Ocean suaveness about him, a man with a plan.
Let the media war begin.
They really should investigate this Oprah, she already works under a codename and has some serious viewer numbers on her side. No talk show can be that interesting.
That Purple Man, Richards and Stark references.
The Jet finally get's some needed attention. A lot of my previous questions have been answered in this interview.
Some good arguments came out and it's good to see you did research on that, but the question still stays. What to do when jello hits the vent ? X-men is still just one team of teenagers and they can only stretch so far. Like with all criminals some form punishment must be put in place. That means creating jails that can hold them and register those offenders, in case of future misgivings. Counseling, recruit more mutants to help. He is pushing this racist angle too far and heavily implies that they are the only ones who are doing something about the situation. No matter what happened to Magneto, he did try to pancake the planet and got out with basically just a warning.
How strong is Scott's blast ? In comics it usually changes with the writer or plot, but you been the sole creator can clarify this a bit better for me. It just gives the impression of loud barking and no actual bite, except long distant punching. I know he is holding back, but Havok and Vulcan seem to be a lot more powerful. Even Remy doesn't seem to take him seriously while talking to Rogue.
Did I miss something, what did Gambit do to Logan ? Rubbing that in his face is a bit mean.
Good to see they still go as as a team, even against a single mutant.
Oh, that Angel. Flying around surely didn't grab any attention and brought reporters out. I mean, what kind of person would do something like that.
"I'd rather have those images in my mind" O.o WHAT ?! Tell me you forgot to put 'not' in there.
Well done conversation between friends, even with the whole teacher/student aspect in it. Why Logan get's so much love from them is beyond me, even after reading some good reasons.
Is Xaviers school in a secret location, how is it not swarming with paparazzi taking the pictures of those nubile young ladies ?
Rogue is right, it was a pretty lame live tv-show for it's time. Kind of forgot about her situation too. Hank has been kind of selfish in that regard.
Remy is good for her, negates a lot of that grim personality of hers.
Shadow King O.O That's.. that's not someone anyone should mess with. That diary must be really important.
warfolomei chapter 11 . 4/6/2013
Creed was ironically correct in his statements to the press.
Xavier rediscovering his mojo. The amount of awkwardness a situation would reach, if you tried to stay in a conversation with those two.
Nice short inclusion of other marvel teams.
They got him out of Juvie ? Didn't he broke out and got into district X all by himself ?
That Unstoppable Force Meets Immovable Object moment between brothers. No one really came out looking good from that. DistriX did warn Havok to not rush into things, but them abandoning him like that was just too harsh... someone should have stood up for him.
Teams coming to an understanding and forming a relationship with a mutant community. Third time's the charm.
Scott opening to Jean, taking a step further in their relationship. She does like to remind people about her past with Logan.
I can't believe I am typing this, but I love this characterization of Angel. There are sides to him that even frighten me a bit. On one hand you can take him as a fallen person, who was cursed by his birthright and betrayed by the people he loved. Still he managed to rise trough it and little by little prove his worth... and then there this jealous, megalomaniac and sadistic egoist that hides behind his pretty facade. There is literally nothing to complain about, so he milks all it's worth from the things he feels to be betrayed in. More than anything he craves attention, to the point of blazingly flaunting his secret identity in every club, seemingly wanting to get caught. Which could seriously harm his father and Candy. Flying drunk and ignoring his friends when things don't go the way he want them to. He has enough spending money to do something useful, but inability to see it. It's just beautiful and probably something I digged too deep into.
Ending their conversation with Nimrod was priceless, if only they knew.
Alright, have to agree with Storm on that. Logan did come a long way from the first chapters.
How insane does someone how to be to face Weapon X, Magneto, and Sinister ? Don't they need a mandatory mental check up now and then. I think Xavier is seriously suppressing some of the issues with his "brain" power.
Logan does own some of the Remy and Hank characteristics. So their attraction to each other is a lot more plausible.
Ninja turtles hat\coat classic combination. Hank, you... beast. No matter what people say, X-men LS got him right. Don't know much about Sage though.
Magnus .Dam .Dum .Daaaa ... Magneto needs a better moniker. Everyone wants a Summers on their team this days.
What can I say, a small plan with ripple effect in mind. Well done change of phase. Lots of resolutions and movements forward. Can't forget those foreshadowing. Great work as usual.
warfolomei chapter 10 . 3/21/2013
Good start, a bit of an argument and disagreement. Shows more versatile side to the team, that they are not in unanimous agreement on everything.
Nice to see that genoshians? and morlocks are not solely attached to their groups.
My team-up senses are widening my smile.
The best first meeting for the X-men in a while, considering the reason for it.
I love the idea that Jubilee is a bit of a fan, really fitting of her. Jamie who doesn't want to be underestimated and a bit of a showoff. Bishop who I keep hearing as Mr.T... that mohawk with a tattoo and that Havok who unconsciously emulates his brother, in his own way.
Jean trying to comfort Scott, while going trough her own stuff. Ah, to be young again... wait a minute.
I kind of see what's Havok is driving at. What did they expect from a troubled teen with that kind of firepower, surprising he lasted that long. Logan here demonstrates the exact same kind of response to a provoked attack. That's why we don't let kids in the government. I don't know, but today feels like a good day to rebel about something... never mind, Sentiman is here.
Whuh, at least they didn't try to hack teh planet. Second time he manages to be found by a girl on the inthernets. Mutation I can believe in, but this is testing the limits of my imagination.
Bad-ass Cyclopes moment. Wolverines hate of Summers bloodline. All is good in this universe.
This fight has a lot of improvements from previous ones, in intensity and coherency.
Logan is almost always the one who makes the finishing stab. Nothing bad about it, just something that I missed for some reason. Have to admit, the moment between him and Ororo was well done.
Bastion is reborn.
The fall of Creed was delicious. Angel having some interesting thoughts about his position.
warfolomei chapter 9 . 3/21/2013
"Hadn't been enough to save Pixie" O.O Why would you phrase it like that !?
Mysterious Tessa finally appears. I was afraid we would never hear from her again.
Well done team meeting. Introducing "new" characters and telling us how they got to that moment.
I think he would have found his way, even without Xaviers influence.
Oh, this whole conversation between lovers and long time friends. Just with enough amount to make it work and not cringe from disbelieve.
How is he a "former" living weapon ? Damn you Logan, stop making me feel sorry for you. Xavier really needs to start screening teachers he hires.
When does the novelty of mutation wears off ? It seems like most of, minor, personal problems could have been solved with "Holy leprechauns, I have powers !" reminder.
Creed is a crafty fella, using Bastions patriotism against him. Turing a controlled situation in his favor.
Look at Angel, finally taking charge of things in his life.
X-men, arrested for traffic violations. Better not tell anyone about the jet.
Suddenly, I don't feel as sorry for Logan. It's just ridiculous how much he can get away with. Ororo, you are too good for him. Still a good moment between those two.
Alex, taking a stand. Those brothers aren't so different after all.
warfolomei chapter 8 . 3/18/2013
O.O KHAAAAAAN. I meant, PIXIIEE ! I wish bad guy's weren't so one dimensional. At least some hesitation in their actions, she is just a kid and not at fault for her situation after all. But, it got the needed effect across.
Wearing her boyfriends cloths, cute. Wou, an actual good advise in a relationship department, this must be a work of fiction. Good to know there is more to them than just common "friends who fell in love" scenario. How sad is it that the most devil looking one, has the more stable relationship of the bunch. Maybe team dating IS a bad idea.
Xavier been happy, giggling like a little girl, writing their initials together, making racer noises... I am going to stop now.
Exposition away. It's good to see them do stuff together, even if it just sitting at the same table gossiping. Not really the image of world saving heroes though.
O.o "special compartments for his wings" ... in a form of a backpack ? Angel needs to calm dawn a little, so far they made some good points relating Magneto and hate is understandable. Even Bastion comes out as a likable character, which Creed manages to turns around pretty quickly. For a politician he has some serious motivations, I have to give him that. Especially if they think it's the right thing to do.
Hmmm, have Logan ever tried drugs ? Guaranteed high, without any repercussions. Wolvy going emo, priceless. That bandanna fella seemed more understanding, even a bit helpful than most people.
Alright, GO District X. Bishop, Havok, Multiple and Juby... that's an interesting team choice.
warfolomei chapter 7 . 3/18/2013
Oh, that banter between Ororo and Hank felt nice.
As much as I like goody Xavier, he does come out as a bit Gary Stuish.
OMG a typo "reakkt bad" O.O
Dang it, now they made me feel sorry for Logan (quite a new sensation if I may add). That's actually a smart move to try and sick Ro at him.
It's a bit surprising that Xavier didn't hear about Gabriel before that.
The conversation I have been waiting for. Good to see Rogue and Scott aren't avoiding each other. For a leader, people don't seem to be listening to his commands too much.
Charles, you playah. Lilandra is hiding something, but it all takes backseat as reverend enters the stage.
O.O Whelp, they didn't name him Stryker just for kicks. The man slaps his way into the room and talks you into been grateful for the beating. Holly Molly that was exiting. All that plotting, not to mention Creed. The future looks bright. Muo-ha-ha. Excellent.
Firstly, have to commend Worthington for not smacking his son on the head, stop interrupting your father. Secondly, I was not expecting any of that and for that, good freaking work. That father\son moment. That Bastion in a sentinel suit. IM reference. Things are progressing into an interesting direction.
warfolomei chapter 6 . 3/16/2013
Ah, a silent conversation between long time friends. Cute.
I would like to stumble on one of those facilities someday.
Uuuh, Madeline is a big old softy for Gabriel... interesting. Summers bloodline is also a new development, especially combined with a certain someone rising from the ashes. Apparently getting themselves in trouble is hardcoded into their families DNA. So is this why Sinister harassed Scot and Jean ? It just felt like they were a part of a plan longer in motion. Still quite a turn of events.
Hahaha, Essex just can't get a break.
Hmm, this is a tricky one. While the fight itself wasn't all that bad, it felt too cartoonish. X-men were taken out single handedly the first time, but now their opponents are treated like a joke. A bit more sneaking and some sort of plan shooting would have provided tension.
Madeline versus Jean went a lot better. Reading about psychics fight with invisible force is a bit funny, but it got the point across. That power burst foreshadowing.
Alright, brothers finally meet and Logan get's smacked with another piece from his past. Things are bigger than they seem to be.
Good timing with Angel, was getting a bit overboard with his behavior.
Welp, where to start. Character development, Jean\Angel\Ororo are especially noteworthy. Revelations about Sinister and his past, really interesting. Logan finally got his adamantium tushy spanked for been rash. We got to see Madeline and how she pushes all Jean's buttons. It became a bit bondish by the end. I was hoping for more development for Vulcan, who came out as just onedimensional evil mutant and some dialog felt a bit clunky. Otherwise a pretty good ark. Can't wait to see the fallout.
warfolomei chapter 5 . 3/15/2013
You really milking that sinister reference for all it's worth.
Storm is acting a bit erratic, she wasn't that worried even about Remy.
Evil Marauders girls. Sinister has style.
X-men got OWNED, BOOYAH. They need to start trusting their leaders instincts. Jean was nicely too full of herself and everyone else acted really wolverinish. Hank was right about negative characteristics.
Sorry, can't really see them in a relationship (Kitty and Bobby). Best friends maybe, but romantically involved is just too hard to imagine. As a passing affair maybe.
Is everyone that used to telepathic messages ? Isn't it a bit disorientating without a warning.
This new side to Jean is pretty interesting. The bug came out of the left field, not surprising, just really convenient. Why she waited so long to tell about it is also a mystery.
Uh, that Sinister. Don't know if I should hate him or take notes in evilery. Again with royal treatment of Logan... ngh.
OMG, so Essex was consider a hipster by his coworkers. This human character is a nice portrayal of arrogance he exhibits now. I like his origin a lot more here, makes the future a lot more plausible.
Trinity project ?
More revelations about Weapon X. Hanging that jerky just out of Logan's reach, poor burka.
O.O Holy Skittles, Vulcan is their kid ? Scott and Jean or Scott, Jean and Logan ? Oh this just get's better and better.
warfolomei chapter 4 . 3/15/2013
That title.
That first meeting between Summers and Essex sent chills down my spine. I wanted to compare it to Parkers, but this actually makes sense and fits with the characters. It does feel a bit out of place, but mostly from my annoyance with "everyone is connected" pet peeve.
Whuh, so many things have gone wrong with that moment, but you managed to pull trough. Show of affectionate and not just pointless grouping, things are addressed and discussed. Wasn't her previous problems surrounded (boiled down) "not talking enough to her partners and moving too quickly" issue, how's closing Scott out would help ? I understand why she does it, just not why it was phrased like that. On another note... no extreme scene on AFF with those two, why are you resisting it ?
Ah, I remember a time when we had to write real letters and buy expensive stuff for the people we love. Good riddance romance, hello progress. Now that I think about it, Remy and Drake do have things in common, so it kind of obvious for one to help the other.
I keep hearing Kurts speech in this weird german accent in my head. Good to see some sisterbrother bonding, especially after everything that happened.
Have to put my geek card on the table on this one. No way could he be in that state without the use of some extra medication.
Friends trying to help each other.
Now that I think about it, that alien was a bit of a show off. He wasn't satisfied with just been from another planet, he had to be from the future too. Ships history had some pretty interesting stuff about it, especially concerning adamantium.
Calling it a school, even orphanage has more kids.
Is it not a common knowledge that Logan works with Xavier ?
Oh that Ororo. Even though I know where it's going, it's still good to see how they get there.
No respect for the blue authority, poor Henry.
Enter Madelyn. What is it about evil that makes those characters so far more attractive. Taking Logan down sets a good impression. What is Sinister up to... can't wait to find out.
warfolomei chapter 3 . 3/14/2013
Magneto tricking Lorna into doing his paperwork. Him as a father figure, always an odd thing to witness.
So ... he recruited teenagers with an attitude, to clear the rubble. I am going to hear "power rangers" theme all day now.
Curse you prometheus for ruining caves for me. That is some interesting turn of events.
Ahh, I missed your relationship talk. Even though I think Logan doesn't deserve the half of it. He WAS responsible for the sever disaster.
Do you like the word cockpit or something ? Those two need their own series, seriously Marvel WTF. De-age and drop them in another universe... like this. Never mind then.
So you just going to drop "that thing" out there and not elaborate. Shame, I though she would try new things with Scott.
First time they meet like that and to work together no less. Pretty good moment, all that tension.
So Sentinels weren't big enough of a change for Xavier.
Magneto and Scott's interactions, especially "I'll take it from here, Mr. Summers." Thumbs UP.
Whuh, where to start. Some big things came to light in this chapter. Pretty good introduction to aliens and some great news from Sinister. All that delicious foreshadowing. Best part, I don't have to wait for an update. Hurray.
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