Reviews for The Blackberry Bush
Aconitum-Napellus chapter 1 . 4/6/2012
Oh hell, this is too good for words. Thank you for writing it :-)
Li'lRedVette chapter 1 . 1/21/2012
I was checking the site to see if any new Route 66 stories had been posted and I found yours! I'm not a big fan of slash but I love how you caught the feel of the show in this story, wonderful job and you've made an old fan happy!
plws chapter 1 . 1/7/2012
wow I really enjoyed this story. Excellent writing.
Bamboozlepig chapter 1 . 1/6/2012
George, you may not think this, but this story is absolutely beautiful...very few stories have the power to move me to tears, but this god, I am writing through tear-stricken eyes. You have an AMAZING gift for capturing every brooding nuance of the show in such lyrical aching gorgeousness and I stand in sir, create sheer poetry in your words, and I'm not just telling you that because you are my friend. George, I KNOW talent when I see it and YOU HAVE A FANTASTIC TALENT! There are so many lines and scenes that got down deep into my heart that I cannot list them all, but from start to finish, this story is a breathtaking read. You have hit the characters spot on and gotten into both Tod and Buz's head just beautifully, and you've maintained that restless poetry that was the essence of the show.

I love the battle between desire and possible ruination of the friendship, and we have all fought ourselves on such decisions throughout our lives, but the heart wants what it wants and cannot be denied. I also liked that you touched on the societal mores and how homosexuality was illegal back then...I've got friends and family members that grew up gay in that time era and it was extremely difficult, for they often faced condemnation for daring to love someone of the same sex.

The blackberry bush is a wonderful parable here, so very very true and a lovely comparison for the thorns of life. I was heartbroken for Hattie and Rodney, but gladdened that their love is strong enough to make their lives together work out.

But I particularly liked the canon characters...Buz's sharp-tongued streetwiseness goes beyond to reveal a deeply troubled man that is hiding some very harrowing thoughts, even from himself, and Tod's naivety is refreshingly innocent, yet darker-edged by the shadow of his father's death. You've captured their unique dynamic very well, and to me, Tod and Buz have always been the stronger pairing, since Linc Case is often more like Tod and their pairing loses some of the spark that makes it interesting. Both Tod and Buz are seeking to fill that deeper lonliness that can harden a man's heart if it goes unfulfilled, and I love the uneasy erotic dance they do around each other as they try to determine if each is truly what the other needs to fill that loneliness. And the ending is just perfect with the idea of death and the power of forgiveness.

Even if I didn't know you, I would leave this kind of review, just because such talent deserves the highest praise I can formulate, and it is very rare to run across such a gifted writer as you are. I'm very glad you decided to write for this fandom and as I said, I stand in awe of the eloquent beauty and heartache that your words paint for the reader, it's such a lovely and haunting tapestry you weave. You truly have the wise old soul and the gift of a powerful writing talent, kiddo.