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A huge fan chapter 28 . 11/8
Are you ever going to come back to this? Its my favorite story in the world!
The Infernal Lady chapter 28 . 6/27
I'm simply devastated that this story is on hiatus. D: It was one of the first fanfics I've read in this fandom and the one that made me ship MegaStar, and is definitely one of the best fanfics I've EVER read. Please, please, don't give up on this story!
E.C. Reviewer chapter 12 . 4/16
I'm still quite confused about Starscream's drastic change. Not so long ago he felt absolutely sick at the very idea of hurting a youngling at the arena. Now he enjoys killing everything that moves. And, sometimes, there are glimpses of that other person he used to be just a couple of days earlier, but then he has another one of his manic, murderous episodes. He doesn't recognise himself, and he's, indeed, unrecognisable; he has quickly accepted it, though.
It still feels like Starscream's downfall... but Megatron's ascension.
At least Thundercracker is still himself, but, it seems to me, Starscream has started to care less about him, because TC, obviously, doesn't really share this new development, even though Starscream used to be sincerely worried and even frightened for him if he had something as seemingly (?) insignificant as dizziness. My, I'm just so puzzled!
Soundwave... I did realise what he did, exactly, during his first encounter with Starscream before it was addressed in this chapter. It would've been quite a twist if he could plant thoughts into mechs' heads, not just read them. So many possibilities... Imagine him being behind everything, a puppeteer, who disrupts his victims' thoughts and pushes them wherever he wants. Pure evil! Though, I really doubt that is what's going on here. :)
E.C. Reviewer chapter 11 . 4/16
I knew he'd start questioning the whole thing properly when it's already too late, and, as I suspected, Nightfire has triggered it, at least partially. The last two chapters pretty much show the downfall of Starscream. I could very well call it tragic, especially after his quite recent genuine intention to make lives of his citizens better, especially the poorest ones; to make the whole matter addressed and fixed. Ironically, he had a potential of becoming a rather good ruler for his loyal people. And now, his citizens will be sent into battle and, likely, die in spades. A tragic downfall of a character, indeed!
I'm still worried about Thundercracker. Many things in this story happen behind the scenes, Thundercracker/Skywarp included, but I hope to learn more about their situation, instead of making assumptions.
And what about that weapon business Starscream was accused of? I've got so many questions!
Again, I feel that I'm too late for the party, as I won't be getting any answers or, at least, hints from you. :')
E.C. Reviewer chapter 10 . 4/15
Oh, no... Oh, no! I'm reeling from the way Starscream's childhood trauma suddenly kicked in so hard!
This whole chapter is quite overwhelming and there are things that confuse quite me a bit. On the one hand, I expected something big to happen, expected Starscream to be a pawn in a game much bigger than he can comprehend just yet, especially with him being deliberately kept in the dark about everything until the last moment. On the other hand... I'm quite surprised he agreed to everything so easily. He, most definitely, has no reason to have any sympathies for the Senate, but just agreeing to kill them all and start the war... Where did that sudden bloodthirstiness come from? I just thought he'd need a bit more pushing towards that direction, even if everything came to the same result in the end. I have a feeling Nightfire will be so disappointed...
Another thing that puzzles me is that he doesn't have nearly as much reason to participate as all of those forgotten and unwanted grounders who, basically, have nothing left to lose, whereas Starscream has got so many people depending on him. There isn't much for him to gain out of the whole deal. And, finally, I was hoping that Starscream would make some sort of a mental connection between these rebellious grounders and those who had attacked his city and killed his creators. They are somewhat... similar; at least some of them.
I don't know, I just had to take a break in the middle of the chapter to take all those things in to be able to move on. :)
Megatron's speech was gorgeous, frightening and manipulative in equal measures. Very impressive.
What happened to Starscream in the end is damn horrifying, but, to be honest, I'm most worried about Thundercracker now... :(
E.C. Reviewer chapter 9 . 4/15
Silly, silly Starscream! He's just like another winged creature, moth, to the flame, which is Megatron. I'm so confused. Sometimes it feels as if Megatron just exploits Starscream's interest, knowing about the Prince's crush, which keeps making him come back, again and again. Megatron is a brute, but he's not blind. Soundwave also knows quite a lot, so... There are things that seem set up or, at least, suspicious, but I can be wrong. After all, Megatron doesn't pretend to want anything sexual, doesn't make any advances. He could take that path and have the already smitten Prince wrapped around his finger, but he doesn't. Which is why I'm not sure what to make of him. But, my goodness, he's huge and powerful, and sexy!
I really hope Starscream is going to retrieve Firechaser's memories and investigate everything properly. It's bad and unfair to the victim of such brutality and his distraught loved-ones, but it's necessary and should be done ASAP.
Is Thundercracker sparked? ! If he and Skywarp are bonded, Starscream isn't going to be proud of himself for separating them not so long ago, especially if Thundercracker is, indeed, with a sparkling; though I'm not sure how it works in your story.
I absolutely loved the trine's flight in the beginning. Beautiful.
E.C. Reviewer chapter 8 . 4/15
It's still not too late for that plan to grab all the fliers and escape the planet altogether. In fact, it's the wisest thing to do, considering the situation. :) But Starscream is already too far gone, isn't he? Megatron smacking Starscream around and then teasing him with all that touching, as well as dominating the hell out of him in every way possible, physical or not, is the best thing ever!
E.C. Reviewer chapter 7 . 4/14
Some more reality for the Prince. How much more can he take in such a short time? I wonder if he's going to think about Skywarp, whilst thinking about Sunstorm and his family unit. Interestingly enough, Starscream's narcissism can actually serve his people. I like it!
E.C. Reviewer chapter 6 . 4/14
Oh. My. Goodness... This chapter alone is the best thing I've ever read in the entire TF fandom, and believe me, I'm incredibly hard to please and picky AF. This is definitely the best, most interesting and intense chapter in this story so far. I have to admit, I like Starscream having a good reality check, even though he's too stubborn to fully get the message (and, quite often, too self-absorbed, too). Four wonderfully written, beautiful characters, figuratively speaking, slapped Starscream in the face in this chapter: Sentinel Prime, Soundwave (he's absolutely the best!), Megatron and, finally, Skywarp have the most breathtaking character development! I'm not sure how to express how much I truly loved everything in this chapter; every situation, every detail, every word.
E.C. Reviewer chapter 5 . 4/14
Poor, naive thing thinks Megatron cares about his authority (in the end, it's just an excuse to see Megatron again, isn't it?) :). By the way, Starscream owes Megatron a favour for saving him from something awful that includes his worst fear, even though he prefers not to see it that way.
E.C. Reviewer chapter 4 . 4/13
Oh, no, Starscream, you spoilt, glitchy, annoying thing! But I'm not really taking anyone's side, I just hope the trine are going to be back together soon.
E.C. Reviewer chapter 3 . 4/13
Starscream both thinks he's too good for his crush and hopes that more is going to happen between the two. He seems quite confused. He thinks he's such a crafty tease, yet it was him escaping with a leaking port! Megatron is perfect; a huge, sexy killing machine! This is exactly what I wanted to see and am hoping to see more.
E.C. Reviewer chapter 2 . 4/13
Skywarp's ideas are the best and the worst, at the same time! Starscream reminds me of an adolescent girl with a huge crush on a celebrity. Brilliant!
E.C. Reviewer chapter 1 . 4/13
I know I'm five years late for the party, and this story is long and on hiatus (which, I hope, is only temporarily), and this sort of combination is, normally, a red flag for me... But I've been checking it for a few years now, a couple of times per year, at least, and, finally, I just can't help it. I've started reading it, and I already love it, just as I knew I would.
BarricadesDemon216 chapter 28 . 2/17
Please update this is a really good story!
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