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littlekittyfox chapter 28 . 3/26
omg i love this fanfic so much! it's been an absolute joy to read and please PLEASE keep adding to it, it's rare to come across such a well written and characterized fic such as this, it be such a shame to see it unfinished!

here's hoping i get to read more 3
waspinator chapter 28 . 2/16
This is a beautiful story and so well written. I know you have put it on hiatus, which is so very,very sad because you have put so much effort into the world building.

I hope that even if you can't finish it one day, could could do a brief summary on how you would end it. Just to give us all closure.

Also this chapter is just so good it seems such a shame to end it here.
Deviched chapter 28 . 1/19
I really don't know what to say. What an amazing piece of fiction.
R4Z0R5EDGE chapter 28 . 1/2
Wonderfully written as always
But, I see you have not updated for quite some time, have you discontinued it?
Guest chapter 28 . 12/16/2014
I like this story a lot (obviously, or I wouldn't have read 28 chapters of it). There's just no character development, for all the story moves at a great pace. Starscream is still the same self centered, emotionally shallow and emotionally unstable character he was when all of this started. He doesn't learn from mistakes (or put what he does learn into practice), and he flips from hot to cold emotionally so fast it's really hard to to get involved and care about what he's feeling. I like the story that is going on around Starscream and I'll keep reading and hope he... grows up, at some point. Thanks for posting! :)
Sneer chapter 28 . 12/12/2014
I'm noticing a pattern here with Starscream...

Nice shot, Bluestreak! Starsparkle should be proud he brought this out of him, really its quite the compliment! XD

Hopy scrap! Is Bumblebee the little yellow "youngling" Starscream magnanimously decided not to shoot the night the arena was raided? Hahah, wow, I didn't catch that the first time!

Aw, OP still cares about his Seeker, even if his prince no longer recognizes him, so cute!

Damn, but it was ridiculously and inappropriately romantic how Starscream felt about getting his wings marked. Wow.
The next part was also smelting hot, wow!

I can't believe TC was so unaware of the mutualness in the attraction between Star and Megs until now but its good to know who's side Warp would be on should it come down to the brass tacts, I'd had a wonder for awhile now because he clearly really likes Megatron and enjoys being a Decepticon immensely.

So much happened in this chapter and I enjoyed ALL OF IT!

(sorry it took me so long to remember to review)
Sin chapter 28 . 12/6/2014
So much promise. I hope their interaction will improve. I wish you have a downloaded file of this story. I'm afraid it can be shut down for M.
whitebengal14 chapter 11 . 12/4/2014
Dang it. I should've read this part and the next part tomorrow. I'm absolutely exhausted. But I couldn't stop reading. But also I have no idea what to put into my review. But also dat sexual tension doe. That was heavy. And poor nightfire (err or whatever his name is) and also this situation is stressful but so rad to read, yo

I'm forcing myself to sleep at this point. I think I might be addicted. Ah non. But this is fic is très magnifique!
whitebengal14 chapter 10 . 12/3/2014
Oh my everything. That ending was brutal. The poor thing. That was awful. Ugh. I feel him. I get claustrophobic too. Ugh ugh that was horrible to read.

His desperation really killed me.

I'm really excited ti see whats going ti happen next, however. :DDDDDF
whitebengal14 chapter 9 . 12/3/2014
Omfg. Starscream is so hilariously vain. Haha. But he's also super precious forever.

For some reason, im not sure what to comment on in this chapter. The trine flight was cool and interesting (poor TC tho) and the visit was cool and interesting?

Megatron's got his work cut out for him, tho. Dear lord that Seeker. Anyway.

... "you always *hurt* me..." I died at that part.
Anyway, next chapter pour moi!
whitebengal14 chapter 8 . 12/3/2014
"because I'm pretty!" Dear lord. Omg.

This entire chapter was so. I almost couldn't. It was very heart-wrenching and emotional. Man. But I'm also glad, the way things turned out. They're going to have to war now. Or at least, bring things to the forefront or whatever.

But seriously, who even likes Sentinel? The correct answer is 'no one'.

Things are kicking up now. Wonder how Screamer will do with it all. Hopefully, with the help of his trine and Megatron
whitebengal14 chapter 7 . 12/3/2014
*incoherent screaming and flailing* oh my gosh forever. This entire chapter was- with the lower class family - the sparkling- freaking *Ramjet* living up to his name. I'm - goodbye.

Ugh! Real life calls, however. Why this. I want to read this all day for hours- have been reading this all day for hours. :'D

Seriously? What the heck happened in this fi- what's going to happen in the next chapter? Ah, I have somewhere I have to go. Until next time. Dang it. *grumbles forever*
whitebengal14 chapter 6 . 12/3/2014
Oh my actual lord. I went through so many emotions during this chapter. Omfg. I was laughing and crying and squeeing and wincing and. Everything. Forever.

That was so good. I'm going to die. Anyway. :D also, EEE SOUNDWAVE! EEE SKYWARP! ee almost happy trine!

Man. :D the end.
whitebengal14 chapter 5 . 12/3/2014
That flier-tag scene was amaze. 10/10
The infatuation seekers have with the sky in the transformers universe is like my favorite part of the canon. It's so unique and realistic I want to die.

Ahhhh. I want Starscream to make up with Thundercracker and Skywarp already! Ah non! Ah!

Looking forward to seeing Starscream outside of Vos again. :D he's really interesting outside of his elements. :P
whitebengal14 chapter 4 . 12/3/2014
That seeker fight broke my heart. Call we talk about Voisian's pride tho? Like, Starscream. Please. Poor TC and 'Warp. D: Actually, poor all three of the. Misunderstandings stress me out to no end. :'D poor me.

Ahhhhh I hope Fire...cracker? Firestarter? Is okay. If not then we're going to see some political tension, eh?
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