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PickleKaz chapter 72 . 6/19
Thanks for this amazing story
PickleKaz chapter 53 . 6/19
It's getting irritating that you keep implying that Damon is stupid and Stefan is the smarter brother when it's clearly opposite in the show and Damon plan more often work than not in the show as he always had a back up plan unlike Stefan who's plan always fail as it's always involved saving everyone
BoarHatMagic chapter 72 . 9/15/2021
That was amazing! Thank you for that.
Counting Stars 11 chapter 72 . 6/17/2021
Incredible story
xxx chapter 72 . 12/19/2020
This was a great story even though it had ups and downs but I never really wanted to give up on reading it which says enough for quality. I think you did a good job working with s3 plot but at the same time making it your own by adding things and even predicting many things that happened later. Many parts I even liked better than how the show did it.

Things that bothered me was sometimes your take on SE/DK which I don't agree with it in some parts. Also you tortured Elena too much I wish you gave her more happiness between all this suffering, it was sometimes over the top even more than how the show did it and that says a lot. Also I wish you had more DE fluff in between all the angst because this story is so plot and emotional heavy that sometimes it deserved more happiness.

One thing I appreciate is you having DE together through most of the story and keeping them together no matter what happens. I've noticed writers having trouble with keeping DE together so they either leave it for last chapters or make up some angst to break them up. But here you did neither and you gave them plenty of angst and different plots but they stayed together.

I have to say though that the thing that bothered me the most is DE repeating the same fight over and over for chapters, promising each other things and breaking it, it happened so many times it was too frustrating. Especially when it came to the part of questioning was this all even worth the love between them and Elena thinking it wasn't. For me that was the weakest and most frustrating part of this story. And then it went back and forth so many times with this too until finally Elena admitted it was worth it and she wouldn't change it. I'm glad this was answered with finality in the end because even though I wish it was done differently at least it was solved in a good way.

Like I said before I loved the dark and problematic things between them and making their romance more dark than how it started was a good direction for me. I loved them choosing each other over everything, staying together and coming to the realization that they don't want to live without each other. It was pretty spot on with how canon DE went too. I could feel their love and chemistry here. I wish it had smut too. But reading DE dealing with everything that came their way was great.

As for the ending it was pretty much perfect. And also how I imagined their eternity would've been if they had stayed as vampires. You described it so perfectly, them together and their love. Great ending. And finally they could live and be happy forever.
xxx chapter 71 . 12/18/2020
After you killed off Bonnie you shouldn't have killed off Alaric. Too much misery for Elena in this story so at least Ric surviving would've been a little more light.

I want to say I loved the part when Elena in the end again questions would she still choose Damon and this path even if it meant all this happens and she decides finally that she would always choose Damon. Unlike the other times when it bothered me when she was thinking she wouldn't and it wasn't worth it I really appreciate this question finally being answered once and for all. The other thing that bothered me was her thinking Damon wouldn't choose her over Stefan and I'm glad she was proved wrong so I'll just take it as something she thought was true even when it isn't. They're each others first choice always.
xxx chapter 66 . 12/18/2020
You even got right that in the end it was Damon who helps her get her switch back on and DE spending time together but Damon not wanting to be too intimate with her. Personally I like this idea more here with how Jeremy and Damon were involved instead of Matt because I wasn't ever a fan of Matt and it seemed they used him for it just so they would avoid getting the triangle involved and keep the suspense on who will Elena choose even though it was obvious it will be Damon. So I liked this. And I think you explained very well Elena's thought process and emotions and how it all came back. Elena was more herself here even emotionless than she was on the show. I feel like on the show they made all vampires with their switches off the same way. Anyways love all these past chapters. The only thing missing is DE having more of a conversation about everything and finally some happiness but with Klaus hopefully FINALLY gone I hope I get some of it.
xxx chapter 60 . 12/17/2020
Amazing that you guessed Damon would tell Elena to turn it off after she suffered a loss! Wow!
This was the saddest chapter so far. I can't say I was a big fan of Bonnie but I wish this didn't happen so Elena didn't suffer. Poor Elena and Damon both.
xxx chapter 59 . 12/17/2020
This might be so problematic but I loved it lol. My favorite parts of this story when it was done the way I wanted it was dark romance of it all. So here I loved Elena's thoughts and saving Damon no matter what. I'm scared now of consequences but still...
It would've been interesting if Bonnie went down this path. I don't think it would've been that OOC I think it would even be a good SL if Bonnie turned bad. Elena would never really hurt Bonnie but here the situation was complicated with her turning and being overwhelmed and then the person she loves the most almost dying pushing her over the edge.
xxx chapter 58 . 12/17/2020
Elena is always too hard on herself. I always felt bad for her and all that guilt and grief she carries and is used to take on even when she shouldn't.
This is scary accurate to how it went in the show. I don't mean everything but Damon teaching her to feed, them feeding together, Elena accepting a little her new nature but still feeling guilty, Damon saying how she looked like she's free which Elena herself said she felt like in s4 with Damon. I love both versions.
xxx chapter 55 . 12/17/2020
This had such a dark romance feel to it and it really works. Even before this they had this feel to them that it made me with they had made them more of a dark romance in a show too. I mean more than they did. But with it comes a delicate balance. So now I'm scared what could come next.
xxx chapter 54 . 12/16/2020
It's funny that you predicted here Stefan sleeping with Rebekah once DE got together. Stefan was his usual annoying self in this story too but compared to how he was in s4 this was great and he accepted DE much more rationally because in the show he became unwatchable.

I see why you were nervous about this chapter but I liked it. Like I said before I actually love dark and extreme actions born out of love and that's why I minded less problematic things here that proved their love but I had more trouble with actions and words that made me doubt their love. Anyways, I'm a little confused why Elena chose this moment when they might all die any second or was that the point too? To spend however long they have on their terms and then die together? Or survive and then have forever together. But both would be on their terms. This was like the ultimate act of love no matter how questionable it could be. This actually reminded me that in the show Damon chose to turn human for Elena but here Elena turned for Damon. Elena also chose to stay a vampire for Damon first in s4. So these kinds of things are in character for them and that's why I love it.
xxx chapter 52 . 12/16/2020
This goes back and forth too many times. Now Elena few chapters later thinks everything is worth it to be with Damon. When just few chapters ago she would change everything not to be with him? Once second it isn't worth it, another second it is... it's so confusing why is it written like this.

The same thing about accepting Damon as a vampire, she accepts him but then something happens and she comes to a conclusion for who he is and it goes in circles. Same with reasons for becoming a vampire or not, reasons keep on changing.

I want to make it clear that I understand both Elena's and Damon's extreme actions to protect each other I even love it when it's too extreme and them making dark questionable choices but what pisses me off is how many times the same argument over same things is repeating only to lead to same conclusion. Because they keep making promises and vows to each other they can't keep and I would rather have them straight up admit the truth however messy it is than lying to each other only to break it.
xxx chapter 49 . 12/16/2020
I don't know I don't know anymore... these talk of theirs are starting to feel pointless when always after it one or both of them break the deal or a promise and Elena said it herself with them breaking vow after vow. So how is this solving anything when it falls apart anyway? Their lack of trust and development is disappointing. Especially since Elena herself doesn't think they're worth it...
xxx chapter 48 . 12/16/2020
So the point was Elena was in denial this whole time and that's what kept her to be with Damon?
What is the point if love however messy and complicated feels like it wasn't worth it and people would rather not be in love with each other?
I'm glad the show did this differently than here and DE actually thought being with each other was worth it because this here is terrible.
The only good part about this chapter is what Damon said because I do agree with him about vampirism and learning to control it and accepting their nature and not end up like Stefan.
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