Reviews for The Heir to Panem
Guardian Luna chapter 10 . 10/28
I'm sorry, I really disliked Katniss by the end of this story. It was the line that she would have told her friends to stop the rebels if she had known how wonderful it would be with Peeta in the Capitol that got me. That strikes me as incredibly selfish because she knows very well in person how difficult life is in the Districts yet she would still keep the status quo to make one person "happy" if not free, and eventually with him in power and herself living in every comfort. She's not doing a single thing to "rebuild Panem" herself like she said in the manifesto moment. At least she understands Peeta's mixed feelings about his father.

Overall I think it was a nice full-arc exploration of a creative what-if idea though. There were a lot of cute romantic moments and threads that pulled everything together. I'm glad I read it despite the frustration with the characters in the story that seem real to me! :P Nice work.
Guardian Luna chapter 9 . 10/28
So Peeta is the hero, not Katniss, and again she takes care of her own before caring about the overall fight. It's nice to see her finish the thread you started with asking herself who she is, although I don't know how the rebuilding Panem thing is going to work with her. Peeta is definitely a mystery! I wonder if he was actually awake when she came by and heard Finnick and Katniss' conversation? Her last line to Finnick was so cruel and immature though...she knows he's Peeta's close friend.
Guardian Luna chapter 8 . 10/28
Sigh. Katniss still sounds like a desperate little girl in the beginning of this chapter. Objectively speaking, I know that we're supposed to admire Katniss for loving her sister so much, but I honestly agree with Coin that she's potentially sacrificing thousands of others. Does Katniss think they don't love their families as much as she loves hers? A leader has to do things they don't want to do.

I'm very frustrated with both of our main characters in this chapter. Since when has anything Peeta's ever done to express his kindness ever not had negative consequences because of Snow? He certainly doesn't have the power to keep Katniss' family safe. Although he has not had an easy relationship with Snow, Katniss doesn't seem to understand that he might have complex feelings about Snow because he IS still his father after all.

Congrats on writing a story where I feel genuine emotion, even if it's anger over our dear clueless, irresponsible protagonists!
Guardian Luna chapter 7 . 10/28
A little bit unrealistic sex, but some nice building of plot pieces for the upcoming rebellion. I find it funny that everyone thinks Katniss is such a leader; tbh I saw the movies not the books but she hasn't really done ANYTHING in this story to prove herself as the mockingjay or a hero.
Guardian Luna chapter 5 . 10/28
Oh Peeta. So innocent. Yes, they hurt the Districts on purpose. Yes, your actions killed your former assistants. At least he gets the one thing he wants though. My cynical side is asking if realistically he might discover that he doesn't like her so much after several years pass and the first love fuzzies fade, but that's why this is a story and likely has a sooner ending though. And as far as husbands go, she could have had an emerald tycoon type and not one who likes dandelions, buys her nice bows, and is basically a puppy to her. Katniss, unfortunately, is a bit of an idiot about everything too.

Johanna is the best.
Guardian Luna chapter 4 . 10/28
Peeta was allowed to make a cake? He has more freedom than I realized after all. Or else his watchers allow him to sneak away a lot...
Katniss' situation sometimes seems bad and sometimes not at all. She's got the one she's "destined for." It would be worse if she were pining for Gale.
Guardian Luna chapter 3 . 10/28
Well, that was depressing. Snow elder ruins everything. Katniss really didn't handle things well with Gale, but I'm surprised she was so nice to Peeta last chapter after the level of fear before and the danger she KNEW all along he would put her family in. It sets things up for an easier resolution between them if she secretly liked him all along though.
Guest chapter 1 . 10/28
I really love this premise and am interested in finding out more about Peeta's past, especially, since it has changed so much from canon. I do have one critique though; you seem to be a very fashion-knowledgeable author to write about the fabrics and styles of clothes that Katniss wears in the Capitol so well. Consider that she is supposed to be a huntress living on the edge of poverty and starvation though. She wouldn't know what tulle or velvet is, nor the difference between a shift dress or how long a tea-length gown should be. The moment where she couldn't tell what platinum buttons would look like was spot on in characterization. Maybe you can consider this shift in knowledge areas when writing in first person point of view for future stories.

The dandelion pin is going to be a Symbol I'm sure! Overall, really good beginning with lots of plot setup. I'm excited to read the rest of the story.
Amanthya chapter 10 . 10/25
Sometimes I think I like this better than canon. I feel a little guilty about that, since without canon, there would be no fic. But still. It feels more authentically happy and hopeful at its ending. And I always thought, if you don't close a story without at least some hope, there's no point in writing it; a reader may as well be reading a newspaper. No joy in it, you know?
marizpe chapter 10 . 10/21
Another fantastic story! I loved it!
You made me cry on the last chapter, when Peeta got missing, but finally they stood together.
J.D.Bell chapter 10 . 10/20
Wonderful fic. Your Peeta is well done.
danydanybb chapter 10 . 9/30
Loved the story :)
Guest chapter 10 . 8/22
beautiful and wonderful thank you for sharing this story
AngusH chapter 10 . 8/11
This is great, as a complete reimagining it works really well.

I enjoyed it very much
seemaree chapter 10 . 6/30
Amazing fic! And that was some red herring you threw out having The Prince sitting on Peeta's desk, with hand written notes in the margin no less. I kept expecting him to turn out to be manipulating the entire rebellion so he could seize power from his father and then be twice as evil. The happy ending came as a real surprise! But well appreciated. Thank you for such a great story.
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