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Guest chapter 12 . 2/5/2014
this has been one the most brilliant fics, i've read that's made me laugh soooo damn much, i'm choking thru laughter...

i really, truly loved you 'wet t-shirt contest at the bar' - it was sooo very obvious 'oh - come on, people, whom could seriously not see that one coming...the part where 'his bones', has to at least make some way of an observational experiment out of the nite, if she's not going to par-take, she was most definitely going to be doing all sorts of observing & (hey boothy boy, you'll reap the benefits out of it, when you both go home, coz no doubt, you'll both be a bit more than..revved up)

I'm just so glad i wasn't drinking, whilst reading these last few chapters, as well, (you can no doubt guess the rest...heeheehee!)

i would seriously love to see you with another fic, along the lines of humour & the fun that b&b can get up to...there's just soooo many possibilities...pretty please, with a wet, fresh out of the shower, booth, being very, very cocky, strutting around the apartment, awaiting his bones to come home & is shocked, beyond belief, when he turns around & finds her silently-watching, almost doubled ova, in silent laughter, at seeing him strutting around the room in just a barley covered towel, still a little wet from the shower, singing at the top of his lungs into a can of shaving cream, wot he doesn't notice, till just now, after the shock at seeing her, startled him, is that she's got her camera phone out & has been quietly recording his performance!
- i'll leave the next part to your imagination, as he'll start prowling towards her, with a look of a cheater, about to have his next meal in the African plains - booth's about to pounce upon his bones, for two reasons, 'he tells her': (she secretly has sneaked up upon him & filmed him being silly & he's almost naked, well except, the part bones hasn't disclosed that during his 'hot blooded performance' - the towel slipped & he bent down to pick up said towel, but believing he was alone, danced around a little, before becoming a little too self conscience & wrapped said towel back round himself...but OH NO BONES - OH YES BOOTH - i've got it all recorded, so are you going to tell me now, what you're willing to i won't show this recording to anyone / everyone you know? think fast booth, i may just send a copy to ange, right now!? heeheeheehee!
you little evil genius you!heeheehee! Caroline, Melbourne, Australia.
Julie SBXMomX chapter 11 . 1/21/2014
I hope you continue this for Bones thoughts on the actual contest. Maybe a Brennan private experiment at home for Booth?
doge chapter 11 . 1/21/2014
Oh, how I would like to have another chapter of this. This needs a follow chapter, please!
Guest chapter 10 . 1/20/2014
OMG - i am choking on my laughter & in-ability to breath properly at the moment, from this way to much - hilarious chapter... that was totally, brilliantly awesome - congrat's on some of the best & funniest b&b bickering/banter if heard/read in a 'very, very long time'

can you pleaseeeeeeeeeeee, give me more like this chapter - i'm not opposed to begging, if it helps at all ! Caroline, Melbourne, Australia.
jsboneslover chapter 10 . 1/20/2014
Is it wrong that I got stuck on "Between her legs was Seeley Booth?"

I can't imagine the black and white combo...
Guest chapter 4 . 1/17/2014
This chapter started out ok, and then I got to the part about Angela's "funny" video which showed a colonoscopy. Who knew cancer could be so funny? Very bad taste.
Guest chapter 9 . 1/14/2014
this i think was your best chapter yet...the jokes that bren never seems to get on the show, are wot happens to me, quite a bit, i don't see the funny in a lot of the 'norm', either, ive been told i've got a rather sarcastic, dry sense of humor & quite a few jokes either told to me verbally or i see written, i just don't get...they mostly seem "pointless"...with no real sense or meaning...
but alas, thats my cross to bear...

i still think if hart & co explored a little more into brens teenage yrs 'from when her entire family, just up & left - abandoning her to the harshness of reality, where if your not wanted or seemed to be unloved by your own family, your seen as an outcast & ridiculed', this set in motion yrs of brens hiding behind walls & shutting down her emotions publically, so no-one it outwardly seemed, could hurt her, but we all know, in private, she went thru a daily & nightly living hell (on her own) no-one there to help her thru & get her to see how loved & treasured, she really is, coz thru experience she's learnt, if her own family can leave her - then why on earth would someone-anyone, not related, to which she equates would be obligated to have feelings for her, why would these non related people choose to love & continue friendships with her... its a harsh lesson to learn & must've been, so much harder to stick by, the older she got, as the more people she encounters in her professional & personal life...i tear up, try & clear my throat of the choking/closing reaction, i get, when i think of how hurtful people can be to one another, what bren went thru, starting in her mid teenage yrs & for parts of the yrs following, can only be described as painful torture & no one should ever have to go thru that...sometimes, when i get too saddened at the horrors on the news & current events, i think, we as a society have so much to learn, we claim to be a civilized one, but seriously - theres a part of me, that thinks we're still living in the dark ages, or cave men days, when people just kill, torture & displace people, just for the sake of taking ova lands or belongings that they've got no rite to, they claim its for religious or that we as a group were hurt's all crap...we all need to learn 'charity & to be humbled by those whom are barely surviving, but they're the ones whom, are so grateful for just the smallest things'.

i am so sorry, i've gone on a long raging rant... my apologies... Caroline, Melbourne, Australia.
jsboneslover chapter 9 . 1/14/2014
Brilliant chapter! You really used the brain under the sagittal suture!
angiebc chapter 8 . 1/12/2014
Couldn't have described Brennan's mind workings any better. Great job. I enjoyed reading this a lot :)
Guest chapter 8 . 1/12/2014
this was a really brilliant way of putting forth a conversation or self talk, i can most definitely see, bren partaking in... now that you've done this, it's really made me think, bren does do a hell of a lot of 'self talk, self analysis', internalizing wot she's thinking & feeling, before she even tries to put those thoughts/feelings into words out loud, booth on the other hand, is very outwardly verbal in both feelings & thoughts, he has no trouble in saying something out loud, he's more confident the things he says a majority of the time, won't be taken the wrong way, or seem to be hurtful, but where as bren, she's quite self conscious, fears being put down, criticized or told she's wrong, rude or heartless, even cold & unfeeling, she's learnt to internalize her feelings, in utter fear of these criticisms.

but wot i love the most is when b&b are at their best & bren gets her evil payback type streak in her, against her beloved partner, she's all in & its usually a barrel of laughs as booths easily embarrassed by her teasing or innuendo... it makes for hysterical bantering fun b/w the two.

thank you for the update. love to see more. Caroline, Melbourne, Australia.
jsboneslover chapter 2 . 1/12/2014
Signs of the Zodiac...brought to life in such a wonderful way, with their representative animals. Could you move to signs of the Chinese Zodiac next?
Guest chapter 7 . 12/27/2013
wow, you are no doubt, THE GENIUS, when it comes to hysterically funny, down right naughty, smutty bones f/fic.

i don't know whether it helps, but i am a 'scorpio' & i feel i have a rather sarcastic, dry sense of humor, but i do love my very smutty, hysterically funny, slightly sarcastic b&b fics, 'on either booth or bones side of the conversations', also i'm very, very much in favour, now they are romantically together, of the one-up-man-ship, of their famous b&b bickering/banter / which now can & does often lead to one demanding of the other, that they go somewhere a little more private, to work off, some of the overly sexually charged feelings running rampant thru out em both, whether they are in private or public settings, like the hoover or lab or out shopping, or the diner, or at a crime scene (specially round anyone whom dares to flirt or tries to get the attention ' by sexually flirting', with one, the other is not only highly offended, but quickly dives into the realm of being extremely pissed off, that this offence has occurred to their partner w/out either of their consent, of course, these incidents almost always happens when their together)
but getting back on track, these situations just happen anywhere really, where either someone they interact with daily or strangers meeting/seeing them can't help themselves & try to insert themselves into either the bickering or what's so obviously a very personal conversation b/ween the two, this stranger just has to be arrogant enough, to try n get the attention of at least one of the pair & it's usually in the respect of being highly offensive to the other, which in most cases, starts a new & much more aggressive round of bickering, getting much more personal & even a little evily vindictive, just to see the other react...

but my gosh, this type of firey bickering, with sexual tones, almost always, has me either gasping for air, as i choke from laughter, with tears rolling down my face... or loving the fic, so so much, that i end up reading it, several times, whilst trying to control my tears & laughter...
in these cases, i've learnt the very, very hard way, of not taking a drink or to eat whilst reading such amusing fics, as you can guess ... (the rest) ... heeheeheehee...

i really hope my rambling rant, helps you further your amazing funny & torturously outrageous smutty fic...? remember i'm a scorpio & i love smutty, hysterical & evily torchorus bantering b/w b&b ...

here's hoping you & your family had a very Blessed Christmas,
also wishing you 'all' much happiness in 2014. Caroline, Melbourne, Australia.
Guest chapter 7 . 12/27/2013
Ha ha! That was adorable. Thank you :)
thorteso chapter 6 . 12/26/2012
Hahaha. I love how Booth took down Bones' entire theory with one question!

Looking forward to the next one!
Guest chapter 6 . 12/25/2012
interesting lecture and what a way to compromise
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