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spirithealerstar1122 chapter 51 . 3/14/2017
Awesome fantastic that was great I am still waiting for Emperors mask to be updated but you did awesome this has now become my top story. And I am so happy Lilith is back I have always liked her. Thanks for the story and happy writings to you.
ghostintheair chapter 35 . 1/27/2016
I think a gun shot in the head won't make Abel so hungry he wants to attack methusalums, he will be hungry but not that hungry. But I really love it every time you make Abel fight his bloodlust or drink blood reluctantly and gets disgusted by himself, these moments show how kind and gentle-hearted he is, and give him a vampiric feeling I consider really coolω
ghostintheair chapter 51 . 1/27/2016
Epic ending! Have you read the novel? I'm glad to see those several members of the AX that don't usually appear in a fan fiction, like Havel and Kara. Esther doesn't seem very nice after being rejected by Abel, she seems more generous in the novel.
CrystalOfTime chapter 5 . 10/10/2015
Abel can be scary... damm remind me NOT to piss him off...
CrystalOfTime chapter 9 . 8/28/2015
Oh god... no... He's gone... the crusnik will activate
CrystalOfTime chapter 8 . 8/28/2015
Trying hard is better than not trying at all
Guest guy chapter 4 . 5/18/2015
Listening to Japanese music dress comes on (omg ) I'm sitting here singing along bro walks in stares and claims I'm weird and now he is reading the fanfic anyway epic story
Heika chapter 39 . 4/28/2015
"We live too long for us to ever be able to have kids and you just said this about this who are my children, brother."
Would they have Cruznik kids if it was between two true curzniks (for the sake of argument)? The cruznik’s must produce more of themselves or at the bare minimum do self repairs (unless he can call back ones lost or destroyed there would have to be a replication function inherent in them). What does she mean she lives too long, no ovulation?

Why is the UN general speaking Russian as his base language?

"We think the same of the term terran, Duchess," William smiled at Asthe.
Why would they think the same of terran which is Latin for ‘resident/citizen of the Earth’

Why do several security officers/guards from the 22nd century know Latin?

Perhaps STRANGLING your emperor

How did Havel die twice? Did you mean Noelle for the first one?

So who survived besides Thomas?

her after the virgin queen, didn't you?
She wasn’t a virgin though

CONTENT to follow Thomas

luxury CRUISER

…so is Thomas Seth’s father or son? Lol

A chapter back you said Crispy Queen-did you mean gypsy?

Sheena Nightroad
When did he adopt her?
Heika chapter 28 . 4/28/2015
defeat the stagiest the Vatican
Stagiest? Did you mean strategist? Vastly different meanings

father's family wouldn't be interested in taking her since he is an outsider and a terran
the family of terrans would not take her because there son was a terran?

Hail the Lord of Deepest Night
It is a title thus a proper noun which needs to be capitalized. Like Mr., Ms, and Dr. or King, General, etc. the first emperor by itself is up to debate, I would need to check to be sure if it would have to be capitalized or if it is up to the discretion of the writer (I am fairly positive it would not be wrong capitalized though)

She released Abel's armor
When did she grab it?

I am glad his Eminence hasn't harmed you
Do you mean the Pope?

Wasn’t she Black Widow?

"to a HOLY duel

greedy hunters
can a corpse be greedy?

You call clone colon several times this chapter

swirling around the demons
there were devil images on the coat?

knee high, white dress shoes
wouldn’t they be boots?

Her MAJESTY Queen Esther
Highness is used for princes and princesses.

Why did Lilith never have any representation when she was considering a leader of the returners as well?

Perish the one you used refers to a members of a protestant church

the Almighty Lord

"Flee you COWARDS
Heika chapter 21 . 4/28/2015
the long haired member of the Orden
so who was hit?

former host's consciousness?
(question not a statement so you need a question mark)

You have TO move

Azul RELIVED a nightmare

PRECISELY what she said

Felt SORE, more than SORE

Aran looks like Caterina's mom. Like I sad in chapter 16 there was a resemblance between my dad and William Clark (and yes I do mean William Clark as in Lewis and Clark) it is because they are related. Scary thing genetics, isn't it?
Except your dad would most likely have what 6 generation difference to Caterina’s 36? Caterina would only have 1.455191522836685e-11 percent of his blood while your father would have 0.015625 percent of Lewis’s genetics and physical appearance is a small portion of the genome. It makes sense for your father but not Caterina. TO be blunt, it is entirely possible Caterina would have none of Aran’s genes since the half is random and not split evenly (otherwise all children would be identical). The percentage I gave was for it being exactly half of the parent generation but even with grandparents it is possible (and likely) that you will not be 25%, 25% and 25%, 25% between them but like 23, 27 and 24, 26 thus for Caterina, Aran’s genes could have easily been lost to nature (unless intermarriage occurred between cousins descended of him which would raise the odds if it happened repeatedly over many generations).
Heika chapter 16 . 4/27/2015
Most humans tend to tolerate theVaticanand well tell those who are with it either lies or the truth.
? I am confused with what you are saying due to word choice.

How did she hurt her arm in the first place?

Based on the tech shown I am fairly positive the Empire could make Abel better clothes.

How did her grandfather know of Abel and live to tell of his human form?

There AREN’T many 'young' men about who have silver hair or look like you,"

Why would only some be holograms? Shouldn’t it be all or nothing?

follow her ONCE before

it would have been a demon not an angel
you want the word Devil not Demon. An Angel would be counted as a demon and even some gods of some faiths would qualify as demons (its why the Megami Tensei series uses the word ‘demon’ regardless of what the being is). Demon comes from the Latin Daemon which comes from the Greek Daimon-which were a kind of spirit (not sure if it included human spirits or not). Devil means Adversary or in simpler terms a/the Enemy.

it WASN’T time for it in Abel's eyes

CAN’T make much of

but he has no more claim to the throne than a terran does
I suggest adding “, actually a terran has a better claim than he does.”

Despite the chill his breath didn't appear
How is he defying physics outside of his body? His breath is 98 F minimum (most likely higher due to being a cruznik) and if the air is colder his breath will rapidly condense from the temp shock.

Superhuman not perfect. I really doubt his makers were Nazi’s with how they treated the ‘Aryan’



he said I WAS around

them as DAUGHTERS, sons, or good friends
Have to keep the tenses the same (all plural).

ELIGIBLE to marry her if Albion

As he is your ancestor, I think it fitting to give them to you."
Ancestor’s brother

her FROM the assassin


Contra MUNDI

, an extremely poor peasant, for over eight centuries.

The only problem would be truth scrum, which the formula changed regularly
If his body is immune to various chemical groups than he most likely would have a base resilience to any used on him and if the new batches are similar or based on older ones they likely wouldn’t work at all and with his enhanced immune system make him completely immune to it and more resilient to in general.

his eightY percent active form

if HE lost control, lost control

When he first returned seven months ago,
Seven months? I might need to reread your previous Books

"He mentioned HER before Cardinal Medici tried to arrest him

, Abel noticed the boxes which had once been there were gone,
What were in the boxes?

The AK stands for Abel Knightlord. For you fic Nightlord might be more appropriate though.

And, dare I say it, the test

wasn't that the one which had the maze in it? It didn't matter. By now the cryo would have failed and the general would be long dead.
If it lasts a thousand years than he would still be alive since even if he was frozen when Abel was ‘born’ it would still fall short of the time limit.

"It is my honor to server lord of deepest night."

ancient Methuselah tongue, "
So they said it in Russian?

into cryo and saved dying in a war."
Than how was he saved?
Guest chapter 6 . 4/27/2015
"No, I'm a zombie, I've come for the apocalypse," Abel said sarcastically then paused. "Oh, wait, the apocalypse already happened,

I set myself in book 1 for not having a romance between Abel and Esther with how Abel and Sara ended up and Abel has never seen Caterina that way.
It sounded like you were considering it a little bit ago though
Guest chapter 3 . 4/27/2015
If news got out I had returned to from the dead…"
Why wouldn’t they play it off as a miracle? God resurrecting one of his servants? Abel could take the role of a prophet and it would fit. If he manifests the Cruznik tats than he could claim they were stigmata (holy markings made by God)

I prefer AbelSeth but I just really like Abel and Seth as characters so that becomes the outcome. Asta would be preferred over Esther.

At last he found it, a small golden chain.
How did he know there would be a chain?

Great fic!

She is still extremely important just not as important as Abel, Cain, and Esther are in this story.
do you mean caterina?
Guest chapter 47 . 3/4/2015
So is he a thousand year old virgin
Guest chapter 45 . 3/4/2015
Who let this guy around royalty
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