Reviews for A New Hero
Guest chapter 125 . 5/18
Oh I love where this is going
Guest chapter 52 . 5/13
35cTeardrop chapter 1 . 5/10
The Chapter is god
PRR Gangsta chapter 125 . 5/10
Really loved the interaction between starlight and alex this chapter.
mannygamer34 chapter 125 . 5/8
Looking forward to the changeling finale!
charizardag chapter 125 . 5/8
Nice work, I didn't really like the episode but you made it much better. Great job :) always looking forward to more :)
Twinzoo1993dash chapter 125 . 5/7
I want to see a art picture of what the hooded pony A.K.A. Red look like. I know Red isn't his real name, but that's the name he wanted Alex to call him.
Guest chapter 125 . 5/7
People do read this and love it
Guest chapter 125 . 5/7
Very good
Guest chapter 125 . 5/7
Awesome3000 don’t be rude!
Awesomo3000 chapter 125 . 5/7
Ugh, Every Little Thing She Does. The first in the long line of episodes where Worst Pony does something incredibly stupid/blatantly repeats her past crimes and gets off scot-free with either a feeble apology or little more than a slap on the wrist.

But you did manage to make it somewhat bearable. So... nice job. :)
Guest chapter 125 . 5/6
Keep it up my friend
Guest chapter 125 . 5/6
Please don’t delete your stories! Please
TheShadowDragon-00 chapter 125 . 5/6
This is even better than the TV series version. Keep up the excellent work with ANH.
godofmadness43 chapter 125 . 5/6
oh man, if somethign evil approaches, it won't end well
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