Reviews for Modern Day I & II
SithKnight-Galen chapter 52 . 1/8/2007
Wow another chapter written, and a good one it was. It's always amazing to see how the actions of one person seem to always affect so many more around them without them even realizing it.

I really hope that Xellos has finally found some closure with all of his tripping about the afterlife like that, even he wasn't quite able to find what he was looking for, or what he thought that he was looking for.

Why is that even though I know that they probably are not, that Azreal and Melial somehow still remind me of a mor e"angelic/demonic" Amielia and Zelgadiss. Don't ask why, but i can't seem to shake that feeling.

And then we have a "demon" matriarch having to deal with the little cracks in her family (even the extended part) and is having to actually play the part of the mother, in a twisted way...and it looks like the eyes were really opened because of one woman once more with the sur-name of Inverse. Again, amazing how the actions of one person can affect so many?

So will Zelas ever see, or...feel Luna again...even in Luna's "ascended" form or anything?
emmyjenny chapter 52 . 1/8/2007
aw... thats sad... poor Mercy... is Seraphim a made up name or does it mean something?..

*sweatdrop* y-you might not beleive this but i havn't seen a single whole episode of Slayers... i've seen a bit of the first, part of the 5th ep of TRY or something.. most of the stuff i know of slayers is from researching on the internet.. and of course you don't have to use my ideas! they're just ideas.. for goodness sake... (sorry if i sound a bit angry.. stressful day.. been snaping off everyones head lol)

so... is mace-sama comeing back and giving someone in need of a whack a bump on the head? lol i'm so violent lol.. well LOVE YOUR STORY! and i'm expecting another chapter soon :) seen you till then :)... i dano... probably need some sleep :)
evening cannette chapter 40 . 1/5/2007
*comment on Slayers English voice acting*

O_o;; I didn't like it all that much actually, and I FELL IN LOVE with Xellos' was quite scary. Cuz I found something even more scary on Youtube. Gaara's voice is also Xellos' voice and so the voice actor guy did a "Sexy no Jutsu" thing for sounded like Xellos, so all I could see was Xellos as a girl saying all those things. Yea, and personally, I didn't like the english nasally voice of Xellos all that much. :P But to each his own, or her own. BTW, I'm still on like, 40 so I'm enjoying all this sexual tension. It's my favorite thing to read because it amuses me so, and...well...other things. _;; And uuh...yea, I like it when Xellos' loses control over his hormones :D Cuz he has to learn that he can't control his feelings like that. MWAHAHA _
Ryoko chapter 52 . 1/5/2007
Well that was a fun chapter. You switched back and forth between characters really well. Now you have me curious, now I can't wait for the next chapter. _- Ja Ne
Mwafwa chapter 52 . 1/5/2007
Yay! Another update -kya~! I honestly don't know what to say about this chapter. This one, like all the others, are GREAT! The part that really got me liking it, however, would be the mirror scene. It brings up so many questions and possibilities! As for the other parts.. *sighs* ..I guess they can't find out right now.. that they need more time until it's given to them.. (Val and Xel). Kyo! -.-; Well, another great chapter!
Ryu-Zero-Rei chapter 52 . 1/5/2007
HOHO, here we go... this new psychological aspects are nicely composed. Zelas sure has a way to do things like she plans, or at least she tries to hard enough... I wonder when Zelas realized that she loves Luna, wether it be on any level, I think this may important and you should make some short memory flashbacks when they first met and how Zelas "learned" ... but to be honest I'm sure you already have something in planning that is similar to this...

Val seems really to reflect what I tought would happen... massive self torture... and it is even more frustrating for him since "everybody" knows except for himself, that reminds I'm sure Val knows that Iyezeka knows, but he is growing up more (strange thing to say for someone who is this old... but after all his lifespan is different he had no need to rush his growth like we humans... well we can always learn new things and undergo changes...)

Hmm, sure thing that Filia is stressed, it's nice that Filia helps Zelas even when not knowing...

I really love the Mirror part with Xellos: Here we have another Psychological theme, what could this part mean? For one he could mean his inner turmoil and his "answer" that he "didn't need her at all" only her memory and that this chapter of his existenz is concluded. The mirror is the essential part which shows that he already knows the Answers by heart, but can't listen with his mind (wich actually happens a lot in reallity... sad thing)

Interesting is: When this mirror gave the pasage way it was is decision after all, to go, he himself opened the way, his self finding journey is at it climax, but not the bigger picture "some small stones may cause an avalanche".

Which is actually quite romantic is that he always thinks of Filia and Val... no, more carry them in his heart.

He did make an important step he freed himself of his self- and "social" created chains, he doesn't need to be strong like this, you can only be truly strong when you can be weak. It's like Wood is it strong but not flexibel (weak at the same time) it will break soon.

Oh and now with those Comments of Mel and Az we moving to whole different "dimension". So that means Az is actually a real Archangel and Mel only a Seraphim. Hmm it would be interesting to see what comes... your ranking of these higher beings of existenz, and I wonder if LoN will make her appearence as well.

I did knew the Angelic herachy once complete... who cares I really like how you mix up things.

It shows a differnet point of view... no, but more a different way and point of pondering and extracting possibility search wich could explain and fit here.

In short... Good work I love it

evening cannette chapter 33 . 1/4/2007

I haven't read a good Xellos/Filia fic in a while...sigh...the whole fandom is kinda dying, it makes me depressed. T_T
jadehaku chapter 51 . 12/27/2006
Wonderful chapter as usual(0)I'm sorry I havent reviewed your recent chapters my computer decided to explode,{literally}.Your writing is always extraudinary(sp?), there has been so many scenes that would look great animated!My fav part in this chapter was how you showed filia's reflection to xellos when he was in a dire situation,it really showed filia's importance as well as her light.(Cant wait for more*
Vincelia Valentine chapter 51 . 12/10/2006
Omg, lol. I'm so sorry this took me so long to post. I've been having a terrible time trying to get adjusted to my new job, and working midnights (even though I've always been a night person) And I've just been soo exhausted after work, so I actually haven't been on the computer in like a week! But here it is. I LOVE IT! Possibly in 10 favorite chapters. I love how Xellos is in the pond. I teared up, and my heart felt for him! It was heart wrenching when he looked into the water and saw her, and even more so when he was walking back and kept thinking about her and how sorry he was that he left without telling her. And uh-oh about val lol, i wonder how that conversation is going to go over, and I'm almost worried about how it's going to change his character, because I love him just as he is soo much. I wanna know if there going to have to leave xel behind, is he gonna come back, and like 15 years have passed?

And my guess is that this is signaling the end of modern day I, and that the next one will either be beginning the 30 years, or the ending of the 30 years. Which, if I remember correctly, means that you'd have a build up of chapters again, because you already had some of 2 started right?

And, actually the moment you mention what Azrael was (well okay so actually the moment I finished reading the chapter lol) I googled it. I had pretty much come to a similar conclusion that Sith Knight Galen and Ryu-Zero-Rei did lol, i just never posted it because I was afraid to possibly ruin for anyone else lol

One more thing, you misunderstood my begging for chapters lol, once a month is awsome! I have no problem! lol I was just meaning please don't let it be 3 or 4 months, lol, though with all of us egging you on at the group I was pretty sure it wouldn't be. _

Wow, that was a really long review lol. Once again, I loved it Ukkie!
tbiris chapter 51 . 12/8/2006
... 0_0 Wow...

..that seems to have been my reaction as of late most of the time hasn't it? XD
The Steel Phoenix chapter 51 . 12/7/2006
...holy crap ::favorited::

This has got to be one of the best fics I have ever read. I just couldn't stop reading it!

I can't wait for the next installment.
Ryu-Zero-Rei chapter 51 . 12/6/2006
Hmm, nice chapter I love it.

Filia’s “vision” to wait 30 years sure seems ideal… for what Telgan said, when they don’t come back he will win without a fight… maybe he will think that they will not come back after 30 years… would be a possibility, but on the other hand it would be dramatic when this would not go as planned… and in thirty years… what will have happened to the reincarnations of the other Slayers. Hm, they would sure be some good backup.

Oh, and poor Val the question of “Who am I?” is one of the most cruel self tortures and especially when there is something dark you feel only a slight bit, so tiny you are not sure.

Ok he was someone… I wonder how he will react. At least I don’t think he will shatter.

As for Xellos he sure seems to have a Spirit Journey, in the afterlife his astral body, which core is the soul, sure is more “manifest” then in the normal spheres. So his normal “body control” is for naught. Other Dimension other rules….

But it sure seems that the first trial was already a help for him… a part which already gives him part of his answer, and the second maybe as well… since we don’t know what he really associated with the song of the Phoenix, it could be the missing of Filia and hurting he gone through and still goes.

Hmm, the Phoenix was interesting , but it seems it didn’t know Xellos, not his Ancient self or at least it didn’t showed it when it did…

As I said before (don’t know if I did in this story… -.-) Xellos reminds me a lot of Loki, maybe he was something similar, since there must be a reason why he was turned into a … different life form… It couldn’t be simply because LoN was bored… ok it could … but still I don’t think so…

I think you’re planning something with it, something important… otherwise YOU wouldn’t have brought this up.

But I still wonder who or what Xellos was…. Maybe he was something like Luzifel (there are three ways to spell this name and everyone is a bit different from origin and meaning)….

Or he decided for himself to forget his Ancient past, to find something out, which reminds me of Washu from Tenchi Muyo! (OVA)… Ok enough

FlyntFin chapter 51 . 12/5/2006
WOW. another wonderful chapter! I really liked the part with xellos and the pheonix. Oh and the tom cat was pretty funny as well. All I can say is that I hope xellos will make it in time and that he and filia will finally reveal the secret they share.(the fact that they love each other) I can't wait for the next chapters keep it up! please update soon!


emmyjenny chapter 51 . 12/3/2006
oo :) this is great :) i love the description of the underworld.. :) er... i hope that with this new found peace that Xellos has found, he won't want to stay in the underworld... and shouldn't Xellos not eat anything from the underworld? cause he might not be able to leave like in greek legends how if you eat or drink anything from the underworld you'll be(if rescued) sent straight back to the underworld and never aloud to leave..

also i hope that you make it so that Xellos gets out in time.. maybe Azrael could suddenly turn up and say that if Xellos stayed any longer he couldn't go back. so he had to choose between finding Lina and staying in the real world. or what ever :)
Mistress DragonFlame chapter 51 . 12/3/2006
I found the cat hitting on Filia to be funny.
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