Reviews for Modern Day I & II
Nanya chapter 57 . 1/29/2008
*Snicker* The end part was pretty funny. Nothing like a potential mother-in-law to embarrass the hell outta you.

A porn room? Wow... Well, she *is* a Mazoku.

What IS going on with Xellos right now? I have no clue. He went to the land of the dead and came back horribly changed.
Vincelia Valentine chapter 57 . 1/26/2008
is giving me problems so I can't log in)

I LOVE IT UKKY! It was totally worth the 2 month wait.

I love the different emotions that your putting the characters through. And not sure I've ever mentioned it, but you write the voices of these characters so good. I can literally hear Xellos speaking when reading it. I really can't wait to see what happens next, and even more can't wait for them to just get together lol!

Hope your writers block is gone, and your able to continue this trend of awsome chapters :)
Officially Retired chapter 57 . 1/26/2008
"A porn room!" Heh, poor Val...
XyoushaX chapter 57 . 1/26/2008
I don't know whether to be annoyed with or pity Xellos now. He's going to be in more agony than he can imagine - even if cute Filia is modest, I can't see anything kosher about Zelas's intentions...

By the way, when is Filia going to get her next flash of mid-life crisis? Screaming so that Xellos can hear... "I want to have a baby!"
Hopelessly Addicted chapter 57 . 1/26/2008
Thank god for another chapter; was having a serious withdrawl. What's wrong with Xellos anyway? Is he just reverting back to his old self? What is he up to? Anyways, thanks for another great chapter.
Lady Kaliska chapter 57 . 1/26/2008
What I liked most about this chapter was the flow. Your description has gotten wonderfully fluid. I really like "a Mazoku child, of logic and order, instead of a mortal child that began in chaos only to end in the seriousness of adulthood." what a wonderful insightful sentence. It just adds even more depth of charater to Xellos. This is why I don't mind waiting for chapters, cuz if we're willing to wait, we get gold. _-
Mwafwa chapter 57 . 1/26/2008
XD I LOVE IT! Especially with the tree house and... POORN! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And the ending was excellent as well with Filia and her bosoms... *smirks*

Nanya chapter 56 . 1/10/2008
Wow, took me around a week, but I managed to read the whole thing (up to the current chapter). So, I have to say... Brilliant!

The teasing that Val and Xellos do to the others is just... So perfect. Feel kinda bad for Xellos tho, he misses Lina so much.

So, who was death and mercy there near the end of the first book? Also, in Slayers-D20, what's the stats on the Dragonslave? I mean, if Xellos has a super AOE, what's Dragonslave? Just wondering.

Iyzeka is crazy, but in a good way. hee hee... six-year-old with a sugar high and ADHD. Then she goes and gets super serious...

Huh... Surprised you threw in the Amazons (from Ranma 1/2) into this. Oddly appropriate, I think.
Officially Retired chapter 56 . 1/7/2008
So long it took to get here, but it's good to be back! Still love it! Eagerly awaiting the next update.

- Nicci
jadehaku chapter 56 . 11/22/2007
Woohoo you updated! This certainly made my day and the chapter was wonderful as usual. You make me so envious of your writing style it's like I can vividly see this world you created. Luv how zelas and filia's relationship has changed to that of trusting-kind. Can't wait to see more interactions between them(and of course xellos)The humor you put at the end of the chapter was just icing on the cake(or roadkill cakes). Favorite quote: "your mom's still a wacko."

v: "I blame Xellos"

z:" that usually works."_ keep up the great work
DaemonGirlJay chapter 56 . 11/16/2007
Hey there, it's me, Nephilum, changed my name to DaemonGirlJay lol-. I'm gonna try to review more from now on, hopefully every chapter lol.

It was so funny when Val got his behind slapped by Zelas lol. Poor IyzekaP lol, and luv the imitation of the matrix. Lol, poor Val, Filia really chewed him out with the gun thingP

Can't wait for the next chapter, see ya soon hehe-
emmyjenny chapter 56 . 11/16/2007
lol great ending and i loved the description of the painting of Xellos it makes me want to find my pencil burryed beneath my piles of books and sheets of paper and draw it like crazy... unless its already drawn in which case i'm not that great at drawing... but i'm sure if i put my mind to it i could and i could even put my own spin on it or something... can't wait to see what happenes... oh that reminds me whats with the room of requirements? (note: from harry potter) you know that room that gives you anything you need...

when has Filla been so angry and violent to any other than to Xellos... i think that Xellos and Filia should have a heart to heart talk among the piles of beef jerky about their feelings or something... maybe do something normal like Xellos taunting Filia into whacking him with Mace-sama lol i was so astounded that someone could have such feelings of love for something so... i can't really think of the right word but... well i had a word till it slipped right out of my head when my cat jumped on me scaring the living day lights out of me lol

anyway about Mace-sama you could have her scream "MACE-SAMA!" and it/he/she... its been so long since i've thought about Mace-sama i've almost completely forgotten everything about it other then its a mace... a very big mace lol... i keep on going off on a tangent anyway it appears in her hands and then she thinks suddenly that she doesn't need to chase him round she just has to say... "Chase and hit Xellos on his thick stupid head" then she leans back agianst a tower of strongly smelling, unstable beef jerky to watch the show... hehehe only he doesn't know that all he has to do is shout 'stop' and the mace will stop... i just realised that this maybe completely not what you i dano planned this vault to be... oh i just remembered i thought they were sending the island on this 30 year hybernation... not just a hidden room... plus what are they scared of... and what about this monster and ploting following Filia in the last chapter of Modern Day I... well i'm stopping my rabbling now or i'll never stop lol
Crazy Elf Paladin chapter 56 . 11/16/2007
*Ever since Xellos returned, things have been going turning more and more crazy around here! Will this insanity ever end?*

Seems like Val is wishing he took the blue pill . . .

Great chapter overall and I loved Zelas 'borrowing' Iyzeka's favorite toy. Looking forward to the next chapter, hope to see it soon.
summicron chapter 56 . 11/16/2007
Hi ukchana,

I really enjoyed this new chapter. The humor, paired with your usual brilliant writing style made it extremely enjoyable, and I'm very glad you found some time to write this.

Lady Kaliska chapter 56 . 11/16/2007
I really like this chapter, it kept things interesting and the character interaction was really smooth. You mixed just enough humor with the seriousness. It was great. I know you'll get moving again. _
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