Reviews for Gluing the Pieces Together
Mishi chapter 1 . 1/8/2012
Nice you should have ask Kazuya and Jin about Jun...but oh well it was Nice Start after all keep it Up!
AniDenDav chapter 1 . 1/8/2012
.YOU! I loved it! XD Just one question: Who shot the reporter where? I mean-it's kinda obvious that Heihachi probably shot her in the head, but did Jin and Kazuya do it?

Forgive me for ranting, but. . .NO JUN QUESTIONS? *cries* Oh well, I still love you! *gives you virtual Edible Arrangments (I've had to quit cold turkey, sorry.)*

Anyway. . .hope you update another story soon!
Sage Pagan chapter 1 . 1/8/2012
I'm not sure why you categorized this in "humor." But just in case that last bit with the reporter getting shot and killed was supposed to be funny, I'd say you've a...twisted sense of humor. I wouldn't be saying this if the reporter's death actually contributed to the plot in some way, but I see that this is a oneshot, so no, it is of no value.

Sometimes the best, most important stories are the most dangerous. The fact that some journalists are willing to risk their lives for them is admirable, not laughable. They do this so they can inform the public, act as watchdog and try to make a social change, not just advance their career.

Perhaps I'm taking this story too seriously.

But as someone who is studying journalism and wants to become a reporter in the near future-and who wouldn't mind pursuing dangerous stories at all-I didn't find your portrayal particularly convincing or amusing.

But hey, it's your story. Write it as you wish. And right now, I'm only criticizing content. If I were to venture into grammar and syntax, this review would be different (and longer). But, I'll leave this as is.