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Guest chapter 21 . 11/12/2012
Lol. Would be nice for Zax to start growing some balls though. A nd maturing a little.

Good so far.
Guest chapter 5 . 11/12/2012
Good Chapter!
Guest chapter 3 . 11/11/2012
noobarta chapter 73 . 11/2/2012
Woot looks like Magnus got back his old ship's name


Glad there was a happy end for everyone considering the turn of events :)

Next up...Sarin Kania and Nymk happy time ;) Lamia's be too hot O_O

Again, thanks for an awesome story Teemuu! Gotta get around to reading the Hunters of Veb story to.

Another great story has been concluded, and it seems this story is your longest yet XD
Teemuu chapter 72 . 11/2/2012
Wow ...its done. I can hardly believe it.

What began as an idea for a short focused 18 chapter story , became a sprawling 73 chapter mess. A lot of minor characters became major ones, and a few major ones got bit roles. Despite my reservations about this story, I still enjoy writing it and I am happy overall about it. Despite its length, I like its pacing, and there were sufficient battle and action scenes to keep the story moving.

This story really changed from its inception. Believe it or not the first writing of Zax had him as a sympathetic hard working kid. I thought it was too close to Fetch and scrap that idea, though I might post it if anyone wants a good laugh. Incidentally I made changes to Chapter 1 to tie in Darwen better , since she became such a major character in the story.

I hope all the major loose ends are tied up and there are no glaring continuity mistakes.

Everyone that had stuck through this and followed this story to the bitter end, I thank you and I hope you enjoyed this tale. Thanks to everyone that has reviewed this, especially Noob which is like an official spell checker of some sorts heh.

I'm still debating what to write for my next story. I've had actually begun written 3 starts, but haven't finished them yet. The githyanki story is still bouncing around my head, but I'm still having trouble deciding on a protagonist for it. Currently I'm in favor of writing another Demon hunter story, hopefully something short and focused (hah) like a 12 chapter tale or something.

Thanks again for all who have read this, you guys deserve a medal or something for reading this 400k word story about basically an orange guy with a pony, who decided not to cross a log, trying to make out with an elf chick.

Or something like that. heh .
noobarta chapter 71 . 10/29/2012
Bahahha Sarin's greatest comeback is "Yo mama!" ahhh classic Sarin )

Glad that Kania is still alive, maybe now that she risked her life for Sarin again he'll be willing to mate with her :3

If not then Kania could convince Nymk to help her "Wink wink hint hint nudge nudge"

Slight corrections here, just minor parts: cleave great swaths,council we get them off our backs,now recouped foes, hands, sell your lives dearly to the enemy,slice the paw of a creature,slice the paw of a creature,Only the pain,that if will mainly,We've seen to have lost him,
noobarta chapter 70 . 10/23/2012
Incredible battle scenes )

Loved how you managed to include all these tatics in the story

Small corrections needed for these sections: the tabled,then step into,relative safe post,Sarin was no able,the Griffon manage to hop,but only manage, returned a smirked,in dodging then weaving then engaging
noobarta chapter 67 . 10/13/2012
lololololol "most powerful adventurers in the world" indeed, Zax XDD well least no one fell into the pit this time ;)


Pssh, Adventurer's pwn, iono what you're talking about lil knight. Zax, the last Husky warrior, is about to go on a rampage! MWAHHAHAHHAHA

Can't wait for next chapter )

Some light corrections here: his cantations a,warrior manage to parry,blinded then wounded,
Guest chapter 66 . 10/9/2012
relieve her past,though the other one ,realize who I was,

damn Isula has some lungs O_O and aww they're teasing each other XD

ooooh damn Surry's pissed lol, bow down to power incarnate!

Very nice way to solve the confusion at the end, guess Super squirrel smelling power has downsides to ;)
noobarta chapter 64 . 10/5/2012
BAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA THE RETURN OF THE DREADED LOGGGG XD, I immediately recognized the start and was laughing my ass off the entire time, very nice )

Slight correction's on these two parts: his the mighty Hero, towereing Uzrith,
Teemuu chapter 62 . 10/2/2012
Thanks again for the reviews.

Notes on the various comments about this story ( in no particular story)

1: Earl has been kicking ass since Fetch 1 , he's one of the oldest reoccurring characters I think.
2: Bucky is based off of a series of ponies a halfling and then a dwarf I played once had. If I recall Bucky 1 was roasted alive by a dragon , bucky 2 was eaten by orcs, can't recall the fates of bucky 3 and 4 (probably grim) , bucky 5 was the smartest and ran away, bucky 6 fell off a cliff, bucky 7 was again eaten by orcs.
3: Peripheral Zax vision is a very useful skill to have. Especially at a supermarket next to a university.
4: Erland was written to be the current 'ultimate' warrior in the north. I originally meant for a no nonsense barbarian , who happened to have a squirrel on his head. However the more I write about him the sillier he gets. It suits the generally humor of Zax though, so I don't mind it.
5: Zax finally admits his feelings for Darwen, but the pair already knew it existed between them. The act of putting it out in the open is the big jump for him though. Since this is out of the way , it gives me the option of writing a big teary ending at the end with this issue resolved. Still haven't written it yet , although I've jotted down ideas for several alternate endings .
6: The assassin love affair thing has been bouncing around since...umm hmm Fetch 29 I think. There' no need to read that far back though. It was lightly hinted at in his first appearance in the mid 20 chapters in Zax. I wasn't sure if I should write it in Zax since it seemed to distract from the (already too many ) characters of this story, but it advanced the giant invasion plot so I thought , why not.
7: Surry's own personal relationship will be explored and explained in much greater detail soon. Believe it or not you can trace it all the way back to Fyrisvellir. Chapter 26 or 27 or something like that. Surry has been mentioned in the earlier chapters of Zax, and her own story has continued to grow in it. She plays a big part in the current ending I have planned.
8: Zax has very selective memory, especially about events in his past and names.
9: Zax is one of the few people in the story that actually respects Lord Quick and vice versa. They both have inflated egos and are glory hounds. The only difference is that Lord Quick is actually quite good with the blade and well versed in magic...Zax on the other hand needs a bit more training. Zax could possibly refer Lord Quick as Quicky , but he most likely wants to remain on his good side.

Whew...thanks again for everyone that has read this. This story is wrapping up soon and I appreciate all the hits and reviews. This story has already grown a lot bigger than I imagined it would ( I originally hoped for a focused 18 chapter story) but I've enjoyed writing it so far. Hopefully everything will be tied up neatly to everyone's satisfaction in the end.
noobarta chapter 62 . 9/29/2012
Zax of course brought along Darwen, Isula, Rollo, Petrus and Ogela. -HE REMEMBERS THEIR NAMES O_O sign of the appocalypse? XD

This is a great party ! You really outdid yourself this time Lord Quick !
WHAT, I wanted him to be called quicky ;(

Dawww so happy for that new couple ;) way to confess and be awesome at the same time. Seriously, that location made kinda pulled it all together

Slight corrections to these areas: even longer then,was at a lost for words,Surprise I would volunteer ,Tattooed sorceress knew way too well,incident with the Avatar of Myleka.,
noobarta chapter 61 . 9/24/2012

Jeez Erland has Super Squirrel hearing to? Man has Super Speed, strength, smell, now all he needs is the super power to change into a squirrel _

Dawww Zax finally confesses! Kyaaaa(fan girl moment atm scuse me ;p)

Hmm well glad the assassin hooked up with the girl he wanted :)
Kinda hoping the same happens for Surry now

Minor corrections spotted btw: twoards , fearless towards it,though for sure,laid dieing, to press forwards,knew only fierce counter attack ,more then skill ,youthful aura then aged
Guest chapter 60 . 9/23/2012
That settles several things at least
1)Earl kicks ass lol
2)Bucky is the most awesome pony ever! mwahhahah XD
3) Zax has street cred now for fighting against such a beast. I laughed so hard when I read that bit about how he trained to avert his eyes and see from his peripheral vision ;p

Slight corrections on these areas though: She was a paladin he was,You can it,paused everyone in ,from a great Destrier,and they seemed to,bones snack,dieing,out of healing,
Teemuu chapter 59 . 9/18/2012
The Erland/Surry relationship has been hinted at subtly( I hope) for a long time. (See Fyrisvellir ). Sadly the pair have different views on each other.

Everyone loves Pixietrampler...Except pixies . (See Assorted Stories of Grom 1 )

Sir Hildraxel would be the father ,of the mother , of the father of the abomination. Not the father of the father of the father of the abomination. (See Fetch )

Zax will always be Zax, although he has changed quite a bit from the first story. He's still shifty, weaselly, and cowardly, but he does recognize what's important in his life now.

I've also revised my final chapter count...umm its gonna be closer to 65 rather then 60. Maybe up to 70. I personally don't mind as long as the story doesn't drag and its still fun to write.
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