Reviews for Don't Lie To Me
TheWickedWizardOfOz chapter 2 . 6/4/2012
Man, I'm super jelly of the wonderful reviews you have! Excluding this review, and my old one, 5 of 7 of your reviews are, by FF standards, lengthy. That absolutely speaks volumes about your writing.

Just as a note CRoy is Cloned Roy, and RRoy is Real Roy

I love how CRoy says, "...became his partner, Speedy." Not, "...became his sidekick, Speedy," but "partner," right from the beginning, he always thought he was a Partner, not a sidekick :D

I love that CRoy breaks the mirror with his own fist, because it's parallel to him thinking that he broke RRoy's life!

It's absolutely heartbreaking to see Roy just hate on himself this entire chapter, and that's coming from me, a person whom basically hates on them self 24/7 xD

Awww... Roy's reminiscing about the past, and he's feeling nostalgic... -weird emotions- XD

All this denial, again XD He's just stuck in the denial phase of depression XD

"But what was he supposed to say to nowadays?" I'm absolutely certain Wally would enjoy talking to you, CRoy .

"and [that Wally's]" Whoops, typos XD

Even if CRoy "wasn't" Speedy he did claim "Red Arrow" to himself :D

I enjoy Wally's attempt to comfort CRoy, but I also enjoy that words he picked weren't the best lol "and that's all you'll ever be." I'm sure if CRoy were up to it, he'd say something like, "And what? you think I can't amount to anything else?" XDDDDDDD

For a second, I read "Bright green" and "Beautiful green" and I was like ZOMTG CROY KISS HIM! But then it wasn't "beautiful green" and now I'm wishing that Wally would take CRoy away from this slump he's fallen into :D Perhaps with a kiss ;P

"He [doesn't] deserve this." oops, more types :(

YAY! I'm so glad that CRoy is at least going to "swing by the Mountain" :D It gives such a hopeful set-up for the next chapter; I'm hoping you squash the hope somehow, or bring it alive even more :D

keiko-uchiha chapter 1 . 2/10/2012
When i read it, it made me feel a little sad for roy because he feels lonely. I am also curious about what happened with roy and wally. I really like this story and i look forward to reading the next chapter. :)
alienated-alien chapter 1 . 1/15/2012
Hey, so. I really suck at writing reviews. Here goes.

I really loved the way you lead the reader through the chapter. Your writing-style is wonderful and makes it easy to empathise with the character, because you seem to have a instinctual understanding of how to make things believable without going overboard with details. Also, you gave Roy's character so much depth and this is only the first chapter!

There are too many beautiful lines to quote, so I won't do so. You know what you wrote and I hope you know that it is amazing.

So, all in all, a painfully beautiful start to your story. Well done.

greetings, alienated-alien
Glenn chapter 1 . 1/11/2012
Hey sexii so ada has been gushing non-stop bout your fics fer weeks now and so i thought i should read it and i was not dissapointed. Ada was right this was amazing I love this so much an i can't wait for more!
Super Batflash chapter 1 . 1/11/2012
Oh my Gosh bb this is so beautiful! Oh you're words and the flash backs and the everything! I am having serious trouble being coherent here. The wonder that is your fic has rendered me somewhat speechless. I knew it was going to be amazing from what you read to me on the bus but still reading it now in all its splendor and glory and yay! Oh the angst the beautiful torturous angst! Roy needs hugs from Wally they both just need to go be together. And the way you've written these characters, the depth you've managed to give them in just the first chapter alone! I'm flailing right now, you can't see it but I'm totally flailing and embarrassing myself in the library. Except I can't seem to make myself care because Sissy this is just beautiful.

"Please..." His look pleading, begging," It's easier when you're here...Don't make...don't make me go through this alone. Don't make yourself do this alone." This line everything in it. It's so powerful and beautiful and amazing, how can you write so well and this is only like your third fic! You my sweet wonderful bb have a gift and you are not letting it go to waste I can tell you that. I suppose with this heartbreaking fic I shouldn't be so excited but it's so damn beautiful it's hard not to be. Oh Gosh this is just beautiful Sissy just gahh! Thank-you Thank-you Thank-you so much for writing this it made my year!

(‘I don’t bite’ please you and I both know that's not true)
song six chapter 1 . 1/9/2012
Thankyou for mentioning me at all! I really hoped I didn't miss anything, but my friend managed to find more mistakes I'M SO SORRY! But luckily they're your beta now and not me!

Moving on...

I really enjoyed reading this while I was beta-ing. The thing is though, I don't really go for RoyxWally. Only because for Young Justice I ship WallyxDick hardcore, and in the comic /comics/ I was always a firm believer of DickxRoy. But somehow, probably because you have great stuff here, I really loved where you were going with this story. I could feel the emotion in each flashback, and I could feel the growing tension. What I loved most was the fact you didn't try to use word too fancy or made anything complicated with the writing. You kept it clean and to the point. You created a clear image of what you wanted to portray. Basically, you wrote a story. An actualy story that builds up making the reader want more and not go looking for a dictionary or pause to take a break as if were a homework assignment. You made the feelings believable as well as easy to just feel.

What I also enjoyed about your story so far is the characterization. You haven't gone into too much depth quite yet, but what you already have I see good things happening. I already love your take on an upset Roy. He's avoiding the problem, he's drinking alone trying not to let himself feel anything. I already like the flirting between Wally and Roy as well. I could see them starting off with that physical stuff first! When they get past the awkward "So like you bro" hahahaha kidding! Anyways...

Another concept I really liked was the whole Roy needs Wally and Dick. How they 'saved' him and made him feel complete. I can foresee angsty things happening in the future! Something tells me they break his poor lonely heart.

Thankyou for writing and I look forward to see how this develops in the future!

- songsix
Skylark Evanson chapter 1 . 1/8/2012
It's so HEARTBREAKING. Roy should never end up alone. He's too good to end up alone, dammit!

And mixing Robin in was great, although just the Roy/Wally was enough to grab my attention and that's what I really, really loved. They're so sweet together, the perfect mix of sugar and spice. My personal favorite line was Roy's comment on Wally's "unruly red hair". Roy has basically the same cut XD Silly Roy :)

But really, this is so brilliant. I caught about three or four spelling/grammar errors, but nothing bad enough where I need to ask "Wait, what's that word supposed to be?" Fine considering how bad others spell.

He should never be alone. And the flashbacks nearly broke my heart. Just the whole thing had me so incredibly sympathetic with Roy, the poor baby... Wally does deserve someone better, but Roy needs him way too much to ever think of letting go; his heartbreak and his denial of the whole thing is just so SAD!

This was great. This was really, really great. It makes me want to bawl my eyes out for Roy...

Flash Admirer chapter 1 . 1/8/2012
Wow, Nerdy! This was so wonderful! I don't usually go for this pairing, but you made it so that I can't help but love them. Roy's feelings that he exibited during the flashback with sleeping Wally was so powerful and beautiful that it made me 'aww' at the cuteness of it. It's just so hard not to love Wally and his caring, nurturing, and funny personality. Why do I always go for the happy-go-lucky, naive, characters? First it was Sora from Kingdom Hearts. Then, it was Zack from Final Fantasy VII. After that it was Crow from YGO 5D's. And, now, it's Wally! Maybe it's because I feel the need to dissect the whole happy-go-lucky smile and find a deep and sad soul underneath. I swear, angst is pretty much the only genre I've been reading lately XD

Anyway, yay! Another Wally angst story! I know that it surrounds Roy at the moment, but what all the things that are going on with Wally has grabbed my attention. What is this about bruises and faking his (gorgeous) smile? *eyes narrow* It's Rudy again, isn't it? I've never hated a character as much as I hate that man right now. I really hope one of Wally's friends (or all of them) would go and pay a little 'visit' to Rudy to show him how much they don't appreciate what he's doing to Wally.

Hmm, this story starts all mysterious (as most of your stories tend to do). Alright, for now, Roy is the central character and he's drinking alcohol to take away the pain of loneliness. The question is why is he lonely? As another reviewer stated, Roy seems to be going through the stages of grief. The way he acts makes it seem like Wally and Dick are truly gone (which is hopefully not the case because then I'd go hysterical). Maybe instead of being dead, Wally and Dick are keeping their distance from Roy for something that the older redhead did. It could be because of the whole heroin addiction thing that happened in the comics (Ollie cut him loose and didn't talk to him for a while after that). Of course, Wally and Dick are the type of people who don't let the little things get in the way of their broness (unless their in a state of shock). So, Roy must've done something horrible. Based on the title...*Gasp* This has to do with Roy's affair with Cheshire, doesn't it? Maybe Wally and Roy were in a relationship prior to Lian's birth and Wally believes that Roy cheated on him with Cheshire and Dick is disappointed in Roy for breaking Wally's heart. Or, something along those lines.

There are many possibilites for how this story will progress and I'm really hooked on the story (and it's only just begun). I really can't wait to read your upcoming chapters to all of your stories (especially for this one and Hold On).
TheWickedWizardOfOz chapter 1 . 1/8/2012
"...that he meet these..." I think you meant, "...that he met these..."; '...eye brow," Depends...' You know this, but the space is between the comma and the quotation mark~; "' I look better than you...'"; "...starred at the floor." I think you meant 'stared'.

ANYWAYS. ZOMG. I'm so happy this isn't a oneshot . Because that ending there, it's just so tragically beautiful, I would die if this weren't continued D

I LOVE dealing with thoughts and memories, they give us more insight than dialogue and actions of a character, and insight is what I strive to achieve as a reviewer D

The fact that this chapter starts with a memory is great, I mean aside from the fact I know that the story revolves around memories, starting a story with one sure does give the impression that MEMORIES ARE IMPORTANT TO THE STORY xD

Roy's just like any other man: ignore all pain and pretend everything is okay until whatever it is, is brought up. XD

Even so, he begins to lurk in his memories, wading in the vast ocean of good and bad times.

I love that Wally visited him everyday . Shows his great freidnship with Roy, or at least his kindness xD

Denial. Anger. Bargaining. Depression. Acceptance. The five stages of grief. I do believe that Roy is in the first stage ;P "He was used to being alone", "He wasn't worried about them. No. He knew they could take care of themselves", "He didn't need the memories anymore. He wanted to feel numb, wanted to stop remembering everything", "He was used to lying to himself", and need I bring in the last two paragraphs? This does make me hope that Wally (or Dick?) can rip Roy from his greivances and bring him into a happier time .

AWWWW~ Roy loves Wally already . ...or at least he appreciates Wally coming over to see him everyday~

I LOVE that Roy jokes so freely with Wally, it's like he was never a douchebag .

And then Roy skips into acceptance, "No. Life wasn't better without them, anything was better when he at least had someone by his side." Even so, he goes back into Denial XD

The anaphora with "He never..." is simply amazing . I love that he's trying SO hard to forget the pain, because it means he /cared/ for Dick and Wally, he /loved/ them. Cause that's why we feel non-physical pain, we /care/, we /love/ we're /human/, and it's so great to see how Roy deals with his pain (I'm so hoping you bring in his addiction to heroin ;P)

I'm looking forward to seeing documents from you .