Reviews for A World For The Two Of Us
Warriorsstone chapter 1 . 9/30/2012
This... this is one of those stories that only come around every once and awhile. One that touches hearts and makes us think about what we are and what we hold dear. One that makes us stop and realize that even though the world can be an extremely shitty place, we all can find that one thing that gives us hope. This fanfics broke me into tears, played with my feels, and left me with twisted emotions of sadness and utter joy and happiness.

Rarely have I seen such brilliant writing like this. And what you said about people complaining about it being "not real", well to heck with them! This story too fantastical to be flamed in my opinion. I don't get it why so few people have told you this. This story is an incredible piece of work that you should be proud of creating and bringing forth into the world. I take my internet hat off to you.
BleedingStrawberries chapter 1 . 9/30/2012
As I finish reading this piece of Fanfiction and I'm stuck between wanting to cry from sadness and happiness, I couldn't help but ponder how many reviews this piece of prose got. It shocked me that such a well written fanfic would only get one review.

This fanfic is extremely well written, I love the concept that Judai is a genius and has gone from his trusting self to someone that is always suspicious of most people around him. I love how this is written in first person, it adds that personal touch to it. I also love how at the start you only get this vague idea that Judai's locked himself into a game, a reality of some kind, you find out that Johan is dead, however, you don't actually know all the exact details of what has happened, just that Judai had found it too difficult to let go. I also love how the summary itself doesn't give anything away, however it entices the reader to read it.

As we follow through the storyline we find out more and more about what Judai planned to do and along the way, I can't help but be affected by Judai's feelings and his desires. Something that I can relate to easily in this fanfic, the desire to stay with someone you love for all eternity. I once again would like to note how much I love Judai being so observant and calculating in this fanfic, from how he planned the doctor's death to how his machine would be safe from prying hands in the future. I liked the touch where he could only trust Shou and shares some final words with him.

What I love the most would be the turnaround that caught me completely by surprise, which was of course Johan's doings and how he had known what was going on throughout the whole time, in a way it answered my questions. I loved the idea that Judai was going to spend a lifetime with Johan even if it were just a fake reality, however, I also questioned what Johan would have thought if he had seen Judai do such a thing. I love how you've taken the idea of someone feeling lost without a loved one and carried it on. I also love how you've played on the selfish nature of human beings, how even someone like Johan or Judai could easily fall into that same temptation solely wanting to be with a loved one forever.

Overall, this fanfic was beautifully written, well done with writing such a well written piece. I'm in love with this fanfic and I would definitely recommend it to all Spiritshippers out there, I love how heartbreaking and at the same time sweet it was. It was mostly bittersweet, however at the end, the words "This is for you, all for you. Rest well and when you wake... I'll create a world for the two of us." I loved them. It gave the perfect closure for the fanfic, the personal touches like the lullaby that Judai loved so much, the small tender moments. They all made the fanfic perfect.

Please continue with the amazing work, you have a skill for writing! ;3

BlueEyesVampireKnight chapter 1 . 1/20/2012
All I can say is... WOW!

This is a really touching story, so sad yet so sweet... Judai found a way to be with Johan forever, LITERALLY!

Wonderfully written, really well done. :) :)