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magnoliarossa chapter 76 . 1/14
I will say what others have said: it is a pity there is no follow-up.
An epic story.
Thank you for what you posted, I can not help it.
Certainly part of me hopes that one day you will come back and show us how you intended to evolve the story.
Its beauty also lies in the fact that the relationships have been made to evolve slowly and quite naturally.
Lily and James are inside mechanisms from which they cannot get out and who knows maybe not even discovering that Harry is the real BWL will change anything the dynamics with parents are always the hardest.
Adrian is not the usual "Wrong-boy-who-lived-to-be-a-prat", and indeed at this time he was very similar to the Canon Harry, but Harry is also full of teenage rage, and I would have liked to see them come out, and improve their relationship although not as close as that between Adrian-Ron and Harry-Neville-Draco.
There are many things that I would have liked to see, but surely I say thank you for what you have shown me.
CrazyCatTimelord chapter 18 . 1/11
I love this book 3rd time of reading it even though its partly finished. I love the spn reference in there!
StarCollins chapter 76 . 1/9
Will you continue?
Bookworm6230 chapter 6 . 1/7
This is so sad

I can imagine James asking him: “Who’s you dada Harry?”
And Harry exclaiming: “Sev!” And bouncing around asking if he can see him
And James frozen in shock...
Happyrachihp chapter 76 . 1/7
U know i check 'family bond' fic everyday just in case u might have returned...i know its sounds crazy but ur story was so damn good that I can't help but to check so frequently.
Really really waiting for ur return... please come back soon, I don't know how many times I have re-read this fic
Sally Moony chapter 76 . 1/4
I love it
Adelfghi chapter 3 . 1/3
Hello, I wanted to ask you if I could translate this fic into Spanish and upload it to Wattpad?
Adelfghi chapter 2 . 1/3
Holis, queria preguntar si podia traducir esta historia al español para poder subirla a Wattpad?...
Brittney Smith chapter 76 . 1/1
I loved your story. It's been a long time since a fanfiction has captured my attention as yours did. I wish your work was the actual storyline it was so amazing! I noticed it has been awhile since your last update but I just wanted to thank you for sharing your work. I will definitely monitor your story in the future in case you decide to come back to it. Your a great writer!
Guest chapter 76 . 12/21/2020
It was amazing, an ending would be great. This was the best fanfiction I have ever seen.
Guest chapter 1 . 12/16/2020
I still check this fic for updates... if you ever come back rest assured that you’ll still have readers :)
Guest fan chapter 76 . 12/15/2020
Still an incredible story! Just some things I'd like to mention my support for if you ever get back to writing for this fabulous tale:

More than anything I soooo want to see the reactions of Harry's parents, Dumbledore, and Remus/Sirius for Harry being the real BWL, but when they do learn the truth, I'm on the side of Harry/Severus leaving out the interactions with Merlin, and leaving out Harry's alchemy abilities. Those two extra factors give Dumbledore in particular way too much info if Harry wants to have a chance at avoiding his manipulations, and the less people know that Harry can make gold and the Philosophers stone, the better. I personally wish they could see (via pensieve) Halloween night (maybe now Harry has seen it he 'remembers' it on its own?), Harry's first magic at 3, Harry's shield magic at 7 where he gives the speech about James not being his dad, saving Adrian from Quirrelmort (maybe Harry can be seen under his cloak if it's his memory?), saving Adrian from the spiders, the chamber fight, and all of the graveyard (if nothing else especially the graveyard, one of the best fanfic scenes ever written!), it also would be extremely satisfying for them to see Draco make his vow, and all the times Adrian has recently accused Harry and proven he is NOT mature enough to handle being the BWL. It would just be absolutely hilarious and amazing to watch them have to eat their words on literally everything they've done and thought for the last 15 years, they could use the reality check, without giving them any power over Harry (no doubt Dumbledore would be desperate to take control of him, which is why I think he should stay in the dark about what Harry has done with the Goblins at least up til now, and his Merlin/Flamel dealings). It would also be (to me) some poetic justice for Dumbledore/lily&James to have to be the ones who break the news to Adrian, since they are the reason he feels so childishly entitled to the BWL mantle, and filled his head with crazy impossible explanations of his abilities.

Regardless of what you choose it will be so awesome to read!
Literary Consumer chapter 76 . 12/13/2020
Any chance that this hasn’t been abandoned? It’s think it’s fantastic
onlysecret25 chapter 1 . 12/11/2020
Probably one of the most interesting stories that I read in my life, it's sad that it's incomplete but if you actually are receiving all the reviews, I have to tell you something! Please keep writing this story it's just amazing! This story is one of the reasons that I start to feel better after my last episode of depression so I'm so thankful with you!
Etourneau chapter 76 . 12/5/2020
I am French and I have read your book from the beginning with a dictionary next to me. I really like your work and I waiting for a next chapter all of my life because I think that’s The best hp fanfic that I ever read ! I m sorry for the spelling !
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