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Guest chapter 75 . 22h ago
I also appreciate the mondo chapter you make when you wait so long, keep up the amazing work! (Sorry I accidentally hit the send button before I meant to )
Guest chapter 75 . 22h ago
I can't even express how happy I am to see a new chapter! I never reviewed a story before yours because I hadn't found one good enough that I wanted to review! I really love this story, you have fantastic character development, I love the plot and I can't wait for what happens next! Please try not to wait so long between update but I also appreciate the m
kniknik chapter 75 . 23h ago
Bloody awesome! hope to see more updates on this great story soon...
HikaruWinter chapter 75 . 4/19
And worry not, I wasn't mad. And I'm perfectly understanding and bloodthirsty :) I also may be what Sherlock Holmes considers a sociopath... but a pretty high functioning one! :D
Your artistic license is granted. I'm pretty much of the same opinion, anyway. About the quantity of magic folk walking around, I mean.
And the chapter? Marvelous. I have no other words capable of describing it better as of right now -then again my brain is kind of crappy language-wise. I'm just grateful that it's switched for english right now. I make terrible messes when it's on japanese... and I'm not even going to begin when it's on galician. Can't comment shit with it. Too few speakers number-wise.
The core being tumultuous is a surprise. That dear ol' Snape didn't figure out Nagini, well, that did come as a surprise, all right -she's the only being that never is far from Voldemot's eyes, after all. Goblin pride made me laugh, as well as Evy's entusiasm -it's very much like my own with mythology *laughs*. I expected to know Neville's and Draco's animagus before the summer ended, though, what with Severus making them the potion so they would get the feeling for it the first time before they began trying to obtain it... and I was curious about what shape they might become (I peg Draco as a Gyrfalcon for some strange reason. And Neville as a big, strong cat. A Lion or a Leopard, maybe; his colouring would be the same, now that I think about it. All blonde with brown eyes. Then again, you could make them wolf animagus and I'd be a happy camper *srugs* Or you could prove one of Harry's suspicions about animagus capable of transforming into magical creatures making Draco a dragon animagus *laughs at the irony* Oh, yes, that would be as amazing as hilarius).
And James is a silly, meanie hipocrite that I would throw into a crate of nuclear waste without batting an eyelash! Severus is very right to point out that he forgets rather easily that Sirius us a BLACK! And Adrian is slowly earning himself the same punishment *cracks knuckles* That or I throw him in a middle of a ComiCon with Tom Hiddlestone in it. He wouldn't survive the Army crashing into everything in a mad dash to follow the Lord and Leader, Our Sacred Guide, Conqueror of Worlds, Bringer of Fire, Mischief and Mayhem Incarnated, Destroyer of Everything and All, God of Chaos and Evil(Odin is a prick), Loki *shakes head* The fandoms are dangerous places... That would be a most cruel punishment.
...I ramble more than usual. It must be the hour.
Meh, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR UPDATING! The next week full of presentations and exams and tests and nightmares and coffee doesn't seem so bleak right now! :'D I'm so grateful ;w;
Dyani91 chapter 75 . 4/18
AWESOME KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.. Good luck with the job i know how you feel mines like that too
Harriverse chapter 75 . 4/18
Thanks for returning to this fic. I was able to pick up the story without having to go back to the beginning and reread it.
aki93 chapter 75 . 4/18
This fic is a work of art, I couldn't stop reading and i found myself at this last update in 3days! I can't wait for what comes next! Ps James is a complete git! And I love the .ry trio!
Yami no Serena chapter 75 . 4/18
Hi! I was so happy you haven't abandoned this story! And the chapter is really interesting as always. I had a great time reading and. And now I will go on waiting for the next one and hoping that it will be soon)
An-Angels-Lily chapter 75 . 4/18
Love it. Update again soon.
Rose Hathaway Potter chapter 75 . 4/17
very good! congratulations for the new job, I'm glad you had time to post a new chapter! Kisses
daithi4377 chapter 75 . 4/17
Harry has only one more step to completely separate himself from the Potter family, if James continues on his course he is going to lose his son and so much more. It's a pity they can't get a portkey to Narcissa and have her move to Orbien. It would keep her safe and it would also have someone at the castle to keep an eye on both castles. With both unplottable Lucius or Voldemort will never get to her.
I'm not surprised his core is going through a mini typhoon he had been going on weeks with hardly any sleep, stress from the tournament, Voldemort, making mithral the castle stuff, horcruxes and then his lovely family yeah add to that he is a teenager. But I have a feeling they are going to have some shattered windows, broken dishes, minor explosion or mini glaciers this year at Hogwarts. I really hope she will be up for it, I think even a temperamental Harry may be too much for the old castle.
Have I mentioned I love this story only bad thing us now I'm all caught up and have to wait for updates lmao.
kelwin chapter 25 . 4/17
very disappointed. wanted to see the alchemist for much much longer.
daithi4377 chapter 74 . 4/17
Wonder when they guess the ring is a giant artifact and part of the deathly hollows lol. Love the giggling girls at the end it was perfect.
Estel Ashlee Snape chapter 75 . 4/17
Good chapter. Keep up the good work!
Larisya chapter 75 . 4/17
Thank you so much for updating!
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