Reviews for Family Bonds
Lereniel chapter 76 . 11/27
It's a shame you never continued this story. We didn't even get the satisfaction of seeing the secret fully blowing out!
do not mind me chapter 76 . 10/25
whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, why is it over?
zoyalo chapter 76 . 10/24
Nagyon jó ez a történet. Kár hogy a folytatás már régóta felfüggesztett. Szivesen olvasnám tovább, szerintem sokkla jobb mint az eredeti Harry Potter... chapter 76 . 10/21
Ooo this story is so good! I hope Luna is involved with getting them connected to the Ghost they need. chapter 73 . 10/20
I really enjoy this story! I think its better than the original in many ways. I dont understand Lily, being able to put one child in front of the other. But otherwise, i’d love to it adapted into its own thing. Honestly! Some tweeks and this could be its own series!
mileypwll chapter 76 . 10/13
Dios, cada capítulo Adrián se pone peor y James y Lily se niegan a mirar su negligencia como padres. No puedo esperar para ver sus caras cuando se revele todo.
TempusSpiritus chapter 33 . 10/5
Dumbledore is obviously a moron as there’s no other explanation on how he rationalizes this nonsense.
TempusSpiritus chapter 31 . 10/5
As smart as Harry is he clearly lacks common sense sometimes. He says there’s no time to lose and opens the entrance only to then seemingly plan to just leave it open while he goes to get Severus. Now I applaud him for wanting backup, as I was initially surprised when he opened it without already having gotten Severus, but it was ridiculous to just leave the entrance open especially with AdrianRon actively trying to open it.
DPinAK chapter 76 . 9/18
Enjoying your characters and plot. Hope your muse has you continue this story.
Maericy chapter 76 . 8/22
Thanks for that wonderful story I hope that one day we'll have the end !
Maericy chapter 76 . 8/22
Thanks for that wonderful story I hope that one day we'll have the end !
Maericy chapter 64 . 8/18
In general, I do not comment english stories (because I'm bad at writting) or chapters that are not the last but this time i really need to say this:

This entier chapter is a great masterclass and I really love this story
Flareqrr chapter 1 . 8/9
Will you be updating this story becuse it a great one
Domenica2000 chapter 76 . 6/28
I absolutely loved this story! Although I am sad it is not complete it was a very interesting read.
Kindly fuck you chapter 76 . 5/30
Great story sadly it’s been to many years for me to remain optimistic this would continue and I highly doubt you would read this but anyway good story great premise loved every second of it and it didn’t fall victim to something most long-ish fix’s like this do and that is over the 400k mark many beco,e far to convoluted for anyone to truly grasp the plot however good it may be.

Good bye
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