Reviews for Family Bonds
femslashlvr chapter 76 . 11h
I love this story! I'm sure there are extenuating circumstances but I hope one day soon you will continue it!
Guest chapter 76 . 13h
This was a great story. I hope you will update soon and I look forward to what happens next.
Rosenna99 chapter 76 . 16h
love the story... plz update! chapter 76 . 10/19
Will you continue your story?
chorch chapter 76 . 10/17
good story its alive?
battle manga chapter 76 . 10/16
Awww that was so cute. Since u wrote you need some inspjration i propose a dulle between adran and harry after one to many detantions and umbridge really likeing that.
Guest chapter 76 . 10/14
Please please finish this story. It's my favourite one to read.
big glee famanic chapter 76 . 10/8
I've been reading this for the past four days on my free time and might I tell you I don't regret a thing. This fanfic is so well written and I can't wait for an update. Please continue this fanfiction you wonderful human you.
FanfictionIsMyFavouriteDrug chapter 76 . 10/7
I am in love with this story!
tlw13 chapter 1 . 10/5
I came across this story again while looking for Severus and Harry fics. This is one of my all-time favorite Harry Potter fics. I was sad to see it abandoned (or maybe it's just on a really long hiatus?), but rereading it again was still so enjoyable. I'm glad I stumbled across it again.
Cassy chapter 1 . 10/4
Ojalá continúes la historia no la dejes abandonada
Kedar S Barve chapter 75 . 9/29
This fan fiction is quite thrilling , keeps you on the edge of your seat to read further. You feel like asking when does Harry reveal his true identity ? It's not that Harry wants a secret identity , he is unsure of his accidental golden shield spell which defeated Voldermort & the character definitely does not want to be manipulated by Dumbeldore .Author your writing is great , keep going !
txstwstr chapter 1 . 9/27
Have you abandoned this story, or will it be completed. if so when?
Guest chapter 1 . 9/20
I just wanted to say that I love this fanfic. I hope you finish it even though it's been ages.
Eva chapter 76 . 9/20
Do you end this ?
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