Reviews for Family Bonds
hp lover chapter 18 . 18h
I'm back. I just wanted to say, no, REPEAT, thank you. Also, I don't particularly think you care, but I'm a Gryffindor on Pottermore, and I really appreciate you not changing that from the books.
hp lover chapter 14 . 23h
I'm back. Yup. It's me. I love your disclaimers, they make me laugh just so. Thanks again.
hp lover chapter 11 . 12/8
Hey its me. The girl who doesn't want people to see my fanfic. I just wanna say thanks.
hp big time fan chapter 7 . 12/8
I wrote a Harry Potter fanfic, but I'm not willing to share it, and your fanfic is inspiring me. Thank you for blowing my mind with possibilities and twists and turns. I love your story, and unless Sev dies at the end, I know I'll love the ending, too. Thank you so much.
Erzsicica chapter 76 . 11/30
I would like to read more, from this story, please write more and more. I would like to know whats happening to the end :D
Pranoma chapter 53 . 11/22
It's Millicent Bulstrode
objudge125 chapter 17 . 11/19
Why does this always happen? I'm enjoying a story similar to this one and then the author hits me with the "He isn't allowed to look how he really looks" or "he has to use a weaker wand." It irks me. I will keep reading, though, cuz this stoey still has tons of potential
WolvesLAF19 chapter 76 . 11/18
Love this story. Can’t wait for to see where it goes and how it ends. Are you going to finish it? Or will you let someone pick it up?
Guest chapter 46 . 11/15
I'm not sure f you've heard this already, but shouldn't Dumbledore have done his Transfiguration test early? being a transfiguration prodigy?
Matthew Hoban chapter 76 . 11/14
This is an incredible story! Love the original ideas and characters! Very well written! Thank you for sharing this wonderful work!
Guest chapter 76 . 11/10
Is there ever gonna be an ending to this story? I don’t even know if I’m going to get an answer considering the story wasn’t updated since 2014, but this is really frustrating. This is such a good story and all the characters are exceptionally well written and it is really frustrating to think that I will never know the end of it. I hope you will finish this story even if it takes year to finish it. I discovered this story by its traduction in French and it stopped at chapter 56. It was so frustrating I search for the original version of it and here I am, finishing it only a few days after I started. I have waited for maybe two years for the French version to be updated before coming here and I’ll wait as long if not longer for this story to be finished or at least the next chapter to be updated. I hope you didn’t give up on writing be it fan fictions or not because I think you’re really talented and reading you is a real pleasure.
Guest chapter 76 . 11/5
Oh please please please update! This is anawesomestory, your interpretation of a mildly super!Harry naturally logical (meaning not some bam-wham super ritual) but over time and hard work he evolves. I love it. These pleaaaaaseeee update. :D
mickeysofine chapter 6 . 11/2
Completely stupid.
Why do this?
Did you decide that you mediocre writing wasn't enough?
Instead of getting better and improving your writing, you decided to add in a stupid plot twist?
Lucky it's still early in the fic.
I would've wasted more time if it was later.
neviboo0713 chapter 43 . 10/29
I don't know if you are still receiving comments on this forum but in case you do I have to tell you I'm in love with this story I'm intrigued by the paths you chose your characters. Absolutely thrilled it's doesn't follow cannon. You are remarkable and I just had to let you know
Raven BlackRose21 chapter 76 . 10/24
COME ON! Please tell me am update is in the near future?! Out of all the rain stories I've read this one is my ONLY favorite! Though there is major errors with some spell and things said in a sentence throughout the chapters, the story is compelling and very easy to get sucked into and I for one am DESPERATELY looking forward to Harry spilling the beans to the potters and all the rest of those morons about being the boy-who-lived. And please please please write harry knocking adrian down a peg or two? He needs it SERIOUSLY! Anyway PLEASE update soon. I don't normally leave reviews so the simple fact that I am means I REALLY enjoy your story! Brilliant work all around!
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