Reviews for Hey There
greamish chapter 1 . 1/9/2012
It was weird and random, but I liked it. Twas funny xD. Although I don't really get what happened to Gaara. Were his funk powers taking over? Whatever. I like how Sakura and Ino bitch-slapped each other without mercy. Girl fight! If only it had been fatal...for both of them. Nice Sasunaru at the end, even if it is kind of - no, really - sudden. The scary thing is, I can totally imagine this happening in some filler flash back episode, minus the scotty vanity - they would probably change it to some really childish, jolly old tune - and some other minor details. But of course they would make the kiss "accidental," haha. Ugh, Kiba's a douche. Not just in here, all over the place, too. Where the heck are his legions of fans even coming from?

Anyways, nice story. Good job. Write a sequel with a lemon (not really, because who knows how messed up that would be?). lol
ZombifiedWulf chapter 1 . 1/8/2012
Yayyy, bravo! That was quite amusing XD