Reviews for Harry and Luna Against the High Inquisitor
mauradette chapter 16 . 8/30
JessChen chapter 6 . 8/13
Love the omake! :P
MADStar529 chapter 16 . 8/13
So good.

Love the talk with Mrs. Weasley and Mr. Weasley for the boys. Very well done.

Luna would pick up on 'Polly' not being normal. Tonks could've researched it.

Update When You CAn. No Rush.
MADStar529 chapter 15 . 8/13
Ugh, Umbridge has something planned.

Love that Harry's getting better at Occlumency. I can see Snape's pov about his lessons but there is no reason for him to act the way he does. He could have supplemental reading as well for potions.

Luna and Harry are still adorable and just so nice together.
MADStar529 chapter 14 . 8/13
Fudge isn't too much of an idiot here.

Love Luna and Lavender's friendship, they're cute.

Neville and Hermione being better friends is great as well.
MADStar529 chapter 13 . 8/13
Love to see Lavender's p.o.v and more depth to her.

Trelawney was drunk and love her answer to Harry.
MADStar529 chapter 12 . 8/13
Love the Snape/ Flitwick confrontation. Very well done.

Dumbledore just being useless, pretty much. Nothing new there.

Harry and Cho's talk was interesting as well.

Luna and Harry are as adorable as always.
MADStar529 chapter 11 . 8/12
Wow, they're really laying it on thick.

Umbridge is going to wind up dead one of these days.
MADStar529 chapter 10 . 8/12
Really something's going to blow up in their face.

Malfoy's an idiot.

Love his friends reactions to Harry calling Luna love.
MADStar529 chapter 9 . 8/12
Awww, so sweet.

Snape's a jerk, as usual. Dumbledore's not much help either.
MADStar529 chapter 8 . 8/12
I liked Luna's commentary and hopefully Harry get's his dream sorted out.
MADStar529 chapter 7 . 8/12
Man, Harry was great there.

Umbridge's plan is going to back fire, whatever it is.

At least Fudge isn't too stupid.
MADStar529 chapter 6 . 8/12
Umbridge is evil and she's gonna get it!

So happy Sirius got to meet Luna and talked with Harry.
MADStar529 chapter 5 . 8/12
Hopefully Harry talks to Sirius soon. Happy that he was reminded of the mirror.

Luna and Harry's talk was great and the tea shop sounds interesting.

Neville and Hermione are great and I'm happy that Ron had a good time with Lavender.

Hopefully Ginny dumps Corner soon.
MADStar529 chapter 4 . 8/12
Love the interview with Harry and Mr. Lovegood sounds great.

Happy that Hermione and Luna are getting along.
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