Reviews for New Directions: A New Generation
rainthenrainbows chapter 2 . 1/11/2012
sorry real quickly I forgot her role model is her mom, and some of her favorite bands/singers are adele, the script, katy perry, hey monday, and lady gaga
rainthenrainbows chapter 1 . 1/11/2012
Full name:Emma Malley

Nickname: Emm (only her friends call her that)

Age/Grade: 16 sophomore

Gender: female

Sexuality: straight

How do they wear their hair: curled but its naturally straight

Celebrity look-a-like: Natalie Portman in this picture .

Personality: Emma is an over achiever. She is student council president, captain of the track and swimming team, she is in gymnastics, in all honor and AP classes, editor of the school newspaper, and is very determined for college. However she is shy and only has a few close friends. She doesn't trust many people, and is home alone often but she likes it that way. She is very stressed but acts happy on the outside for show. She is starting to become concerned about her weight even though it's fine.

Flaw(s): she is not very good at making friends and isn't very social

Quirks: she bites her lower lip when she is thinking

Crush: you can decide

Parents: Audrey 46. She is the CEO of a huge company and always on business trips and the father left before she was born and she never knew him

Siblings: Mark 25 in college at Stanford

What word would they have in their born this way shirt: alone

Clothing style: skirts and dresses with accessories like these ones cgi/set?id42014985

Dreams/goals: to go into sports like the olympics for gymnastics, swimming, or track, or become a professional dancer

Likes: harry potter, a very potter musical, writing, dancing, gymnastics, swimming, running, and singing (only in the shower, not in public)

Dislikes:her weight, homophobia, cheesy movies, some of the cheerios ( one of her friends is on the cheerios), people who complain about how there parents are too over protective

Do you want something to happen to them (pregnancy, disease, depression, etc?): anorexia/bulimia

Favorite type(s) of music: soft rock, pop

Favorite singers/bands:adele,

Role Model:

Life History: Her father left her before she was even born, and her mom took care of her until she turned 6. That's when her mom left for business trips and her brother took care of her until he left for college when she was 9. Then until she was 13 she had a bunch of nannies who would stay with her.

Instruments:1 or 2 songs from the piano that she learned on youtube

Fears: Claustrophobia, fear of thunder one night when she was 9, her babysitter was running late and there was a thunderstorm in the middle of the night, and a burglar came inside, but didn't see her since she hid in a secret room she has in her parents room, but saw a glimpse of him and the babysitter came and the burglar ran

Clique: jocks/ cheerios since she and her friends are all on sports teams but she only sits with them at lunch, otherwise she doesn't hang out with them

Clubs, : student council, soon glee club, school newspaper, track, swimming,

Audition song: unwell-matchbox twenty

Songs you want them to sing: nothing really some stuff by the script, and adele

Anything else: not really :)

i hope you choose mine and feel free to PM me if you have questions or want to change the character a little bit :)
missfervent chapter 2 . 1/11/2012
Actually, could I make Wally a sophomore? He just has a late birthday.

Full name: Coby Mathis Pally

Nickname: Chubs, Cobs, Tons of Fun

Age/Grade: 17/ junior

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Gay

How do they wear their hair: tousled, long and out of his face

Celebrity look-a-like: Beau Mirchoff

Personality: Coby is a man of ideas. His perceptive abilities cause him to see possibilities everywhere. He gets excited and enthusiastic about his ideas, and is able to spread his enthusiasm to others. In this way, he gets the support that he needs to fulfill his visions. Best summed up as the antithesis of Sean Hayes' beloved character, while Coby may be a confident gay man who chooses not to wave a gay pride flag everywhere he goes, he also happens to be teased often by his friends for non-stereotypical gay man traits like being a tad on the husky side and less than ambitious.

Coby is less interested in developing plans of actions or making decisions than he is in generating possibilities and ideas. Following through on the implementation of an idea is usually a chore to him. For Coby, this results in the habit of never finishing what he starts.

He can also be a charismatic personality, and boost the confidence of those around him just as easily as his own. A clever slob, Coby tends to bring out the best in his friends with his blunt honesty and frankness.

Coby is a fluent conversationalist, mentally quick, and enjoys verbal sparring with others. His incredibly sarcastic mouth is what he is notorious for; whether to bring about a good time or lop you off at the knees. Coby loves to debate issues, and may even switch sides sometimes just for the love of the debate. When Coby expresses his underlying principles, however, he feels awkward and speaks abruptly and intensely.

Under stress, Coby may lose his ability to generate possibilities, and become obsessed with minor details. These details may seem to be extremely important to him, but in reality are usually not important to the big picture.

In general, Coby is an upbeat visionary. He highly values knowledge, and spends much of his life seeking a higher understanding. He lives in the world of possibilities, and become excited about concepts, challenges and difficulties. When presented with a problem, he’s exceedingly good at improvising and quickly coming up with a creative solution. Creative, clever, curious, and theoretical, Coby has a broad range of possibilities in his life.

Flaw(s): slob, wears well worn clothing, great at making money, not so good about managing it.

Quirks: out of all of his clothing, his socks are always washed. Can imitate a cartoon without sound anything like his voice, and he drags his feet

Crush: eh, he’ll take what he can get.


Father: Howard Anthony; 5’8” and 150lb., this man may look run down by the years, but he has a heart of gold. Balding on the top of his head with just the thick gray hair around left, you wouldn’t know it during temple with the Yakima on. His eyes are dark brown and his skin has a slight natural tan.

Mother: Pauline Juliet; 5’9” and 130lbs., Pauline is the typical stay at home wife. At times she can be a bit brash and picky, nonetheless a good mother. Her eyes are a dark hazel and her skin also has a natural tan. Pauline may be a bit soft, but this woman isn’t someone you’d want to be arguing with; she likes to be right, even when she isn’t.

Siblings: only child

What word would they have in their born this way shirt: LIKES DUDES, I don’t know hah

Clothing style: slob who likes to wear his worn sneakers, a almost decently clean t-shirt and a sweater, another shirt, or blazer over said shirt. Usually wearing jeans, it’s rare to find them without a smear of cheese or a mustard stain.

Dreams/goals: to live life with as little struggle as possible. With no motivation to get a job, Coby is content with odd end jobs like taxi driver to making his home a “bed and breakfast” while his parents are away. Sports may get him to a university, but beyond that, Coby has nothing planned.

Likes: eating food anything that comes with a t-shirt proclaiming I finished it, first person shooter video games, basketball (for less than 20 minutes), anything with the words "nerf" or "war" (except actual war), baseball caps, stupid dares for money

Dislikes: Jack from Will & Grace, probably kill him and then sell his clothes, the face book and twitter, Dave Matthews Band, vegan sandwiches, sandals with socks, striped polos, those contemporary photographers and art freaks, talk about homework, “bro”, and beef jerkey.

Do you want something to happen to them (pregnancy, disease, depression, etc?): anything is cool

Favorite type(s) of music: likes the music from the late 80’s, techno and hip hop

Favorite singers/bands: Survivor, Foreigner, Van Halen, little Whitney Houston, The Pixies, and Bonnie Tyler,

Role Model: David Robinson

Life History: The Pally family moved from Livingston, Virginia to Lima Coby’s last year of middle school. His father a news editor and his mother a stay at home mom, he was babied. In a Jewish family, when Coby began to find himself attracted to the opposite sex, he swore not to tell his parents. Sure, he still likes the girls, but he prefers a guy. During any reunions or family parties, Coby asks his girl friend to play his beard. Of course he doesn’t know it, but his parents would be perfectly fine with him being gay, Coby’s beards are not talented actresses and Coby is a terrible straight man. Lazy with no interest in finding a job, surprisingly, Coby is tall and fit. Having a grandfather that is 6’, Coby definitely inherited some good genes, but if he keeps eating as he does, his girl friends think he’s going to end up having a heart attack. After school, Coby will go play basketball before going home.

Instruments: Acoustic bass guitar

Fears: spiders, formal public speaking, super done-up drag queens

Clique: slackers, basketball jocks and anyone he is talking to

Clubs: Basketball, ultimate Frisbee

Audition song: Tighten Up by Black Keys

Maybe Walter on Drums and Coby on guitar?

Songs you want them to sing: I have no idea, but he would probably end up having fun with anything he sings

Anything else: the end of "The Little Mermaid" when Ariel gets people legs and her Dad is like "Go live with that handsome Prince guy, its cool." Coby thinks that would be awesome
IAmTheStars chapter 1 . 1/10/2012
I hope you like her!

Full name: Johanna Rainn Mason

Nickname: To those close to her, she goes my Jo or Johanna, but to others she goes by Mason. She hates being called Joann.

Age/Grade: 16, Sophomore

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

How they wear their hair: It is usually up in a high pony tail or in a messy side braid. She lets it down every once in a while and it falls to mid- back.

Celebrity look-a-like: Maiara Walsh, just a bit younger looking with darker hair.

Personality: Johanna is confrontational and rebellious. She is always causing some sort of trouble and is very sarcastic with that sarcasm sometimes getting her into trouble. She often gets into fights -both verbal and physical- but not without cause. If someone provokes her or insults her or her friends, then she will fight back. She has issues with authority figures and will only respect them if they respect her. She has a pretty short fuse. She is very honest and will tell if she doesn't like something or someone. She is very protective of those she cares for and would do anything for them. To those who are new to her she may seem stand offish, but to those she is close to, she is a very good and supportive friend with a knack for getting into trouble. She tends to bottle up her emotions and will occasionally explode. She has fears of spiders and the sound of thunder. She loves to song and play the guitar. She uses them to let go and express herself. Deep down she is a very caring, loving and affectionate person, it just takes the right people to bring it out of her.

Flaws: Her temper, her issues with authority, her phobias and her knack for getting into trouble.

Quirks: She bites her lips when she is nervous and bounces lightly on the balls of her feet when antsy. She also has a habit of drinking straight form the carton.

Crush: Yes please! :) Maybe with someone who can comfort her when vulnerable? Just an idea. :)

Parents: Lillyanna Mason- 32 yrs old. She and Johanna get along for the most part. I mean they can be close, but they do tend to fight a lot. Lilly never told her who her father was and Johanna finds that frustrating. He really was a drug addict who wanted nothing to do with Johanna's life and ditched Lilly the moment he found out she was pregnant and was later arrested during a drug bust. Lilly is just protecting her from the ugly truth.

Siblings: Do dogs count? Because she has a black German Shepard named Hunter who she loves very much.

What word would they have on their born this way shirt?: Rebel

Clothing Style: She has a very simple but stylish style. Ex- heart_you_ray-ban_oversized_aviators/set?id5361918&lid18318

Dreams/Goals: She someday wants to live in Greece. She has been able to go the there only once with her mother when she was 10 and that was when she felt the happiest.

Likes: Apples, Red roses, rain, doing something crazy, running, Greek food, long walks, and singing.

Dislikes: Onions and mushrooms, snobby people, people chewing with their mouth open, thunder, spiders, and occasionally her mom.

Do you want something to happen to them?: I would like it if she could learn the truth about her dad, and maybe meet him? It doesn't have to go well, but if they could meet, that would be cool. :)

Favorite types of music: Pretty much everything but country and rap. She cant stand those.

Role Model: Secretly, her mom. But she would never admit it.

Life History: Pretty much what I said when I was talking about her mother. They live in a small apartment and her mother works almost everyday.

Instruments: Guitar

Fears: Spiders and thunder and being caught vulnerable.

Clique: She doesn't really belong to one.

Clubs: Just Glee. :)

Audition song: I Want You by Kelly Clarkson

Songs I want them to sing: So What by Pink, Already Gone by Kelly Clarkson, and Gravity by Sara Barillies.

Anything else?: I don't think so! :)

I hope you like her! Feel free to ask me any questions and please taker her into consideration! :D

blood4poppies chapter 1 . 1/10/2012
Full name: Aria Marie Gauthier

Nickname: Rhi, Arty

Age/Grade: 17 (Junior)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

How do they wear their hair: down, mostly, curled. Or she puts it up, with her bangs down.

Celebrity look-a-like: Kristen Prout

Personality: She's a kind, sweet, caring person, she's very laid back, and doesn't seem to have a care in the world. She seems very self confident, not seeming to care what others think. Her motto is "What you see is what you get" and enforces it frequently.

Flaw(s): she is overcome with confusion when questioned about her sexuality, it sometimes becomes too much for her when people try to tell her what is right. She also puts walls up with those she cares about, constantly fearing rejection.

Quirks: She tends to squint when she's serious about something, like she intentionally tries to act broody. She can't whistle, and she appears to be extremely happy when something is wrong.

Crush: she admits at one point having made out with Brittany Pierce when she was a junior and Aria was a freshman. Anyone you decide to pair her up with.

Parents: Richard S. Gauthier (father) A former drill sergeant turned lawyer, he earns all of the family's income and is often obsesses with his work. Leaving his wife to question him having an affair.

Deirdre A. Gauthier (mother)

she is a bank receptionist, who does not get along with her daughter very well, she favors Arias older brother

over her, much to her chagrin.

Siblings: an older brother Teddy, 25, who is in the marines, her parents often measures her up to him, especially her mother always asking; "why can't you be more like him?" he is currently stationed in Japan, and is very close to Aria.

What word would they have in their born this way shirt: BI

Clothing style: She dresses very artsy, very much like a hipster, wearing thick framed fake glasses over her blue eyes. She loves plaid, and will wear plaid blouses frequently, along with any pair of skinny jeans she owns, and converse. She also has a fondness of military-themed clothing, often wearing her fathers grey military jacket with rank patches everywhere she goes.

Dreams/goals: To move to California, and become a photographer.

Likes: Boys, Girls, Art, Photography, Coffee (she cant survive without it.) Singing, Guitar.", Friends, Family. Old Movies, The 1940's.(she wish she lived in that time period.)

Dislikes: Overly Judgemental people, people who take advantage of others, Sue Sylvester, Tomatoes, Cheerleading. Immorality. Clowns.

Do you want something to happen to them (pregnancy, disease, depression, etc?):

-She admits to liking both genders to her parents and her mother throws her out.

- Her father then tries to reconnect with her, wanting her to go to therapy to work through her confusion.

- She considers joining the military after an argument with her mother, but is convinced by her romantic interest not to.

Favorite type(s) of music: Electro, Rock, Alternative.

Favorite singers/bands: The Yeah Yeah Yeah's, Paramore, Metric, Good Charlotte, The Ting Tings, Ladytron, Avril Lavigne Ashlee Simpson.

Role Model: Andy Warhol as he was an art "visionary"

Marilyn Monroe, for doing whatever she felt like, and didn't give a rats ass who saw her.

Life History: Born and raised in Lima. OH. Aria has always had the best of everything. Nice house, nice clothes, nice car. But she never felt that she fit in with the popular kids, she finds herself hanging out with the artsy kids, for she felt understood her more. She has Always loved singing, but it wasn't her passion. She dreams of becoming a famous photographer like Andy Warhol. She had always hid from her parents that she was bisexual, although everyone at WMHS knew it.

Instruments: Guitar and Piano

Fears: being rejected.

Clique: Artsy kids.

Clubs, : Glee Club, Yearbook, Art Club

Audition Song: "Love Me for Me" by Ashlee Simpson

Songs you want them to sing:

- "The List" - Metric

- "Playgirl" - Ladytron

- "Together" - Avril Lavigne

-"How Does it feel?" - Avril Lavigne

-"Shadow" - Ashlee Simpson

- "Surrender" - Ashlee Simpson

- " How Soon is now?" - The Smiths

- "The young and the Hopeless" - Good Charlotte

- " Cardiology" - Good Charlotte

- "Gold Lion" - The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

any other songs that you think are suitable for her you can also add!

Anything else: - She admires Kurt Hummel, for coming out And not being afraid of who he is.

- She secretly had a crush on Quinn Fabray while she was still in school.

- She always has a coffee in her hand. She calls it her "fuel."

- She Auditions for glee in hopes of raising her D in Spanish to a B.

- Her catchphrase is, when asked to do something "that is NOT my job."

- She lost her virginity to Noah Puckerman at a party when she was a freshmen.
missfervent chapter 1 . 1/10/2012
Full name: Walter Ryan Devlin

Nickname: Walt, Wally

Age/Grade: 16/ junior

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

How do they wear their hair: cut short, thick and often tousled, Walt’s hair is a chocolate brown. Essentially, he has a Caesar cut, but like I said, it’s a bit unkempt at times.

Celebrity look-a-like: Alex Russell :)

Personality: Walt is an outgoing, straight-shooting type. Enthusiastic and excitable, he is a “doer” that lives in the world of action. A blunt, straight-forward risk taker, he is willing to plunge right into things and get his hands dirty. He lives in the here-and-now, and places little importance on introspection or theory. He looks at the facts of a situation, quickly decides what should be done, executes the action, and moves on to the next thing. Walt has an uncanny ability to perceive people’s attitudes and motivations. He picks up on little cues which go completely unnoticed by most, such as facial expressions and stance. He is always a couple of steps ahead of the person he is interacting with. Walter uses his ability to get what he wants out of a situation. Rules and laws are seen as guidelines for behavior, rather than mandates. If he has decided that something needs to be done, then his "do it and get on with it" attitude takes precedence over the rules. However, Walt has his own strong belief in what's right and what's wrong, and will doggedly stick to his principles. He is a fast-moving, fast-talking person who has an appreciation for the finer things in life. He is very good at storytelling and improvising; or rather lying. He typically makes things up as he goes along, rather than following a plan. He loves to have fun, and is fun to be around. He can be hurtful to others without being aware of it, as he generally does not know and may not care about the effect his words have on others. It's not that he doesn't care about people; it's that his decision-making process does not involve taking people's feelings into account. Walt has trouble in school, especially higher education which moves into realms where theory is more important. He gets bored with classes in which he feels he gains no useful material which can be used to get things done. He is brilliantly intelligent, but school will be a difficult chore for him. He can sell anyone on any idea. He is action-oriented, and makes decisions quickly. All-in-all, he has the extraordinary talent of getting things started. Though he is not so good at following through, and might leave those tasks to others.

Flaw(s): not one to make life-long commitments, not a wise money spender, name calling

Quirks: When sitting down at a table, he takes his shoes half way off. Walter always knows the direction he is going, can use mundane items as toys (bottle caps, straws, chopsticks), notices malapropisms.

Crush: finds a girl with a backbone sexy, but he thinks the responsible and nurturing chick is a turn on. Walter isn’t really one to stick to one relationship too long, he jumps from one commitment to the next, so the girl he’d find himself crushing on (for real) would be someone he probably avoided sexual banter with.


William Wade (Mr. Bill); 6’2” and 170 lbs., though he is to turn 50, his build would have you think he was still in his 30’s. Mr. Bill’s dark brown hair is graying, but nonetheless full and thick. Scruffy and usually unshaven, he has obvious laugh lines. His hands are rough and his arms strong from years of being in construction. Mr. Bill still works, and despite the hardly showing gut, his belt has yet to turn over. With gray hazel eyes, Mr. Bill is a respected man with a sarcastic humor.

Mother: Margaret Elizabeth (Margie); 5’6” and 130 lbs., a fair haired and skin woman, Margie is a very attractive woman. She likes to wear her dark brown rimmed glasses in attempt to conceal her own laugh lines. Margie has recently become the school nurse at McKinley High School. One to favor mediation and expressing feelings, talking to her is almost more helpful than Ms. Pillsbury. Margie eyes are a gentle dark blue.


Sister: Hannah Jean (“Bean” to Walt); 5’4” and 89 lbs., her hair is a natural dark brown as her fathers, but has dyed it a few shades darker. Thin and fair skinned, her appearance adds to her radiant personality. She is 15 and planning to try out for the Cheerios; already having a past of dance and gymnastics. Eyes are a warm gray hazel, and when in a rush or excited, her words jumble and she stutters.

What word would they have in their born this way shirt: CHEATER or BAD HYGEINE

Clothing style: during the colder days, Walter has one decent jacket; his Freshjive Corsity Jacket. Pacsun is where Walter gets most of his clothes. The jacket being a gift from his mother, if he were to ask for another decent pair of sneakers, he’d immediately be told to get a job. On a typical day he wears artwork tees (occasionally creates his own) with button shirts over top, trousers, and his thrashed Bratta sneakers.

Dreams/goals: likes to study geography, wants to take a semester off of college and travel central Europe. But a realistic dream IS college and getting a degree doing something that is an economic fail-safe.

Likes: having a good time, driving, running with no ipod, God, kiwi, long sci-fi books, writing on a chalk board not smart boards, rock and electro dance, not taking everything seriously, adrenaline rushes, doodling, and Cake Boss

Dislikes: potatoes, sound of obnoxious heels, pop songs about love, beanies, hockey, the front of a classroom, chocolate, ice in any of his drinks, those who speak colloquially, fidgeters, and girls who spoon.

Do you want something to happen to them (pregnancy, disease, depression, etc?): anything that makes writing easy

Favorite type(s) of music: alternative rock, sick remixed music

Favorite singers/bands: Mumford and sons, Dubstep remixes, Ducksauce, Linkin Park, Wolfgang Carter

Role Model: Ibn Battuta or Jack Nicholson

Life History: Born and bred in Lima, Walter hasn’t stepped as far as Dayton. While he was an only child, Walter would always go with Mr. Bill to his roofing jobs. The bigger buildings always made him feel like he was important. While Mr. Bill owned his own roofing company, his employees were less than prestigious; they were parolees. Knowing that any of them were too scared or respectful of Mr. Bill to do anything, Margie allowed Walter to be around the past delinquents. Walter learned a lot about the world from the men his father had hired, and he learned a lot about trust too. Eventually, money became too tight and Mr. Bill had to find a job as a building planner, losing the ability to be his own boss. When Hannah was born, Margie was stay at home, and Mr. Bill began working all through the week. Without a father figure, a silver tongue, and less than amiable friends, Walter found himself getting in trouble more often than not. Walter lost sight of what a functional relationship was from the girls he began dating (or sleeping with). Going into high school, Mr. Bill expressed that Walt’s drawings could be put to good use; the career of an architect. Bean being the only one who understands Walter’s need to at least leave Lima once, she avidly supports his choice to travel. Now in his third year of high school, with a sister who is a freshman, between being the not-so-popular, bad boy, ladies man, he now has to keep an eye on Hannah. Walter may be a douche sometimes, but his little sister sure as hell isn’t going to date one.

Instruments: drums

Fears: clowns, commitment

Clique: is there a clique for a smar boy who doesn’t like to be tied down and loves a good time?

Clubs: chess and spanish

Audition song:

Timshell by Mumford and Sons (too deep?)

Or Look at You by Screaming Trees

Or Apache by The Ruse

Songs you want them to sing: anything but bluegrass, pop, hip hop, but he is willing to do some Taylor Swift

Anything else: please tell me if this all sticks or makes sense


Miss Fervent

i guess i'll pm you the other guy, and possible girl
alex-alex7 chapter 1 . 1/10/2012

Full name: Liam Martin Stewart

Nickname: Marty

Age/Grade: 15 Sophmore

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

How do they wear their hair: He just lets it fall where it will, it's really a mess, usually sticking up everywhere.

Celebrity look-a-like: Adam Chanler-Berat, but with more curly, longer hair, and shorter.

Personality: He's quiet, but not shy, once you get to know him, he's really outgoing and kind of odd. He's constantly hyper and walks with a bounce. He's very protective of his friends. He's not a huge talker, but he's almost always smiling.

Flaw(s): He's a bit nosey and is a master prankster (which get's him into trouble sometimes considering the jocks are almost always the targets of his pranks), has ADD.

Quirks: Taps his fingers on any surface at anytime, wears a sliver ring at all times, bites his finger when deep in thought, carries his video camera every where.

Crush: Hmmm, anyone who can like him for him, someone funny and smart.

Parents: Jennifer Stewart- 38- nurse at the hospital. Kind, quiet and gentel woman. Works odd shifts so her son only sees her a couple times a week, but she dosn't work Sundays, so they usually have dinner together then.

Martin Stewart (deceased)- was a military commander, died in battel 3 years ago.

Siblings: None.

What word would they have in their born this way shirt: Hobit

Clothing style: Jeans and a long sleeved shirts or strpied sweaters, black running shoes, his fathers dog tags and ring,

"clark kent" glasses (he's is almost blind without them), and carries a leather shoulder bag thingy (i think you get my drift) that carries his extra camera equipment and supplies.

Dreams/goals: To make a diffrence in the world, doing what, he dosn't know.

Likes: Pranks, doing magic tricks, singing, video blogging, making videos and documentaries, old black and white sci/fi movies, science class, running early in the morning, cooking,

Dislikes: Reading, all other classes (except science), sitting still, jerks, populars, sports (except running, he's not too cordinated,

but loves to run), his height, he's super short for his age, big dogs, reality tv, snobs.

Do you want something to happen to them (pregnancy, disease, depression, etc?):

Well, usually he's quick to run away from the jocks, but maybe one time they catch him...

Favorite type(s) of music: Most new stuff (except counrty), older popular artists (Bon Jovi, Queen),

songs from Rent, because right before his father went back to war he took him and his mother to go see it.

Favorite singers/bands: Simple Plan, Bon Jovi, Marianas Trench

Role Model: His father and mother.

Life History:Born in New York, New York, lived there till the end of grade 8, after his dad died

his mother thought it would be best for a change of scenery. When he was 7 he was attacked by

a dog, which left him a scar on his arm. He was 12 when his father died, he became quieter and

bought a camera with his money to get his mind off of things, he also started running early every

morning without his mom knowing, eventually she found out, she was mad, but let him keep doing it.

He's never really talked about his dad's death, singing and running are his ways of venting.

Instruments: He dosn't have the attention span for lessons, he tried guitar when he was 9.

Fears: Dark, tight spaces (he's claustraphobic), big dogs, something happening to his mom too.

Clique: Loner, he likes to observe though his camera lense.

Clubs: Glee (he's on track too, he's the fastest runner at the school)

Audition song: I'm Alive- Next to Normal

Songs you want them to sing: Anything from Rent, Iris -Goo goo dolls.

Anything else: He's an avid video blogger and is woring on a documentary about the life of a high school student. His camera is his most prized possesion (other than anything that was his dads) he gets high c's in every class except science, which he's top of his class.
New-Classic22 chapter 1 . 1/10/2012
Full name: Hayley Rain Montenegro

Nickname: Hails. Storm. Hurricane. Monte (only when people are trying to annoy her).

Age/Grade: 16. Sophomore.

Sexuality: Closeted lesbian.

How do they wear their hair: Out. Its naturally straight so it works fine. She sometimes braids it, but only when shes going to work out, or dance.

Celebrity look-a-like: A mix of Jennifer Anniston when she was younger, and Hayley Kiyoko.

Personality: A total rebel, bad ss, trouble maker. She has no respect for authority or the rules. She's can't stand being told what to do, a total loose cannon. Aggressive. A fighter, with a hot temper. Competitive. Confident, but not in anyway cocky - unless she's joking. A clown, she loves making people laugh, and pulling pranks. She's loyal, determined, dedicated, couragous, and would do anything to take care of and protect her friends or family. She always acts before she thinks. If someone she cared about was being picked on at school, she would go up to the bully immediatley and shove him/her away before starting an actual fist fight. Most people try to stear clear of her because of her reputation as a badgirl, but she doesn't mind. Sarcastic.

Flaw(s): She has Dyslexia, and was never actually taught to read properly, so she cant. Has issues with Authority figures, and can't stand being told what to do. Aggressive.

Quirks: She raises her left eyebrow. She stands on one foot when zoned out, or intently focussed. She can't stand people touching their eyes or feet around her.

Crush: Yes please. As to who, can it be someone who appears totally out of her league - maybe a Cheerio or something, and she can pretend she hates her, but really they both like each other? Just a suggestion.

Parents: Andrew and Joy Montenegro. A District Attorney and a Forensic Reconstructor respectively. Neither of them have ever had time for their children, leaving them in the constant care of Nannies and housekeepers.


Freddie Lou Montenegro. Age 19. At the university of Indiana studying Pharmacology.

Samara Quinn Montenegro. Age 19. At the university of New York - NYU, studying on a double major of Engineering and Chemistry. Freddie's twin.

Xavier Cole Montenegro. Age 14. A very smart boy for his age, intrigued by Science and specifically Chemistry. He loves it.

Chandler Axle Montenegro. Age 11. Same as Xavier, except more interested in how things are built.

- As you can see she is sort of the odd one out when it comes to intellect in her family.

What word would they have in their born this way shirt: Can't Read.

Clothing style: Rocker, punk and dancer mix. Black/red/Grey skinny jeans, cargo pants, or shorts. Red/White/Grey/Purple/Blue/Silver/Gold t-shirts, tank tops, or mid drifts that show off her perfectly toned abs. Leather jacket. -colors listed above- high top sneakers & converse, or knee high black boots with a two inch heel. Different flat-caps. Silver, black, gold bracelets, necklaces and rings, sometimes a black fedora with a sparkly gold band.

Dreams/goals: To be an internationally recognised artist, painting and drawing all around the world.

Likes: Running. Music. Painting. Singing. Causing Trouble. Being a vegetarian. Tofu burgers. Hip-Hop. Dancing. Fighting. Making people laugh. Swimming. The beach. Hot weather. Skateboarding. Running. Keeping in shape.

Dislikes: School. Creepy Looking Dolls. Vantriloquist Dummies. Judgemental people. Meat. People who eat meat. People who tell her what to do. Bullies. Fast Food. Fats. Action, Adventure, Romance Movies. Reading.

Do you want something to happen to them in the story?:

1) Can she be outed by someone, like REALLY meanly?

2) Maybe she can be be hurt by someone, like physically.

3) Or she could just be a genuine Bad ss, but thats kinda boring.

Favorite type of music: Rock-Pop (P!nk, Kelly Clarkson, Orinathe). Rock and Roll. Rap. Some pop.

Favorite singers/bands: P!nk. Kelly Clarkson, Orianthe, Molotov Jukebox, The Black Eyed Peas, The Midnight Beast, Caitlyn Taylor Love. Gym Class Heros.

Role Model: Michelle Rodriguez. She loves the way she doesn't take sh*t from anybody, and carrys herself with such confidence.

Life History: She was born in St Marys, Ohio, but her dad moved them to Lima when she was only 4. She was the only child who didnt go to pre-k, or Kindergarten, as her Dad was afraid that she would smudge out all the hard work that the other two did in making a great family name. Her mom tried to teach her to read, but couldn't, so she gave her a set of her pencils and paints and told her to go for her life. It turned out she was exceptionally good, so her dad sent her to school. She was picked on and bullyed for not being able to read, so one day when she was 6 she entered the gym after school when a expert Dance class was happening. The instructor told her she could try to keep up, but probably wouldn't be able to - but she could. He took her under his wing and molded her into his star B-Girl (none of them kids ever messed with her after that) and she loved it till she turned 13, when her dad pulled her out of his classes, demanding she raise her grades. She went off the rails; ditching school altogether, dying colored streaks in her hair, painting her nails black, getting a tattoo of a black eagle on her wrist, etc.

Instruments: N/A.

Fears: People finding out about her sexuality.

Clique: Loner.

Clubs: Glee.

Audition song: Sober by P!nk.

Songs you want to sing: Anything from P!nk. Since You Been Gone & Behind These Hazel Eyes by Kelly Clarkson (or anything else). Use Somebody by Kings of Leon. Hit Me With Your Best Shot by Pat Bennetar. Sterio Hearts by Gym Class Heros (as a duet). Anything from Paramore.

Anything else-

a natural tan. 5'6 tall. 125 lbs in pure athletic muscle. Washboard abs. Lean. Feminine looking. Chocolate brown hair with natural gold highlights and three streaks dyed 2 Red-Velvet Red and 1 White, in this style - Just a bit longer than shoulder length, straight with a curl at the ends, a side fringe bang on the left side of her forehead that she is constantly trying to push away from her eyes. Ocean blue eyes, with a navy blue outline an lighter flecks throughout, almond shaped, naturally long thick eyelashes. A sort of delecate face that completely contradicts her personality. Oval shaped face, cute nose, and a medium-high hairline. No widows peak. She alway has her nails kept medium length, rounded, and painted aqua blue. She doesn't like to wear a great deal of makeup, but will wear the normal amount for a teenage girl - consealer, foundation, blush, light mascara, and natural looking lipgloss.

Just PM me for anything Else! Please take her into consideration!
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