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rhea.kikku chapter 47 . 11/27
I have been reading this story for quite sometimes. This is unlike any story I have ever read, fanfiction or original! And this new characterisation of Hermione is really unique and brilliant. You are a wonderful writer and I am looking forward to read more of your works.
Guest chapter 47 . 11/23
I have never found another story quite like this, it is fantastic and the best Tomione fanfiction I have ever read.
RayMendes chapter 26 . 11/19
Just had to stop here and say how amazing your writing is. You are rocking the shit out of this plot line. I love your characterization of both Tom and Hermione and how even though they are falling for each other the whole thing still completely believable. I simply love the kiss scene it was like a train wreck in the best possible way (inevitable and you just cannot take your eyes away from it) Keep up the amazing work!
rosemazur13 chapter 58 . 11/17
Omg I love how you ended this! You made the lore so descriptive and intricate that it became very realistic and easy to believe. Thank you for giving a satisfying ending without making me cry. (Not to say tears were not shed during the duration of this book) Also thank you for giving Hermione an interesting plot that delved deeper into her character rather than just focusing entirely on the romance or action parts. This Hermione became was a little confusing at first but she totally redeemed herself at the end with her acceptance and determination to achieve great things. Well done author. Thank you for writing such a great book. I hope you can continue writing more in the future.
Ceiros chapter 58 . 11/15
This was really fun to read. I loved seeing both sides of history, and the difference before (well, mostly before) the horcruxes on Tom. I have never read a fic where they talked about each horcrux taking something from you, other than your soul fragment; it was truly masterful showing and explaining the exponential loss of what makes life truly worth living in the pursuit of immortality. Really well done.

It was also really fun to see Hermione find herself, find deeper magic, in older magical rites and practices. I've read fics before where she's introduced to them early on in her Hogwarts career, and it obviously shapes how she grows, both magically and emotionally; it was really a joy to see her come to these magical practices after the conclusion of canon (not including '19 years later'), and see what she can learn, and the yearning to make sure it isn't forgotten. To see the magic that already /had/ been forgotten by the time of canon.

I was definitely surprised when I read that Hermione was going to bring him back, as I thought she had accepted that the Tom she loved was gone. And yet, she brought him back, even more whole than she had ever known him. I understand Harry's reticence and anger towards Hermione afterwards, especially if you think about what he went through just to end this guy in the first place.

It's so rare to read a fic (sorry to keep comparing to other fanfiction) that doesn't make Tom truly either Dark and horrible, or turn into a good boy because of Hermione (I mean, it tends to be her sent back in time). The balance you struck in this, and that sense of loss and longing for the past Tom after the Locket is absolutely palpable. I am glad that this is fictional work, as I would hate for anyone to feel all of the loss and resolidifying of conviction over and over and over again that Hermione has experienced in this tale.

It was cool to read about Tom changing after everything that has happened to him and that he had done; how his complete soul, alongside knowledge, Hermione and magic itself, was shaped. How they, in turn, helped shape and form the magic of iðunna and its people.
Ceiros chapter 16 . 11/13
Okay, so it actually happened; gotcha. I had to read the previous chapter about 3 times because I was so confused. Anyways, Tom is absolutely bonkers.
Ceiros chapter 15 . 11/13
Okay okay okay okay. Did that actually happen or was it some curse to make a living nightmare or something? Because it came completely out of nowhere and I couldn't figure out what was real and what wasn't
xoxokristen chapter 58 . 11/12
Wow, excellent story!
leroygunjug chapter 43 . 11/5
WAIT A FUCKING MINUTE the PROPHECY APPLIES TO HER- 7th month dies, she’s brought back to end of july, she obvs his equal and she regularly defies him
leroygunjug chapter 36 . 11/5
i’m starting to think that hermiones’death’ is what finalised voldemort
Miltonpepples chapter 1 . 11/3
I have read this twice. I will read it again. This is the BEST FanFiction I have EVER read. This could be sold as a regular book if you changed the characters names and a couple of back stories. This book started me on fanfiction. It is the perfect blend of the real world and magical, with a large twist of fable. JK Rowling should pay you to publish this.
Peque Saltamontes chapter 58 . 11/3
This was... Woah. Thank you so much. Just thank you. I cannot imagine the effort you put into this, and I love it. It means the whole world to me you just went one day and decided to gift us, complete strangers, this beautiful, awe-inspiring story. Thank you so much.
daphnie chapter 39 . 10/29
Wait.. We are looking into a memory of Hermione. How can it show what happened at the train station before she arrived at the train station?
dracoisforever chapter 58 . 10/29
Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! Thank you!
HelpmeHermione chapter 58 . 10/29
I loved this story! I love that you had her create something worthy! I hate stories where Hermione just becomes another Ministry worker. She hated the Ministry! Glad to see she got what she wanted. Would love a story about her kids. One of the best fan docs I've read about Harry's kids is at jamespotterseries. Com. 5 epic books you have to download. Worth the hours and hours of reading! Would love something like that with these powerful kids. Can you imagine what they might end up like?
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