Reviews for Going Under
Rita01tx chapter 46 . 4/3
Glad you stopped here 'cause I don't wanna see them get old. Hell'n I suspect Charlie has already made his exit...thanks for not goin' there *sniff!*
Rita01tx chapter 45 . 4/3
Nothin' like a totally besotted daddy LOL!
Rita01tx chapter 44 . 4/3
That will never get old LOL!
Rita01tx chapter 43 . 4/3
Charlie's first loyalty absolutely lies with Bella but I wonder if he ever talked to Edward after that, or got to know Lisle, Jasper...anyone Bella loved!?
Rita01tx chapter 42 . 4/3
Babies grow up all too soon *sigh!*
Rita01tx chapter 41 . 4/3
Wow! Edward's ready to ready to raise another kid from scratch? Fingers crossed he gets his wish for a girl LOL!
Rita01tx chapter 40 . 4/3
Happy hearts all around!
Rita01tx chapter 39 . 4/3
The frozen peas trick sure paid off...until Bella froze instead of the peas LOL!
Rita01tx chapter 38 . 4/3
Well, I didn't see that comin'...she was already on her way home *high five!*
Rita01tx chapter 37 . 4/3
No honesty? No point! Glad they both chose honesty *woo hoo!*
Rita01tx chapter 36 . 4/3
Oooh, he's not gonna let her run again *squeee!* Neither is Lisle and he's big enough now to have a say LOL!
Rita01tx chapter 35 . 4/3
Awww, our baby boy has turned into a creative genius, and at such a young age LOL!
Rita01tx chapter 34 . 4/3
At least Bella got her summer of love before runnin' scared and not just for herself but also for Edward and Lisle. Damn Makenna the Leech!
Rita01tx chapter 33 . 4/3
If Makenna's tryin' to make Edward out to be a whoremonger, she'll be hard put to provide any proof of it!
Rita01tx chapter 32 . 4/3
Bella's pretty darn wise for an 18-year-old!
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