Reviews for Is There a Russian Word for Drabble?
MLaw chapter 871 . 7/13
I had to go back and re-read to refresh my memory. Looking forward to what Jules might have to say.
MLaw chapter 870 . 4/5
Getting scary!
MLaw chapter 868 . 4/2
A mole a mole!
MLaw chapter 866 . 3/31
The plot thickens even more.
MLaw chapter 865 . 3/31
Ah the Kuryakin mind at work...
MLaw chapter 863 . 3/30
A bit of respite before the fun begins?
MLaw chapter 861 . 3/29
Ahhh, the plot is going to thicken soon, I think.
MLaw chapter 860 . 3/15
Ewwww solidifying every mucous membrane? This chemical thing is becoming quite intriguing.
MLaw chapter 859 . 3/15
You're in a painful frame of mind these last two chapters. Ouch!
MLaw chapter 858 . 3/15
Now there's some interesting thoughts. Amazing calm while dealing with chemicals in their bodies.
MLaw chapter 856 . 3/10
Ah the plot thickens.
MLaw chapter 855 . 3/9
Hmm never thought of Napoleon striking fear in to the hearts of others, that's usually Illya's job. "D
MLaw chapter 854 . 3/8
MLaw chapter 853 . 3/8
Napoleon's line is a truism if ever there was one. Good to see you writing some MFU again.
Starsilver chapter 852 . 10/15/2015
I wanted to say that I love this story! The characters are just amazing and I love how much dept you give them, yet also manage to inert humor and jokes. (Wellington and Lawan taking down THRUSH operatives shall forever be my favorite part.) the length is also really impressive. I will admit that at the beginning I was uncertain of reading something mostly dialogue, but you make it work really well.
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