Reviews for A Little Teary Eyed
Pheonix09 chapter 1 . 1/15/2012
That was hilarious, I loved it and awesome job but I can't wait for the next one
Asarikou-chan chapter 1 . 1/13/2012
Hahaha. Poor Kouji. He should at least try to stop worrying but what can he do,seeing his brother crying?

It seems like a payback hehe. I mean he scared him with fake(unintentional tears) and now he is letting him cry for real(funnily on a movie)

But really Kouji. Couldn't u find sth other than titanic. Mind you I didn't watch it at all. I wish I can but it doesn't seem possible. I know vague idea about the movie.
Firaga Productions chapter 1 . 1/10/2012
I'm so glad I read the last chapter of Knowledge Without Force BEFORE reading this. Because I needed something to keep me from crying. Again with the giggle fits! Hehe. Anyway. Good job. :D
Meda Princess chapter 1 . 1/10/2012
I love reading these little drabbles! They're so cute!