Reviews for Siren Song
hi chapter 10 . 5/13/2014
i like this story :)
Persephy chapter 11 . 3/15/2013
Damn, you are good. I don't even remember so much of the show, but right now, I don't care. Banshee is a character with a real background for once. Thank you.
Emerald Gaze chapter 11 . 12/15/2012
i have to say it's pretty impressive that you fit a whole story into just 11 chaps. and to top it all off it was about puck too! i have to admit i would have never expected to see a banshee/puck story but it was really well done and it all made a lot of sense
i enjoyed the story and stayed up way too long to read it but it was worth it! _!
Sea's child chapter 11 . 9/17/2012
Great story! I love that Puck found love!
PeaceLightVictory chapter 11 . 4/3/2012
I absolutely loved this! D Thanks for a great read!
PeaceLightVictory chapter 7 . 4/3/2012
I whole-heartedly agree with your description/characterization of the Banshee. From my research of her she wasn't an evil mythological being and it irritates me when people depict her as such. (I'm such an Irish mythology nerd.)

I love your story! Well, I better continue reading it! D
James Birdsong chapter 11 . 2/12/2012
Good final two chapters yes _
Kyress chapter 11 . 2/5/2012
Nice story! I love it! Hope you make another Fey story! I just love the Fey!
tanithlipsky chapter 11 . 2/3/2012
chapter 5 : banshee teaches,fox flies, shocks Xanatos funny

chapter 6: yay. cute scene of banshee singing to make alex sleep.

chapter 7: as the title states, she is starting to like the place. cool.

chapter 8: interesting chapter. many things happen. a person dies( a natural death, for once ... in fanfics( deaths like that are rare)), kidnappings happen and vengeful beings are up and about.

chapter 9: not sure what to say but i like it.

chapter 10: cute mushiness

chapter 11: nice ending. not exactly happy, but not sad either.

As one James Birdsong stated: ...this is excellent and wow everyone is in character.

so...* throws confetti and claps*
James Birdsong chapter 9 . 1/27/2012
randomgirl chapter 8 . 1/25/2012
I love this story. You took an underrated, underused character and made me CARE so freakin' much! The interaction between Puck and Banshee are AMAZING! I hope to see more of this soon!
James Birdsong chapter 8 . 1/25/2012
Certainly this is excellent and wow everyone is in character.
Amoebacomet chapter 8 . 1/25/2012
I have to say again how much I love this.

The plot is interesting, the characterization is perfect and I love how you've been borrowing ideas and characters from Weisman's original plans for the show.

I've honestly been checking for updates on this every day for the last week and a half. And I'm dying for the next one.

Awesome job!
TieDyeWitch629 chapter 5 . 1/21/2012
I really do like this, it's very interesting and I love the dynamic between Owen/Puck and Molly/Banshee. I can't wait for the next chapter!
tanithlipsky chapter 4 . 1/19/2012
nice. my feelings on it?

chapter1 : interesting, banshee is here. what does she want.

chapter 2: ooh, more info! cool.

chapter 3: is slightly funny in a way i can't explain...

chapter 4: ooh, thank goodness for Xanatos's honesty.
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