Reviews for All Fall Down
silversurf4 chapter 1 . 1/20/2012
I'm shocked to find this story hasn't yet merited reviews. It's complex, detailed, well thought out, multilayered and filled with emotional twists and turns that are both puzzling and make sense. Rachel's life was turn inside out and Charlie's fate and hers are intertwined. I think you have the vibe right, part sexual attraction to a man who showed her compassion and part longing for the past she lost and has nearly forgotten. I loved the nuance and the vagary of her encounters and many moves throughout Europe.

Just because people haven't written doesn't mean they aren't reading and this is a nice meaty story with a lot to chew on. Does she come back? What happens then? Will they ever be right? Will they ever be whole again? It's poignant and touching and just a bit unsettling, but well written and evidences a lot of deep thought about the scars they both have inside and out. Thanks for having the courage to share such an emotional and complex angle on these two very compelling and broken but linked souls.