Reviews for The Human Mask
Faeyre chapter 79 . 11/17
f for natsume who is getting half-found out in the next arc
Nikomi chapter 116 . 11/15
Update plz!
Faeyre chapter 116 . 11/10

And meanwhile Sasada never finds out ahaha. His friends know, his parents know, his other friends know and they also know about his new status. But Sasada’s just left in the dark.

Ha. Ha. I loved this story, by the way :)
Faeyre chapter 109 . 11/10
“ But dragons have a long-held enmity against fox spirits," Nyanko-sensei says. "Though not entirely without reason." His eyes gleam hungrily. "It's said that dragons eat fox spirits, no?"

"I have never had the pleasure," Kohaku replies, and much to Natsume's dismay, a similar gleam appears in the dragon's eyes as well.

Lol for this part
Faeyre chapter 108 . 11/10
Ohhhhh I figured out it was Kamisama Hajimemashita as soon as you mentioned Tomoe. And then Mikage I think, it’s been a while. Best part is Mikage and Natori share a voice actor lol, Ishida Akira. Awesome. Anyway YEEEEEEAAAAAAAA I actually know this one lol
Faeyre chapter 105 . 11/10
He has an advantage in cramming now! But bad Natsume, that’s not a good idea. Well... I say that... but then there’s me.
Faeyre chapter 100 . 11/10
Yay! Hali’s back :)
Also, alcohol does taste nasty. I’ve licked some wine twice and it was gross. I also licked beer once at tasting in China and it not only tasted bad but smelled bad.
I’ve even tried some wine chocolate before, that was pretty weird tasting.
So not a big fan of it either :’)
Faeyre chapter 99 . 11/10
Poor underage god, can’t drink wine haha
Faeyre chapter 95 . 11/10
Natsume is lucky he has Nyanko to double for him.
Faeyre chapter 89 . 11/10

But hey Chihiro will come eventually.
Faeyre chapter 88 . 11/10
Wait. Haku, like Spirited Away?! I started thinking of it when you mentioned rovers. Then Yubaba. Bathhouse did not bring any recognition lol. Anyway. Let’s see :3
Faeyre chapter 78 . 11/9
From 2020 here but

“ Does anybody else here find it hysterical that the same voice actor for Natsume also voices Levi of all people? But I suppose, if you guys are now wondering how Natsume sounds when he's being super-serious/powerful Lord Onwa, imagine Levi's voice.”

Weeeell I already knew that they shared the voice actor (Kamiya Hiroshi, great guy haha) and already started imagining Onwa being more Levi-toned. Lol. But yeaaaaah haha
Faeyre chapter 73 . 11/9
Oh wow he just went “IM USING NATSUME”
Faeyre chapter 69 . 11/9
Right... I remember Chinese school summer homework. They also have that in Japan? Well, I’ve watched enough anime to know that hahaha.
Faeyre chapter 56 . 11/9
Ah... oh no.. Natsume :(
But at least he has a nice child hahahah.
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