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little25victor chapter 97 . 11h
Keh! I see what you mean! I do notice that Humans are more likely to become devine; perhaps you can find someone among the women warriors?
Another Cliffhanger? Ah, well, I will just have to wait until Next Time. I eagerly await you next chapter!
Memory25 chapter 97 . 15h
Erm...Idk if it'd work, but Dou Mu? Admittedly, the more vicious depiction is from buddhism, but I've been led to believe that she's a pretty ferocious figure? You have Saomei (Sao Tsing Niang) so her counterpart would be Ba (Goddess of droughts)?

On the other hand, since we're out of warrior goddess, how about Chuang Mu for a less 'traditional' version of a Chinese goddess? Or Pan Chin Lien (Goddess of prostitutes. LMAO). If worse came to worse, you could do a disney and bring in Hua Mulan. Or you could do a spin on Pi Hsia Yuan Chin (Goddess of Childbirth and Labour) that's less demure.

I'm not sure if the goddess fight in the same way? Most, I believe, just bring some kind of nature with them. Like Ba, she could be prancing over and boom, droughts everywhere. So maybe it's more like how nymphs dance and ensorcell people. Their way of fighting doesn't literally have to be swords and pounding (*Ahem...pardon my french*). Like: all Onwa's done is basically swish around and spreading his aura. I think he's 'fought' pretty well.

Though another way to spin it would be that their roles ARE typically not to fight, but with the coming of the demons and stuff they'd been forced to pick up some way of defending/subduing them. Which might be interesting.
Kay chapter 97 . 20h
Another great chapter! Though I'm certainly feeling the 'bittersweet' you mentioned, with your mentioning this story is coming to its conclusion. *trying to fight back need to beg you to keep going forever...*
wikipediaftw chapter 97 . 21h
menacing cleaning... scary indeed.
harvest can also be menacing... harvesting heads? Or harvests in general... I've seen children of the corn(I was 10 and scarred for life).
Then again... Childbirth is also scary. Especially if it's an alien baby.
Mercy can be terrifying as well... It depends on what the person's idea of mercy is.

Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with Chinese myths. After googling it, I see that most of them are just consorts of gods... Feng Popo sounds OK? goddess of wind, rides a tiger, sounds potentially badass(even if old). Longmu raised dragons, but didn't fight.
Marici definitely sounds badass (according to wikipedia). Wrathful deity that rides a boar and carries a different weapon in each hand.

Maybe you could make an androgynous god a woman or trap? Or turn an animal one(if there are animal ones) human and female? As long as it doesn't turn into a useless cat-girl mascot cliche, it could be okay... maybe. Maybe a bear, or something especially strong or vicious...
Still, probably best to avoid the ones that started as courtesans or became the goddess of prostitutes.
Rythulian124 chapter 97 . 21h
Thanks for the new chapter! This story is great as usual! Looking forwards to more! I love the character development, I'm curious to find out what Natsume will become in the future.
Charles Saint Charlie chapter 97 . 7/6
Kufufufu. Thank you for the chapter.
Zara Allegra Vespertine chapter 95 . 7/6
Goodness me, I have to backtrack and read the first part of the arc because I have honestly forgotten what happened.
Pardon the lateness of my reviews. I am taking my time in digesting these new, wonderful chapters.
Poor Natsume, always finding himself in such tight corners. Though while I was reading this chapter and you mentioned Tanuma, It occurec to me that Tanuma has a little, itty bit of power to sense the supernatural. And he gets headaches over this. Is he alright? I mean the city is practically a cauldron of monsters, demons, local gods, etc. I hope Natsume survives his emcounters.
Guest chapter 97 . 7/6
I don't think you realize how much you make my day when a new chapter comes out. That and its pretty cool to know someone else enjoys attack on titan. I think jean is my favorite character out of that simply because he's the only normal guy in the group that just trying to keep it together and Levi is awesome and very quirky. Thank you so much for writing another excellent chapter on The Human Mask.
JigokuShoujosRevenge chapter 97 . 7/6
Fun story.
Thefreakoutsideyourwindow chapter 97 . 7/6
This chapter was awesome! You write so well I can visualise the whole story as if it is the manga/anime itself!
itachisgurl93 chapter 97 . 7/6
ohhh! do your thing lord onwa! thx so much for the update! as for a chinese goddes...i have no idea, indian? i got you covered but chinese...? Maybe an Asura? Indian myth wise they weren't given a gender(so i guess u could make one female), but the thing with that is that they are 'demi-gods' for us, n i'm not sure what they are in chinese myths.
Fairygirl34 chapter 97 . 7/6
Awesome chapter! I loved it! Can't wait for more!
akira45 chapter 97 . 7/6
Awesome chapter
mdm934 chapter 97 . 7/6
so the updates will be every Monday then! I'm glad better adjust my alarm for it hehehe. by the way I'm from Oman and I became captivate by your story. Never thought about learning about others historical or Religious facts. but now I can't wait to learn more. the fact that Onwa and Natsume are two part of the same coin yet both has some difficulty to adjust to the other is fascinating by itself -I was a little bit sad when Onwa refereed to 'Natsume' as a tool when he meet Matoba-. However I really can't wait until they get to some sort of an understating.
Good luck and you really are good at wring fictions. you should write a book you know. a story of some sort of that has a link to this story but using your own characters -you know copy rights and thing .-. - and I will be the first you by it over see :)
blood-doll-aishiteru chapter 97 . 7/6
Very nice, Natsume/ Lord Onwa uses "us" instead of "I", because they are two in one? Since commented about other gods from other cultures in your notes, might we be seeing some of them in the future? I think it could be interesting.
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