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Killua Zoldyck chapter 82 . 10/15/2021
It’s been more than five years since you updated, but I love coming back and reading these vignettes. Also, my guilty pleasure is reading every chapter Onizuka shows up in because I love him. This is the last chapter he shows up in according to my notes, so I wanted to let you know even if you never see this. Thanks for writing this fic!
Terra.L chapter 116 . 10/2/2021
This is beautiful. I spent my whole Saturday reading the entire piece. Do you post on Ao3 by any chance? I feel the need to download this book and keep it forever in my library.

P.s. Hope you found the teaching life suitable. It's always a pleasure to hear of another joining the fraternity - lack of work life balance aside.
Secretly a wuss chapter 116 . 8/10/2021
every few years I come back to this fic, I think its one of my favourite pieces of literature.
barshanabllove chapter 51 . 8/7/2021
Uh I kinda don't understand the message tht natsume mention
Like the last line is confusing to me
lannizhou12 chapter 116 . 7/8/2021
I read this story a few years ago, and I love how you have conveyed a similar sense of bitter sweetness that is characteristic of Natsume Yuujinchou, and am aware you have had a tendency to go on hiatus for long periods of time toward the end of this fic. However, considering that it has been a number of years since your last update to any of your fics on this website, I wanted to ask if you are well? No offense, but also are you still alive, what with the pandemic and all?
postcards chapter 116 . 5/29/2021
Finding your work, well over one hundred chapters of one great adventure after another, is nothing short of the miracle I've been granted when I discovered Natsume Yuujinchou before. You've truly expanded the horizons of the original material, so much that it could really stand as a legitimate spin-off, so much that I would be quite disappointed if the canon doesn't go this way. There are a few fanfictions that just seem to transcend the common standards for that type of work, and yours is one of the best ones I've encountered so far. I hope that you'll someday find the opportunity and the joy to pick this up again, but as for now, I am already endlessly grateful for reading what you have written. I truly have enjoyed each and every chapter. How is it that you managed to be so consistently perfect in depicting every character in this fic? Even the ones from crossovers and your original characters? Just amazing...

Once again, thank you so much for this! I hope you have a great day, wherever you are :)

(P.S. If you'd ever like to discuss about Natsume Yuujinchou or Japanese culture or any other anime, really, I'm commuovereus at Tumblr!)
RyoBaroque chapter 116 . 3/25/2021
It's been a handful of years since you were last active on , so I sincerely hope you are still doing alright. I wanted to thank you for sharing this story, I've read it several times over the years and have enjoyed it each time. I don't know if it will ever be continued, though I hope the answer is yes, but it still brings me joy regardless. I look forward to reading this again in the future, and revisiting the beautiful feelings all over again. ]
Searchingforangels chapter 116 . 3/24/2021
not going to lie, I obsess over this story for weeks anytime anyone mentions Natsume Yuujinchou within a half mile of me. It is INCREDIBLE. Thank you so much for sharing it with us!
NobodyJinx chapter 116 . 3/20/2021
honestly i love this story so much, it moves me to tears just like the manga did and for that i love it.

thank you so much for taking the time and effort into making this work possible for us to read
Kay Hau chapter 116 . 3/8/2021
Nooooo! I caught up! I was so hoping I would never get to that last chapter, as silly as that sounds! But regardless, it is done, and it is just as beautiful as I remember and more! I’ve read and reread and favorited and recommended and reread this story more times than I can count, and always come back to just how amazing and beautiful and wonderful this whole story is! Well done! And if you ever feel like posting more chapters, know there are plenty of readers and fans still out here who adore your work and would love to see it to the end and beyond.

Though I do admit part of me is terrified about what’s going to happen with Natori, since that’ll be such a tragedy to shatter his relationship with Natsume. I dearly wish he could find a way to tell him and the Fujiwaras what truly happened without having to leave them, remove their memories, or break their hearts.

Oh! And I wanted to laugh at the Natsume and Kiyomi chapter! So cute! I couldn’t help but think at this rate how Natsume better be careful the Onizuka clan doesn’t start worshipping him, if he keeps blessing their babies! I wouldn’t at all mind a flash-forward with a young Kiyomi visiting or staying at Onwa’s shrine and the mishaps she gets up to! Sort of a hopeful hint that maybe Natsume’s dream can come true, if she truly becomes friends with several of his followers. Sort of like the inspiration Natsume was when he was human, though in Kiyomi’s case it can prove both that Natsume wasn’t a fluke and that those blessed with spiritual powers don’t have to be cursed to a life of pain and loneliness.

I’ve also been worried about Kai, with all this discussion of gods being forgotten and disappearing. Any chance the Onizuka clan or someone needs a patron god? Or is he too closely tied to his mountain? And I was wondering if he might have been invited to that divine assembly too, but then realized probably not since he had no worshippers. But maybe he was before? And could be again?

And again, love Kohaku becoming a main figure in Onwa’s court! It makes a lot of sense and is a beautiful way to continue his story from Spirited Away. It also makes so much sense, since no other spirit/god would be able to relate to Kohaku’s assured love for humans, or at least Chihiro, after the events of that movie! I also loved the touch with Natsume’s vow to protect his new river.

What else? Lord Tenjin was so much fun, and the other gods were quite entertaining, though it was certainly awkward having so many of the lesser ones, uh, checking Onwa out? Though, heh, it does give some hilarious ideas about Natsume/Onwa having to shoo away or dodge powerful non-human courtiers! (Is that the right word?)

Ooh, and if you ever get back to this, I would love to request the Chinese gods visiting Natsume’s shrine, since you implied they’d be able to travel to visit him in the future at the close of that arc!

Anything else...? Hmm, probably, but this is getting really long, so I’ll just leave it at this is one of my all time favorite feel-good reread a million times stories and I’ll definitely be reading and rereading it in the future, whether you are able to update or not, so no pressure and all the best to you and yours!
Darkhellia chapter 87 . 2/10/2021
Spirited Away reference! Yay!
I have no meaning in life chapter 1 . 1/12/2021
Read this a few years ago and I can't help myself coming back to reread every so often. Absolutely amazing, definitely one of my favourite fics.
TheOperaticSquirrel chapter 116 . 12/26/2020
I've been binge reading your Natsume Yuujinchou stories, and I love the way you write. You capture their essence perfectly, which isn't always easy when transporting an idea to a different medium and adding enough to build on the world in an engaging way. I haven't been able to put down any of your stories, especially this one.

This story has made me feel so many things. I thought things would gradually get better as Natsume learned to balance his lives, but instead things kept getting harder and more complicated. When he cried, telling Onizuka that Natsume Takashi was dead, I broke down, too. It felt like it was so long over due for him. I had really hoped he would say something like "My father was human and I was raised by humans," letting them think his mixed background allowed him to only really come into power recently, like some weird spiritual puberty. My heart's already breaking a bit in anticipation for when news of his death gets around. By the time I got to chapter 99, I had mostly given up on a completely happy ending. Changchun Zi bringing up Natsume's ability to erase his presence from the human world, immediately followed by the reminder that ties can be reforged, brought to mind a certain anime ending. (I have no idea if that's the direction you're going, but I have such a visual of Natsume helping Touko-san with her bags. She senses a familiarity and asks if they've met before. Natsume forces a smile that can't quite conceal his sorrow, before introducing himself (perhaps saying he goes to a nearby university). An ending where he erases himself, but still doesn't abandon those he loves.) I've been going a tad crazy trying to figure out where this all is leading. You've introduced so many elements, and it's extremely thought provoking.

I also really love the cultural notes. They're so fascinating and have given me a lot directions for possible research. I especially loved the contrast shown between the gods of China and Japan. Reading the notes, understanding the context of ideas that felt so foreign at first, made me feel a bit like I was being let in a private joke I had never quite understood.

I'm really excited to see what happens next. I both anticipate and dread the exorcist arc, because so much will have to change. Natori's reaction especially is giving me anxiety. (Will he lash out at Onwa even as he blames himself for Natsume's death, for not looking out for him? And the Fujiwara's, how will they feel having not noticed Natsume's death and replacement?)

Everything you've written has made me so happy. Thank you for sharing.
Faeyre chapter 79 . 11/17/2020
f for natsume who is getting half-found out in the next arc
Nikomi chapter 116 . 11/15/2020
Update plz!
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