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blackkyu chapter 116 . 9/17
Gah! Please don't be a death flag, please don't be a death flag!
Riddle-Snape chapter 116 . 9/16
I didn't really think about reading fic from this fandom but yesterday I found this on someone profile in favs and I told, why not? ... and I damn love it... it took whole day, but I read all 116 chaps in one go... and it was fun, I really like story, ideas, gods, OC and characters... and Natusme as god is nice... ;) so going to favs and hope you will update soon :D
thewindsofsong chapter 116 . 9/13
oh wow, there's that heart warm-y/break-y feeling i always seem to get from these stories! Ah! Natsume! Sweet summer child! And Nyanko-sensei is sweet in his own way!

I hope you have fun wherever you're traveling. Thank you for posting a chapter for us to read before you left!
WrittinInStone chapter 116 . 9/8
I cannot begin to express to you how brilliant and lovely this fic is and how much of a gem it is. I was taken aback that such a small archive had a fic with this many reviews, but I can see that they are much deserved.

This is a treat I never expected to find. I hoped to find one or two decent one-shots among what was sure to be a yaoi-heavy fandom, but I found this without much trouble and I am very glad. Well-written, well-plotted, lots of wonderful scenarios and situations that stayed true to the original series as far as feel and personality of the characters as the overall show; it's simply lovely. I could go on and on about it, including how quickly I consumed it and how disappointed I was when I realized I had reached the end.

A few thoughts though:

I did think that Natsume's growth was majorly slow and that it's a rather annoying trope that many main characters in so many animes are so limited in scope; they aren't good at politics or anything of the like but are only good at simpleminded, heartfelt emotions. I do feel as though this is being addressed though, through the surfacing of Lord Onwa. Also, it felt as though Natsume was out of his league and being manipulated by quite a few people at one point; other gods, spirits, and even humans. Matoba seems way more powerful in your fic then he was in the anime, which is fine, but further makes Natsume lack agency and presence.

But with the way your write, these things can be overlooked and do little, overall, to decrease the enjoyment of the fic. I do hope you update well and that you do not tire of this fic. It's brilliant.

Also, I will be tweeting this to my followers. I also like to share great fanfiction with them.
Elivira chapter 115 . 9/5
This was a great chapter. Bittersweet and wonderful. I love chapters with Natsume's human friends the best. I especially enjoyed the touch of activism with the whales as the addition of Natsume's ability to comunicate with them.
Anne Camp aka Obi-quiet chapter 116 . 8/30
Cute, although it feels like a calm before the storm. I will happily take the warm fuzzies though. Good luck on your trip. :D
Alumys chapter 116 . 8/30
This was a serious/fluffy moment exquisitely portrayed, and hilarious since apparently not even Gods can escape the horor of mathematics.
JigokuShoujosRevenge chapter 116 . 8/28
And I'm glad for this chapter. It was light hearted and made me feel relaxed and happy for Natsume.
literaryrxn chapter 116 . 8/28
This made me very sad. To have no one left to remember you as you continue to live on...such a terrible fate. Nyanko don't ever forget Natsume ;A;
psychedelicLights chapter 116 . 8/28
Oh wow. Even if this chapter was short, I love this one simply because it was so damn simple. And jeez, that last sentence was freaking succinct. If you left this as the last chapter, I wouldn't be unsatisfied. Simply because of that neatly wrapped-with-a-bow-tie sentence at the end. But nope, you are continuing and doesn't that just make my feathers fluff up in preparation for the next chapter~ 3
Silvermoon of Forestclan chapter 116 . 8/28
Ahhh, thanks for the update! It was sweet.
little25victor chapter 116 . 8/28
If he's no longer Natsume, he is no longer what the youkai want him to be. Eh? Onwa is what he is because of Natsume. The little Kitsune said it, "Natsume is Natsume."
applejee chapter 116 . 8/28
[inhales] /yessssssssssssss/

aw i love natsume and sensei's friendship so much, theyre so sweet :'))
Ominous Rain chapter 116 . 8/28
Awwww that's so cute :3 I have been wondering about their relationship. It hasn't been just these two for a long time.
BlackKingOfTheCourt chapter 116 . 8/28
It's so sad, yet that's why I love your book! Thanks so much for the story! Keep updating, I'll be waiting! Awesome fic!
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