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Tearful Reunion chapter 91 . 4/6
Dear Harunekonya

First of all, I would like to thank you for bringing me into this world once more. In the past, I have tried to pick up this manga, however it didn't appeal to me back. This series, and the one-shot before it, has changed this greatly. The lore that a non- japanese without much knowledge in mythology that exists in the original series becomes clear in this story, and thus my ability to appreciate the original series increases.

I truly adore this story, the background, the details, the character development and interaction... It's simply wonderful and to read such work makes me glad to love reading.

Secondly, I would like to recommend a fanfiction serie that you might find interesting. It is called the Kamikakushi Saga by Lady Librarian, and it is a Spiritedd Away fanfiction with three instalments:
- A Road to Somewhere
- In the Dreamer's Wake
- The Wheel of Yamanote

The first two are completed, and the Author writes with a lot of knowledge in japanese mythology, at least in my ignorant option. The Author also includes foot notes like yourself regarding Japanese Folklore and insight to why she writes like she does.

I hope you don't think of me to be too forward, but I do hope you will like the story, if you decide to read it. Once more, I would like to thank you for writing this fiction, and I look forward to more.

With all the love of a Bibliophilia:
Razael, Tearful Reunion
akira45 chapter 91 . 4/6
awesome chapter
Kitty chapter 91 . 4/6
My GOD i am in love with this fanfic. Its truly masterpiece. Its amazing not once was i bored.
I read all chapters more that 3. Thank you for this amazing work. I cant wait to see what comes next.
And i am glad Takashi is not a weak god hopefully he will get even stronger. Cant wait for next chapter. Good luck to you and may we enjoi you work more in the futer.
NNeko chapter 91 . 4/6
My don't worry about last week I know you work hard and now you just did an amazing job with both the chapter and the notes (I can't think of a fic in witch I enjoy reading the notes as much as here)
And everytime you miss a week I will miss reading you and paciently waIt for next week
Q-asta chapter 91 . 4/6
i'm always amazed of how you could twist the plot and make it so intense, but at the same time clear it in the matter of few chapter.
looking forward for the next chapter!
Varia no Shizue chapter 91 . 4/6
Again, a really nice chapter, I liked the references to the culture in China, and once again I'm really glad you add a cultural notes section.
SeverusDmitri18 chapter 91 . 4/6
Excellent as always.
itachisgurl93 chapter 91 . 4/6
Yay! An update! Love it! I understand why the older gods are taking notice, I would to if a new god's existence threatened my own and the lives of those around me. Thx for the update!
darkcyan chapter 91 . 4/6
So excited to see the things you're building towards! :D The trip to China and the meeting with the Exorcist Council and now Kannazuki as well - I'm very curious to see whether Natsume actually gets to attend, or whether he'll just hear about the aftermath from Lord Tenjin. (And, of course, very curious about the end result as well.) Will he be able to carry his own portable shrine, or is that something he'll need to task one of his friends (or one of his followers - I assume Madara at least will be tagging along) with?

I remain consistently impressed by the world you've built up around Natsume, and as always I look forward to seeing what you plan to do with it next. :)
DumbAsTheyCome chapter 90 . 3/31
That was... heartwarming. No other word for it.
shirobara1 chapter 90 . 3/29
Your still updating this right? Please tell me you are! I have no words to describe how truly magnificent this is, it is awe inspiring and completely amazing. PLEASE UPDATE SOON!

Bye Bi

literaryrxn chapter 87 . 3/29
asddfhjgkhl; Spirited Away!

Omg I can't believe I'm going to catch-up with this fic in under a day...No priorities XD
literaryrxn chapter 32 . 3/29
My heart aches for Natsume even more now ;A;

You sound like an awesome teacher to me XD
FireflyAliceXIII chapter 90 . 3/25
I've finally finished! I managed to read all of this fic in one setting and can't really find the words to tell you how amazing this story is! I'm not good with long reviews so I'm simply going to tell you that this fanfiction is completely amazing. I've never read a natsume yuujinchou fanfic, but this has now become one of my favourite fics ever. It made me experience so many different emotions and I just couldn't stop reading after I started. The plot peeked my interest and your great writing left me wanting more. This fic was exceptional and I can't wait for more.
Hope you update soon!
Animechic549 chapter 1 . 3/19
I finished this entire thing in the space of a couple days and I regret nothing. You really capture the entire feel of the anime so well and your characterization is spot on and just i love everything about this fic.

Thank you for writing it. Seriously. Thank you.

I eagerly await the next chapter :)
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