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Guest chapter 55 . 1/17
Now I see your A/N and understand about the cordial.
Guest chapter 12 . 1/17
The cordial is Lucy's, not Susan's.
Ilovevollyball chapter 34 . 11/26/2013
My fav part in this whole chapter:

"Sire, I heard voices, is all well?"

"Um, not really," Peter said, "That was the strangest thing that ever happened to me. Next time you hear voices, Glumkin, charge right in."

"Yes, Sire."

Lol! Lovin this!
MCH chapter 79 . 7/15/2012
Great ending I'll miss this story. Love the squirrel with the earing and landing on Peter's head during the wedding.

bet his thumped the gaints quickly so he could get home to Eve ASAP.
Guest chapter 79 . 7/12/2012
Hannah Skipper:

I know this fiction is complete and you don't really have any way to write back, but I don't expect you too. Just wanted to say how much fun I had reading this story! It was really a joy to be able to interact (in a small way) with you girls. I had so much fun sharing your story, but also sharing Ollie and the Tripe Crown joys and sorrows. This is, I think, the first fiction that I've read that wasn't already complete and that was not left unfinished by its author. I'm so glad that I got to write you girls and that you wrote back! I really look forward to the next stories!
Guest chapter 79 . 7/11/2012
Hannah Skipper:

Oh yes, the wedding mentions of Aslan made me smile. I know, of course, that a Christian wedding simply should be done in the presence of our Lord, but I must always say something when the Lion is mentioned!
Guest chapter 79 . 7/11/2012
Hannah Skipper:

Ahh, sweet ending! Although, I was simply SHOCKED about the Eva/Ed thing! Put a knot in my stomach...just a small one.

The wedding was beautiful! Loved the rose petals at the end!

I thought it was funny that Peter slept well and Eva didn't (at the beginning).

I'm glad you got Dara and Horab back into it!

You're next stories sound very cool! I can't wait them! I do love Cor/Aravis/Corin. And the the Caspian one in AU sounds fun. Are we talking the same AU as this one? As in Peter/Eva memories? That would make me sad, but I'd handle it.

Ollie is my sweet little pain-in-the-tail. Thanks for your well-wishes!
Guest chapter 79 . 7/10/2012

Oh, so many wonderfulness. Susan doing Eva's hair! The baby squirrel holding the earring hostage! The I'd-poison-your-wine/I'd-drink-it exchange!

And Peter and Eva are married, at long long last. *happy sigh*

Good story.
Guest chapter 79 . 7/9/2012
I'd like to post an official complaint you just written the last chapter. I'm absolutely down hearted.

Seriously a great chapter good help or more like Aslan help Edmund if he nervous about giving Eve away what woulod he be like if he was getting married.

Love the squirrel jumping on Peter very funny and I love his comment on dying to Eve and he right to if your time has come then your time has come. "A wise man lives as long as he ought, not as long as he can".

Looking forwards to the next story What Fools These Mortals Can Be.
Ghostwriter71 chapter 1 . 7/9/2012
Sorry...that one painfully long review that says "Guest" was written by me...thought I was signed in but wasn't! :(
WillowDryad chapter 79 . 7/9/2012
Oh, that was precious. I was smiling the whole time. And the Churchill quote was particularly appropriate. :D
Guest chapter 79 . 7/9/2012
Oh my goodness...the end? I am so behind in my reading, and now I will be officially depressed all day! I have a rather melancholy mind by nature, what some call the "artist's temperament", although I am a writer not an don't feel too bad. I'll get over it. :)

"They turned to hear a rattle of carriage wheels and the clatter of horse's hooves. The carriage of the duke and duchess of something-or-other swept into sight and turned into the courtyard of the palace. Close behind it came the coach and four of lord-what-ever with the landau of baron what's-his-face hard on its wheels." Lovely section! :D

"Twoo Wuv" Eva from a more modern time than the Pevensies?

OK, I've got to stop that, or else I'll copy and paste nearly the whole chapter down here...suffice it to say, EXCELLENT CHAPTER! There. I could go on and on, but I shan't. Just a couple last observations: I've always felt that the wedding ceremony was more for the Bride than the Groom...LOVED the little nod to Sir Winston Churchill you dropped in there. Genius! ;) WAAAAAHH that the story is over! :( Guess I'll need to go read some of y'all's other stories, at the risk of sounding "stalkerish". O_o

And, one final thing: Peter's view of facing the giants (the real thing, not the movie) reminded me of the following quote...

"Captain, my religious belief teaches me to feel as safe in battle as in bed. God has fixed the time for my death. I do not concern myself about that, but to be always ready, no matter when it may overtake me."

He added, after a pause, looking me full in the face:

"That is the way all men should live, and then all would be equally brave"

(And the passage in Ecclesiastes, of course.)

And now, I bid a fond adieu to this wonderful story...
"Adieu! the fancy cannot cheat so well
As she is famed to do, deceiving elf.
Adieu! adieu! thy plaintive anthem fades 75
Past the near meadows, over the still stream,
Up the hill-side; and now 'tis buried deep
In the next valley-glades:
Was it a vision, or a waking dream?
Fled is that music:—do I wake or sleep?"
Arysthae chapter 79 . 7/9/2012
Awww! This is all very sweet. And Eva would step on a pin. Edmund and Eva's banter is really quite amusing and just the kind of thing Edmund would say :D Well done on finishing another story! I shall be looking forward to your next story-telling adventures with great love!
Guest chapter 78 . 7/9/2012
Hannah Skipper

I was thinking, won't it be great to let Aravis in on the battle against the giants? I assume Lune and his sons will offer help, but how about Aravis? She hasn't done any fighting yet (of course, neither has Su unless you count the thing with Kloris). How about a girl-led scheme? Su/Lu/Eva/Aravis? I think it would be a wonderful oppertunity for them to get to know one another! Nothing froms a sisterly bond like the battlefield, you know!

What are you planning for Horeb? Will we see him again?

Ollie is quite a tornado. Yesterday, he dumped his water dish all over the floor and while I was trying to mop it up, he took off around the house with the wet rags. Partly annoying; mostly funny!

This morning Ollie and kitty (Cody) encountered one another in the backyard. They had a staring contest and Ollie lost! No words exchanged, just a stare-down. Ollie backed off! Good dog. Cody held his ground! Good kitty. I watched the whole thing from a window whil I did dishes.
Guest chapter 78 . 7/7/2012
Edmund went to bed. Oh so classic! I love the wedding preparations and Susan's reaction is very typically girlish, which usually irks me, but it's done well here.

I love Cor's atrocious spelling and Corin's antics. And bad giants! Don't ruin Eva and Peter's wedding! They've had more than enough struggles along the way!
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