Reviews for Hearts Intertwined
MirrorFlower and DarkWind chapter 16 . 2/29/2012
awww poor ennis but i loved i soo much just great so perfect
avatar2012 chapter 15 . 2/27/2012
Very good chapter! The last scene where they meet up for the first time in six months was very well written, it reminds me of me and the woman I love. Can't wait for next chapter!
MirrorFlower and DarkWind chapter 15 . 2/26/2012
aww just awww wow i loved the return home for ennisht hat was...awww just aww wi love it
avatar2012 chapter 14 . 2/23/2012
I can just see jack having a meltdown by the end of this story. That's alot of stress to deal with. Good chapter.
MirrorFlower and DarkWind chapter 14 . 2/23/2012
im going to go hug pete i feel so bad for him...i just hope he gets though this all safely...great job with this chapter i was crying when i read this
WildJackelope chapter 13 . 2/20/2012
I had a feeling Adam wasn't going to make it :( Aw, poor Pete! I'm curious to see how Ennis deals with it all.
avatar2012 chapter 13 . 2/20/2012
Amazing end to the chapter and Adam's last words were epic in my opinion. Very well written ennisjackgal!
MirrorFlower and DarkWind chapter 13 . 2/20/2012
oh wow damn not adam i liked him this just wow i loved it
LadyKiya11 chapter 13 . 2/20/2012
Another great chapter. I am really enjoying the story. It is a wonderful sequel to your other stories.
avatar2012 chapter 12 . 2/18/2012
Good chapter but please don't let Ennis lose any limbs!
MirrorFlower and DarkWind chapter 12 . 2/17/2012
*glares at boy who is looking at Ennis* yeah i want bug almost but i loved this chapter i really want to hug Becky great job i just love it
Tasha Hill chapter 11 . 2/11/2012
Aw, poor Becky. My heart goes out to them. Great chapter. Keep up the good work. Update soon.

avatar2012 chapter 11 . 2/11/2012
Forrest Gump reference! Yay! And I Knew Becky was gonna die but still sad. Oh and I think Adam is going to die in war. Can't wait til next chapter!
MirrorFlower and DarkWind chapter 11 . 2/10/2012
im going to go into the corner and cry now that was...just damn now i want to hug becky! damn that man i want to shoot him too! so sad but i cannot wait for mroe
Tasha Hill chapter 10 . 2/8/2012
Hey Katherine,

Sorry I haven't reviewed. Lost my internet briefly. Great chapters. Please don't kill Ennis, Jack or Becky. They're good people. Keep up the good work. Update soon.
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