Reviews for Up in Flames
Guest chapter 1 . 6/1/2019
Name: Elspeth Braveblood
Age: 17
Race: Shadowhunter
Good/Bad (if Downworlder): N/A
Appearance: Curly black hair, cinnamon-colored skin, dark gray eyes
Weapon of Choice (if Shadowhunter): Sword
Heritage: She is the youngest of three children in the Shadowhunter Braveblood family. Her older brother and sister are twenty-year-old twins. Her family is part of the Enclave in Seattle.
Family: Albert Braveblood (father), Cordelia Braveblood (mother), Seraphina Braveblood (older sister), Jonathan Braveblood (brother)
Romance: Open
Battle Clothes: All-black workout clothes
Formal Clothes: London blue dress
Everyday Clothes: Black shirt and dark jeans
Personality: Dedicated, focused, and snappy
ilookhotinblack chapter 1 . 1/17/2016

Name: Jenna lewis

Age: 14

Race ( shadowhunter, warlock, vampire,): shadow hunter

Appearance: brown waist length hair , fare skin , hazel eyes , hourglass figur

Weapon of choice ( Shadowhunter only):throwing knives and electric whip like mother

Family: Simon Lewis - father , Isabel lightwood lewis - mother

Romance: not at the moment but open to it

Battle clothes: black leggings , purple long tank with ruffles on the end , leather jacket and thie high black boots

Formal clothes: gold and black one shoulder knee length dress with gold heels and gold jewlery

Everyday clothes: skinny jenes , heels , designer tops , dresses

Personality: outgoing , funny , kind , loyal
Foxface 2001 chapter 2 . 4/17/2015
Name: Rowan Moon

Age: Looks 13

Race ( shadowhunter, warlock, vampire, ect...):

Good or bad : Downworlder only): Good

Appearance: Untidy dark brown hair, bright green eyes, sharp canines

Weapon of choice ( Shadowhunter only):

Family:none- all dead

Romance:none/ don't mind

Battle clothes: Not sure- usually wolf

Formal clothes: Not sure, bowler hat

Everyday clothes: Jeans, hoodie, bowler hat

Personality:shy, mysterious, witty, quiet

Other: English...

Name: Ember Pike

Age:looks 14

Race ( shadowhunter, warlock, vampire, ect...):

Good or bad : Downworlder only): Don't mind

Appearance: Upswept copper hair, bright eyes- fox like

Weapon of choice ( Shadowhunter only):

Family: Never knew family


Battle clothes: Black 1 piece, metallic ( don't know!)

Formal clothes: Black suit and tie pocket watch

Everyday clothes: Shirt, waistcoat pocket watch

Personality: Sarcastic, witty, mysterious

BlackVeiledParawhoreWithSirens chapter 1 . 4/2/2013
Hey guys :) I'm the REAL author of this story. Long story short, my email got deleted, and I forgot my password for ff, so I couldn't log on, but this is my new account! Sorry, you guys!
LiaLao chapter 1 . 12/15/2012
Dude, you have some good characters to choose from! Where you at and why you no update?!
BlissaLee chapter 2 . 7/5/2012
Haha I just realized what the 'rules' part was :D
BlissaLee chapter 1 . 6/24/2012
i didn't sign in but that's my name :)(BlissaLee)

Name: Libby June

Age: 148 (looks about 14)

Race: warlock

Good or bad: not really either, but leans more toward 'good'

Appearance: Golden brown, curly hair that goes just below her shoulders, nuetral skin (not pale, not dark, not tan,) Blue eyes, 4'8, pretty skinny (just looks tiny) her favorite outfit is a blue, tight 'Aero' shirt and black leggings, sometimes with jeans shorts.

Heritage: french, american, italian

Family: She was orphaned when she was a baby (her parents died in a house fire when she was at her aunts house). Her aunt cared for her for a while before she ran away (she was fourteen)

Romance: Nope :)

Battle Clothes: what she normally wears

Formal clothes: she likes long, blue or purple dresses

Everyday clothes: described above in appearance but I shall say it again: normally she wears a tight, blue 'Aero' shirt, black leggings, and sometimes jean shorts. If she doesn't wear that, more Aeropostale shirts (she just LOVES them!) and jean shorts or jeans. She also love leggings (GREAT invention!)

Personality: Libby is very bubbly and talkative, curious, and smart. She'd prefer is she could be everyone's friend.

Other: She's willing to be in a romance, but she looks super young so it might be a little awkward (:D)

Rules: ? rules?

And my second:

Name: January Ari Lit

Age: 16

Race: fey

Good or bad: good

Appearance: Very tiny (4'0), super long, white-blonde hair that falls to about her knees, light purple see-through wings with silver, spidery veins, pale skin, and normally wearing a smile

Heritage: First of all, she's fey. Her dad was a knight and her mom a common faerie. They fell in love and she was born.

Family: Her mom (Lucinda) and her dad (Roma)

Romance: if you want

Battle clothes: black or dark brown dresses or tight pants and shirts that look like branches, wood, vines, or thorns, depending on how she feels

Formal clothes: flowing dresses that resemble vines, branches, or thorns, depending on how she feels and the occasion. If she really wants to get dressed up, she wear dresses made of roses or dark purple tulips

Everyday clothes: she prefers to spend some time above ground, so she wears dark wash skinny jeans and light, v-necked t-shirts

Personality: January is a complete realist. She doesn't care if it seems blunt or rude, she will give you things as they are. Though she can seem a little intimidating, which is surprising for her tiny self, she can be really friendly and nice. January is also extremely wise for her age.

Other: She likes to hang out with Shadowhunters who are close to her age and the occasional human.

Rules: ...none...can you PM me what this is?

Thanks and good luck!
Little Knight Mik chapter 1 . 5/25/2012
Name: Riley Chang

Age: 17

Race ( shadowhunter, warlock, vampire, ect...): Shadowhunter

Good or bad : Downworlder only):

Appearance: Black hair that reaches her shoulders, one neon-blue streak on the left side

Weapon of choice ( Shadowhunter only): Scythe

Heritage: Family comes from China, but the recent generations are in America

Family: Ling Chang, father, mid thirties; Lily Chang, mother, mid thirties, died in a demon attack; Samuel Chang, older brother, twenty

Romance: Sure

Battle clothes: A black shirt with a Chinese design, black trousers, combat boots and fingerless gloves that reach her elbow

Formal clothes: A black Chinese-styled dress with red trims

Everyday clothes: Black tank top, grey jeans, brown jacket, grey beanie, and (if she's wearing them) plain sneakers

Personality: A very quiet personality and a very tactful personality. Riley likes to study people before getting to know them, and often keeps to herself about things. She considers all creatures equal and finds feuds between Shadowhunters and Downworlders to be petty and pointless. When in battle, she is just as quiet, but she is more offensive than secluded. She's smiles a lot when she is with her friends, but when she is with her family or in a meeting of some sort, her vacants stares at her feet prove she is bored. She likes to joke with people when she knows them well enough, and if she is angered enough she will start to use much sarcasm.

Other: She zones out every now and then when she is bored
HayLeeInuzuka chapter 1 . 5/25/2012
(I hope, I'm not too late :D)

Name: Philipp Taylor

Age: 18

Race ( shadowhunter, warlock, vampire, ect...): Werewolf

Good or bad : Downworlder only): Good

Appearance: short brown hair, huge brown eyes with long lashes, medium tall, more lean than muscled, distinctly feminine face (is teased because of it :D), really pretty

Weapon of choice ( Shadowhunter only): -

Heritage: Brooklyn

Family: Only child, parents are ok with him being a werewolf, but not with him joining a pack

Romance: Sure ;)

Battle clothes: black clothing. he turns, so he doesn't really need... clothing...

Formal clothes: tux

Everyday clothes: ripped jeans, printshirts, scarves

Personality: dorky, fun, charismatic, can be really annoying at times, would do anything for a good joke, flirty (but he never really means it), loud, extroverted, gossipy, extremly loyal, stands up for his ideals, most of the time nice but can be a true asshole if he has a bad day

Other: has many scars (werewolf, duh), has no desire to become a pack-leader one day
OshowottandSnivvvy chapter 1 . 5/14/2012

Name:Sapphira Raven


Race ( shadowhunter, warlock, vampire, ect...):shadowhunter

Good or bad : Downworlder only):good

Appearance:medium height tan skin wavy black hair green brown eyes

Weapon of choice ( Shadowhunter only): a spear

Heritage:wtf o.O

Family:she lived in Costa Rica a long time untill her family moved to america her parents had to do some last minute thing so her and her brother went to the apartment and they crashed on the way to america her brother is 19 so he took care of her


Battle clothes:a pair of black tights a blcka t shirt and a red and black jacket and some boots

Formal clothes:a long midnight blue gown thats tight on the waist them loose from then on

Everyday clothes:she likes wearing normal t shirts with skinny jeans maybe some shorts if its hot

Personality:she is headstrong sarcastic witty and a little bitchy but she has a soft side which she doesnt show often

Other:noope :)

Artemis' hunters chapter 1 . 5/3/2012
Name: Vasilisa (Vaz) Bloodwine

Age: 18

Race ( shadowhunter, warlock, vampire, ect...): Shadowhunter

Good or bad : Downworlder only)

Appearance: Mid-back crimson red hair that's in loose ringlets with natural blonde highlights. Deep set ice blue eyes. lean build and ivory skin. Prominent cheekbones, oval shaped face, neutral toned full lips. height 5,9. The Bloodwine family crest tattooed on her wrist.

Weapon of choice ( Shadowhunter only): chain whip

Heritage: Is the daughter of two SH families. The Bloodwine family being one of the oldest in the Clave and the Hightower. Her parents ran the Moscow Institute.

Family: Nikolai Bloodwine (father), Erica Hightower (mother), consul member Demetri Bloodwine (grandfather), Iskra Bloodwine (little sister)

Romance: Halo please. But if not you can choose

Battle clothes: Black jeans, purple tank top, black cropped leather jacket, knee high boots, and her chin whip wrapped around her waist.

Formal clothes: .


Everyday clothes: Black skinny jeans, gold v-neck, purple leather vest or jacket, black and green seekers

Personality: Vasilisa doesn't have much respect for authority. Shes sarcastic, sharp-tongued, hard-headed. She doesn't take orders well and will do what ever she wants no matter what you try to tell her. She has no filter between her brain and her mouth and whether you want to hear what she has to say or not its going to come out. Shes confident in herself and what she believes in. Always finds a way to get into trouble or pick a fight no matter where she goes. Shes not around the bush about anything.

Other: Pm me if there is anything else :)
monshari chapter 1 . 4/19/2012
This sounds really interesting! I hope you keep going with it :)

Name: Shar Avid

Age: 16

Race: Warlock

Good or bad : Bad, but only because she's seen so much evil that she doesn't know how to be good...

Appearance: Waist length blondish coppery hair with black and brown highlights underneath, pale green eyes that are usually ringed with sloppily applied black eyeshadow, about 5 foot four or so, wide eyes and full lips, a porcelain shaped face, normal American skin that too much? Oh, and a thick but short scar under her left temple.

Weapon of choice ( Shadowhunter only): /

Heritage: Both parents were of German decent, but she was born in North Korea. Grew up in a small town and moved to California when she was 9, but now takes residence in an abandoned warehouse in the Big Apple.

Family: She grew up in an abusive household. Her mother revealed to her father that she had slept with a demon, therefore resulting in a warlock child. Her (non-biological, of course) father hated her and would beat her and her mother because of it, and her mother would let it happen. When she turn 9 years old she finally took charge of her life and ran away, able to sneak onto a cargo ship that took her to America.

Romance: Because of the horrible things she saw within her parents, that love could turn to hate so easily, she doesn't allow herself to love. She's almost never in contact with other humans, shadowhunters, or downworlders, spending all of her time trying to prefect her powers, which is difficult because she has no knowledge of her abilities. But that being said, it doesn't mean she doesn't get lonely. Deep inside her she really just wants someone to love her. Is that contradicting? Probably...

Battle clothes: Err... jeans and a sweatshirt?

Formal clothes: I think we're leaning to more of an Alec thing here. Considering that she has no formal place to go anyways, seeing that she is practically homeless, she refuses to wear anything but everyday clothes.

Everyday clothes: Oh, how ironic is that? Let's say dark wash jeans and black long sleeve t-shirts. Remember, she has scars to hide from her unfortunate past. Most of these scars consist on her stomach and arms.

Personality: Closed up, and kind of snarky, but leaning more towards mean. Easily broken. Unlike most characters we know, she doesn't have a quick witted mind and never has any good comebacks.

Other: I think I put all that history stuff in the other things...I wasn't supposed to do that, huh?

Oh well, hope this wasn't too, like, morbid or unnecessary to your story. Feel free not to use her :)
winterlights chapter 1 . 4/19/2012
Name: Skye Blanc

Age: 15

Race ( shadowhunter, warlock, vampire, ect...): Shadowhunter

Good or bad : Downworlder only):

Appearance: She has olive skin, long and wavy chestnut brown hair, and dark green eyes. She's 5'5".

Weapon of choice ( Shadowhunter only): Throwing knives

Heritage: Her mother and father are both French. When they were young, they were part of the shadowhunters in the Paris Institute.

Family: Dad- Pierre Blanc Mother- Paige Blanc

Romance: Yes

Battle clothes: Skin-tight black shirt, leather jacket, and dark pants; she also has black combat boots.

Formal clothes: An almost floor length teal strapless dress with glitter.


Everyday clothes: Graphic t-shirts, jeans, and black vans.

Personality: Skye is sarcastic and has a short temper. She dislikes people that are very loud since she finds them annoying. She's independent, smart, stubborn, and single-minded. She is a goot strategist and wants things her way, and her way only. She's witty and doesn't pay attention to people that aren't smart. When you first meet her, she's usually scowling or has a blank expression on her face. She doesn't smile that often and has a dry sense of humor. She's constantly analyzing and observing people and the things around her.

Other: Nope
Guest chapter 2 . 4/19/2012
Syocs! Gotta luv 'em :)

Name; Sean Greyston

Age; 15

Race; Shadowhunter

Appearance; Sandy blond hair, grey-blue eyes, tall, built like a runner

Weapon of choice; Dagger

Heritage; Father was a Shadowhunter who married a Mundane

Family; John Greyston, Chantal Greyston/Atheron, You the parrot

Romance; Yes please

Battle clothes; Jeans and leather jacket

Formal clothes; Dress shirt, tie, and dress pants

Everyday clothes; T-shirts and jeans

Personality; Quiet and understanding, but always ready to fight for what he believes in. An introvert, but not adverse to having a good time. Very sarcastic.

Other; Family ring is made of plain soapstone, is very talented at drawing Marks, his girlfriend Francesca was killed a year ago by a Downworlder
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