Reviews for Number Seven
zonya chapter 2 . 7/25
I don't think that Harry bought Draco to the cell, bRought more likely :)
NemmerlesRaven chapter 37 . 7/23
One of my favourites ever!
malini85 chapter 37 . 6/16
For Chapter 36 - It was so moving n completely touching when Draco looked at Harry n the kids beyond the shelter of the table to protect them selves.. N Draco couldn't help but feel fiercely protective of all four of them.. He thought of them as his Harry and his kids ( kids as in plural.. Meaning all three of them.) N also how James n Al instinctively reaches up to Draco, just so they can be sure hes not been hurt. N just so they can reassure n comfort him...gosh!.. These kids i tell u. They are so frikkin mature, over and above their age..They've accepted Draco as their own as well... And I'm pretty sure i cried with joy when Draco said to Harry" I love you, you stupid stupid man." Shit this whole scene is so gorgeously endearing,! Wow! I'm still basking in the after math of everything that's happened n I just don't know what to do with myself cos I'm so happy... I'm really curious to know why Draco was so important to the crime ring people n why they were after him even though he had been thoroughly obliviated n lip lock charmed n what not... OK I'm going to go read the last chapter... Suppose its the only way to find out... I hope it's an insanely long chapter...ha-ha... Wishful thinking I know... But a girl can anyways hope... I love u Sara- For chapter 36

- for chapter 37- my god! I'm not even able to cry from being bereft and wondering how I'll cope now that all of this awesomeness is over... It was just perfect... From the beginning of the chapter right to the very end...I have to again tell u of how proud I am of Harry's friends including Ginny n especially Ron n of course Mister Complete Arse Ellis... Shit I love that boy.. I could kiss his rude abnoxious face.. Shit n to think.. I actually suspected him... I feel like an evil person... Lol Adam! U know the minute he said he lives in the garden I just knew it had to be that frog... I mean we kept bumping into him to many thimes... N fuck he's completely besotted n utterly starstuck with Harry... N is just so funny to see him act around him... Like when Harry said "Teddy could have squashed u" n he said 'I didn't mind' lol... N how when Ellis makes that teasing remark about how Harry should take Draco, his boy friend, n do unspeakable things to him lol... N how Adam actually looked wistful lol... Little pathetic really... Poor thing... I loved ur character portrayal of Adam n Ellis also... And of course Harry Draco the kids n Teddy were brilliant not to mention Ron... N of course Ginny had her moments (when she was fuming but not because Draco was the reason they were in trouble but because she was appalled n angry they tried ttriedt him again n especially when there were kids... N how she yells at Harry for not protecting Draco n the kids lol... N i was so shocked at her blatantly admitting that she wanted Draco safe..n so did Hermione... N oh my god Neville I loved him... How he handled the Draco incident... Lunas character was spot on as well... Her blatant honesty n her need to not beat around the bush n her not sensoring anything to maybe reduce the blow but saying just what she feels in her head.. Lol... But I suppose that's why we love her... Oh my goodness I absofuckinglutely love Scorpius n his shyness n how caring he is n how he shares things n gives things n is concerned about the people he cares about.. How openly trusting he was with Harry... Because he knows Harry loves them both n will always rescue them n love them...n he's such a good boy n if u ask me I think he will be griffindor with Al in Hogwarts... N i can just see how inseparable they will be.. Even then..Like everyone seems to thinks that James willl be in Slytherin... N that's a big possibility.. He will be the cleverest yet the kindest bravest Slytherin...ever! I love how easily Draco started thinking of the five of them as his family... How easily he was so comfy on couch with James n Scorpius leaning against him n Harry by his side with Al against Harry's chest n how perfectly content they were just too sit there in silence with each other..n just how real n natural that while scene really felt...N is nice to know all his inhibitions are gone n he is not afraid of physical contact anymore.. AtLeast not with Harry... Lol will never forget the embarrassing moment when Ron was talking about Ginny threatening by hurting Harry's balls.. N how Draco gets protective n possessive right there...and immediately days something along the lines of... he's mine.. N only I have rights to Potter's balls lol... Rons expression was priceless..
The declaration of love between Harry n Draco was so beautiful... Rons actually missed Draco's old self n my heart soar... This story was perfect and ur writing sent me to the heaven n then back to earth n then had me soaring again.. I grinned n giggled n laughed n blushed n got turned on n cried n weeped n well it was just so many feels n emotions n I was so very overwhelmed... It was just perfect... I love u and your workeing so much... U are divinely talented.. There is no other explanation for this level of talent... This has been a beautiful journey n an absolute blessing... God bless.. Lotsa love,warm hugs n many kisses... Malini
Will definitely be giving this a reread!
malini85 chapter 36 . 6/15
My god I don't even n have words to explain all the mixed feelings n emotions I'm going through right now... That, my friend, was a fucking brilliant chapter... Of course he wouldn't just get his memories back just like that now would he.? I was an absolute fool to think that everything will be serene here after but look at u... Look have u handled this... How you practically kept us on our toes n gave us all near heart attacks ha-ha...ur wonderful... How could I have ever imagined that he would have gotten his memories back with out something insanely thrilling n heart stopping n potential life threatening happening right... It was just fucking awesome n I just I'm in awe OK? I'm in fucking awe,! Lord! I feel relief n ecstasy n I just want to scream n dance n what not... Damn! I think I'm about ready to cry again... Only one more chapter n I can't imagine how I'll manage after I'm done reading this... Damn it!
malini85 chapter 35 . 6/15
Whew! Outta the storm looks like... Or at least I like to hope so.. I don't think my poor heart can handle any more angst n my infected itchy eyes can't handle any more crying unless it's tears of joy lol...
Shit the last chapter was just such a happy chapter.. It's was too cute that the boys found them in inappropriate positions lol... I love how excited they were to see them together n then after that how grossed out they were .. Too frikkin adorable.. Hmmm I love that Draco is showing more Draco traits.. The playfulness, n the smirks n drawls n him knowing exactly what he wants n taking it.. Him embracing the idea of making his own decisions as opposed to being as pliant as the two days before.. Mmmm I love how Draco is so blatantly displaying his desire n need for Harry n how Harry absolutely cannot stop thinking of sex lol..
I really hope this family trip out doesn't turn out disastrous n instead is as fun as the day at the park... And i love how Harry is again starting to think of this as family outing n not giving up just cos of the memory loss n changeds..Sigh... Only two more chapters to go n I'm having trouble letting go... :( I'll miss my five boys plus Teddy... Sigh!
Oooh forgot to mention I was so so so elated to see how Harry's heart swell with hope n joy when Draco told him about the dream with the Hungarian horntail... I really think that the reason that Draco remembers the past as opposed to recent memories is cos he was most obsessed n infatuated by Harry back in school.. Like Ron said 60 % of Draco's past probably does revolve around Harry some his or the other..
This is such a gorgeous fic.. N ur a true a diva!
malini85 chapter 34 . 6/15
The sex was so fucking gorgeous... Draco knew exactly what he wanted n he made sure he got it... Confident trusting Draco taking the lead and having absolutely no reservations.. N just revelling in what he feels... Having absolutely no insecurities n letting Harry know by his honest n blatant expression of pure want n need for Harry.. That maybe he may not remember Harry but definitely remembers what he feels for him... Harry's honest admission of declaring to Draco that he was in love with him n that Draco reciprocated his feelings literally pulled at my heart strings... I'm so glad that for once Harry didn't listen to his noble griffindorness n just decided to go with what he really wanted... N actually giving in by telling Draco that he fucking missed him to much to back down now.. I really think that this was good call n that it will only improve things between them... I'm so happy Draco at least started to remember something about Harry... N Harrys excitement n happiness about it just n had my heart soaring... This has become one my favorite fics.. If completely amazing
malini85 chapter 32 . 6/15
Things are starting to look up slightly.. Gosh! I just so wish jt all works out... All five of them are fucking miserable... Life's just not fair... Especially for those two idiots.. They never seem to be cutting a break... Anyways What with Draco getting these other flashes of memory n stuff there still hope... A light at the end of the tunnel sorta thing... Sjgh. Draco should definitely tell harry about the dream he had with harry in it... It will help harry feel so much less insecure
malini85 chapter 31 . 6/15
Awww Sara... My heart is broken into tiny pieces... Please tell me if i will be fixed...:(
Can't stop crying
malini85 chapter 30 . 6/15
I'm sorry for the lack of reviews the last few chapters.. I'm in my grand parents home in my native place n I arrived just a few hours ago... N I was traveling by train.. N it was a 6 hour journey n I read those chapters on the train n since I didn't have internet I couldn't review... Its been brilliant... N I've been crying uncontrollably.. N I know there's going to be allot more crying.. I'm just so happy that ginny n the others are so supportive... I'm so happy...
Looks like I'm not the only one who suspected Ellis of having something funny going on.. OH well I suppose I just have to wait n see..
Past three days my eyes have been red n itchy n prickly n icky n I just kept thinking it was cos of tiredness cos I've. been awake all night every night the past three days cos I've been hooked on ur fic... But after reaching my grand parents place, I found out to my horror that I have a nasty case of conjunctivitis... The granddad is doctor n he just diagnosed me... Oh well poor me... Ok excuse me so I. can read the next chapter n cry some more :(
malini85 chapter 25 . 6/14
That was really lovely... Neville is such a gem.. Harry's realized that he loves Draco.. Sigh... I want to write more n do justice to this chapter but its really really late n I'm tired n I really want to squeeze in one more chapter before I sleep... I have to wake up in an hour and half... Its already 3:30 n I have train to catch at 6 this morning..
malini85 chapter 24 . 6/14
Awww physical intamacy at last... Beautiful... Tentative.. Awkward even... But. In and soupy brilliant! Perfect... I'm tingly all over too.. Sigh
malini85 chapter 23 . 6/14
My god I'm just so relieved... I don't know why... I just kept thinking maybe Ellis was not that innocent.. That he was involved in this whole thing... I was so worried that maybe the spells that he told Harry to use were harmful n something to get them in trouble.. Considering Harry was not familiar with them.. But I suppose I'm relieved now.. I suspected n panicked for no reason.. Draco drinking again was heart breaking.. But I understand... It was such a moving scene n a loving gesture when both of Harry's boys took it upon them selves to comfort Draco n hug him... So beautiful.. Really just filled my heart.. Not to mention how mature lil James is n how he actually took care of Draco.. Damn I'm in love this story
malini85 chapter 22 . 6/14
Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck! I knew it was not going to be all rainbows n puppies... Shit.. I hope they escape n are alright... ! By the way ur writing is beyond brilliant... I know I've said it before... But trust me I'm gonna keep saying it... This story is absofuckinglutely incredible..
Thank you... Now I have to go back n read the next chapter n make sure they are all right...
malini85 chapter 21 . 6/14
Aww I'm a little teary eyed! Gorgeous chapter... It was so heart achingly beautiful to watch Harry with so many conflicting emotions about Dracos freedom n not wanting to being anything like anyone who ever treated Draco like a possession n making Draco feel stiflled..and yet be scared out of his mind at idea of letting Draco out alone lest anything bad happen to him.. His new to protect Draco n keep him date n yet having to give him the space he needs.. It must have been so hard for Harry to actually just let him go to the shop by himself.. N yet he did... Cos he respected Draco n didn't want Draco to feel like he's couldn't make his own decision.. My heart broke for Harry, when I had to watch him literally having a panic attack... My god he was so scared... He was scared cos he couldn't imagine losing Draco... Not now that he finally has him... N when Draco came back Harry was so overwhelmed by relief he didn't even bother reigning his emotions in order to not freak Draco out...he didn't even think of any negative repercussions before he just granted him in his arms... Its was such a touching moment... And when Draco was actually pleased that Harry had been worried n admitted that he always wanted Harry to worry about him, I was extremely pleased... I was in splits when Draco had to audacity to bring up the incident with Buckbeak n actually expected Harry to sympathize especially after the fuss he created n after everything Hagrid had to go through because of it... Lol...
The conversation that Harry had with James after the fire call from Hermione... James confesses that he really likes Draco n didn't want Draco n Scorpius to ever leave... Practically implying that he thought Draco was family now n that he was happy about it... It was seriously beautiful... This is one of those moments that need to be stored so that it can be watched in a pensieve over n over again... I know Draco would be very happy n less insecure with this knowledge... Especially knowing that Al prefers him to even Neville... Haha... The scene Harry witnesses in the bathroom where Al is on Draco's lap on the floor in the middle of the bathroom..while Draco is towel drying him... They really do make a beautiful family n I suppose they don't even realized it... N I love how easy it is now for them... Harry took a step further by taking the liberty of letting Scorpius plonk on his lap while he towel dried him too.. They are starting to trust each other... N give in a little bit... Even if it is to let the other take responsibility of taking care of all the children together... Its really sweet... N Im also so thankful for how supportive Harry's friends are... Also I'm glad Draco is finally letting himself feel selfish for Harry.. Reaching out to harry n blatantly demanding attention... It was very endearing n sweet... Sigh! I don't think I'd be able to handle it when this story gets over... I'm getting very attached to this little family of five...
malini85 chapter 20 . 6/14
Wow! No awkwardness in the morning... Draco's fearss n insecurities assauged by Harry... The innocent little kisses n touches.. They are just so beautiful... The tentativeness the hesitation n yet the willingness to wait for Draco until hes ready.. It just shows his seriousness n certainty about how much he wants this.. N my heart sang when Harry realised that he couldn't think of anyone else but Draco sharing his bed... And he would never want anyone like he wanted Draco... Was very happy about how well the conversation with Ginny went.. N how understanding she was n the fact that she was actually willing to put Harry's happiness first with out whining or making it difficult... What Scorpius said to Al was really heart warming considering how excited they were about it.. Kids that age.. Even the tiny age of four are so very preceptive.. Can't really get anything past thier tiny eyes... Love this so much... Your amazing... Just completely brilliant
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