Reviews for But What If Things Were Different?
XxxImNotOkayxxX chapter 1 . 9/24/2012
Full name: Lisa Marie Counts

Age (canon 17-18 (keep in mind Alex would be younger, Rosalina would be older, yadda yadda yadda)): 17

Love Interest and status (if applicable): Cooper,and single

How you know/will meet the band:She's known Cooper for a year or so,the're in the same class

Hobbies/Talents/Likes:Reading,swimming,guitar,drums,music,most food,band t-shirts and converses.

Dislikes/things you're bad at:Most sports,vegtibles,boring people,dresses and skirts

Description of appearance:Waist-length light brown hair,5"10",carmel skin

Description of personality:Very sarcastic,a bit crazy(but in a good way),sweet.

Family/history: Has 3 siblings,her older brother Ben,and her younger sister and brother Jade and Johnny. They live with their dad,Daniel,because their mom left.

Favorite band/musician/artist (excluding NBB):My Chemical Romance,Panic! At the Disco,Fall Out Boy,All Time Low,Green Day,Nirvana(She's a rock fan)

samiamf69 chapter 2 . 5/21/2012
Can Kristina be gay/lesbian/bi?
Apphia chapter 2 . 5/2/2012
Good story so far.

Love interest idea for David.

Allie Parker

age: davids age and dob:July 14

Meets at the beach

Has long dark brown hair and ocean blue eyes, likes to have her hair in a pony tail. Has bangs that go to the left side of her face. Is slightly shorter than david.

Personality: A little sarcastic and really random. Favorite colors are purple and sky blue. Likes to wear shorts and converse. She has a pet parrot named benny that likes to talk. Hobbies are art and swimming. Takes karate and hates it when guys say that she or girls in general aren't tough. Allie is a prankster. lives close to the lake or wherever the band goes. likes blonds(wink wink). Favorite candy bar is three musketeers. Does not like the color yellow or people who act cool. Can play the guitar and ukulele. Is an only child with only a dad. Her mom died of cancer when she was 7. Dad is a little overprotective. Can be a flirt and not know it. Easy to like and make friend with. Likes to do boy stuff like sports but still be into girl stuff. Wow I'm rambling so I'm gonna stop now before I go crazy and tell a whole life story. Haha.
M chapter 2 . 5/1/2012
Mark Leo Castillo


Love Interest: Kristina

Status: crush

How you know/ will meet the band: Mark will meet the band at the beach

Hobbies/Talents/likes: mark is good at dancing, singing,and guitar

Dislikes/things bad at: The chello and pink

Description of Appearence: Mark has Brown Hair, blue eyes, 6'3 and100 wears a grey t-shirt and jeans with black sneakers

Personality: He is a fighter and protects his friends. He also loves music and he also is rebel kind of like dude

Family/History:Mark has two brothers and three sisters all of the are younger than. His brother Matt and Theo are 12 . His sisters are lily, Annabeth, and Julie are 13, 10 , and 9

His parents died after Julie was 3 he took care of them and helps them with school and like Kristina because of her personality

Favorite band : BTR
Partyrockinpanda123 chapter 2 . 3/25/2012
Plzzzzzzzzzz update!
StarkidWolf chapter 2 . 3/22/2012
I hope you choose kine. She seems more solid than all these cheerleaders and pre pson already suggested. Ingnore the space and on in the word. It's supposed be preps. Really, some of these nat characters are annoying. Not being offense.
StarkidWolf chapter 1 . 3/22/2012
Piper Quill Anderson


Nat, Single

She is a friend Rosalina met on her trip. She is a guitarists, and rosalina brought her to meet the band. They meet at beach, and nat is taken away.

She is a big guitarists, and can sing, but is convinced her voice is awful. She enjoys writing songs, which are goofy, and also she is a good artist.

She hates math. She always had a hard time with it.

She has light sandy blondish/brownish hair. She has wide and large cryhstal green eyes, which turn icy gray when mad. She is slightly tannish, but never where's makeup.

She is very funny, always goofs around, but she is stubborn and can get angry quickly. She is always thinking, and hums random bits of music.

The Wanteds, expesially their song I'm glad you came.

Other: she also has acting dreams. She enjoys basketball.

Hope you pick her! Pretty Please?
Partyrockinpanda123 chapter 2 . 3/15/2012
Plz update and consider my character!
Partyrockinpanda123 chapter 1 . 3/1/2012
Also,syara'sfav songs are redneck woman and big girls dont cry
Partyrockinpanda123 chapter 1 . 3/1/2012
Also,syara cusses alot and is VERY VERY childish
Partyrockinpanda123 chapter 1 . 3/1/2012
Name:syara(pronouced ciara) jada u meet the band:syara's at the beach,doing cartwheels and stuff and the boys run to the beach and crash into /talents/likes:reading,dancing,gymnastics,singing,playing piano,keyboard,guitar,running,cooking,onision,roller coasters,being with /things ur bad at:girly girls,babysitting,patience,cats, of appearance:blue eyes,blonde curly hair,glasses,looks like hanna from pll,purple of personality:very sweet,loving,sometimes she yells when shes annoyed,tries to look at the bright side of /history:she has a sister,caty,mother,lenna,and father, lived in london before she moved,her mom was she was16,her dad hates her for no aparrent reason.u can put in more if u band/musician/artist:paramore,the veronicas,panic at the disco,flyleaf,katy perry,btr,avril lavign,britney spears,selena gomez,lady antebellem,band perry,taylor swift,evanessence,.
99angelkitty chapter 1 . 2/19/2012
Name: Summer Skye Rosewood

Age: 17 (or Nat's age)

LI & S: Nat. They meet at the beach and they go out on a date and they they become BF & GF! He loves her and she loves him back.

H/T/L: Singing; Dancing (mostly ballet); cheerleading; shopping. Likes Nat and Music!

Dislikes and bad things: Gym (but she participates) and other sports than dance and cheerleading. She is good at sports but bad at being patient for a long period of time.

DOA: She has long blonde hair with blue streaks (Aqua's hair from Aquamarine); Crystal Blue Eyes; and a diamond nose stud piercing.

DOB: Summer or Skye as she prefers to be called is a nice straight A student girl. She loves music, her family, and cheerleading. She loves lots of cute things and she owns 3 pets. A kitten, a puppy, and a hamster. Her dad owns an animal hospital/orphanage. She works there.

Family/History: Mom; Patty Rosewood (nee Zilkerman), Dad; Dan Rosewood, Little 8 year old brother; Timmy Rosewood. She doesn't have a bad history and her grandma was Marilyn Monroe's BFF! And because of that they get a little publicity now and then.

FB/M/A: She likes the Fray, Big Time Rush, R5, Kelly Clarkson, and more.

Other: She likes to be called Skye but Nat calls her Sum or Summy. Which she hates but sometimes likes.

Thanks and plz pick her! I know he has already been requested but plz pick her! I beg of you!

luls luls luls chapter 1 . 2/5/2012
Full name: Gamzee Makara

Age : 8 sweeps

Love Interest and status (if applicable): redrom tavros nitram, blackrom Dave strider.

How you know/will meet the band: upon the end of sburb, he returns to earth to exact revenge in the place of the mirthfull messiahs.

Hobbies/Talents/Likes: painting miracle in rainbow colors. Hoarding dead bodies of fellow alternians. Making pies. Making out with decapitated head of tavros nitram.

Dislikes/things you're bad at: DAVE STRIDER AND HIS BLASPHEMOUS "ICP".

Description of appearance:tall and skinny. Indigo blooded. Long horns. Clown facepaint. Capricorn symbol on t-shirt. Polka dot pants. Messy black hair.

Description of personality: stoner-esque, friendly, and derpy on soper slime. Capricious when sober.

Family/history: goat lusus is never home.

Favorite band/musician/artist (excluding NBB): ANYTHING NOT ICP.

PAILME chapter 1 . 2/5/2012
Full name: Kyle Broflowski


Love Interest and status: Dualscar the orphaner pchoooooooooo

How you know/will meet the band: Jews

Hobbies/Talents/Likes: jews

Dislikes/things you're bad at: DE JEWWWWWS

Description of appearance: very jew-like

Description of personality: so motherfucking Jewish.

Family/history: some jews and a Canadian fucker.

Favorite band/musician/artist (excluding NBB): JUST...JUST REALY JEWISH IN THE MOST JEW WAY POSSIBLE.

Other: he has erectile dysfunction in a vaguely jewish way.
Actressa1 chapter 1 . 1/24/2012
Mayas age is 16-17 sry!

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