Reviews for XCW: Xtreme Cartoon Wrestling
Emmanuel chapter 60 . 1/26
Sorry for reviewing, Ivan, but this has to let out. I made in an error in the Tai's new signature move, the "Brave-Breaker". It suppose to be a fireman's carry neckbreaker SLAM. It's similar to Kazuchika Okada's Heavy Rain. You may or may not put Arthur Read's new entrance when he stated, "The Revolution... will be televised!" followed by "Revolution" played by Pennywise. See you later.
Emmanuel chapter 60 . 1/25
You surely started this episode strong, especially XCW in its new era! Casey Lynch made her presence felt in her debut (some of us want a description of her, thank you). Tommy Vercetti advance to the Silver Lining Ladder match with a surprising arrival of the Mask. Yuna made her return with a new finisher by defeating newcomer and rival from LCW and representing the RR "The Regular Robin" Margaret Smith (that's her last name). Arthur makes an announcement to Claude that has protection in the form of Mordecai and Rigby, or as they call themselves, "The Wild Dudes." Now, I may not know about their wrestling styles, save for a little bit I saw in AWE, but on the cartoon, the two of them and quick with Mordecai high-flying and technical, and Rigby unorthodox and ground base.

Eddy came out an challenges Arthur for the World Television Championship next week. But that gives me an idea. Why don't we sweeten the pot and make it a qualifying match of the Silver Lining Ladder Match as well? Think about it.

Finally, Tai Kamiya and Bugs Bunny, one-on-one for the XCW World title. A historic match ruined by Hotsuma, Sub-Zero, Solid Snake, Sweet Tooth, and Scorpion ala Nexus. They were also the ones who earlier attacked the South Park Four and Rolf while winning the Hardcore title in the process. You sure took the questions out of my mouth.

Well, since Tai shown a new taunt, it's fair that Sora would, too. If you don't have an idea as of yet, how about a hand heart sign? I've been thinking that for a while. I also thought of a combination. If Tai can hit a triple German suplex, a brainbuster, or a Brave-Breaker, a new move which is a fireman's carry neckbreaker, he can finish his opponent with a Tai Dive, Crossface, or the Emerald Flowsion Kai which Tai calls "Digi-flow-ution".

See you on the end of the next episode! Pretty good on the New Era!
Alexander AnderConnor chapter 60 . 1/21
._. ...WELL...that's ONE WAY to kick off a new era...

Shock and awe aside, great episode of XCW, man. We had new debuts, new moves, new theme songs and new shifts of power in the company!

Hotsuma, Snake, Sweet Tooth, Sub-Zero and Scorpion...WHAT do they want? ...attention? ...Hm...suppose we'll have to wait and see. XP

All in all, great chapter, man! I'm looking forward to the next one! XD
pika331 chapter 60 . 1/21
Awesome part 2 man! Mordecai rigby and margaret made their and a new faction in xcw consisting of scorpion sub zero sweet tooth snake and hotsuma. aw man 5 Pushes at once in one episode! cant wait to see what their called and what their motives wait for next week!
pika331 chapter 59 . 1/6
Sorry for taking so long but welcome back and you kicked off xcw road to silver lining with a bang! 4 of the silver lining match participants have been announced and we Had 2 debuts in casey lynch and the former wcw tag champ...The Mask!.and even though tommy qualified for the ladder match we might have a tommy-mask fued in the Also who is milano
?overall good part wait for part 2!
alex 988 chapter 59 . 12/12/2014
cant wait for chapter 60!
Emmanuel chapter 58 . 7/20/2014
Wow... now that's what I call extreme. That show was worth it. I got a glimpse of XCW on AO3.

I have some new theme songs for this new era. For Monday Night Massacre, how about "This Means War" by Nickelback? For Arthur Read, he stated, "The Revolution... will be televised!" followed by Pennywise's "Revolution". I wonder if your still on about the XCW Divas Battle Royal/Championship Chase concept I told you earlier. Take a breather, Ivan. You earned it. Catch you later!
VegeToon chapter 58 . 7/17/2014
Y'know, I thought I was gonna need to reread the entirety of Heatwave to remember it all. But then I saw the results and IMMEDIATELY remembered the show. Very memorable show. Your magnum opus?...Yes sir. I do say so mah-self.

Rolf defeated Kenny McCormick (c) in a Falls Count Anywhere match to become the new XCW Hardcore Champion

You couldn't HAVE a better opener for XTREME Championship Wrestling than a bombastic Hardcore Title Match that roamed EVERYWHERE in the arena. Every spot flowed. Nothing was contrived or forced. The 303 with the pole and Rolf's dive that killed Kenny were very memorable spots. Someone wanna go he-ah he's okay. He'll be back for Massacre. All in all, you wanted an opener? THIS is how you open. This ranks up there with Rock Lee vs. Neji I...or pretty much ALL of Rock Lee's amazing openers...

Grade: A-

Hotsuma defeated Bugs Bunny in a Tables match

What else can I say but the right guy won? Bugs, all but OUT of The World Title picture, made way for Hotsuma to step in. And I'm cool with it. Bugs and Mario added an air of legitimacy for XCW when it started, but now they're not needed with Tai at the top, ready to lead XCW, and Claude and Tommy all but made. What's next for Hotsuma? Obvious. The position he was MADE for...World Title contender.

Grade: B

Arthur defeated Claude Speed (c) in a First Blood match to become the new XCW World Television Champion

Every good PPV has a shocker and this was it. Arthur winning The TV Title, some time after he was Mr. Fluke Hardcore Champion, is pretty surprising. But the way he wins it keeps it grounded in a way that's "OH WOW Arthur WON! But wait he cheated!" And Claude's post-match beatdown fit the tone of major fluke cheat. Arthur's done some good heeling, and he's put in time, so a midcard Title is good. One thing I've noticed is that Titles seem like storyline pushers in XCW, which could mean Arthur may lose it BACK to Claude soon enough. ...Buuut it's still honorable and prestigious (for a 6 month old Belt held by Tai and Luigi and Bugs and a Toon Hardcore Champ Claude) enough to feel like an honor. All in all, a good series of events here that made Arthur while not ruining, and probably helping, Claude. The rivalry with making Claude lose EVERYTHING was well done, and I was glad to help out with Arthur and Claude at 2.0!

Sora Takenouchi (c) defeated Peach Toadstool in a Hardcore match to retain the XCW Women's Championship

MotN?...Oooooh yes. THIS was your magnum opus ladies match. Geez it was brutal. It was crazy. It...I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY MAN! FWAs, watch out!

Grade: (XCW's first plus)...I'm giving THIS MATCH Toon's FIVE STAR RATING. First match to get my five stars, but WOW was it amazing.

Tommy Vercetti defeated Spongebob Squarepants in a Liberty City Street Fight

I was on Twitter for every single nutso boingo thing this match did for three months. THAT added to the nuttiness of this match. Not everyone will be a fan of a nutty, crazy match like this. At times it did veer into unbelievability and craziness to a point I needed to wonder if this was a wrestling show to the xtreme or a tame episode of Happy Tree Friends haha. But it was FUN. Was it over the top? Yeah. But Fiction Wrestlers can delve into craziness cause they're cartoons or have better physiology than real guys. They can get crazy. So it was nutty, but fun. A niche match. Tommy breaks his losing streak and goes over Spongebob!

Grade: B

The South Park Four (Stan Marsh and Eric Cartman) (c) defeated D-Generation Ed (Ed and Edd) and the Mario Brothers (Mario and Luigi) in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match to retain the XCW Tag Team Championships

Cato loves Women's Divisions. I'm a Tag Division connosieur. And this was your best Tag Match hands down. THREE legendary teams went at it. Sucks that The Mario Bros. didn't have a third guy backing them like how E&C had Rhyno because the other teams had their natural third person with Lita and Spike, or in this case Eddy and Kyle. I remember you had Wario or Toad maybe in XCW for The Mushroom Kingdom. That would've been a good third person. Well anyway, that was the only thing that could've given us complete E&C vs. Hardys vs. Dudleys vibes, but it's cool. STILL amazing match. A man. An A. Every spot was clean, it was fresh, it rocked. The SP4 retaining means we'll see more. I wanna see The Eds vs. The SP4 vs. The Mario Bros. AGAIN soon. Three legendary teams duking it in XCW. Awesome.

Grade: A-

Tai Kamiya (c) defeated Garfield in a Last Man Standing match to retain the XCW World Heavyweight Championship

This PPV gives no breaks. At all. Tai vs. Garfield was a knockout, dragout fight. Was it as strong as the others? It was GOOD...but the others (Women's and Tag Titles) were just SO MUCH BETTER that it makes this not as good. Still a GOOD MATCH, but not the best or even top 2 or 3 if I wanna add in the opener. I think...I think Sora might be better than Tai haha. Eh they're equal. Separate but equal. Garfield was awesome here too, being the monster heel. He's my favorite monster heel. This was good to establish Tai's reign, and now Tai can move onto a new challenger. Will THIS reign last long?...Doubt it haha.

Grade: B plus

All in all, XCW's magnum opus. Every match being No DQ was no issue until the main event, where it seems somewhat worn out. Maybe that's why the main event was as good compared to the other bests. But no matter what, Heatwave deserves an...


This show is your best show to date. I applaud it and YOU, sir.

MotN: Sora vs. Peach OBVIOUSLY

MVP: Soooraaa!

XCW Top 5:

1. Sora Takenouchi

2. Tai Kamiya

3. The South Park 4

4. Hotsuma

5. Rolf

Great show, Ivan mah man!

Hope to see more soon!
The Ayatollah of Awesomeness chapter 58 . 7/15/2014
...OH...MY...GOD... O_O

ALL MATCHES HERE WERE FREAKING AWESOME! XD 'Nuff can be said about the hell went down here. XD I really, REALLY thought the Eds were gonna win this...but South Park Four wins it all...damn it. DX ...But I loved the match. XD The main event...I...I'm not sure if I got words for it. O_O I may be exaggerating, but this was simply...awesome. XD To quote a certain ACW commentator, this was truly Legen—WAIT FOR IT...




You deserve a break, Ivan. You EARNED it. XD Update when you're done with your break. :D



Asheel chapter 58 . 7/15/2014
Damn, the Ed's lost an awesome tag match. Sorry that my review for the last chapter didn't show up. That liberty city street fight was MOTN. Sora vs Peach was the only thing close to it. This was a strong candidate for PPV of the year.
Alexander AnderConnor chapter 58 . 7/15/2014
There are only two words that I can think of that describe his PPV, man... FUCKING AWESOME. Seriously, man, I expected Heatwave to be awesome and all... but you took went ABOVE all my expectations! The matches were ALL awesome! I was on my edge of the seat for all of them! XD XD My favourite match? Sora vs Peach. Hands down. That match was MATCH OF THE NIGHT... so much action and so much story behind it... XD XD XD Favourite spot? Rolf grinding. Nuff' said. XD

All in all, man, this PPV was awesome and I look forward to more XCW in the future. :D Update whenever you can, man. XD
Emmanuel chapter 57 . 7/11/2014
I didn't put my name for the last review. Sorry about that. Your almost there! You got this!
Guest chapter 57 . 7/8/2014
Man, if the Fanfiction Wrestling Awards would be here in December, this should be nominated for Hardcore Match of the Year. Weapon shots, skin shredded, blood flowing, finishers connecting - this match was brutal! In the end, Tommy Vercetti got the duke (shout out to Ninja Cato).

I'm sorry for not making a comment about the last chapter. The Tables match between Bugs Bunny and Hotsuma - a veteran vs. a former member of the Rookie Revolution. Not the ending I was expecting, but regardless, the "Shinobi" gains the victory. Sora against Peach - once again, the closing moments is not what I envisioned.
...You made it better.

By the way, since Sora retains the title and Peach in the hospital, Space Ghost should have the rest of the XCW Divas compete in a dark/pre-show Battle Royal. Whoever gone over the top rope or through the top and middle ropes will be eliminated. The last four standing will compete in the main show in a Championship Chase. If you don't know what that match is, let me know at the end of the next chapter.

Speaking of which, it's the conclusion of XCW Heatwave where it will be a TLC match for the Tag Team titles and the Last Man Standing main event the World Heavyweight Championship. Can't wait to see those! See you there!
Guest chapter 53 . 5/23/2014
Hurry up and finish the next chapter
cornholio4 chapter 56 . 3/24/2014
Dammit arthur is the tv champ
Hope he loses it as soon as possible
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