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MK-Konnor chapter 70 . 7/19
A VEEEEEEEEERY nice update, Ivan! And a quick one to boot! With how much you're writing at once, I'm kind of concerned that you're gonna burn yourself out. ._. But enough of that pessimism, onto the chapter's contents...

I am LOVING the thought of this Turmoil match more and more as time goes on. The build to it has been AWESOME. I'm kind of salty that Scorpion and Sub-Zero aren't defending their titles at Shockwave but that's just my MK bias talking, ignore that because this match has been built awesomely and is gonna be awesome, no doubt about it. XD

I'm very curious to see where the mismatched teams of Claude and Mask and Mario and SpongeBob will go in the match. I'm rooting for the latter team personally but eh, we'll see what happens. XD

All in all, another fine chapter, Ivan; keep up the good work, man! XD
El Jesu chapter 70 . 7/18
Well, a lot of stuff has happened in THIS chapter and the one before, eh? :P

Two updates within a week? Effin' A, my author brotha. BO I'm really liking the World Television Title scene (WELCOME BACK, SAMURAI JACK! XD), the Hardcore Title scene, and the Tag Team Turmoil so far; can only look forward to what else you bring to the table in the next chapter. XD

Still a fun read with XCW; you seem to be getting better. :O Though what up with the "sold" in these chapters? That a typo or something? ._.

Nonetheless, looking forward to your next update, bud! XD
cornholio4 chapter 69 . 7/15
Hope jack wins
MK-Konnor chapter 69 . 7/15
Well now...isn't that one hell of a way to kick off a Monthcap? XD

This update was well worth the wait, Ivan, I thoroughly enjoyed August's storylines thus far and, more importantly, how it was all presented, that was a huge part of why I enjoyed it so much. :D

Plus, y'know, Samurai Jack returned and is now the #1 Contender for the World Television there's that. XD

All in all, a fun read, Ivan. I look forward to the next update, whenever that may be. XD
Emmanuel chapter 68 . 6/3/2016
So, a good first PPV of the new era. I want to thank you for that and for bringing those moves to some of the wrestlers. I do have some more suggestions if you wanted them. First, it's the K2 - Kamiya Kick. For Tai, it would be a soccer kick to the chest of a seated opponent; for Sora, though, it's the same kick only on the back of a seated opponent. I have a new theme for the Knighthood of Assassins whether as a group or a tag team. Listen to "Killer Bomb" by Yonosuke Kitamura. It's the theme of the Killer Elite Squad (Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Lance Archer) of New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

Congrats for making the FWA this year. I'll keep an eye to that. Have a good break-you earned it.
airnaruto45 chapter 66 . 3/18/2016
As Ren would say "YOU SICK LITTLE MONKEY!" personally I think this is a good chapter but to be fair I never was a fan of Ren & Stimpy's brand of humor
Cornholio4 chapter 66 . 2/6/2016
You said d generations d were challengers
Toon the Thane of Scrabble chapter 65 . 1/5/2016
So...shall we discuss XCW Silver Linings...? DOMINATING the month were The Women's Title Tournament, The Silver Lining Match build, and The RISE of The Knighthood of Assassins. Let us see what we got here.

As an aside I will not predict as you have given me the a few match spoilers.

Rolf vs. Solid Snake (c) for the XCW Hardcore Championship
Rolf: Old Country Hardcore King

Rolf is the face of this division in XCW, but Solid Snake has been fighting in it the longest. What shall we see? Well Rolf killed it with Kenny to open Heatwave. I can see these two killing it here too. Opening the show with this is a good idea.

Grade: B

Ed and Eddy (of D-Generation Ed) vs. Mordecai and Rigby
Cartoon Cartoons vs. CN Studios

The old age of Cartoon Network faces off with the new gen of CN. And it is only one chunk of the Eds vs. RR. The segment with The Eds smashing the park into pieces was aaawesome. It fits The Eds and the Wild Dudes. It's character specific and isn't some generic deal. This could be the start of your Tag Division revamp, as it needs it. The ladies need one and so do the male teams.

Grade: B Plus

Double D vs. Arthur Read (c) for the XCW World Television Championship
One Wears Glasses, But the Other is The Genius

Arthur and Double D didn't get a lot of attention in the Eds vs. RR feud, but this SHOULD help in a FWM-wide big Double D push. This, Animated 2.0, X-Division in PCUW, all good to see what he can do as a solo star on the rise. Double D deserves more love. And he may get that even more in WWE if I can get to it all (subtle shameless advertising).

Grade: B Plus

Sora Takenouchi (c) vs. Yuna for the XCW Women's Championship
Started From the Bottom *Add in Other Lyrics*

This tournament deserves an A by itself. Introduced us to new stars and gave us a pretty good story for each. And it gave us a resurrected Yuna. Now this WHOLE TIME I figured we were getting Sora vs. Casey Lynch. That almost seemed obvious. Rebellious Heel vs. Piece of the Establishment Face. gave us a swerve. A very interesting one. Casey WILL get her time soon. But hey? Why not Yuna. But I see shenanigans happening around it. An aftermatch Casey Lynch interference maybe.

Grade: A

The South Park Four (Stan Marsh and Eric Cartman)(c) vs. The Knighthood of Assassins (Scorpion and Sub-Zero) for the XCW Tag Team Championship
The Knights March On

A smaller piece that actually STARTED this whole thing. The KoA ATTACKED The SP4 and laid them out first. And now we get Stan & Cartman against Scorpion & Sub-Zero. What else is there to say? Knighthood marches on.

Grade: B

Claude Speed vs. Tommy Vercetti vs. The Mask vs. Arthur Read vs. Kenny McCormick vs. Sweet Tooth vs. Mario vs. Spongebob Squarepants in the first-ever Silver Lining Ladder Match
Who Shall Be The Next Champ?

Everyone has a story, a basic but difficult feat that every MitB competitor needs. many have a believable story? Who can you see actively winning? The two men namrd Claude and Tommy. And their story is pretty good. What a slow burn on here and on The Twitter. Watcher said it already. Most of these guys have a story or don't need it. (FYI: Mario and Spongebob as a possible random team up of two top tier teams...I likes it...if Luigi gets no more love). It wiol all boil down to Tommy and Claude...and if Claude wins, boy will the salt levels reach Dead Sea tier

Prediction: A Minus (Tommy and Claude being the biggest bump)

Tai Kamiya (c)(w/Bugs Bunny) vs. Hotsuma (w/Daffy Duck) for the XCW World Heavyweight Championship
Knighthoods Triumph? Or Gimpy's New Stand?

Oh man...The Knighthood has already impressed me. EVERYONE is important. No one is shafted. It is too early to determine if they will all falter later or not, but the start ALREADY makes me excited. You took Tai's bad leg from WrestleMania against Davis and made a GREAT story from it. That earns props and my thanks for continuity pal. I owe you. And while Daffy opposing Daffy shouldn't be must remember that they were NEVER enemies. Their relationship was simply two friends, one more jealous of the other and more susceptible to letting the successful friend get his own one day. They were never this antagonistic. Tai needs a break. But Hotsuma needs something big. This is a truly unrpedictable deal here.

Grade: A

All in all...

Overall Grade: A Minus

GREAT BUILD. If this is the new era of XCW, it has started with a BANG. I look forward to what we see next at Silver Lining.

And what IS that cryptic wording from each show?...I know. But I won't say. But I am exciiited.

Hope to see more soon!
Emmanuel chapter 65 . 1/5/2016
Whoa. I was hoping the Money In the Bank-like match would be would a good first match in a big pay-per-view just like UCA's Final Clash, but it wasn't to be. Anyway, nice build-up toward Silver Lining. I have even more moves for the wrestlers, but I'll show them to you after my predictions. I don't want any prize. I'm happy to be a part of this - that's a prize of itself.

Rolf vs. Solid Snake (c) for the XCW Hardcore Championship: Try as he might, Rolf can't overcome the hardcore tactics of Snake.
Ed and Eddy (of D-Generation Ed) vs. Mordecai and Rigby: The Wild Dudes gained a victorious debut.
Double D vs. Arthur Read (c) for the XCW World Television Championship: The Sockhead got a good submission on, but Arthur used his "smarts" to get out of it and counter with a submission of his own to keep the Revolution televised.
Sora Takenouchi (c) vs. Yuna for the XCW Women's Championship: Good showing by Yuna, but Sora retain the title.
The South Park Four (Stan Marsh and Eric Cartman)(c) vs. The Knighthood of Assassins (Scorpion and Sub-Zero) for the XCW Tag Team Championship: The ninja have their first taste of XCW Tag Team gold.
Claude Speed vs. Tommy Vercetti vs. The Mask vs. The Mask vs. Arthur vs. Kenny McCormick vs. Sweet Tooth vs. Mario vs. SpongeBob SquarePants in the first-ever Silver Lining Ladder Match: I have an idea if SpongeBob gets the briefcase.
Tai Kamiya (c)(w/Bugs Bunny) vs. Hotsuma (w/Daffy Duck) for the XCW World Heavyweight Championship: Bugs knocked Daffy out with a new move, and despite a bad leg, Tai retains.
...BUT out of nowhere, SpongeBob crowned him with his briefcase, cash it in, hits the Spongey Edge, and won the belt.

Now, for the moves. As we know, Tai and Sora were great at playing soccer before they went to the Digital World, so it's only fitting that they can give a good soccer kick to their opponents. They call it the 2K - short for Kamiya Kick, which was parodied from one-time IWGP Tag Team Champion, Katsuyori Shibata. Plus, Tai added the fireman's carry neckbreaker dubbed "Taibreaker" and Sora has the Super Soracanrana which is a super frankensteiner, sometimes inverted or as a counter from a superbomb that Princess Peach tried to do through a flaming table at Heatwave. If Sora's regular crossface doesn't work, she can apply the straight jacket crossface in which she called either the XO or Loving Arms (you decide).

Arthur had gained some moves on life lessons and school, like the backpack stunner, the Book End (adopted from Booker T), the Moralizer (Lifting reverse STO), and the Dramatic Arc (Single leg Boston crab with armlock, sometimes preceded by a legmare). And as for the new submission finisher, it's the Hass of Pain, which he named the "Schoolhouse of Pain."

Bugs has a new move in his arsenal - the Rabbit's Foot, a running single leg front dropkick. And since Hotsuma based moves on Randy Orton, he should have the Garvin Stomp which he called the Shinobi Stomp, and the running punt kick named "Ansatsu" which is Japanese for "Assassination".

To one reviewer watcherofinsertclevernamehere said something of a women's member of the Knighthood... I can guess who could be in the near future, but I will keep that as a surprise.

All in all, I hope the PPV is a good one. Happy 2016!
MDCommissioner chapter 65 . 12/30/2015
And so XCW looks towards Silver Lining and this Showcap did excellent work at getting the PPV hyped, especially in terms of the overall Knighthood of Assassins and Silver Lining Ladder Match storylines.

And now let's look at the Silver Lining card and make some predictions!

Rolf vs. Solid Snake (c) for the XCW Hardcore Championship

It's a title that can change hands at any time...though I think it'll remain in Solid Snake's hands for the time being.

Ed and Eddy (of D-Generation Ed) vs. Mordecai and Rigby

I don't really watch Regular Show and the "OHH" annoys me...but I say The Wild Dudes get the debut win.

Double D vs. Arthur Read (c) for the XCW World Television Championship

Arthur Read to keep televising the Revolution.

Sora Takenouchi (c) vs. Yuna for the XCW Women's Championship

Yuna's fought valiantly in the tournament (and her story gave me inspiration for something on the Twitter), but it won't be enough to take the title. Sora retains.

The South Park Four (Stan Marsh and Eric Cartman)(c) vs. The Knighthood of Assassins (Scorpion and Sub-Zero) for the XCW Tag Team Championship

Scorpion will win another set of tag titles...and it'll be with a partner he respects and can tolerate. :P

Claude Speed vs. Tommy Vercetti vs. The Mask vs. Arthur Read vs. Kenny McCormick vs. Sweet
Tooth vs. Mario vs. Spongebob Squarepants in the first-ever Silver Lining Ladder Match

Ohhh...the match that's the hardest to pick. That said...I'm swinging for Tommy Vercetti.

Tai Kamiya (c)(w/Bugs Bunny) vs. Hotsuma (w/Daffy Duck) for the XCW World Heavyweight Championship

I see Tai going on his break...but unfortunately for the Destined of Courage and all who know him it'll be withOUT the World Title. Hotsuma to win.
WatchHouseOfHorrors chapter 65 . 12/30/2015
Sadly, I am trying to focus my review chops to do a blockbuster of a Pride & Glory review, so no big review from me.

But, I liked everything I saw her. The Knighthood is a truly interesting stable, and done very well for the people it contains within it. I like seeing the Knighthood storyline being spread around different matches at SL. Tai vs Hotsuma, with it's Bugs vs Daffy "subplot" is a pretty awesome feud. I was thinking you would wait a few months for Hotsuma to go for the gold, but I'm not complaining. Fastened the pace of XCW as a whole, IMO.

XCW RR vs The Eds is also a fun little feud. Was shocked to see Mordecai and Rigby go over Ed and Eddy in that backstage segment. So I'm intriguied to see the possibility of upsets at SL.

Sora vs Yuna is a nice little match, which I think is great in the fact that it's a match all to it's own. No ties to the Knighthood (Unless they get a women's member) or the RR...for now.


Hardcore Championship: Now, Hardcore Championship could very well end up changing before SL ends, so I'm gonna say Snake wins, allowing the Knighthood to keep the title they came in with. Hopefully Snake can make it through the rest of the night. ._. Rolf vs Kenny at HeatWave was awesome, and I hope this can ascend it.

D-Gen-Ed vs Wild Dudes: Gonna give the win to Wild Dudes. Newer team. Eds can afford the loss, they got more than one company to make up for one in. XD. Maybe shenanigans?

Television Championship: Gonna say Arthur succeeds in his first defense. It wouldn't seem right, IMO, to have Arthur beat Berserker Claude at Heatwave, and then lose to DD in a non-stip match. But hey, who knows? But for now, I'm saying RR dominates the Eds. XD

Women's Championship: Gonna say Sora out of personal bias. Yuna's had a nice sorta ascension story...but she just inspires no interest out of me. Nothing personal towards her per say. Wouldn't be surprised to see Yuna takes this though, especially with what's going on with Sora and Tai Twitter wise...but I'm sticking to my guns.

Tag Team Championship: Hmm...not much to say. Gonna say Team SP retains. Got nothing.

Silver Lining: Arthur? Can't see it with two matches. Mask? Too soon. Kenny and ST? Cancel eachother out. Spongebob and Mario? Just can't see it. Between Claude and Tommy for me...and based on what I think is being set up here...Claude. Claude takes it...and that MAY be what pushes Mr. Vercetti over the edge, against Claude? Gonna have to wait and see.

XCW World Heavyweight Championship: Hard hard hard. No much to say, there was a ton of debate mentally over this. The Bugs and Daffy factor. The Knighthood factor. Lots of things could happen here. After much debate...Hotsuma to become new champion. I JUST can't but help think the knee is going to fuck up Tai. I think that will be the final message for him to take a damn break for a while.

Gonna be good. Looking forward to it.
MK-Konnor chapter 65 . 12/30/2015
Damn good chapter, Ivan, my man. It was the perfect go home show to set up Silver Lining in 2016. Special note goes to how you've put Bugs and Daffy in the corners of Tai and Hotsuma respectively...I REALLY, REALLY liked that. XD Adds a flare to the match that I just love. Partly because I'm bias, I'm gonna be rooting for Hotsuma and his crew at Silver Lining...but that isn't for a while in the mean time...predictions...if only just for fun. XD

Snake retains the Hardcore Championship.

Mordecai and Rigby get the last laugh over Ed and Eddy.

Arthur retains the TV title against Double D to legitimize his reign.

Sora keeps up her wave of momentum by retaining against Yuna.

Scorpion and Sub-Zero take home the XCW Tag Team Championship...MK 4 LYFE! XO XO XO

Tommy Vercetti wins the first ever Silver Lining Ladder Match.

...aaaaaaaand Tai's injuries catch up with him and Bugs as Daffy leads Hotsuma to his first World Championship!

Have a Happy New Year, Ivan! I have a feeling 2016's gonna good for us all! XD
cornholio4 chapter 61 . 8/7/2015
Cool toy see fry lock joining the announce table since I am an athf fan
Emmanuel chapter 60 . 1/26/2015
Sorry for reviewing, Ivan, but this has to let out. I made in an error in the Tai's new signature move, the "Brave-Breaker". It suppose to be a fireman's carry neckbreaker SLAM. It's similar to Kazuchika Okada's Heavy Rain. You may or may not put Arthur Read's new entrance when he stated, "The Revolution... will be televised!" followed by "Revolution" played by Pennywise. See you later.
Emmanuel chapter 60 . 1/25/2015
You surely started this episode strong, especially XCW in its new era! Casey Lynch made her presence felt in her debut (some of us want a description of her, thank you). Tommy Vercetti advance to the Silver Lining Ladder match with a surprising arrival of the Mask. Yuna made her return with a new finisher by defeating newcomer and rival from LCW and representing the RR "The Regular Robin" Margaret Smith (that's her last name). Arthur makes an announcement to Claude that has protection in the form of Mordecai and Rigby, or as they call themselves, "The Wild Dudes." Now, I may not know about their wrestling styles, save for a little bit I saw in AWE, but on the cartoon, the two of them and quick with Mordecai high-flying and technical, and Rigby unorthodox and ground base.

Eddy came out an challenges Arthur for the World Television Championship next week. But that gives me an idea. Why don't we sweeten the pot and make it a qualifying match of the Silver Lining Ladder Match as well? Think about it.

Finally, Tai Kamiya and Bugs Bunny, one-on-one for the XCW World title. A historic match ruined by Hotsuma, Sub-Zero, Solid Snake, Sweet Tooth, and Scorpion ala Nexus. They were also the ones who earlier attacked the South Park Four and Rolf while winning the Hardcore title in the process. You sure took the questions out of my mouth.

Well, since Tai shown a new taunt, it's fair that Sora would, too. If you don't have an idea as of yet, how about a hand heart sign? I've been thinking that for a while. I also thought of a combination. If Tai can hit a triple German suplex, a brainbuster, or a Brave-Breaker, a new move which is a fireman's carry neckbreaker, he can finish his opponent with a Tai Dive, Crossface, or the Emerald Flowsion Kai which Tai calls "Digi-flow-ution".

See you on the end of the next episode! Pretty good on the New Era!
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