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cornholio4 chapter 56 . 3/24
Dammit arthur is the tv champ
Hope he loses it as soon as possible
Supah-Toon chapter 56 . 3/24
Maaaaaaaan, you need to stop playing with these matches! XD this entire thing was AMAZING! You really had Sora vs. Peach go all out balls out with this match! Right under Gwen-Chell in brutality in female rankings! This match won MotN not just for the brutal spots, but the emotion and story told as well. Simply put...great match! Early FWA candidate XD

Oh! Oh! And Arthur? YES! I love Claude, but it's time for him to move on up. But before that...let's let him fight a paranoid Arthur Read XD

Hotsuma getting a push? Cool! But to where? Maybe Tai? Let's hope he beats Garfield...

And that Tommy-Spongebob stuff was like a more violent and hate filled Goldust vs. Roddy Piper at WrestleMania XII XD the brawling around the host town before getting into cars for a car chase? Sure you weren't influenced? :P

All in all, amazing Pt. 2! And The Tag Title Match, the conclusion to The Liberty City Street Fight, and The Main Event should be amazing!

Hope to see more soon!
Konnor chapter 56 . 3/24

Hotsuma beat Bugs... YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! He's gotten the short end of the stick in XCW up until now but dammit, I hope this is the turning point for Hotsuma! XD

The Liberty City Street Fight... wow... O_O ...I suppose we'll find out what happened to them next chapter... I feel sorry for the citizens of Liberty City who are getting caught in the crossfire. DX DX DX

As for Arthur Vs Claude... YES! ARTHUR IS FINALLY THE XCW WORLD TELEVISION CHAMPION! :D :D IT'S ABOUT FUCKING TIME! XP ...but yikes... ._. Claude nearly murdered him there and then... probably would have had The Police not jumped into action...

And finally... Peace vs Sora... WOW... just... WOW... 0_0 BRUUUUUUTAL... XP

Overall, a brutally awesome, Ivan! XP Can't wait until the next chapter, man, update whenever you can!
Perfect Mafia chapter 56 . 3/24
Loved the chapter Ivan, especially "RAMPAGE"! :D :D :D I love those little side missions...
Ninja Cato chapter 56 . 3/24
YES! ARTHUR DID IT! ARTHUR WO-oh my God, he nearly died. O_O

That was probably my verbatim reaction to that match. XD DAMN... Insanity, insanity, and MORE insanity! Hotsuma beats Bugs, Tommy and SpongeBob take it to the streets, ARTHUR WINS (:D :D :D), and Sora and Peach...Sora and Peach...Sora and Peach. O_O Lived up to the violence billing AND MORE... Sora comes out on top; will Tai do the same over Garfield? Time will tell, I suppose, but an absolutely AMAZING, STELLAR chapter, good man! Update soon!
ForceWalker chapter 56 . 3/24
First off, Bugs Bunny wasn't UCA's first World Champion...that belongs to Daffy Duck. He WAS though UCA's first Rumble Winner, as well as first two-time World Champion of the company.

That said, this whole chapter was AWESOME! I already saw a few matches beforehand, but I still loved this part! Great stuff! Surprised at what the Liberty City Street Fight devolved into! O_O Wonder what will happen?! Great stuff man though! Keep it up!
Emmanuel chapter 55 . 2/20
Welcome back, Ivan! Boy, did you start things off with a bang! Early and Shake were right - Rolf and Kenny did went everywhere, but the ring, and they throw everything each other, expect the kitchen sink. And what Space Ghost said about adding new superstars and a new theme song, I got some ideas that I like to share with you as soon as you send in the next chapter. Speaking of which, we have a tables match, the XCW World Television Championship will be defended in a First Blood match, and a Hardcore match for the Women's Title. There's just one more thing I want to point out on my promo on the two female combatants - Peach was named the number one contender for said title two weeks after the XCW debut, not one week. Sorry about that. Also, congrats on winning a couple awards of the Fanfiction Wrestling Awards 2013. See ya soon!
Ninja Cato chapter 55 . 2/19
...Well, THAT'S a hell of a way to kick off a PPV! :D AWESOME from start to finish, and I loved that railing grind into the Tornado DDT spot. THAT was cool! This whole match was cool! And now, I REALLY can't wait for the next part! Still holding out on Arthur pulling off the upset. XD Update soon! chapter 55 . 2/17
Can't wait for chapter 56!
DXP chapter 55 . 2/16
Wohooo! Finally at Heatwave um...
Emmanuel chapter 54 . 1/28
Hey, Ivan

First let me say Happy New Year! Next, according to the Fiction Wrestling Multiverse Wiki, I got the number of times Sora and Peach won the Women's Championship in the companies they partake in. The Princess has held the title an impressive 11 times while the DigiDestined was close behind with 10. Guess we need a edit to the promo, huh? We await of Heatwave, XCW's version of Extreme Rules.
Emmanuel chapter 54 . 12/9/2013
Oops, I forgot to mention this on my last review. I was too tired to type it down. It's about the XCW championships that you created. The Women's title is Betty Boop-theme, the World TV title is shaped like the Warner Bros./Lonney Tunes shield, and the World Heavyweight title has the Mickey Mouse symbol. Can you tell us what the Tag Team and Hardcore titles look like during XCW Heatwave? Thanks a lot. See you in maybe 2014!
Emmanuel chapter 54 . 12/6/2013
Hi, I'm back with the predictions for Heatwave. Here they are:

Rolf versus Kenny (c) in a Falls Count Anywhere match for the XCW Hardcore Championship: Rolf kills Kenny for the title.
Bugs Bunny versus Hotsuma in a Tables match: Bugs attempts to Bunny Bomb Hotsuma through a table, but while on the air, the "Shinobi" counters with the spiked knuckles and then the Akujiki through a table.
Claude Speed (c) versus Arthur Read in a First Blood match for the XCW World Television Championship: Not only Arthur made Claude bleed for the title, but he somehow got a warrant for the arrest of "Liberty City's Lucifer" and the LCPD took him away, handcuff and all.
*Sora Takenouchi (c) versus Peach in a Hardcore match for the XCW Women's Championship: After a bloody and brutal duel which will be longer than the Trish Stratus/Victoria Hardcore match, Peach makes a grab for the title belt and knocks Sora down. With great ring awareness, the Women's Champion put her foot on the bottom rope before the count of three. The Princess awaits for another swing, but Sora ducks, snatches the belt from her rival, and then. . .
. . .WHAM! Peach got flat out! Sora states, "PAYBACK'S A BITCH, PEACH, AND SO ARE YOU!" before landing a Shooting Star Press from the top rope. To end, for the ladies Peach held back in the XCW locker room, including Nazz and Yuna, she put on the Crossface to retain her title.
D-Generation Ed (Ed and Ed) versus The South Park Four (Stan Marsh and Eric Cartman, c) versus The Mario Brothers (Mario and Luigi) in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match for the XCW Tag Team Championship: Whlie D-Ed and the South Park Four are brawling or down for a while, Mario and/or Luigi silenty climb to the ladder to win the Tag Team belts.
**Tommy Vercetti versus Spongebob Squarepants in a Liberty City Street Fight: Thanks to advantage of terrain, the "Harwood Butcher" ends his losing streak.
**Tai Kamiya (c) versus Garfield in a Last Man Standing match for the XCW World Heavyweight Championship: Another epic match against bitter rivals, but in the end, Tai reigned surpeme and gained vindication.

* Match looking forward to
** Match looking forward to and you may want to add promos before the match

I really don't want a prize if win. I'm just happy to be a part of the reviews. I may consider getting an account for here, but if this website remove this story or I'm a part of the Multiverse forum, I'm afraid that they take my account away, if I did.

Have a great holiday season!
Emmanuel chapter 54 . 12/1/2013
An choatic end to the go-home show before Heatwave! It reminds me of the closing moments to Raw Country that I still have on DVR, expect it's the big heel that prevailed. Anyway, I thank you for the input of Sora's new move. I got a good name of it. How does "Lovely Neckbreaker" sound? I hope it will give an edge against Peach at the PPV. Speaking of which, I came up with a promo for them before their bout. Check this out:
Sora Takenouchi: Bearer of the Crest of Love; married to childhood friend and Digidestined leader, Tai Kamiya; a five-time Women's Champion.

Peach Toadstool: Heir to the Mushroom Kingdom; wife of plumber, hero, and video game icon, Mario; a (insert how many)-time Women's Champion.

In the beginning of Xtreme Cartoon Wrestling, Sora survived the Battle Royal and become this company's first Women's Champion. A week later, Peach was named the number one contender for said title. Then, at XCW's first ever pay-per-view, these two had their bout. Peach defeated Sora to become the new champion, and then...
...THIS happened.

(After the match on XCW Whiplash)
Peach turns to look at her and extends her hand for a handshake. Sora looks around at the crowd, and shakes Peach's hand as the crowd applauds.
"And good sportsmanship here after a solid outing between-" Early started to say, until suddenly Peach pulled Sora closer to her and took her out with a DDT!
"OH COME ON!" Early screamed. "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?"
"Completely classless, is what it was! Peach just wanted to rub her win in Sora's face!" Shake said, disgusted.

After that incident, these two beautiful, successful, and powerful women have been at each others throats. Everytime they stepped into the ring, their dislike have reached their limit.

(After the match an XCW Endgame)
Peach turned around to see Sora standing behind her, completely incensed from all the pain and anger she felt. Sora and Peach got into a staredown in the center of the ring, each woman catching their breath. . .
"Sora may not have won the match, but Peach disrespected her, and by God, she'll disrespect her back!"
Sora kept the hold locked in as Peach screamed in agonizing pain! The referee ordered Sora to let go of the hold, but Sora only intensified the hold, seething with absolute fury as three more referees ran down the ramp and into the ring!
"Another level of pure hatred between these two has been reached!" Early said, as the three referees stood around the submission hold in the center of the ring, upon which, Sora let go of the hold and looked down at the Women's Champion with a look of anger!

Sora's tried to end Peach's reign as champion, and while on the losing end, her determination never wavered. That it was until that one shining moment...

(Closing moments of the Triple Threat Match on XCW Nightfire)
The fans were on their feet as Sora stood up with a determined look on her face, and strode toward the corner!
"SORA NOW KNOWS WHAT'S COMING!" Early declared, as Sora climbed to the top rope.
Sora sized Peach up. . .leapt off the top rope. . .
. . .AND CONNECTED WITH THE SHOOTING STAR PRESS! Selling her chest, Sora crawled on top of Peach for the cover! 1. . .
2. . .
. . .3!
"IT'S OVER! IT'S OVER! WE'VE GOT A NEW WOMEN'S CHAMPION!" screamed Early, as Sora rolled off Peach after the bell rang!
"FOUR MONTHS AGO, SORA BECAME THE FIRST EVER XCW WOMEN'S CHAMPION, AND NOW ON THIS NIGHT, FOUR MONTHS LATER, SORA WILL WEAR THE WOMEN'S TITLE BELT FOR A SECOND TIME!" Early screamed somehow intelligibly as the referee raised Sora's arm in victory, and handed her the title belt!

It was a back and forth struggle for the richest prize of the Women's division of this company, and these two would do anything to claim it, even if it takes...

(June Week 2 of XCW Monday Night Massacre)
"I want to face you in a match with no rules. . .no disqualifications. . .and most of all. . .no mercy! Sora, I want you for the XCW Women's Championship at Heatwave. . .IN A HARDCORE MATCH!" demanded Peach.
The crowd erupted into gasps of shock as Sora finally came to a standing position.
"I say. . .
. . .YOU'RE ON!" accpected Sora.

A rivalry six months in the making will collide in a final match on the one night where the themes of this pay-per-view are chaotic and extreme. Peach versus Sora - the Princess against the Digidestined. What would happen when two iconic ladies go hardcore, and who will walk out as XCW Women's Champion? Either way...
...none of them will be the same.

The promo ends with Sora and Peach stare each other down.
_(End promo)_

Even if I don't know how many times Peach has been champion, I say it was a good promo. I'll tell you my prediction of Heatwave and more in a few days.
Ninja Cato chapter 54 . 11/29/2013
AWESOME! Great go-home Massacre heading into the PPV! I'm looking forward to this PPV in a big way, especially after seeing Garfield's rampage and Peach and Sora going at it! And the Chairman's appearance was nicely done as well! Now...time to predict...

Rolf vs. Kenny: Hmmmm...I'll take Rolf to get one of the belts out of SP4 control.
Bugs vs. Hotsuma: Hotsuma...mostly because I like him. XD
Claude Speed vs. Arthur: Arthur, COMPLETELY because I love him. XD XD
Sora vs. Peach: Sora to retain!
TLC Match: SP4 to retain, but just BARELY in the MOTN.
Vercetti vs. SpongeBob: Tommy Vercetti gets the duke.
Tai vs. Garfield: Tai retains in his toughest challenge to date!

Can't wait for the PPV! Update whenever you can! :D
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