Reviews for KickAss and HitGirl: The War on Crime
easysam chapter 10 . 6/9/2017
Please tell your loyal readers that you have not abandoned this story. It's to good to just die.


easysam chapter 11 . 5/9/2017
Great sequel fic. Hate to see it has not been updated in a long time. Any hopes for this to continue?

Here4Funsies chapter 11 . 1/21/2015
Just finished reading this. You HAVE to come back to it :)
uckc chapter 11 . 10/21/2014
I have really enjoyed reading this story! There are so many elements that make this story so entertaining...

I absolutely love how you write Dave and Mindy. Mindy's new experiences with friendship/love/life and Dave's insecurity about his relationship with Mindy (when he is so confident elsewhere) really make these characters well-rounded. I am thrilled that they finally are on the right page.

I also like the idea of the parental figures providing them with the guidance they so need, to understand themselves better. The last scene between Dave and his dad had me smiling. Additionally, the expanding plot with the Master and MF really makes the story even more interesting. MF's insanity makes him such a dangerous villain. The mentions of the thugs in orange... It is all being weaved together so nicely!

I don't know if you will continue this or if you have moved on, but I hope you do.
Guest chapter 11 . 6/15/2014
bigdaddyfatcakes chapter 11 . 6/2/2014
hi there, don't know if you are even writing anymore since this was undated last year. I've just started reading these kick ass fan fics around the last part of april of this year and have been addicted to them. Of course I've read makokens precocious crush along with most of his other fics. I've read your santa strangler and just found it enjoyable as hell. I am really liking this fic also but have noticed that it hasn't be undated for awhile, which is disappointing to me because I'm totally liking this story. I hope that nothing has happened to you and that someday soon you will continue with this story. Don't give up on your writing you do have a talent.
Jellolina chapter 1 . 3/9/2014
Great! You got me hooked! :P
NJHarris chapter 11 . 2/19/2014
The blindness of both Dave and Mindy when it comes to their blatant feelings for each other is what's made this such a great story to read! The constant tension between them everytime they've been together is torture for them, as they think their own feelings are only felt by them and them alone.
The talks Angela and Casimir gave both Mindy and Dave, respectively, were great. I honestly couldn't help but smile as I read through them! I mean how blind have these two been, that everyone around them can see what's so obvious? That these two are inseparable. That these two click on a level that no one could with either of them. Not one single person can match up to just how they see each other. And when it finally hits Dave, after his Cas' epic explanation of how blind Dave has been, he gotta go see Mindy. He's gotta see her now!
For pretty much the rest of the chapter, I was trying damn hardest not to wet myself on my break at work! I'm not kidding either! All I could do was laugh to myself as I kept reading more and more, and the hilarity of the story just wouldn't end, haha! I seriously hope Dillon and Jessi keep up their relationship. Even with her only around for the holidays, if they hit it off that damn fast why not let it last?
And now Dave and Mindy can have their talk about where their relationship's going."You really want me?" "More than anyone or anything in the world." Dave's line is enough to let us know just where their amazing relationship is headed.
This chapter, without a doubt, was wonderful! Filled with moments of sweetness and hilarity, a perfect combination for a Kick Ass fic. You don't always need action when you can have a chapter like this! Loving this story!
I cannot wait to read what more 'Kick Assery' you have up your sleeve for this fic! Please tell me there's more?
NJHarris chapter 10 . 2/19/2014
Gigante is seriously in over his head now! I bet it originally sounded like a good idea to be on both the Police and D'Amico's payrolls. Getting a lot more cash in the side just by letting D'Amico work his corrupt, criminal magic. But look at him now! Gigante has been reduced to a chauffeur of these two new criminals about to hit the streets. He even fears Chris D'Amico himself! It goes to show just how worthless he is now, and how D'Amico has become more fearsome than his father. He's actually become a Super Villain, someone people will begin to fear!
I really liked the backstory for "The Hammer". Though, as you did point out, his story does borrow heavily from existing characters. By combing then to create your own original character, makes him appear far more deadly. I mean who on earth would want to come across a guy who's basically a mix of Bane and Drago?! I think there's no denying this, but Dave and Mindy have got a serious enemy to tackle! And as bad as it sounds, "The Hamer" sounds like a totally badass Villain! Can never go wrong with Villain like this guy!
A great introduction "The Hammer" and "The Sickle"! Mindy and Dave are gunna have their hands full with these two posing a serious threat. Luckily, they're not alone on the streets of NYC!
More Kick Ass goodness TBF!
NJHarris chapter 9 . 2/19/2014
"Don't let it ruffle your feathers." Haha, I couldn't help but laugh to myself!
It was great to see Dillon and Jessi hit it off almost as soon as they saw each other. Even though they'd already met a few times, they both had feelings for each other so I'm not surprised they made plans when they were all at Atomic Comics.
The "Justice Forever Christmas Party" sounded awesome! Then again a roomful of badass 'Capes' dancing, drinking and just here ally having a great time would be such a site to behold! Reading about 'Biker Knight' disco dancing, was without a doubt hilarious! He is by far my favourite super from Makokam's fics.
Finally someone tells Mindy about how obvious her and Dave's feelings for each other are. That they are a perfect match. And they finally kissed! Under mistletoe! Then Todd and Angela kiss too! A 'Cheshire Smile' is all I can say at this point. But once I read Angela screaming and wanting to see Mindy, my heart literally started racing. All I could think was "Oh god!" Only to be laughing my way through the entire diner scene, haha!
Oh my god the whole final scenes, bouncing between Dave and Mindy, Todd and Angela and then Mindy and Angela in the diner then back at Mindy's home was perfect! Seeing Jessi and Dillon must have been quite a site to have to call Mindy about it, haha! But hey, good for them! Clearly they clicked on a level just like DaveMindy and ToddAngela have. Is that 'Triple Date' I hear?
The final scenes started out all sweet, I was then filled with worry, but then it all became undoubtedly hilarious! This was such a great chapter! Mindy and Dave finally had their moment, and is was perfect, even though it was cut short! Todd and Angela had their first date, kissed and now have plans for the following night! And now Jessi and Dillon have clearly hit it off! This chapter was an ocean of FanFic ships setting sail, loved it!
NJHarris chapter 8 . 2/19/2014
With Marty coming back, the old Atomic Comics Trio will be together again! Though dangerous, I think Marty suiting up again (even just as a neighbourhood watch gig) is a good thing. Unless Marty begins a tough routine to increase his strength and fighting skills, it's definitely better for him to call the Police and let them handle the situation.
I love how Todd finds out about them because of Mindy saying "Show's over, motherfuckers!" Having taken a vow chastity for Hit Girl, it would be an epic shock to find out your 13 year old friend was the girl you vowed to save yourself for, haha! But it's great that she values his friendship, a lot from the sounds of it, but it doesn't go any further than that. Todd's even able to recognise that if he ever felt that way about her, there was no chance of anything ever happening between them. That Dave and Mindy's relationship goes far deeper than friendship, which is all too clear to him, even though nothing had happened between them yet.
From the sounds of it then, when Angela and Todd found out they both now know of Dave and Mindy's secret, they became a lot closer. Which helped to develop their liking for each other, even though Todd liked her from the moment he met her. Being best friends with Dave and Mindy brought these two together, how great is that!
If Todd and Angela are able to see just how perfect Dave and Mindy are for one another. That they clearly have feelings for each other, then how is it they don't see it yet? I guess though, when its your own feelings, you're blinded by the pessimistic view of it never happening. It's strange how you can see two people who clearly have feelings for each other, but haven't done anything about it yet. But when it comes to your own feelings, you freeze.
Another great chapter! Once again it's always great to see more of Angela and Todd, especially with their two "How They Found Out" chapters. Cannot wait to read on to see what's in store for our 'Caped Quad'!
NJHarris chapter 7 . 2/18/2014
Jessi and Dillon going on a date together, can't get much better than that can it. Lets just hope all goes well, if Dillon's "about the sweetest guy in school." I'm sure they're gunna have a great time, lets hope it's a perfect match.
Now Todd's taking Angela to the 'Justice Forever Christmas Party'! If her eyes lit up in the prospect of her Todd "getting together", then she must have had feelings or him for some time, and visa versa. We've got two couples (fingers crossed) emerging, but Dave and Mindy still haven't reached that stage yet. Once again, the anticipation continues to grow!
The friendship between Angela and Mindy has been great for both of them, clearly. For Angela it has allowed her to utilise her computer skills regularly to aid her now fellow 'Capes', as they patrol the streets of NYC. It also helped her to better understand Mindy, and just who she is and why she makes her choices. One of her best friends is Hit Girl, it doesn't get much more badass than that does it, haha!
For Mindy, becoming friends with Angela has allowed her to further develop her lacking social skills. But has also allowed her to experience life outside of 'The Mission' that doesn't involve Dave, her (male) best friend. Angela and Dave have both had amazing effects on Mindy as a person. She's a truly lucky person to have these amazing people in her life.
Angela finding out one of her friends was not only a 'Cape', but THE 'Hit Girl'. That would have been a shocking but amazing moment all at the same time, haha!
Angela is definitely a fantastic addition to the growing 'Cape' community. Her services as "The Oracle" have allowed her to help not only her team of Kick Ass and Hit Girl, but numerous 'Capes' across NYC. Her skills are invaluable, and the 'Cape Community' should count themselves lucky to have someone who's prepared to offer their impressive skills to aid them on their quest for justice.
Another great chapter TBF! Even the characters who sit "behind the scenes" deserve their time in the spotlight. Which luckily included Angela for this chapter and Todd for the next. Can't wait to read on!
NJHarris chapter 6 . 2/18/2014
With these four as their own team, as well as members of 'Justice Forever', I think they deserve their own badass team name. I mean after pulling off what they just did, proves just how great these four are as a team. What's even better is that it was a team effort too. Though Dave and Mindy spend more time out on the streets, so are more well renowned for dealing justice to "miscreants" (loved Dave's use of that in the previous chapter, haha!). But without the help of BOTH Angela, "The Scarlet Wiki" and Todd, "Crosshairs", with their own set of skills, there is no way Dave and Mindy would have been able to know just who Jeremiah was and who "The Mooch" was, and where he was headed. Todd and Angela complete the team Dave and Mindy started.
After a great night of ass kicking, I love how they casually end up at a diner to grab a bite to eat. I'm so glad Todd made his move and asked Angela to the 'Christmas Party'. The fact she had to contain her excitement after him asking her, I couldn't help but smile. Even after skimming over the chapter to write the review I couldn't help but smile again! Cannot wait for these two to become official! Now it's Dave and Mindy's turn to let their feelings be heard. Now Jessi's making an appearance! Marty too! Seriously, this story just keeps getting better!
Ha, D'Amico is furious! His "Guy" won't stand a chance against 'Kick Ass' and 'Hit Girl'!
Great Breaking Bad reference by the way, haha!
NJHarris chapter 5 . 2/18/2014
I think it's great the Police are utilising the help of other 'Capes', even though its all "hush-hush" so to speak. Either way, it gives them extra eyes, ears and fists on the street to deal out justice.
More LMI references! Another 'Cheshire' grin came about as soon as I read "Just more on that blood bank stuff." I can't wait for your crossover fic with 'LMI' and 'Kick Ass'!
Setting up the pizza delivery kid to have 'Colonel Stars' fake a robbery was genius! I love how these two think, especially when they need help last minute. 'Mike the Mooch' won't know what hit him as he leads both Kick Ass and Hit Girl to wherever he's headed, haha! If they don't finish him, I'm sure whoever he works for wont take it too kindly that he was tailed by NYC's most fearsome 'Capes', either way this guy's screwed!
More 'Kick Ass' goodness, once again! Really enjoying this story!
NJHarris chapter 4 . 2/18/2014
I can imagine what an amazing night they'd have if they all went on a double date. Putting away their masks for the night, to spend some well deserved personal time together. The stark contrast between laying into criminals and carving into a 8oz sirloin steak in a restaurant would make for a very different, but entertaining and sweet evening for the four of them. Todd and Angela, Dave and Mindy, please get together already! The tension, the anticipation of it all is killing me! Now you've mentioned the idea of a double date, I really wanna read it now. You're killing me TBF!
Going undercover, and able to retrieve just what they needed. These four make a bad ass team of 'Capes', there's no other way to put it! How Mindy was able to keep in character without kicking "Mooch's" head in must have taken great restraint on her part, haha!
Marcus, the 'Commisioner Gordon' of NYC's most respected and feared 'Capes', haha love it! With him on the inside of the Department, while Dave and Mindy patrol the streets and Angela and Todd are behind the scenes feeding them info and new gear, they make a truly awesome team. They've got this case in the bag!
The more I read, the more I want to press on and keep reading. Loving this story!
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