Reviews for The Call
reminiscent-afterthought chapter 31 . 7/30/2015
And now we see a more concrete example of others outside the Chosen having nightmares - and someone taking advantage of it. Whether it's part of the overall plan or an outsider taking advantage is sort of in the air - leans towards the former since we haven't seen anyone taking advantage of the confusion yet...but doesn't mean it can't happen. The "deal" is nicely explained - or rather, nicely illustrated and hardly explained. Enough to be confusing about the exact nature, but show there is something there, something hopefully significant (because dream energies and such are so fascinating. :D)

Hmm, Hikari gets a bit of a reprieve - sort of. And more nonsensical words that may or may not mean something in the end. I wonder if it's like a puzzle and eventually the dreams will give enough clues to find something in reality - or if it's coincidental or confusing on purpose. And curious how Hikari was able to hear her partner's voice through that noise - then again, she was shaking as well, so you'd need something sharp like a claw, bite or kick to really contrast that, I guess.

[but the shaking continued unabated. An earthquake was in progress] - jumping to conclusions a bit. Although the earthquakes have been mentioned before, how can Hikari be so sure so soon after waking up that it's not the aftershock of her nightmare first? Since the transition between the dreaming and waking worlds have become so blurry, it's worth giving a little more to that.

And we see more of the bad guys. The interaction is quite interesting - highlights Hiraga's function as a grunt quite nicely, and the fact that he's not as unaffected as he'd like to believe.

And the night is over. That last scene, as a general one, pulls together some of the stray threads nicely. Mimi is coming to Japan - wonder if that's a smart move, if she hasn't been focused on much in America... maybe it means she's missing the worst of it? Or not - they tend to take on the final enemies together so that might factor in. Or, since there's plenty of chapters left, it might make things worse before they get better. We'll see!
reminiscent-afterthought chapter 30 . 7/30/2015
And we're back into nightmares (this one's a little too outrageous to be reality in fanfiction terms). And a nonsensical word - that'll be remembrable and not at the same time. Rememberable in that there's possibly something significant - particularly since Jyou feels there's something familiar by it, but he can't remember. On the otherhand, something nonsensical is hard for readers to remember too, so I probably won't remember the exact one.

The gravemarkers are quite interesting, in quite the macabre way. Since we can assume it's a nightmare, it's funny to think of Mimi stuck in the same clothes in the afterlife after her drama in the first season, it's funny to think of Shin who wanted to go overseas but winds up in a whole other plane and still a doctor, and Iori's one similar to curiosity killing the cat. The formatting changes for Sora's and Tai's for some reason which actually makes them less prominant. And I don't know if it's just that or the wording, but those two seem a little weaker than the others. Particularly Tai's. And Jyou gets the sparkly one - I wonder if that's simply because it's his dream.

Bakemon from the first season graveyard - another nightmare with roots to the past.

Whoops, spoke too soon last chapter. There is a SkullSatamon. And possibly the same ones. There's some familiarity - but who knows if that's simply because he's been told about them or if he's met them in the second season.

Yamato and the cave this time. I guess that was inevitable, since Sora's was something else. He's aware it's a dream, interestingly enough. Vast contrast to Taichi's who seems oblivious to that fact. And yet Yamato seems to forget it as soon as he hears Takeru's voice - would have been interesting to see how that scene would be more different from Taichi's by Yamato's awareness of it being a dream. But that sentiment disappears too quickly. Interesting description of going off the cliff too - unclear whether he was dragged over or just went over himself pulled with a need to do so. And this laughter is becoming a common theme as well. Another thing that implies there's one moiety controlling this.
reminiscent-afterthought chapter 29 . 7/30/2015
And now NeoDevimon? Are these the same digimon from the Demon Corps or coincidentally of the same species? Then again, SkullSatamon hasn't shown up yet so it's still 2/3... I love the description of NeoDevimon: suitably creepy, and framed by nightmares? A great chapter start. :D And the end of that paragraph too. Also a bit of hope. Where there's life, there's hope or something of that sort.

[Taichi seemed to awake] - not did awake. Leaves the potential of him having wondered into another dream. *reads on* - love the thoughts cutting into the narrative, and - Miko's two year old corpse? Nightmare then. But it's so easy to miss that hint (like Taichi did) and think it reality. Spooky - and cleverly written. With Miko being at the end of the paragraph makes it stand out a little more and easier to find on back-skimming. So you can happily say you dropped a hint there. The physical engagement from Sora in the previous chapter also sets up nicely for this.

And thank goodness there's that little scene about Tamachi's general state before Ken's, otherwise I might have assumed that was also a dream. It's harder to prove reality than a dream after all - anything abnormal dream but that doesn't mean a purely normal scene can't be a dream as well, so the objective view really helps that. Though why didn't Ken just look out the window? He's got quite a good view from his balcony. (and if it's an emergency, why is he wasting time getting dressed? Just grab a robe or cloak Ken!). And "thought coldly" - I find cold an odd emotion to sneak in after the palpable panic earlier. Though the chapter sums up nicely - and sets it up for wrapping up the night soon as well.

So some are asleep, some are woken by nightmares and now we have one who's caught up in waking problems. We have a mix tonight and not everyone accounted for.
reminiscent-afterthought chapter 28 . 7/29/2015
Interesting dream - this one sort of justifies the focus on the dreams of the other Chosen, because there's something more than Hikari's visitor at play changing things. The build-up is interesting - similar dreams that suddenly take a turn, though there's little correlation between wetness and the scene of the pyramid which makes me wonder why you picked wet as opposed to something else. Related to the Dark Ocean? The snatches of conversation are curious as well - different ways that could be applied, depending on the context. Does it refer to the seal on the gates, on her soul, on the distinction between dream and reality? Something I imagine will become clearer in later chapters, now that the dreams have begun to evolve.

The scen that follows is interesting too - no names in this, which makes it easier to engage in it as a scene without a main human character. The point about Tokyo is quite interesting - reminds me of some of the sentiments of Tokyo and X/1999 - where Tokyo is the city one can enjoy living in while it heads towards destruction. And that sentiment seems appropriate here as well.

And this time we meet Takeru as he's caught within a dream. No need to tell us he's dreaming - it's easy to assume with the timing of the scene. And Takeru too returns to a nightmarish scene of his past. These dreams are being aptly controlled which makes it hard to think of them as coincidences - but controlling the contents in so many dreams... Makes me wonder if there's suggestion at play or something more active controlling who dreams about what. I really want to know the answer to this, but sounds like it'll be a while yet. The psychological foreplay is starting to become more engaging though, which must have some relevance to the waking time, before or after - and Takeru's especially I'm eager to see how that plays in with things in the future.
reminiscent-afterthought chapter 27 . 7/29/2015
A wedding huh. I like how it nods back to canon when the Demon corps invaded, and there's the additional parallel of there being a Demon Lord in the human world to wreck havoc. What I'm not too keen about is you using names for these characters - unless you're expecting to come back but it doesn't seem like it as this point. You've got loads of named characters already, most canon but not all of them and some of the digimon unfamiliar, so you don't want to introduce names for characters that don't have much screen-time and you can get away with calling them the bride and the groom or something like that. That being said, there is a strong emotive quality to this because of the focus given, but I think you could remove the names and still keep the identity and therefore the connection. Take the third paragraph for example - no names but the description is rich enough to not need it.

Lilithmon's poison huh. This should be interesting - and we watch Kaito escape the scene - no-one with medical knowledge. Seriously? I'd stay that's bad semantics but don't know about the law regarding cruises and stuff. And when you say "little remained of the groom" I assume the poison corroded his body? The fleeting moment was captured nicely - enough to recognise but not to dwell upon. [Only one of the passangers overheard] - I'm curious to know what they were doing, considering we abandoned them to follow Kaito. It could only take a word, eg. "fleeing passengers" to illustrate that.

I wonder why it's significant that Iori's nREM stages were shorter than the others. He's more tired because he's younger? Or he was the one who saw the death of innocent chosen - but that's more likely to keep him up. (sleep is the learning topic this week at uni :D). Judging from the dream, I'm assuming it's one of those subconscious things - thinking about a problem and seeing it grow or solve itself in the dream, hence the transition from waking to the dream is undefined. But if that is the case, I'd recommend including that he's thinking about that before sleeping - and why it's relevant that he's the first of all of them to dream, as opposed to the transition between wake/sleep/dream to be blurred. It just seemed like an odd thing to pick up on.

Iori's dream reminds me of his initial phobia of the ocean, and how far he's come with Submarimon since then (since he doesn't outrightly go back to that phobia, although the nightmare has a strong focus on the scene). The impending crash is a little dragged out though - Iori's cries become rather spaced out and somewhat less desperate as a result.

More new characters on the third scene. Similarly to the first scene, isn't it enough to know they're three school age boys? And bats? Oh dear, bats became Vamdemon's trademark in the first season but surely he's not back /again/ (Nope, it's LadyDevimon.) And it's interesting knowledge to know the emergency number, but isn't it enough to just know that they dialled the number? It's different in different countries after all so someone who doesn't know the Japanese one will either not care or double-check to see if you put the right one down - it's a bit of a distraction. (also, the site I found said 110 is only the police. 119 would be the ambulance, so not like Australia where 000 covers both).

Final scene - so we get a bit more on Hiraga - but honestly, it just serves to confuse me about his character. There is a difference to feeling useless and feeling guilty and that seems to ger blurred in the second last paragraph, which makes me unsure about which angle to approach the last one with. That first paragraph shows the extent of this group's reach nicely though - quite extensive, which makes it all the more difficult to deal with, and to see what the Chosen are grappling with makes their battles seem all the smaller.
Igenlode Wordsmith chapter 108 . 7/24/2015
Panimon's shriek induces panic, evidently - panic in its starkest form...

"Maybe he was trying to sound solicitous, but that voice wasn't built for it" - a nice piece of description by implication here.

"She had played this game before, though never in this role" -i.e. cat and mouse :-(
As I said, I was actually pretty interested in BlackTailmon and was hoping that the hints that self-preservation would take her over to the 'right' side would pay off: so this episode was especially shocking.

"after seeing what had happened to BlackTailmon she could not imagine leaving Pyocomon and the others with this monster" - an admirable sentiment, but since currently all Panimon's interest is in *her* it's not a particularly sensible one, either for her sake or for theirs...

"The palm was entirely covered in fur" - given the sexual connotations of hair on the palm of the hands, this is ironic! (It's also unheard-of in nature, of course; but then these *aren't* hands. Or natural...)

"He got no answer. There was no response Sora was capable of giving" :-(

"We don't want to hurt your little humans. Don't want to spoil them for me!" - of course, the sensible thing to do would be to grab up the human partner and thus prevent the Digimon from attacking at all, but presumably Panimon is as usual over-confident. (As he points out, he *is* a god: and even Lilithmon was powerful enough to defeat them all, if she hadn't made the mistake of trying to ingest extra power from the stolen souls...)

"I owed it to you after that LadyDevimon fight" - I'd forgotten that; it was Sora who kept coming to the rescue :-)

"The news of the explosion had left him cold" - I'm not sure this is what you actually intended to imply: for an event/action to 'leave someone cold' usually means that they don't care or are entirely unaffected by it, whereas Jou's reaction that they might still have a chance of helping suggests the opposite. Did you mean something along the lines of "He was chilled by the news of the explosion" - which, ironically, means almost the opposite?

I wonder if that explosion was the Dark Man dealing with a situation and underlings that had become a liability, some kind of booby-trap on an empty building, or Hiraga's deliberate exit strategy to wipe out the evidence...

"I'm sure they weren't in there," Sora said as they ran, but then instantly regretted putting their fears into words - this is a neat use of a multiple negative! You're implying that Sora *isn't* certain by the means of having her say that she is, then doubling the effect by having her consciously regret saying it at all.

(NB: This will be my last review for this event - I'm going away in a few hours' time...)
Igenlode Wordsmith chapter 101 . 7/24/2015
I've always liked chapters with BlackTailmon in; her detached, self-protective viewpoint is fascinating - and while most of the other antagonists with what looked like an enjoyable attitude (Astamon, Phelesmon) didn't manage to survive their first encounter with the Chosen, by dint of avoiding any form of direct conflict BlackTailmon has actually managed three or four appearances to date!

"True to her word, she remembered this human from the previous day" - I'm not sure what "true to her word" refers to here. There's nothing in this scene to which it could apply, and there doesn't seem to be anything in the previous part of the scene (ch99). The closest I can see is "On the sidewalk were four familiar figures", which is a long way back but seems to be the only reference to recognising anybody :-(

"he could only be here to carry out his earlier threat"/"He wanted a fight, but realized it would be better to settle things without one" - a nice contrast in thought processes; it hasn't even occurred to BlackTailmon that someone might be seeking her out for reasons other than attacking her.

And again, a very vivid cat-characterisation of the little Digimon here: far more cautious, intelligent and canny than most of the big monsters, but with protecting her own skin always uppermost in her motivations. To be honest I found myself feeling pretty glad to see her changing sides, at least for a while - and not just because a reluctant allies sequence is one of my favourite story motifs (and because it is unprecedented in the history of the Chosen Children's confrontations in the story so far), but because it means the character is likely to survive a bit longer!

"still as a sphinx": yes, very cat-like :-)

Anubimon and the Dark Man make for another 'reluctant allies' set-up, but of course in the opposite direction. (Given that Anubimon's desert pyramid and temple were largely destroyed in the confrontation with AncientSphinxmon, I wonder if he has any home/role left to go back to now: he certainly hasn't been 'sorting souls' recently, for all that Digimon have been dying, and I don't know if anyone else has been doing it.)

"Anubimon wondered why the Dark Man did not tear a hole in space as he usually did to get where he was going" - I'm not sure it's a good move to raise this issue, since it suggests the existence of a plot-hole to a reader to whom the question might not otherwise have occurred :-( There *doesn't* seem to be any good reason for them to do this trip on foot...

A character who never says much and refuses to react is difficult to write, but here you've evoked this very well. Anubimon closes weary eyes, shrugs, has nothing to say, moves slowly and with resignation - all in contrast to the smiling mockery and liveliness of the Dark Man.

"his darkness-tarnished wings slowing his descent" - I don't know the character well enough to tell whether "darkness-tarnished wings" refers here to Anubimon's normal role as the gatekeeper to darkness, or whether it's a reference to the gloom of the chasm as he descends :-(

"Setting down on the bottom he heard a light step behind him" - I notice that we're deliberately not shown how the Dark Man himself gets down!

So when Natsu appeared in Daisuke's dream of cold, it was the 'real' Natsu trying to communicate from the Dark World... and her wait is now over because Daisuke has been captured and brought here too?
Igenlode Wordsmith chapter 96 . 7/23/2015
I can definitely understand the Chosen wanting to stay in constant communication via text messages in order to reassure each other, but I'm surprised that they're not insisting on sticking together physically as well...

From the descriptions in this chapter, Hikari's handcuffs must be on a very long chain, since she is able to pull away from the column and slide the chain up and down it, ansd thinks she will be able to turn and face it - much longer than Ken's, which hold his hands uncomfortably together behind his back without any intervening column at all!
But then since Sato created the cuffs himself out of pure data he could make them individually in whatever style suited the individual cells :-(

"Something was standing behind her" - given that it has been implied that the column is behind her, it's hard to envision how this scene goes: presumably Satyo comes up from round behind the column and then pushes her away from it?

It's an interesting idea that Hikari might assume that the prisoners have been taken back to the underground base where she met Sato before: we, of course, know where they are, but none of the Chosen have any idea, and that's certainly a plausible theory. I'd actually forgotten about the dark-walled room until she mentioned it...

"the chain of the handcuffs pulled taught" - typo!

It's curious that this is - so far as I can remember - the first actual description of Sato's face so far. Or perhaps not so curious, since we haven't really had descriptions of any of the other characters... but because he has been in the story since more or less the first chapter, it's a strange feeling to be given a picture of him *now*, in chapter ninety-six!

It has always been very noticeable that he smiles a lot less than the Dark Man, but the 'ascetic', 'priestly' description certainly wasn't in my mental image. It makes sense, since we've already been told that he is the servant of a god... although perhaps not the type of god that expects reserve and decorum on the part of his worshippers :-p

It hadn't occurred to me that the Chosen might end up inside generators - but indeed Sato did speculate himself on the potential of just such a move earlier on :-(

I'm not sure if we are supposed to know already which "special properties" interested Dagomon in Hikari; an emphasis has been made in the past on her name's meaning "Light", which may be relevant here. Although that might equally well be repellant to the High Priest of Darkness!

"Don't start sinking just yet" - I wonder if Sato is using this as a metaphor, or a literal prediction of what is to happen to her? :-(
I like all the sea-references building in the rest of this chapter...

I had to look up the no/ie/ia business, but you give enough clues for me to know what it is that I'm supposed to be looking for :-)

"for every false hope, and every broken promise" - so I'm guessing we're going to get a back-story here (especially as Sato assures her that he's going to make sure she understands what he's talking about!)
reminiscent-afterthought chapter 26 . 7/23/2015
The differences and things that came out in the battles are summarised nicely in the first scene - it doesn't drag on unnecessarily and provides a new piece of information in the form of the X-antibody - and I confess that's one bit of digimon franchise I haven't familiarised myself with yet.

Ooh, Jun and Caprimon make a return. And Daisuke's predicament is an interesting one - I wonder if you're throwing us a red herring in the similarity between this and the Vamdemon situation - it'll be interesting to watch that develop anyhow, and in any case it's been a few chapters since we last got a red herring (they were quite prominent in the early chapters). And Takeru's scene shows the dreams are developing further as a plot device - and that's good to see, since twenty-six chapters in the hints in the summary should have gone somewhere. The description that led into that was nice as well - somewhat adorably misleading, with the innocent sleeping face giving way to something more sinister - even if that was a newspaper and not the person themselves. And suicide after awaking - a major hint that it's from the dreams/nightmares - though the increase in crime is less clear in the association, since the digimon haven't been in the real world for long enough.

And we return to BlackTailmon in the last scene - I've been looking forward to seeing why she was spared and sent to the human world but the story's certainly taking a bunch of chapters in getting there. :D Plenty of other interesting things though - and now night as fallen, so I imagine we'll be bearing witness to more nightmares.
reminiscent-afterthought chapter 25 . 7/22/2015
The title of the chapter is quite appropriate - dealing with the aftermath of the fighting - and there's a lot of potential things to deal with. The introduction of Orcamon does come out a little as though he's a prisoner - part of that is because we don't see the implied interaction with Orcamon and Iori (which is fair enough, considering you can't show every scene/interaction that occurs and the ones that can be implied later are the ones. In this case though, we don't know Orcamon. And the questions that follow, Iori's introduction and then turning to him with the question (as opposed to prompting) comes out somewhat like an interrogation. It doesn't help that Iori becomes a lawyer so there's some fanfiction prejudice playing in there perhaps - but I would expect that scene as a whole to seem more sympathetic. Iori sad he couldn't save the others. Submarimon saying "Fine" that wouldn't necessarily be so convincing.

Orcamon's story is interesting - not just the words but the tone. "awe in his voice" shows it's not simply black and white, that there's an impartial respect for power which is something significant, particularly when the power struggle becomes more intricate and more obvious. The illustration of the Chosen's inexperience with the ocean is nicely done as well - and you were leading up to that with Iori being the only one able to function underwater (and Jyou to an extent, but he's more on top of the water I suppose). The focus even in the aftermath suggests the ocean will be a field for further chapters - and I see you've introduced Neptunemon as well. Also interesting how you use "ocean" in the singular - is it that the digital world only has one ocean or that Neptunemon only rules this specific ocean and there's a potential split of power there (like how Azulongmon only rules the DW-east). There is a bit of disjoint between the conclusion of this story - or at least its telling - and Iori's comment about the multiple enemies - that implies something linking the story to the disappearing digimon, so is Iori wondering if Neptunemon and the palace have been taken or does he think the digimon that'd been fighting had been?

And the nightmares return. Again a product of the short chapters, but the two tend to appear mutually exclusive at times - since the fights take stretches of chapters at a time and with all the adrenaline and action there's not a lot of chance for reminiscing or reflection.

I like how you've began the second scene - emotively it's more engaging than the first: their situatuation, their fatigue, Hawkmon's injured state - all that comes out beautifully in the first couple of paragraphs. The emotions hang on for the long haul with that scene - Hikari's fear grows out slowly from the black dot in the general scene description - and becomes a lovely big blot on the page by the end, where the fear is the most prominent thing.

The two scenes at the end explain - or rather confirm - a bit: the ploy with the digimentals, an idea as to the timeline... soemwhat the opposite of the first scene, where the scene that is implied is missed between the chapters. I guess it's a juggling act between the two, but if you ever think about condensing the fic as a whole, the second last scene is one that doesn't add much until the last chapter. The description of the Dark Man in the last scene is interesting - now he's reminding me of the wiseman in sailor moon. My favourite sentence of this chapter is "He smiled as he felt each headache, chest pain..." - though one thing lacking is his intent. He says it's childplay but he's simply observing - is he saying then that what the humans are doing, their everyday lives, is childplay?
Igenlode Wordsmith chapter 94 . 7/22/2015
While I admire the endless fertility of this story in coming up with new nightmares (I thought Miyako's was particularly effective, since there are no monsters and no gore: just furtive voices in the shifting dark), I'm increasingly getting the feeling that this is happening at the expense of the pacing of the actual plot :-(
This is chapter 94: every chapter from chapter 84 onwards has been used to give details of the characters' dreams, which means effectively that nothing has happened for the last ten chapters. In the earlier part of the story we were getting one sample dream per night plus hints that the other characters were suffering too, but now we're being shown the full experience of each of the six Chosen in the Dark World realising separately that their partners are dead while their friends and siblings in the human world are subject to further nightmares. It's beautifully written, but it's taking an enormous amount of time to get anywhere - perhaps reading the story in a 'marathon' like this rather than as each new chapter comes out makes this more apparent.

"When he woke that morning, a part of him hadn't been able to let go of the idea that yesterday had been just another nightmare. It was too awful, too elaborately terrible to have actually happened. But his sister's room was empty" - that's a side effect of the nightmares that I hadn't thought of: the elaborate insanity of the real-life demon Digimon schemes starts to feel like yet another impossible thing before breakfast... until you get to that last simple and devastating fact.

"Koushiro would have a plan" - so far as I remember, Koushiro's plan was going to be "we need to talk to Gennai"!

"it was no wonder considering that he was laying on a hard stone surface"/"along the wall, which he had been laying on" - oops :-D
Hens lay on their nests; humans lie on their beds. (Hence the story of the still-life teacher who put her entire class into hysterics by asking them to paint a pair of stuffed pheasants 'laying on the table' :-p)

I like the phrasing of the Dark Man's features: "There were eyes and a smile they drew all attention away from minor details". No need to describe them: only the implication of their terrible vitality.
His banter is, as always, chillingly entertaining.

The Dark Man's icy touch: is that deliberate or inadvertent on his part? I get the impression of the latter, but... has he really not touched anybody previously in the entire story? (Sato? Wisemon? Anubimon?)
Maybe in the Dark World he has a more intrinsic power in any case...

"Too many eyebrows might be raised if he had looked to buy them in those sizes" - yes, I suppose finding handcuffs to hold children is a bit tricky :-p
(Although as Ken points out, it's a fairly pointless elaboration in any case.)

"A vengeful ghost. That's what Sato is" - hmm, if true (and meant literally) that would account for his description of the human world as 'no longer' being his: I'd assumed that he was someone like Ryo (or the Digimon Kaiser) who had decided to shift his allegiance to the other side of the divide permanently!

"Wormmon could probably have told you more. I would tell you to ask him, but..."
- ouch :-(
(Though the Dark Man is making a good point here: why (other than narrative convenience :-p) didn't Wormmon ever share his memories of events that his partner has forgotten, given that he was there with Ken from the start?)

"It felt like one of those nightmares. It felt real. It was real, and there was no difference" - as ever, the simplest words are often the most devastating.

Although this paragraph also is beautifully written, with all its linked and contrasted metaphors: "The hands clamped down like the jaws of a vice. Lightning bolts of pain shot through Ken's head as the Dark Man began to laugh. The laughter mounted higher and higher, it echoed and reechoed in that small stone room. Poison coursed through his limbs, and in the back of his neck there was a red-hot dagger of pain, but above everything else was the laugh that stabbed into his brain again and again with spear points of polar ice".

"To go and get what every great magician needs," the Dark Man answered, not slackening his pace. "A beautiful assistant" - whatever the Dark Man means by this quip, it's bound to be bad :-(

N.B. I spotted a coupe of typos later on in ch95:
He distinctly recalled Sato Katsu insistence that it had not been a dream
In a room of vast in dimensions
Igenlode Wordsmith chapter 87 . 7/21/2015
"The police had found nothing out of order at the building which the Chosen Children had told them about. Koushiro didn't know how that was possible, but according to what information he could find it was true" - it would presumably have been possible for the whole set-up to have been one more illusion of horrors: another dream-trap that never really existed. But since so much of it evaporated with Lilithmon's death they have reason to suppose that the remaining corpses and so on were actually there, even if they have subsequently disappeared :-(

"He and the others had been too blinded by their hopes to realize that the enemy would never intentionally leave them a clue as to where the others were being held" - Koushiro shouldn't blame himself too much: it would have been equally in character for the enemy to use their friends deliberately as bait in the hopes of trapping the rest of them...

"It had struck tonight already, according to police reports. Koushiro was still trying to work out a pattern to the assaults, trying to figure out where the thing would attack next" - I assume the police don't *know* that they've got a teenage boy tapping into all their reports and trying to second-guess their results without sharing any of his own privileged information :-p

"There were too many unknowns. Normally that didn't bother Koushiro, who was always working steadily towards answering his many questions" - a reference back here to the little boy from the original series who was always behind his computer :-)

If the Digimon sleep, presumably there's no reason why Gennai wouldn't sleep? (Hard to imagine creatures like Lilithmon and Demon sleeping, though.)

"He couldn't remember how that dim battle had ended. It occurred to him that he might be dead" - this is oddly effective: distant and detached in a scene where everything is muffled and dim.

Having been thinking of contacting Gennai before falling asleep, Koushiro doesn't really question the reality of their meeting in his dream until things start going grotesquely wrong. I wonder how much of this scene is actually drawn from Koushiro's subconscious (concern about Ryo, about Gennai's lst-minute revelations), and how much is being deliberately programmed to torment him groundlessly.

"His features, with his brown hair and blue eyes, was unremarkable, but the sight of him froze Ken in his tracks" - from what's been said, I'm guessing this is probably... Ryo?
Igenlode Wordsmith chapter 79 . 7/19/2015
I'm still not clear about what happened to Lilithmon's wrist to make her let go of Yamato in ch78 - it doesn't seem to be anything that either he or Sora did, since she screams before he recovers consciousness. It's as if she brushed against a holy item hanging around his neck or something, but - unless it's his Crest (are these physical objects?) - nothing of the sort seems to have been mentioned subsequently...

The children are basically hostages at this point, with Lilithmon's power keeping them suspended and unharmed so that if the Digimon damage her she may drop them... and kept close to her body so that they cannot use any largescale attacks without the danger of injuring their partners as well :-(

I was a bit puzzled by WarGreymon's sudden appearance from 'the abyss' into the middle of the fight; when we last saw him, I thought that he and Taichi had already passed through a "lozenge-shaped" rift out of the abyss and arrived in an ordinary basement room like the ones they were in earlier. The door through which we saw them leaving at that point was the normal hinged kind. (Though didn't Yamato tell WarGreymon when he was still in Agumon form earlier - ch75 - that once he evolved he wouldn't actually fit through the room doors..?)

"No more screwing around. I'll kill you all. I'll damn you all" - in the context of Lilithmon, all these expressions can probably all be taken entirely literally :-(

"Lilithmon began to laugh, and laugh harder..." I love this whole paragraph of laughter and unleashed power: "there was nothing of the girlish in it, or the womanish, or even the human". Beneath all the trappings of seduction she is a *Goddess*, an elemental Demon Lord entirely unfettered by human limitations or considerations, and you potray the sheer abandon of that wonderfully.
Igenlode Wordsmith chapter 71 . 7/19/2015
"Amusingly," the Dark Man said, "It is Sato's caution that leaves his plans vulnerable" - it looks as if the extra capitals in dialogue maybe are a consistent punctuation issue :-(
To clarify: if a sentence that someone is saying is split by a dialogue tag, you don't restart the sentence with a fresh capital letter in the middle.
"I need to go down to the harbour," Jane said, "to see if the fleet is back yet."
Not "I need to go down to the harbour, To see if the fleet is back yet" - that looks odd without the dialogue tag, and still looks odd with it.

I'm not actually sure what the Dark Man means by "Did I just waste my time" (and I'm not sure if Anubimon is just playing dumb or whether he doesn't understand any more than the reader!), but my guess on re-reading would be that this is a reference to the Wisemon debacle... although 'just' at this point would seem to imply a reference to their recent gate-jumping acitivities rather than the more distant fight in the desert?

"You can open gates between worlds on your own. You could have brought the towers of darkness to the Digital World without having to use my power. You could have left me in peace" - yes, that was my immediate reaction to the start of this chapter! The explanation is beautifully simple: creating Dark Towers and making gates is boring, and it's a task to be farmed off to enslaved minions.
We've already discovered that Anubimon is equivocal at best about his service to Sato (it's not clear just how he was recruited in the first place, other than perhaps a general association of Death with Evil in the plotters' minds). Now he has clearly changed sides altogether, bitterly resenting what he has been forced to do.

"It wanted to be entertained. Anubimon and Sato's organization were just sideshows in the carnival of horrors that the Dark One had built for its own amusement" - and there is nothing more terrifying than a creature that tortures simply for *fun*...

"Probably they can't, but they always seem to have another miracle at the ready, don't they?" - a wry nod at the constant contrivances of the show :-p

"He knew it must seem as though he was arguing against taking action to save the other Chosen Children" - I can't help feeling sympathy for Koushiro in this scene: he is trying to keep his head and avoid the easy platitudes of hindsight, and he just ends up being seen as callous in the face of the others' upset... exactly as he knew was going to happen.

"We needed to get there, and we got there!" - but refreshingly, it isn't that simple.

I like the way that their conclusion is that having disappeared from the Digital World, the others must be back in the human world: it's the most obvious and only likely assumption, and of course the children have no way of knowing that it is totally and utterly wrong :-(
Master Edge 2 chapter 26 . 7/18/2015
The fact that The Chosen have to take a moment to themselves before they enter their anticipated nightmares gave me a chill. The idea that these guys aren't even save in their dreams really layers the gravity of their dillema. That coupled with the fact that Lilithmon is now patrolling around the city quickens the pace a bit.

The Chosen were feeling uneasy about Coatlmon and Setmon's ability to harness the power of their digimetals on their own, but in the last chapter you said that the power they held wasn't enough without the help of fossil wave. To me that sort of makes their worries unjustifiable.

Regardless, T.K. finding those papers was an interesting prospect. The suicide was indeed eerie, imagining the situation was unceasing. The fact that T.K. put the question of whither or not it was nightmare induced raises a few more questions.

As a side note, I'm gld the plot's now moving forward. Cheers.

- Edge
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