Reviews for The Boy Who Loved
Percy chapter 51 . 10/27
This story was wonderful, thank you for giving me such a fulfilling read.
Guest chapter 16 . 6/26
I was all sad and stuff until "one in particular in the shape of a Walrus" and I busted out laughing I should probably go to bed... Love the story though!
History chapter 51 . 6/25
Thank you for finishing your story!
Tony chapter 51 . 6/25
Great ending and wonderful journey, thanks for posting! ;-)
Chittsu chapter 49 . 6/19
Awwww that was one cute chapter! And the ending!
Lisa chapter 37 . 6/3
I always felt Molly over killed it with turning a blind eye when it came to her two youngest children. I mean one would think the atrocious eating habits of Ron, especially talking with his mouth full of food or juice or cramming in the food. Then his attitude of late, especially calling Harry's mom and Petunia's sister an whore and Ginny wanting to be in Harry's bed. Ron and Ginny need Bill, Charlie and Percy to take over due firm hands to hold them and sturdy boots to put up their coddle rears.
Lisa chapter 27 . 6/2
Oh wow. Vernon and Dudley in grimmuald(so?) with soon to be pissed off best friends of James and Lily. Oh yes it is going to be excellent and rewarding when both bafoons start pulling their bullying on Harry and then Vernon tries to hurt him against his own will. I am glad to see Petunia protecting her nephew finally and will Anita be joining as well?
Lisa chapter 17 . 5/31
Well Vernon looks like your plans just went out the door and to snape's instead lmao.
Lisa chapter 13 . 5/31
Way to go Draco and Petunia! Now about her bully of a son.
Poor Harry. He is ashamed and has no reason. It is his uncle who should.
JillW chapter 42 . 5/15
Damn this story keeps getting better by the chapter! I love the slow build up with Draco and Harry, the relationship between Harry and severus. Oh I really like this version of him! Time to destroy that last horecrux and defeat Lucius!
JillW chapter 37 . 5/11
I knew he would do that. It must have been so hard for Severus to hear all the details. I just want them out of that hospital, to the safehouse so he can recover, spend time with Draco and severus. Maybe even knowing it's his dad... I just want to know all that follows you know, it's so fascinating, so well thought out, such a deep world/universe.
OMGFanfiction chapter 37 . 5/10
Amazing as ever! Can't wait to see what happens next!
SpecialAgentLeonie chapter 51 . 5/12
I LOVED it! I can't make it something longer or something more fuller. I simply loved every single chapter of this story! Thank you for this wonderful story :)
Guest chapter 30 . 5/5
I love how you tuned it around by Harry choosing Draco over Ron, very nice ;-)
JillW chapter 26 . 5/1
Oh it keeps getting better and better! I dont know how you do it but it's such a fascinating story! And I love severus in this story. Now they will finally put Vernon in jail and go to the safehouse and tell Harry the truth and all will be good!
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