Reviews for Fevered Brain
Ani-maniac494 chapter 1 . 2/26/2012
It's taken me ages, but I finally have a chance to review this one.

"She then pulled a sheet over him. Corpses were even less likely to attract curious looks."

Lol, no kidding! Unless it's a moving corpse, though that's more of a Supernatural problem, lol. :D

"Adele couldn't help but smile. Billy had a remarkable way of turning adversity into an opportunity to make light of a situation. Rick had told her that and he had also suspected it was Billy's way of making whoever he was with feel better so she knew that Billy was extending the same courtesy to her."

Definitely have to love the sense of humor. :)

""It sounds like something our Rick would do. Clearly he was a man on a mission, no pun intended," Billy said as he raised an eyebrow in mischievousness."


"Adele crumbled in tears and Billy wanted nothing more than to thrash her man, dead or not, for causing her such pain and unnecessary guilt."

Poor Adele.

""N…no harm…s…shall ever come to you…long as I can…draw breath…ragged as it may be," Billy said, his breathing now a wet wheeze."

Lol, charming as always!

"Adele smiled, realizing that he had probably forgotten his deathbed confession and profession of love towards her. One part of her was glad because she didn't want it to ruin the delightful rapport that they had developed towards each other."

Aw. :)

Fabulous work as always!

marinawings chapter 1 . 1/17/2012
Gah, this story completely manipulated my emotions. Reading it was pretty much like strapping my heart into a twisty-turny roller coaster. There was worry. There was fear. There was humor. There was joy. There was sadness. There was suspense... And I loved it!

You do such a great job of bringing out the nuances and quirks of each character's personality and of showcasing their strengths. Billy, as always, is marvelously written, and as usual, I fell in love with him while reading this. His kind words about Rick and Adele's relationship, his chivalrous protection of Adele in spite of his sickness and his bittersweet confession of love to her... I just love it all! It was also sweet the way she took care for him, willing to protect him, too, in spite of not reciprocating the kind of love he has for her. There's a lot of beautiful sacrifice and devotion to friends in this story!

And also, of course, the lovely h/c aspect... Yep, I'd really like to give Billy a hug right now (and sneak in that kiss, of course, haha).

TheNaggingCube chapter 1 . 1/13/2012
*SOB* so beautifully painful for Billy. *sob*

So enjoyed another whump billy fest.